Italian Dog Names: 50 Unique, Awesome & Cute Ideas

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Italian dog names perhaps make for the most fun and enjoyable titles that you can adorn over your pets.

These names are not only meant for a handful of particular breeds, but in fact can apply to a vast variety of dog breeds, be they small or large, or petite or majestic.

Several breeds of dogs also have Italian roots, so it goes without saying that an Italian dog name will be perfect for such canines.

Just like the lively, colorful culture of the Italians, your frolicsome and confident pet deserves a thoughtful name, so let us dive into the options that we have for the perfect Italian dog names!

A white dog laying on the couch
His name is Lazio and he is a real couch potato.

Male Italian Dog Names

  • Trevi

An iconic structure in Rome.

Trevi is a famous fountain architectured by Nicola Salvi and is a popular tourist destination.

The name is believed to have come from a Latin word, trivium, which means “three streets”.

This is one of the most ideal Italian dog names for owners who want a classic Italian name for their pet to honor the Italian culture.

  • Napoli

A city in the south of Italy that also goes by the name “Naples”.

The name means “new city” (nea + polis).

Napoli is also a classic Italian dog name that will ensure that your pet stays close to Italian roots.

  • Leonardo

A prominent figure during the Italian Renaissance, a painter whose works are still appreciated and valued to date.

If you name your pet after Leonardo da Vinci, you can expect it to be highly intellectual, creative, and immensely brilliant.

While it is the name of an Italian personality, it should be understood that it also has Spanish roots and means “bold lion”.

So if your pet is brave and majestic, Leonardo will make for a powerful title.

A short-form “Leo” can also be used as a substitute name.

  • Gucci

A world-famous Italian brand of luxury fashion and leather items.

This is a relatively new word that has recently been added to the urban dictionary and is used to express a situation that is all good.

  • Rafaello

After the Italian painter and architect, Raffaello Sanzio, who was especially prominent during the Renaissance.

The name in itself means “God has healed”.

This is a sweet name for a caring dog that loves to help and guide its human friends.

  • Lazio

The region of Lazio, where Rome is, is located in central Italy.

While the exact meaning of this Italian dog name is unknown, you can connect it to the English word “lazy” (mainly because it sounds somewhat like it).

Therefore, a pup that prefers to lounge around the house than play outside is the best candidate for this name.

  • Gianni

The founder of the famous Italian fashion house, Versace, Gianni Versace is a world-renowned designer of luxury fashion.

The name Gianni means “God is gracious” and we are undoubtedly very grateful for these furry, loyal animals to bless this earth and our lives with their presence.

  • Nicola

The architect of the previously mentioned Fontana di Trevi, Nicola Salvi was a reputable Italian architect.

Nicola is a Latin version of the original Greek name Nikolaos, which means “victory of the people”.

This makes for a powerful Italian dog name for a formidable pet.

  • Michelangelo

The legendary Italian artist was popular for his works in the Sistine Chapel.

This Italian dog name refers to someone who is like an angel, so you would want to consider this powerful title for your pet.

  • Bacio

A sweet Italian dog name that means “kiss”.

Perfect for a pup that loves to shower his owner’s face with a lot of licks and kisses.

  • Luca

A derivative of a word that in English means “light”.

Your loyal companion will prove to be a source of light and radiance in your life.

  • Tito

An Italian name that means “great”.

This is an ideal moniker that you can entitle your grand, majestic pet with.

  • Cario

In Italian, cario is a word that would be used to describe a caring man.

A very fitting Italian dog name for pets that are affectionate and caring by nature.

  • Arlo

This Italian dog name means “strong” or “manly”.

A good name to give to a macho dog that makes its presence known in the house.

  • Vito

An Italian word for “victor”.

You would, of course, want your pet to excel and emerge victorious at everything it does.

A small brown dog with a pink bandana on
Her name is Viola, just like that character from Shakespeare’s play ‘Twelfth Night’.

Female Italian Dog Names

  • Bella

A feminine Italian name that essentially means “beautiful”.

We feel that this is one of the most thoughtful yet simple Italian dog names to give to your charming pet.

  • Stella

In the Italian language, Stella is a star.

This is a very basic Italian dog name but has a very appealing definition behind it.

  • Venezia

A city comprised of over a hundred small islands, situated in the north of Italy.

The name pays tribute to both the city of Venice and Venetia, so if you’re looking for Italian dog names that honor places in Italy, this title will accomplish that desire.

  • Amore

We all know what this word means: amore is Italian for love, a universal concept known to all.

And a dog is perhaps the most loving being on earth that we can think of, which makes this the perfect Italian dog name.

