Miniature French Bull Terrier (Miniature Bull Terrier & French Bulldog Mix)

Height: 11 – 13 inches
Weight: 18 – 28 pounds
Lifespan: 10 – 13 years
Colors: White, fawn, cream, red, brindle, black, tri-colored
Suitable for: Experienced dog owners, active families, families with young children, owners prepared to spend a lot of time training
Temperament: Cheeky, playful, upbeat, smart, affectionate, friendly, very stubborn

The Miniature French Bull Terrier is a marvelous mix of the popular and friendly French Bulldog and the crazy and loyal Miniature Bull Terrier. The Miniature French Bull Terrier is a relatively new and rare mixed breed, and it is not clear how long he has been around. But, with his incredible personality and distinctive egg-shaped head complete with big bat ears, we think this cute guy will be around for a long time to come.

Unfortunately, the Bull Terrier breed, both the miniature and the standard size, have found themselves a bad rep because of their bullbaiting history. But do not believe the false gossip, because they are one of the most loving and affectionate breeds going. Paired with the lovable cheekiness of his French parent, the Miniature French Bull Terrier is a personality dog for sure.

But, despite being seriously cute, some find his dominant character too much to handle. He can be stubborn, hard to house train, overly energetic, and becomes bored very quickly. This beautiful boy is not for the faint-hearted. But if you think you can handle the challenge, he is worth it.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Let’s find out…
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Miniature French Bull Terrier Puppies – Before You Buy…

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As we have mentioned, the Miniature French Bull Terrier is not for the meek and mild dog owners out there. So you must research him, and both of his parent’s breeds, as much as you can to understand them fully. The Miniature French Bull Terrier is a mixed breed, and he could be more like his French parent than his Bull parent, or vice versa. But, with the inheritance of Bull Terrier genes, you need to be an experienced dog owner for sure.

Firstly, Bull Terriers are stubborn as heck. Although they can be obedient, it takes a lot of time, effort, and training to achieve this. And no matter how well-trained they are, if they are hell-bent on doing something, they’ll do it. Thankfully, his French parent’s gene will soften his overall stubbornness and make him slightly more trainable and easy-going. This is a big appeal factor of his.

They have tons of energy, both physical and mental. After their hour of daily exercise, they will need a lot of interactive play and mental stimulation throughout the day. His French Bulldog genes will, again, lower his energy needs, but you still need to be prepared for an intensely active pooch. If you can’t guarantee this, you need to consider another dog breed altogether.

Combining his intense energy levels with his French parent’s flat brachycephalic face and associated breathing problems can be a cause for concern. If you are thinking about welcoming this boy into your home, you must make yourself aware of brachycephalic syndrome, the symptoms, and how to manage it.

Hopefully, thanks to the Bull Terrier’s long face, he shouldn’t be as flat as the Frenchie. Still, he’ll probably find himself out of breath after his mad zoomie sessions, so you need to keep an eye on him.

What’s the Price of Miniature French Bull Terrier Puppies?

The average price of a Miniature French Bull Terrier puppy from a reputable breeder is around $900. With the French Bulldog becoming seriously popular, his mixed puppies are too. High demand with few breeders drives prices up. But the great thing here is that reputable breeders only breed healthy dogs, so your Miniature French Bull Terrier should be healthy too.

Never work with puppy mills, because they always put profit over the health of their pups. They jump on the latest canine trends, so you can be sure that there will be a few poorly bred Miniature French Bull Terrier puppies about.

Stick to reputable breeders who have the health clearances of both parents. Always meet the breeders, the pups, and their parents in person and see for yourself that they are happy and healthy before making any commitments.
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3 Little-Known Facts About Miniature French Bull Terrier

1. The Miniature French Bull Terrier is crazy

His French parent is playful and cheeky, and his Bull Terrier parent is crazily energetic and described as the ‘clown prince of dogdom’. He is a whirlwind of fun, and you and the family have hours of free entertainment lined up.

