The Mini Schnauzer Chin: A Complete Guide

Recently, mixed breed dogs have become the superstars of the dog world.

If you do not have young children and your preference is a small dog, the Mini Schnauzer Chin, a cross between the Miniature Schnauzer and the Japanese Chin, may be the right designer breed for you.

Although this mixed breed is far from a perfect companion for young children, it is rather friendly when they are not feeling threatened.

Known as a difficult breed to train, the Mini Schnauzer Chin may require obedience classes, although it can be trained by an owner who possesses the knowledge and time.

The Mini Schnauzer Chin sports a straight medium length normal density coat which can come in a various selection of colors.

Their coat requires a high level of maintenance consisting of daily brushing and professional grooming every two to three months.

Mini Schnauzer Chin Puppies – Before You Buy…

Mini Schnauzer Chin by pool
A Mini Schnauzer Chin doesn’t eat much.

Being a successful dog owner comes with many responsibilities and challenges which must be taken into account.

When looking for that perfect dog, it is best not to use your head and not your heart when making this important decision.

There is no place for thoughtless impulse buying when settling on a specific type of dog breed, as you will probably later end up paying the price for this decision.

The following provides in detail the key factors which should be considered when buying a Mini Schnauzer Chin puppy.

What Price are Mini Schnauzer Chin Puppies?

The price of a Mini Schnauzer Chin puppy can range anywhere from $400.00 to $1,600.00.

The fact that there is such a wide price range for this breed, which can get expensive on the high end, makes it imperative to shop around for the best possible deal.

With puppy dogs, there are always good deals to be had, assuming you are willing to invest your time wisely when trying to locate your preferred breed.

And when you do find that great deal, make sure to adequately question the breeder thoroughly about the puppy, the dog’s parents and even the breeder’s business and experience.

How to Find Reputable Mini Schnauzer Chin Breeders?

Mini Schnauzer Chin dogs are not one of your more popular mixed breeds. Therefore, it may take a substantial amount of effort to locate exactly what you may have in mind.

You can initiate your search by browsing through your local breeder networks and classified ads at regular intervals, which should give you a leg up in landing this crossbreed.

To obtain excellent search results, it usually pays to stay focused and keep a clear head.

As with anything else, it is all about doing as much as possible to increase the chances of making a correct decision for you.

3 Little-Known Facts about Mini Schnauzer Chin Puppies

  1. At about 500 A.D., the Japanese Chin was part of the Chinese Royal Court.
  2. The Japanese Chin was initially called a Japanese Spaniel, although being bred from the Pekingese and Pug.
  3. The Miniature Schnauzer was initially bred in the 1800s for hunting rats on smaller farms in Germany.

Physical Traits of the Mini Schnauzer Chin

Goofy Mini Schnauzer Chin
A Mini Schnauzer Chin can sometimes become jealous and destructive.

Mimicking the appearance of both its parents, this small-sized crossbreed has some distinguishing physical characteristics.

Their short legged long torso is accentuated with a rectangular head, triangular ears, curved plumed tail, dark brown eyes, black nose, and a short muzzle.

This friendly and alert crossbreed shows off a medium length straight haired coat with normal density.

It comes in various colors such as black, brown, brindle, sable, pied, silver, fawn, cream, red or grey.

How Big is a Full-Grown Mini Schnauzer Chin?

The Mini Schnauzer Chin is classified as a small dog breed, usually weighing between 5 pounds and 15 pounds.

They can reach a maximum height of approximately 9 to 13 inches tall when fully grown.

Being a smaller dog in stature, this breed does not require a huge residence.

Also, for those who enjoy being mobile, its portable size makes this dog a very satisfactory travel companion.
What Is the Life Expectancy of the Mini Schnauzer Chin?

The average life expectancy of a Mini Schnauzer Chin is approximately 12-14 years, which is average for a dog of its size.

To have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life, this breed requires a proper diet and a moderate amount of activity.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Mini Schnauzer Chin

Standing Mini Schnauzer Chin
Your Mini Schnauzer Chin is extremely obedient.

The Mini Schnauzer Chin is an alert, friendly and even-tempered dog when it approves of its surrounding environment.

Due to its small size and the fact it becomes perturbed when it feels threatened, it is not the proper animal for young children.

You should be forewarned that this crossbreed can experience troubles with house training, as it is a type of dog which is considered difficult to train.

Due to its inability to learn quickly, obedience classes may be required if you do not have the know-how, time and patience to train the dog yourself.

Having the puppy learn how to socialize at a very early age gives the breed a chance to get accustomed to other animals, especially if they are living in the same household.

Regardless of how you intend to train your Mini Schnauzer Chin, be prepared to invest in the time and resources to have the job done correctly.

The Mini Schnauzer Chin’s Diet

The Mini Schnauzer Chin is small-sized canine which only needs about one cup of quality dry dog food per day, divided into two meals.

Since this adds up on a daily basis, its everyday maintenance costs are lower than that of a large breed.

Keep your pet fueled with a high-quality brand of dog food for proper growth and maintenance of its good health.

It is logical not to skimp on the quality of food since you are dealing with a dog breed that does not need large amounts of food.

How Much Exercise Does The Mini Schnauzer Chin Need?

Being a smaller dog breed, the Mini Schnauzer Chin does not need a significant amount of activity or exercise, amounting to 30-45 minutes per day.

The dog’s activity schedule is ideal for people who are less active due to such things as time limitations or physical limitations.

Also due to their size, this breed can perform most physical activity inside, although they do need to get out and breathe fresh air as well.

They enjoy chasing squirrels and rabbits, so it is a good idea to keep your pet on a short leash when in roaming open exterior areas and to also make sure it is well contained if left to explore the backyard on its own.

Be very careful about your pet’s surrounding environment to prevent heat and cold-related illnesses.

Since this is a breed that does not mind spending most of its time indoors, this should not be much of a problem for the breed.

Mini Schnauzer Chin Health and Conditions

Identifying the health conditions a breed is predisposed to developing is important information to have on hand when selecting a type of breed.

Several years down the line, you do not want to be surprised by unpleasant information about your pet and a serious health issue.

The Mini Schnauzer Chin’s potential major health problems include, but are not limited to, portosystemic shunt, sick sinus syndrome and eye conditions such as cataracts and lens luxation.

The minor health issues consist of entropion, ectropion, progressive retinal atrophy, and mitral valve dysplasia.

And don’t forget to go to the vet annually to adequately monitor your pet’s health and keep their shots up to date.

Of course, it is best to stay alert for any drastic changes in your pet’s mood and behavior, as this may be a sign that medical attention may be required.

My Final Thoughts on The Mini Schnauzer ChinMini Schnauzer Chin guide

Exhibiting an alert and friendly personality, the Mini Schnauzer Chin is ideal for those who do not have small children and are unable to live a very active lifestyle.

Although it can live in any setting, a small yard is always a plus when owning a dog.

You should be aware that this breed is not very easily trained and may require obedience school, which comes at an additional expense.

It can also become jealous and destructive when it begins feeling it is not being paid the amount of attention it deserves, so it is best to make sure you have the time to dedicate to this creature.

For a positive and rewarding pet-owning experience, both your needs and the dog’s needs must be taken into consideration when selecting the breed.

Discovering and learning about all the important responsibilities related to being a dog owner is vital for the long-term care and happiness of your pet.

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