  • Bianca

A female Italian dog name that describes the color white.

Obviously, you should give this name to a girl dog that sports white fur.

  • Viola

An Italian dog name that also refers to a color.

Viola means violet, but is also used to describe a flower. Your pet is also a delightful creature, much like the flower.

  • Carlotta

A very feminine-sounding name.

This Italian dog name means “strong”.

It will most suit a dog that has a formidable personality and a tolerant temperament.

You should consider this name if your pet is a sheepdog or if it belongs to a breed that is originally bred to endure through harsh climates.

  • Sienna

A city in Italy, situated in the region of Tuscany.

The name in itself refers to a reddish-brown shade of color.

It also means “orange-red”.

So if your pet has a coat that is a shade of such mixtures of colors, Sienna makes for an apt Italian dog name.

  • Vittoria

This name belongs to another famous Italian personality, the poetess Vittoria Aganoor.

This Italian dog name is derived from the male name, Victor, which refers to victory.

If you plan on making your pet take part in various agility competitions, you can consider this name for her.

  • Paola

An Italian dog name that means “small”.

So if your precious pooch comes from a breed of small dogs or toy dogs, Paola can prove to be a very attractive and suitable name for your tiny pet.

  • Cara

A good moniker for a loyal and reliable pet, Cara means “beloved friend”.

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, and if yours holds a truly special place in your heart, you can give your baby girl this name.

  • Puglia

Puglia is a region in Southern Italy.

When we hear this name, our mind instantly goes to pugs, which makes this the ideal name for a female Pug.

  • Cadenza

A truly Italian name, Cadenza refers to something that is rhythmic.

So if your pet is big on consistency and punctuality and likes to lead a life on a set, regular schedule, Cadenza is the title to adorn her with.

  • Rosetta

This Italian dog name means “a little rose” – perfect for a small, petite dog that has a lovely nature.

  • Mistico

To give your pet an aura of mystique.

Mistico means “a mystical girl” and is suited for a pet that doesn’t give away too much of its personality.

A dog with its ears flopped to one side
This is Amico and he is a real friend.

Cute Italian Dog Names

  • Bambino

For your cuddly, adorable baby pup.

Bambino is the word used to describe a baby in the Italian language.

The name can be used for both male and female dogs.

  • Mia

A female Italian dog name that has a very simple meaning, but one which you won’t be able to resist: Mia is Italian for “mine”.

  • Rosie

From rose.

Rosie is a sweet and lovely name for your precious girl dog.

  • Doda

Also a female Italian dog name.

Doda in Italian means someone that is well-loved.

And we don’t even need to explain to you how fitting this name will be for your girl, considering how loved and cherished she will be in your house.

  • Zita

An Italian dog name that means “little girl”.

Hence, this is suitable for female dogs that come from breeds of smaller-sized canines.

  • Lunetta

A feminine Italian dog name that means “little moon”.

The name is for a pet that is small and delicate in size but has startling amounts of energy and radiance.

  • Candia

A name that is used to describe someone who glows white.

This is a name that you should consider if your pet has a pure white, lustrous fur coat.

  • Amico

Italian for “friend” and perfect to describe your relationship with your beloved pet.

This is a unisex name, so you wouldn’t have to worry about what gender your dog is.

  • Lupo

An Italian word meaning wolf.

You can entitle your pet with this name if it comes from a wolf lineage or has wolf-like hunting qualities inherent in its gene pool.

  • Primo

An Italian dog name meaning “first”.

If this is the first pet dog that you have owned, consider this name to capture the essence of your experience.

  • Tesoro

A word that in literal terms means “treasure”.

This is an affectionate Italian dog name that you can use to describe what your valued pet means to you.

  • Vita

A name that means as simple as it sounds; Vita is an Italian word for “life”.

The name aptly describes your lively pet that has a unique love for life.

  • Pompeii

Another of the Italian dog names that pay homage to places in Italy.

The name can be used for both genders.

  • Marco

From Marco Polo, the Italian merchant from Venice who is known for the numerous adventures that he embarked on.

A perfect name for a dog that loves to explore and will enjoy going on adventures with you.

  • Caesar

After one of the most legendary and iconic figures not only in Roman history but in the history of the world.

Julius Caesar was a remarkable leader and general of Roman descent whose leadership skills are still a role model for all mankind.

  • Bellissimo

This name translates to ‘very beautiful’ and is a very common Italian term of endearment.

Ideal for a gorgeous, female dog, this name can also be given to a pet that is very close to your heart and truly treasured by you.

Not only is this name very unique, but it also sounds quite attractive and is fitting for a female dog with beautiful features that stand out.

