The Kromfohrländer: A Complete Guide

A Kromfohrländer, also called Kromi, is a dog that has only been bred for less than a century.

Up until now, it’s been a rarity, even in its home country Germany where it’s told to have made a first appearance towards the end of the Second World War.

There are different types of stories on how and when he came to life but what’s known for sure is that a German woman called Ilse Schleifenbaum was the first one to breed Kromfohrländers as descendants from a military mascot dog.

After only having been shipped to America about 20 years ago he already is a famous dog for families as he makes a loyal and faithful companion.

Kromfohrländer Puppies – Before You Buy…

A Kromfohrländer on a lead sitting down in a field of cows
The Kromfohrländers can be trained easily.

Since the Kromfohränder has only been bred for a couple of years, there’s not much information on him yet, but one thing is clear: he needs and wants company.

Should you be looking at Kromfohrländers to become part of your family, here’s what you should know about to understand the kind of environment the Kromfohrländer is looking for.

What Price are Kromfohrländer Puppies?

Kromfohrländers aren’t pricey. As they haven’t been around too long and are an unknown kind of breed, you can get a pup for $500 on average.

The only thing that you have to take into account is which Kromfohrländer you want to get as there are two different types of breeds and one is more popular and expensive than the other.

How to Find Reputable Kromfohrländer Breeders?

Since the Kromfohrländer is a new but popular breed, you have to pay attention when trying to find the right breeder.

As it’s a rare dog too, some Kromfohrländer breeders might increase the price if there’s high demand.

At the moment, they’re most popular in Germany, and dog breeders tend to choose their customers wisely.

You can be sure to have found the right breeder when he’s taking a close look at your life situation: Are you able to give the dog the company that he needs?

As soon as the Kromfohrländer loses his status as being a new and modern dog, breeders should have more availability of these puppies, and it should be easier to get one.

Before that occurs though, you should be prepared to find Kromfohrländer breeders that might make you wait a while before they actually give you a pup.

3 Little-known facts about Kromfohrländer puppies

  1. Kromfohrländer puppies bond with you immediately. They know how to differentiate between their owner and a stranger and you have to make sure to bond with your dog too so that he grows up in a stable social environment.
  2. The Kromfohrländer is a relatively peaceful dog that wants to live in harmony. Once you get a pup, it’s important to provide him with love. He starts to bark if he feels left alone.
  3. As Kromfohrländers are known to be smart, you can easily start to train them when they’re young. In case they behave undesirably, you have to let them know to make them understand what is right and what is wrong.

Physical Traits of the Kromfohrländer

A white and light brown Kromfohrländer standing on a rug
The Kromfohrländer can be kept indoors.

The Kromfohrländer is a breed that doesn’t take up much space.

As both the dogs he is told to be bred from, the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen and the Fox Terrier, are medium-sized dogs too the Kromfohränder doesn’t get much taller.

There are two different types of coats: Smooth and wirehaired.

Kromfohrländers with a wirehaired coat come with a beard, and their coats tend to be longer than the ones their relatives have.

For smooth-coated Kromfohrländers, only short coats are possible, which is why they only require weekly grooming.

The wirehaired Kromfohrländer needs more care, especially with his beard. He should be brushed once a week.

The Kromfohrländer doesn’t need to bath often as he is generally a clean dog. They love to go swimming in the river, and this helps to keep them clean.

How Big is a Full-Grown Kromfohrländer?

The Kromfohrländer is a medium-sized dog. On average, a full-grown male weighs up to around 35 pounds whereas the female weighs about 5 pounds less.

Looking at their height, Kromfohrländers grow around 15 to 18 inches with females also being slightly shorter.

Even though these dogs are smaller, they make a great companion to just about anybody. They like to be pet too and enjoy being in a family home.

Whether it’s hectic or quiet, he’s fine with both chasing around the house while people are organizing things stressfully and sitting in front of the TV doing nothing with his owners.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Kromfohrländer?

The Kromfohrländer has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. If you treat him well and give him plenty of company and affection, he will have a long and happy life. Isolation can cause this breed to die sooner than expected.

The Kromfohrländer is meant to be a lifelong loyal companion.

He can even be brought into a family with little children as he won’t harm them if his owners raise him right and teach him how to behave early in life.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Kromfohrländer

A Kromfohrländer standing on grass looking at you
The Kromfohrländers are social and loyal dogs.

