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Top 25 Low-Shedding Dog Breeds

Although there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog, it is a fact that some breeds shed much more than others. Some, like the Husky and the Retriever, seem to leave a steady stream of hair behind wherever they go. Others, like the 25 breeds we’ve listed below, shed very little or not at all and can make great pets even for those that are allergic to dogs.Divider 8

1. Bichon Frise

bichon frise
Image credit: Eudyptula, Shutterstock

Friendly and loyal, this little dog is easy to train. It is common for owners to keep them trimmed, which is a surprisingly easy way to maintain their coat. Grooming is important, because, without regular brushing, the Bichon will get matted and knotted.

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2. Miniature Schnauzer

Confetti Schnauzer
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Miniature Schnauzer is a working dog. He maintains some of this activity level, requiring quite a bit of exercise, but he shouldn’t require regular sweeping up. Their hair does grow continuously, though, so this is another breed that will require a regular cut.

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3. Poodle

poodle cream
Image credit: Tuan Nguyen, Pexels

Whether it’s Toy, Miniature, or Standard, the Poodle needs grooming around once a week to all but eliminate shedding and prevent allergic reactions. They are easy to train and they don’t have that doggy smell that some other breeds are prone to.

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4. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer tongue out
Image credit: Konstantin Zamkov, Flickr

The Giant Schnauzer has a distinctive looking face and has been utilized as a service dog and police dog throughout the world. He is loyal and will make a great guard dog while suffering minimal shedding.

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5. Havanese

White Havanese Close Up
Image credit By: DMCA, pxfuel

The Havanese is a tiny little dog that is very friendly and affectionate. He makes a good pet for families with small children because, despite being attached to their owners, they have a lively and pleasant, fun demeanor.

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6. Shih Tzu

dog breed shih tzu _ncikname_shutterstock
Image credit: Ncikname, Shutterstock

The Shih Tzu is a very popular small dog breed. He is popular with seniors as well as families and is another friendly and loyal companion. His hair will only fall out when brushed or if broken.

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7. Portuguese Water Dog

portuguese water dog in the forest
Image credit: Brook Robinson, Shutterstock

You may not see too many of this breed, but the Portuguese Water Dog has a similar coat to that of the Poodle. He does require regular grooming, but he won’t shed, so he should be suitable for any home and any owner.

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8. West Highland Terrier

West Highland White Terrier
Image credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

The West Highland Terrier is an alert and friendly little dog. He does maintain some of his prey drive, so he may be inclined to chase small dogs, but he won’t shed many hairs on your furniture. He has a double coat, so the Westie does require regular grooming.

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9. Scottish Terrier


White Scottish Terrier
Image credit: Sorrell Schneider, Flickr

The Scottish Terrier, or Scottie, is a loyal and hardy dog, thanks to his upbringing in the Scottish Highlands. As well as being a low shedder, he does not require as much grooming as some of the other breeds on this list.

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10. Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier
Image credit: Pezibear, Pixabay

The Yorkshire Terrier is small and energetic. He is lively and brave. He is also devoted to his owner and he won’t shed. In fact, he is sometimes described as being hypoallergenic.

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11. Maltese

tiny maltese
Image credit: Pezibear, Pixabay

The Maltese Terrier has a beautiful, white coat, and he is polite enough that he doesn’t leave it lying around on the house. He is a very loving pet and is full of energy and character, too, making him an excellent companion dog.

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12. Basenji

Image credit: Christina, Pexels

The Basenji is an African hunting dog. He is very intelligent and responds well to regular and consistent training, but is not considered one for first-time owners because, despite these traits, he can be difficult to train.

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13. Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear walking
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Coton de Tulear really does have a coat like cotton. He not only enjoys human companionship but positively demands it. He is good at learning tricks, he usually has a very happy demeanor, and is pleased to greet anybody in his path.

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14. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniel
Image credit: Pxhere

The Irish Water Spaniel is a typical Spaniel in a lot of respects. He is friendly and devoted to his owners. He is also lively and energetic. And he loves water. His coat does need regular grooming, but he sheds less than most other breeds.

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15. Afghan Hound

afghan hound
Image credit: Afghan hound by Capri23auto, Pixabay

You might be forgiven, when looking at the attentive Afghan Hound, for imagining their hair to be littered all around the house. In truth, though, they shed very little, but they do require regular grooming and they need plenty of exercise.

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16. Lagotto Romagnolo

Lagotto Romagnolo
Image credit: Svenska Mässan, Wikimedia Commons

The Lagotto Romagnolo is another breed with hair that resembles that of a Poodle, and, in this case, that is a positive trait because it means that they shed very little. They do require occasional trimming but are less maintenance than the Poodle     .

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17. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso
Image credit: Lhasaapso, Wikimedia Commons

Despite their diminutive size, the Lhasa Apso was originally bred as a guard dog and was used to protect monasteries and palaces in the Himalayas. They can cope with the cold, don’t shed, and they love brisk walks and playtime.

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18. Cairn Terrier

cairn terrier in grass flowers
Image credit: Olga Ovcharenko, Shutterstock

The Cairn Terrier is another Scottish Terrier that makes our list of low shedding dogs. Not only does his coat remain firmly on his back, but the Cairn’s coat also repels water and can change color throughout his life.

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19. Bedlington Terrier

bedlington terrier dog
Image credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay

The Bedlington Terrier could be mistaken for a lamb. They love playtime and regular walks. Their curly hair requires regular brushing to prevent matting, but only occasional trimming, and it rarely leaves a hair behind.

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20. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in forest
Image credit: furry_portraits, Pixabay

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a playful and loving terrier with plenty of energy and a desire to chase and run around. He is great with children as well as adults and his coat, which is wheaten colored (hence the name), will remain firmly on his back.

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21. Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier puppy
Image credit: Tomislav Stajduhar, Shutterstock

The Tibetan Terrier looks like a shedding nightmare, but in reality, this Buddhist companion, which was also used as a herding dog, sheds minimally. He does require regular grooming, though.

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22. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Brussels Griffon has a very unique looking face. He is a popular family pet because of his loving and sweet nature, but he can also make a good watchdog, alerting his family to strangers and unexpected visitors. The Brussels Griffon hardly sheds any hair.

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23. Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Kerry Blue Terrier was a multipurpose dog, used for herding, guarding, and hunting pests. His curly hair is similar to human hair and he rarely sheds. Despite having a black coat when he is born, the Kerry Blue will turn blue when he is about two.

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24. Chinese Crested

havanese chinese crested
Image credit: Pikist

The hairless Chinese Crested obviously doesn’t shed much, because he doesn’t have much to shed. But even the Powderpuff variant of this breed tends to keep hold of his hair. But he is sensitive to the cold.

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25. Labradoodle

Mini Labradoodle puppy on grass
Image credit: Danii Brown Photography, Shutterstock

The Labradoodle is a hybrid breed that combines Poodle and Labrador. He has the bounce of his Labrador parent, but the low shedding nature of the Poodle, and it is this combination that has helped make him one of the most popular breeds.

Divider 5Low Shedding Dogs

Low shedding does not necessarily have to mean no hair or even short hair. You can find small and large breeds, those with straight hair and those with curly, and the list above gives you a great range of choice so that you can find a family companion, a working dog, or a multipurpose pooch that will serve all of these functions without demanding that you follow him around with a sweeping brush.

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Featured Image Credit: JACLOU-DL, Pixabay