Labrador Corso: The Cane Corso & Lab Mix

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Naturally, each dog breed is unique and distinct in its own special way.

When searching for a dog breed that best suits your lifestyle, an initial and very important step to take is arming yourself with as much information as possible about the breed.

The Labrador Corso is a designer crossbreed combining the Labrador Retriever and the Cane Corso Italiano. This large-sized dog is quite intelligent, as are both of its parents.

They are very affectionate and friendly family-oriented dogs who socialize very well.

To assist you in making an informed decision about this particular dog breed, contained herein is useful, relevant and pertinent information for prospective new dog owners.

It is important to know that having the proper goods on the animal in advance often results in a powerful purchasing decision that will ultimately best suit you and your dog.

Labrador Corso Puppies – Before You Buy…

Labrador Corso looking curios
The Labrador Corso gets along well with children and other pets.

Purchasing a new puppy dog is a decision that should not be taken lightly. This is a brand new family member we are talking about here.

Shoving any type of dog into any type of environment without thinking is often a recipe for disaster.

Therefore, it is best to do your due diligence and obtain as much information about the breed as possible.

A sufficient amount of research into the animal is recommended, as this will provide you with the best possible way to decide on a breed that works best for you.

When acquiring a puppy dog, you should stay away from hastily made emotionally based decisions. Down the road, such an ill-advised decision is sure to have negative effects.

An informative crash course on the Labrador Corso mixed breed should help you in making a decision which is based on reason, instead of emotion.

What Price are Labrador Corso Puppies?

Being a relatively new designer breed, the average price for a Labrador Corso puppy is not easily ascertained.

To attain the best quality and value for your money, you should be prepared to invest a sufficient amount of time and effort to find the puppy which is ideal for your budget.

Since this is a rare breed, you may experience some difficulty in locating them.

Eventually, when you do find a puppy at your desired price point, make sure to adequately educate yourself by engaging in a frank talk with the breeder about the dog’s parents and the breeder’s business as well.

How to Find Reputable Labrador Corso Breeders?

Since this is a rare and new mixed breed, you will certainly have your work cut out in locating the adorable Labrador Corso puppy you are looking for.

To get started on the right track, becoming a member of online dog forums and combing through local breeder networks and outlets can be quite beneficial to your cause.

Perusing new pet classified advertisements on a regular is yet another productive way to successfully locate this rare mixed breed.

To supplement your search, you may also want to try some old-fashioned word of mouth.

Networking with other pet owners and informing them you are looking to purchase this particular breed can also help in making contacts to locate puppies for sale.

While searching, it is best to be patient, determined, persistent and thorough, which should eventually assist in getting you the best possible results.

3 Little-Known Facts about Labrador Corso Puppies

  1. Ancestors of the Labrador Retriever were created in Canada during the 17th Century.
  2. The Cane Corso Italiano originated in remote sections of Italy where they were used as guard dogs and watchdogs.
  3. Being almost extinct, the Cane Corso Italiano breed experienced a revival in Southern Italy during the 1980s.
Happy Labrador Corso with ball
The Labrador Corso is very intelligent and easy to be trained.

Physical Traits of the Labrador Corso

The Labrador Corso is categorized as a large-sized designer crossbreed that can take on the appearance of either of the parent breeds.

This means that it can take on an assortment of various looks which give it a versatile appearance.

The Labrador Retriever is built solid with a broad head, wide muzzle, pendant shaped ears, and kind, expressive eyes.

They have large chests which bulge down to their elbows, thick tails at the base which taper and get thinner at the tip.

This breed is equipped with webbed feet which make them proficient swimmers. The Cane Corso Italiano is a powerful big-boned dog with a thick body.

They possess heads that are both wide and big and distinctive cheekbones. Their ears are set high up on the head, and their tails can be docked.

How Big is a Full-Grown Labrador Corso?

Categorized as a large-sized breed, Labrador Corso can reach a height of 22 to 28 inches when fully grown.

This dog breed can be rather imposing in stature, as it weighs anywhere from 55-110 pounds. Its size makes for a somewhat capable watchdog which can be used to protect the premises.

Due to its large size and high level of activity, it is ideal for it to live in a home with a large yard.

Apartment living is not recommended since it will lack the space for it to move around and use up their energy.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Labrador Corso?

The Labrador Corso should be expected to live 10-12 years, being a bit below average for a dog of its size.

As with most pets, this breed requires a significant amount of activity, mental stimulation and a quality diet to have an opportunity to live a potentially full and healthy existence.

Always being current and up to date on your dog’s physical condition and mental state of mind is always an important aspect when raising a healthy dog.

A successful and responsible dog owner is sensitive and observant of their dog’s everyday feelings.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Labrador Corso

An active and intelligent mixed breed, the Labrador Corso is very family-friendly, as it gets along well with children and other pets.

This a loyal companion who is protective of its home and owner and can be suspicious of strangers.
This mixed breed is not difficult to train, which will assist in making them obedient and calm pets.

They are also known to have a personality that is eager to please, giving them a leg up when it comes to learning new things.

Labrador Corso laying in grass
The Labrador Corso can live up to 12 years.

The Labrador Corso’s Diet

To help it remain healthy, your Labrador Corso should be fed a high-quality commercial dog food which is formulated for a dog of its size and level of activity.

Meeting the dog’s nutritional needs daily is essential to having a happy pet with a few medical problems.

As a large-sized active breed, this canine should require approximately three cups of dry dog food each day which translates to $65-$85 per month.

Be careful not to overfeed it so it does not become overweight, which can be detrimental to a dog’s health.

How Much Exercise Does The Labrador Corso Need?

As a large active breed, the Labrador Corso needs about 60 minutes per day of activity consisting of long walks, jogging, and swimming.

This breed does very well with a large house and yard, as it will be able to release pent up energy and get a good majority of its exercise patrolling the premises.

If you have an active family who spends a decent amount of time in the great outdoors, this is a breed that may be an adequate fit.

It is best not to leave this animal alone for an extended period of time, as it may cause it to develop destructive behavior.

Labrador Corso’s Health and Conditions

Knowing in advance which illnesses and disease can affect your pet is vital information which should work to your advantage when you are looking to select a particular breed as a new family member.

It is very stressful (emotionally and financially) to have a pet that is sick a lot of the time. This can significantly work against you when attempting to enjoy the pet-owning experience.

In a perfect world, a pet should bring happiness into the home, not sadness.

Of course, we do not live in a perfect world, which is why knowing such information for the future can be critical to a dog owner.

The Labrador Corso is predisposed to having health conditions which include Addison’s disease, corneal dystrophy, and cataracts.

It is strongly recommended that you take your pooch to see your vet annually for its shots and to have a check-up.

My Final Thoughts on the Labrador CorsoLabrador Corso guide

The Labrador Corso is a large, loyal and energetic family-friendly pet that gets along well with children and other pets.

As a result of their intelligence, they are not difficult to train and will be extremely protective of their people and surroundings.

From an activity standpoint, this crossbreed requires 60 minutes per day which consists of long walks, jogging, and swimming.

Good-natured, mild-mannered and fun-loving, this is a wonderful all-around pet for a prospective owner.

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