Miniboz: A Complete Guide

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Just the sheer number of mixed dog breeds out on the market is enough to drive any potential new dog owner a bit batty.

Crossbreeding two parent breeds often (but not always) results in extracting the most desirable characteristics from the two breeds.

The Miniboz designer dog breed is a mix between the Boston Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer dog.

It is a small crossbreed with a cheery disposition that adapts well to all environments and recommended for first-time pet owners.

You have to be able to determine if a dog is capable of living with you, and vice versa, when making a new dog purchasing decision.

The following contains current and relevant data which should serve as a guideline for you when deciding if you and this mixed breed both have a future together.

Miniboz Puppies – Before You Buy…

Miniboz looking up at camera
The Miniboz is a great dog for active families with young children.

The Miniboz has certain personality traits which you should become familiar with before deciding to make one part of your family.

All dogs have something unique about them, and it is best to find out about them before it is too late. Purchasing a brand new dog can be a very emotional decision, especially for a first-time pet owner.

You must attempt to rein in this emotion and try and have more of a level-headed approach.

When buying anything, a level of common sense is always desirable and rash decisions should not be entertained.

What Price are Miniboz Puppies?

Being a somewhat new and rare dog breed, the average price of a Miniboz puppy can range in price from $800-$2000.

Since numerous factors can affect its price, it is always a good idea to shop around and see if you can save money on your purchase.

Always make an effort to bargain and negotiate with the seller, since dog prices tend to fluctuate a great deal, depending on various economic circumstances.

To put yourself at ease, once you do locate a price and puppy you are most happy with, make sure to thoroughly grill the breeder about the puppy, the parents, and the business.

How to Find Reputable Miniboz Breeders?

The Miniboz crossbreed is rare, therefore, be prepared for a somewhat lengthy search in locating available puppies for sale.

A comprehensive internet search for breeders of this type (many do have websites) is a good jump-off point for seeing what is available locally.

An additional productive action you can take is finding and becoming an active member of dog forum websites and dog groups in social media.

Branching out and networking may give you an opportunity to hook up with a good deal.

Finally, you can also read through the local dog classified adverts, both online and in traditional print media.

You must remember that breeders are at times under extreme time pressure to sell the puppies and you should use this to your advantage.

After all, a brand new puppy does not have a very long shelf life.

3 Little-Known Facts about Miniboz Puppies

  1. The Boston Terrier was created by crossbreeding the French Bulldog and English Terrier.
  2. The original Boston Terriers breed was more heavyset and stocky, as they were once used for pit fighting.
  3. The Mini Schnauzer was first crossbred in the 1800s by using the Standard Schnauzer, the Affenpinscher, and the Poodle.
Miniboz sitting at beach
The Miniboz can reside in both an apartment and a house setting.

Physical Traits of the Miniboz

The Miniboz is a small shaggy dog breed with tons of personality, a round head a short muzzle and a powerful jaw.

They usually have a muscular body, long thin legs and often have a beard which is seen on the Schnauzer.

The breed’s coat consists of wiry textured short to medium length and normal density fur which is spread around the ear and muzzle parts.

It usually comes in two or three colors with the most common being grey, brindle, brown, black, fawn and isabella.

The three main eye colors are usually blue, hazel and brown.

How Big is a Full-Grown Miniboz?

Known and recognized as a small dog breed, a full-grown Saint Bernese can attain a height of from 12 to 17 inches when fully grown.

The breed can weigh between 10 and 25 pounds, which makes it an adequate traveling companion.
Its compact size permit this dog breed to comfortably reside in both an apartment and home setting rather successfully.

Of course, as a smaller dog breed, it should be taken into account that it does not effectively provide the physical protection offered by a larger breed.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Miniboz?

The average life expectancy of the Miniboz is approximately 12-15 years, which is average to above average compared to other small breeds.

As with most pets, to have the opportunity to live out a healthy satisfying life, this breed requires a great deal of exercise, mental stimulation and a quality diet.

It will take some time for you to get to know your pet and be able to immediately sense that something is not right from a health perspective.

This insight is important for a pet owner, as it provides you with the opportunity to be proactive and provide your pet with the treatment it requires.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Miniboz

The Miniboz crossbreed is known for being an excellent family companion, as it is sweet-natured and very compatible with children.

Their playfulness is a very sought after personality trait for those who have families.

This is not a very difficult breed to train, although it can at times display a strong drive toward smaller prey.

Teaching it to obey some simple commands can assist in effectively distracting and preventing it from being aggressive toward small animals.

With regards to its dwelling needs, the Miniboz can live happily and effectively both in an apartment and house.

Of course, it is best to have a yard where it can roam around and release energy, but this is not a requirement.

Two Miniboz
The Miniboz usually has a muscular body, long thin legs, and a beard.

The Miniboz’s Diet

As a small crossbreed, the Miniboz requires about one cup of dry dog food per day, which adds up to a rather tidy monthly cost of about $25-35.

Stay on top of your dog’s food consumption and make sure they do not overeat and fatten up.
Dogs are a lot like people in that when they gain weight, their health tends to go down.

In addition to the food portions, the treats should also be taken into account when rationing your pet’s food.

How Much Exercise Does The Miniboz Need?

Not being an extremely active dog, the Miniboz does not require a significant amount of exercise and activity.

Also, this crossbreed prefers more play time than it does long walks or runs. This is yet another reason why this breed is ideal for families with children who can provide it the necessary attention.

For most dogs of this breed, about 60 minutes a day of activity/exercise should suffice. The Miniboz is a very social creature, which makes it a perfect candidate for trips to dog parks.

They also enjoy playing with toys, therefore, be prepared to invest a few of them.

Miniboz Health and Conditions

So you are not blind-sided, advance information pertaining to the health conditions of your breed should be investigated.

As fulfilling as a happy and healthy pet can be, a sick one can ruin the pet-owning experience and make for an emotional downer.

The major health concerns of the Miniboz crossbreed include patellar luxation, brachycephalic syndrome and canine glaucoma.

The minor health concerns for this breed are demodectic mange, cataracts, and corneal ulcer. You can also expect an occasional diagnosis of urinary stones.

Your dog is certain to love (or maybe not) the annual visit to the vet, where it can show its stuff and get its vaccinations updated.

Keeping a close eye on your pet’s health should pay dividends in the long run. On the other hand, neglecting the dog’s health is a recipe for disaster which can end up costing you and the dog.

My Final Thoughts on The MinibozMiniboz guide

Due to its playful and kind disposition and minimal training needs, the Miniboz breed is a superb fit for active families with young children.

Due to its compact size, it can reside in both an apartment and a house setting.
This is a very social breed that enjoys playing with other dogs, people and a wide variety of toys.

One small negative is that they do have a strong urge to chase small prey, so some obedience lessons may be required to discourage them from doing so.

In summary, the Miniboz is one of the better dog breeds for family types with small children.

Also, its sunny disposition and low maintenance requirements make it a pet that should be seriously considered as a future family member.

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