  • Florence

If you want to express your love for Italy through your dog’s name, this is an eccentric option.

Florence is the capital of the very stunning Tuscany, a region in central Italy.

This unisex name is perfect for a dog which is extraordinary due to its bold and admirable qualities.

  • Versace

Even though this name is very uncommon for a dog, it is hard to resist if you are a fashionista.

The name refers to the Italian fashion house and is fitting for a female dog which has both, a very stunning appearance and an equally attractive personality.

Moreover, due to the luxurious nature of the brand, this name also has a regal ring to it.

You can even give this name to your male dog too, though it is more suitable for a female one.

  • Vincenzo

Translating to ‘conquering’, this Italian name is suitable for a male dog which is fearless and very bold.

This name is highly appropriate for a dog that never backs down from a challenge, tries continuously to win, and is not afraid to do as it desires.

If this is how bold and courageous your dog is, ‘Vincenzo’ will be a perfect name for it.

  • Rosa

Having Portuguese and Spanish roots, besides Italian, this name refers to a ‘rose’.

The name talks of femininity, fragility, and beauty, and as such, should be given to a female dog that is known for these qualities.

Scrumptious Italian Dog Names

Italy is, without a doubt, the birthplace of some of the most wonderful dishes and drinks in the world, and the passion that Italian people have for their cuisine is evident in every mouthful.

And of course, with so many of us naming our dogs after our favorite foods, it makes sense to bring those ideas into our names list here today.

  • Mocha

An Italian chocolate coffee drink, always welcome for a morning pick me up and a more scrumptious alternative to a caffe latte.

And of course, those dogs with rich dark brown fur coats always do well with a name like this.

  • Bolognese

The rich, saucy beef mix with plum tomatoes, mushrooms, herbs and sometimes even a smattering of red wine. A sultry and rich Italian favorite, and a fine name for a fancy dog besides.

  • Espresso

A rapid-fire dog who’s always running here, there and everywhere – perfectly summed up by the name of the strong, energizing little shots of coffee that Italy invented.

  • Salami

A stocky, broad dog with a big appetite might well suit being named after the famous cured meat of Italy.

  • Pastrami

A more classy kind of ham, some might say, the pastrami is the go-to addition to New York sub sandwiches – and a decent name for a dog who’s got a big appetite, but also a touch of class.

  • Biscotti

Italian biscuits or cookies, often hard and brittle and served with coffee.

A dog with a sweet tooth, or one whose fur coat is light brown and easily matched with the color of a biscotti, could enjoy having this name.

The Most Popular Italian Dog Name of All Time

  • Fido

A dog that is known across the globe and whose name has been recognized throughout the years, Fido was a half Pointer breed rescued and owned by Carlo Soriani.

Fido’s story of loyalty is extremely touching.

This dog had a ritual where he waited at the bus stop for his owner to return from work, something that they did together for two years and Fido continued for 14 years after his owner died in a tragic bombing at the factory where he worked.

Fido’s story is known worldwide and has touched the hearts of millions, which is why this has been a popular Italian dog name.

Similar Breeds

One of the most popular Italian breeds of dogs is the Cane Corso which is considered to be one of the best family dogs around.

While this is a unique dog, it isn’t uncommon to find other breeds that show remarkable similarities to this dog and are often confused for a Cane Corso.

Most of these breeds are tall in height with an average height of roughly 25 to 28 inches. These dogs are also slightly bulky and can weigh from 90 to an impressive 120 pounds.

This is why regular exercise, running, and daily playtime is a must for all of these breeds.

Apart from this, you can spend a long and happy time with a dog from any of these breeds as their average life expectancy is about 10 to 13 years.

However, if you have a very joyous and humorous personality and demeanor, perhaps you shouldn’t consider these breeds because they are known for their seriousness.

This doesn’t mean that these breeds aren’t fun to have around; it’s just that after their playtime they like to keep to themselves.

In addition to this, Cane Corso and its similar breeds are very docile pets and will follow most of your commands with ease and without any sort of defiance.

Not only this, but these breeds are also very intelligent and love a good challenge at any time.

Why not read our in-depth guide to these similar breeds –

  • Perro de Presa Canario
  • Bull Terrier
  • Bullmastiff
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Caucasian Ovarchaka

My Final Thoughts

Italian dog names are interesting and signify the lively and exciting culture of the Italians.

Therefore, all the names listed above are best suited for confident dogs who will go to any lengths to lighten up your life with their quirks and their pleasing personalities.

So if either you or your dog are from Italian descent, or you simply love the Italian culture so much that you want your pet to carry some essence of the country, these Italian dog names are bound to work for you.

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