2. A quiet Miniature French Bull Terrier is probably up to no good

Trust us when we say, if you can’t see or hear your Miniature French Bull Terrier, he is up to something naughty. His French parent is smart, and his Bull Terrier parent is mischievous, and combining those traits makes for a troublesome trickster.

3. The Miniature French Bull Terrier is super affectionate

Both of his parents are super cuddly canines, so you can expect this guy to be doubly so. It surprises many new owners how cuddly he can be. So, if you aren’t a fan of PDAs (also known as public displays of affection), this mixed pup’s love will be wasted. However, if you are a fan, you’re in for a treat!

bulldog bullterrier
The parents of the Miniature French Bull Terrier. Left: Miniature Bull Terrier, Right: French Bulldog (Artur Malinowski, Wikimedia CC 2.0)

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Miniature French Bull Terrier

Now you know how cheeky and intense this guy is, let’s look at his other personality traits. Firstly, if you can handle his extraordinary personality, he is so much fun. Always looking for a game to play, tug of war to win, an obstacle to conquer, there is nothing this boy will turn his nose up at. If you’re looking for a best mate to kill time with, look no further than the Miniature French Bull Terrier.

Despite being an active canine, he also loves a good snooze. He does have a lazy side to his personality, and if he wants a lay-in, you can be sure he will. When you catch him on a lazy day, make the most of it! He makes an awesome doggy hot water bottle, and he’ll snuggle into you and make you forget about all of his naughty antics.

Despite being mischievous and stubborn, he is also extremely loyal and devoted to his family. Although he is not vicious in any way (despite his bad rep), he will protect his family if he feels the need to. His small stature might not scare people away immediately, but this tenacious terrier will give it a damn good go.

When it comes to his intelligence, there are mixed reviews. Some say that this guy is intelligent, and some people say that he is not so bright. This leads us to believe that he is smart, but because he is a wacky and belligerent character, he falsely leads us to think that he isn’t intelligent. But he is.

Make sense? Probably not. But all you need to know is that he is intelligent, but he is so stubborn that it doesn’t matter anyway.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 👪

Yes, the Miniature French Bull Terrier is a fantastic family addition, just as long as you are the right family. He is a loving and affectionate pooch who loves to spend time with his humans and he loves to cuddle. He has a soft spot for young children too, and thanks to his Frenchie parent’s calmer genes, he makes a good playmate for them.

He needs to be placed with a family who can spend most of their time with him rather than leaving him alone for hours on end. Without his family around, he can become quite anxious, so it is a good idea to crate train him, which we will discuss further down in this guide.

Being adventurous, curious, and energetic, he would be much happier in a home that has access to a yard that he can play in. He will happily live in an apartment, just as long as he gets the exercise and attention that he needs (and deserves!).

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

As long as he is socialized well, the Miniature French Bull Terrier gets on well with other dogs and animals. As with all dog breeds, there is a chance that he could display fear aggression towards other dogs, especially considering his Bull Terrier dog-fighting past. But, in the right hands and with the proper training, he can be just as polite as everyone else.

If you are a multi-pet household, and you are inviting a Miniature French Bull Terrier into the family fold, be sure to arrange several controlled pre-meets beforehand. All pets must be present to make sure that they will get along just fine. If this goes well, you can make room for one more.

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Things to Know When Owning a Miniature French Bull Terrier:

That’s everything that you need to know about the Miniature French Bull Terrier, right? Wrong. There is a little more to this guy than his mad personality. It’s time to get sensible. Here is a list of the day-to-day requirements that he needs to be happy and healthy.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

The Miniature French Bull Terrier will eat around 1½ cups of kibble every day. This will be dependant on what breed he takes after more, and his size, energy levels, and age. In any case, follow the package instructions as they will guide you.

The MSD Veterinary Manual suggests that all puppies should eat a kibble that provides them with at least 22% protein to provide them with puppy growing power. At the age of one year, you should switch him to an adult kibble that will provide him with a protein content of at least 18%. Real meats and identifiable meat meals are good sources of protein, and always avoid kibble offering meat by-products.

