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Top 10 Healthiest Dog Breeds in the World

healthiest dog breeds

You can define the term “healthy” in different ways, but in this article, we are focusing on the healthiest dog breeds in the world based on their likelihood to have certain health problems and their general lifespans. There are other dog breeds outside of this list that can also live long, healthy lives, but we have narrowed our list down to 10 specific breeds that we believe fit the bill more than others.

What are features of a “healthy” dog? Does a dog’s size and build actually affect their health and lifespan? We found that the keys to general health and a long life are the ability to exercise and in some cases, having a small frame. Although a dog’s lifespan is dependent upon many factors, these dog breeds generally live between 13 to 20 years old if they maintain a lifestyle with quality nutrition and an appropriate amount of exercise.

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1. Chihuahua

Male Chihuahua
Image credit: Pikrepo

Chihuahuas are energetic creatures that are quite small in size. They can be defensive around children or strangers, so they need to be watched carefully in those situations. They don’t usually have many health problems during their lifetime that are specific to their breed and can live about 18 years, even up to 20 in some cases.

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2. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu
Image Credit: Shiba Inu, Piqsels

Shiba Inus are small to medium-sized dogs that have been used for hunting. They are agile with small frames and have tons of energy. Shibas can live up to 16 years old.

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3. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
Featured Image Credit: Torstensimon, Pixabay

Australian Shepherds, or “Aussies,” are active dogs with an affinity for herding, which requires a great deal of stamina and speed. They are intelligent animals with plenty of energy and can live up to 15 years old.

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4. Beagle

Image Credit: Beagle, Piqsels

Small-framed and agile, beagles have an intense sense of smell that makes them great for hunting hares due to their speed. They are active, fun-loving playmates who are great for families with young kids. Their average lifespan is 15 years old.

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5. Border Collie

Bordie Collie
Image Credit: Bordie Collie, Eskimokettu Pixabay

Border Collies have a surplus of energy that they can put into herding or playing fetch. They love working and require plenty of outlets for all that energy. They are easy to train and are obedient house pets. They can live up to about 15 years old, or in some cases, up to 17 years.

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6. German Pinscher

German Pinscher
Image: Wikimedia Commons

German Pinschers are one of the most agile, athletic dog breeds. They require plenty of activity, like hunting or performing in various tests of their athletic abilities. In addition to being strong performers, they make great companions. They live to be about 14 years old.

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7. German Shorthaired Pointer

german short haired pointer
Image Credit: German Shorthaired Pointer, Piqsels

Different from some of the other breeds on this list, German Shorthaired Pointers are on the medium to large side. They were bred as hunters, stalking feathered game as well as deer. They also make great family dogs. Their average lifespan is 14 years.

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8. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois
Image Credit By: 825545, pixabay

The Belgian Malinois is an intense, driven worker. They enjoy being constantly stimulated by activity, especially working with their owner. They are extremely loyal to their owner and bond with them more so than anyone else. This breed lives up to 14 years.

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9. Poodle

Image Credit: Poodle, Piqsels

Although there are three Poodle varieties, the Standard Poodle is the most athletic of the three. Poodles are generally weighed down by stereotypes about being just for show, when in reality, they have many skills to offer, such as being intelligent and athletic. Poodles can live to be about 14 years old.

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10. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute
Image Credit: Alaskan Malamute, Pixabay

Sometimes confused with a Husky, Alaskan Malamutes do share similar physical traits, being large sized and covered with thick grey and white fur. They were bred to be sled dogs, as they can pull large amounts of weight, being quite sturdy and strong. Malamutes generally live up to 13 years.

Any dog can be a healthy dog if you care for them properly. These dog breeds are the healthiest because they are usually built for hunting, herding, or carrying freight. They can run quickly or have the stamina to sustain long distances. Their hearts are strong, as well as their bodies, and this causes them to live long, happy, healthy lives.

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Featured Image Credit: Katrin B., Pixabay