Kromfohrländers are very impressionable when they’re young.

This means that they can easily be trained and taught basic obedience.

Since they are inherently people pleasers, you don’t have to worry about them doing damage on purpose.

They will listen to you and can be taught just about anything. This makes it easy to raise them as the perfect family member and a loyal companion.

Also, they don’t mind learning a couple of tricks as they know how to pay attention and focus. If you don’t teach them any tricks, they’ll be fine playing on their own.

They’ll be the happiest if you play and spend time with them. They’re quite excitable and active, and you can play with them all day if you want to.

To train them the right way, you don’t need to do much except offer positive encouragement.

It doesn’t take much for Kromfohrländers to understand what you want them to do as they want to impress you. To avoid undesirable behavior, a small gesture is enough.

They’ll sense when their owner isn’t ok with them doing certain things. It’s best to start their training early though as that’s what makes their education and development steadier and longer-lasting.

As his main purpose is to be a companion a lot of his personality traits reflect those of a loyal character.

Kromfohrländers only ever lose their temper once their owner disappears for long periods of time and they start to feel lonely.

The same thing happens when they feel like they don’t have enough activity. They will begin barking frequently and act agitated.

Kromfohrländers are suspicious about meeting new people.

They are used to their family and whenever they encounter someone or something strange they might act reserved. In general, the Kromfohrländer is a very happy dog though.

They enjoy being with their family or other dogs.

The Kromfohrländer’s Diet

Kromfohrländers are medium-sized dogs and they only need a moderate amount of food. If you feed them 2.5 cups a day, they’ll be satisfied.

The costs of their food shouldn’t be higher than $34 to $45 a month. You can increase or lower the amount of food depending on how active their day was.

As Kromfohrländers adapt themselves to your way of life, you can feed them as you like.

It works best if you feed them three times during the day though: once in the morning, once around noon and one last time in the evening.

You can easily feed them when you’re taking your main meals as they enjoy following your lifestyle. Since they generally don’t eat much, they shouldn’t be begging to want more food during the night.

How Much Exercise Does a Kromfohrländer Need?

As the Kromfohrländer is quite an easy-going dog, he enjoys being outside for a good half an hour every day.

He can be quite active, but you generally don’t need to walk him for more than 6 miles per week.

If you go to work during the day and leave him alone for a couple of hours, you should make sure that he has enough toys to occupy himself and that you don’t come back home too late.

When you have the time, take him to a dog park where he can play with other dogs.

Kromfohrländer Health and Conditions

Even though the Kromfohrländer shares the lifespan of most small to medium-sized dogs, it’s possible for him to get some minor health conditions too.

Most commonly, he gets affected by epilepsy. Also, senior dog problems such as kidney failure can be an issue.

This will lower their mobility and appetite to a minimum so you should make sure to take your Kromfohrländer to the vet regularly to make sure that they are in good condition.

Can it travel by car?

Because the Kromfohrlander is such a smart breed of dog, you’ll find that he or she tends to be more curious about new things in life than shy about them, or frightened.

Because of this, your dog’s likely well aware of what your car is, and that it’s not dangerous.

These dogs have a calm personality, so you’re likely to see that your pet will not get too over excited and prone to bouncing around when your vehicle is in motion.

As a naturally inquisitive breed of dog, the Kromfohrlander will be content watching the world go by through the window.

For extra security and peace of mind for both your dog and you, the master, you can place a few chew toys or your pet’s bedtime blanket on your car’s back seat.

Doing the latter also helps you to prevent any of this shaggy dog breed’s hair from getting over your car interior.

But it also helps your dog feel at home, meaning that your dog might just settle in for a nap, rocked to sleep by the motion of the car – and letting the driver focus if you’re prone to worry about your dog when traveling.

The Kromfohrlander can definitely travel by car quite contentedly, and although the first few times of getting this dog into your car can be a little tricky, this breed will soon settle into the routine – and come to love the adventures that a trip in your vehicle can promise.

Final Thoughts on the KromfohrländerA happy looking Kromfohrländer

If you have a family that you want to bring some more life into, you should go for the Kromfohrländer.

He’ll make himself indispensable to your family and will happily keep you company for his entire life.

They are social and loyal dogs and a good distraction from everyday life.

They are also easy to take care of and satisfied with just being by your side.

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