His French parent is known to be a forever hungry hippo, so be careful how much you feed him. If you notice that he is starting to pile on the pounds, be sure to switch him to a weight management kibble. Thankfully, with his Bull Terrier energy, he should burn off the extra calories that he eats.

Exercise 🐕

The Miniature French Bull Terrier will need at least 45 minutes of exercise every day, sometimes extending more towards 60 minutes. It would be beneficial for both him and you to make this activity intense and vigorous to wear him out. This means less mischievousness back at family HQ and more snooze time.

Being intelligent, he will love to mix things up, as he can get very bored quickly. Activities such as tug of war, playing with a rope attached to a tree, agility courses, and showing off his mad skills down at the local doggy park are just some of his favorite hobbies.

Throughout the day, he will need to be entertained to avoid boredom and frustration, so be sure to play with him. He’ll also get a major case of the zoomies, and it’ll become part of his exercise routine and your entertainment, which will wear him out too.

Training 🎾

Training is essential when it comes to the Miniature French Bull Terrier. Because he is so darned stubborn beginning training as early as possible is the key to success. Positive reinforcement training is the key, and this boy will be a sucker for yummy treats.

Enrolling him into a puppy obedience class will not only instill discipline into his routine, but it will teach him who’s boss and strengthen your bond. It will also stimulate his body and mind as well as socialize him with other puppies too.

Crate training this guy will be beneficial for everyone. He will probably become anxious when left alone for too long, so it gives him a safe space that will reduce his anxiety. And it will also ensure that he doesn’t have free reign in the house to do whatever he wants, so it gives you peace of mind too.

House training can be difficult with Bull Terrier mixes, so be patient and do not give up. Research the best ways to housetrain him, and get the whole family involved to make things easier and smoother. The average time to achieve housetraining success is 4 to 6 months, but this will probably be a bit longer with the Miniature French Bull Terrier.

Grooming ✂️

The grooming schedule of the Miniature French Bull Terrier is relatively easy compared to long-haired dogs. A quick brush once a week will get rid of any dead hair, and spread his natural coat oils to boost his natural shine.

If he inherits the skin rolls from his French parent, you will need to clean these once a week (maybe more depending on how rolly he is). Invest in a specially designed doggy skin roll solution. Otherwise, you risk the buildup of bacteria and skin infections will soon develop.

Bathing him once every 8 weeks will be sufficient to keep him clean and smelling his best. Both of his parents are known to suffer from sensitive skin, so we would advise using a natural doggy shampoo specially designed for dogs with sensitive skin.

Health and Conditions 🏥

The Miniature French Bull Terrier is a relatively healthy dog who enjoys a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. Both of his parents have their health concerns, all of which he could inherit. So you must make yourself aware of the below conditions and their associated symptoms.

Minor Conditions
  • Patellar luxation
  • Deafness
  • Glaucoma
  • Lens luxation
Serious Conditions
  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Mitral valve disease
  • Skin allergies
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Male vs. Female

There is very little difference between male and female Miniature French Bull Terriers. Although males tend to be the largest sex, because they are small pups anyway, the size difference is minimal.

Some say that males are more boisterous than their female siblings, but this is not always true. It is best to see them in action with their littermates so that you can get an idea of what they will be like when they grow up. And you will be able to see whether they are naturally boisterous or calmer.
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Final Thoughts

The Miniature French Bull Terrier is a loveable rogue. Always up for fun, doing the zoomies, and providing canine comedy, he is an all-round family entertainment package. Because of his dominant and stubborn Bull Terrier genes, he needs an experienced and patient dog owner. Thankfully, the French influence will make him relatively calmer for a smoother ride.

If you have the time and energy to train, exercise, and keep him busy, he will make a fantastic match for most families. Just be sure to work with a reputable breeder, and the next 10 to 13 years of your life will be some of the best years you and your family have had!

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