Gordon Setter

Bringing a dog into your life is a beautiful thing. These are creatures filled with love and kindness and will serve as the perfect companion for over a decade.

They will walk beside you during your lows, and run beside you during your highs. After all, there is a reason why the canine earnt the idiom of “Man’s Best Friend.”

However, through all this joy, can come stress. Dogs aren’t the easiest of pets to look after at times and can be very time-consuming.

For all the love and happiness they bring, they need it in return, and you as an aspiring owner, need to train, socialize and care for the dog adequate for your bond to grow.

The Gordon Setter is a royal, elegant hunting dog that originated in Scotland during the 1600s.

They first came to renowned popularity when Alexander, the fourth Duke of Gordon became infatuated with them.

The Gordon Setter was an acclaimed hunting dog, specializing in scent work and tracking fallen birds.

In today’s age, the Gordon Setter is a family companion, using its incredible stamina and scent for games of fetch, and the occasional snack.

In this guide today, I will detail all the vital information on the Gordon Setter, and cover the need to know the basics of owning one of these beautiful dogs.

Irritated dogs can be stressful to look after sometimes.

But with this guide, I plan to make this process a little less hard for you.

I will go through the costs, life expectancy, physical features and behavioral traits of the Gordon Setter, for you to know more when diving into the journey of dog ownership.

Is the Gordon Setter the dog for you? If so, read on to find out more.

Gordon Setter Puppies – Before You Buy…

Gordon Setter with leash in mouth
The Gordon Setter comes from a long line of hunting and working.

Preparing for a dog to enter your house isn’t the easiest of tasks. It’s more than just hiding a few valuable trinkets and mopping the floor.

You need to make your house a home for the Gordon Setter, establishing a safe space for this dog that accommodates all its needs. It’s a little overwhelming, but vital.

Things you will need to prepare to include:

  • Spacious areas designated for your dog to rest, and play. The Gordon Setter, due to its size, it is not suited for apartments. Instead, it will need a large backyard for it to stretch out and run around.
  • Your daily schedule. Either you or someone in your family, need to be home at all times to train and socialize this dog, it can settle into domestication smoothly.
  • Color decision
  • Gender decision
  • Your preference on spaying/neutering. This is one you need to be particularly careful with because although the process of getting your dog spayed/neutered can prevent illness, it will also prevent it from reproduction.

What Price is Gordon Setter Puppies?

The price of a dog can be daunting. These aren’t the cheapest of pets and can be very intimidating upon your journey to canine ownership.

You need to assess your budget wisely, to determine what type of breed, and size you can afford.

The Gordon Setter while elegant, is far from a cost-effective dog. When purchasing from a breeder, you’re looking at a price point of $800-$1000 for a puppy.

This is about the average when it comes to largely sized purebreds.

Other ways that you may be able to seek out the Gordon Setter cheaper include visiting an adoption shelter.

You can pick up dogs for less than $100, with excess fees that vary with each establishment.

If you fail to find a Gordon Setter at an adoption clinic, and simply can’t stretch the price point from a breeder, perhaps seek out a crossbreed, or smaller sized purebred.

Where to Find Reputable Gordon Setter Breeders?

The Gordon Setter is an incredibly unique dog, and will, therefore, need a breeder that specializes in it. The breeder needs to be of high quality and strict ethics to breed this dog efficiently.

It can be daunting buying from a breeder because we can never really peek behind the curtains of their process.

However, with attentive judgment and analyzation, we can determine the professionalism of a breeder.

The breeder should provide a clean, spacious area for Gordon Setter puppies because they are large breeds. These puppies should be groomed, cleaned and fed regularly.

The breeder should also have an extensive amount of knowledge on the Gordon Setter and should socialize with the puppies regularly to kick-start the socialization process.

Lastly, a breeder should assist you with any help you need. They should care about these dogs, and do everything they can to make sure you are ready to raise the Gordon Setter.

If they are reputable, they will provide tips, tricks and further assistance outside the purchase to make your time a little easier.

3 Little-Known Facts About Gordon Setter Puppies

  1. Even though it is big, the Gordon Setter is incredibly calm.
  2. The first Gordon Setter dogs were imported into America in 1842.
  3. They love a good swim!

Physical Traits of the Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter walking in snow
The Gordon Setter needs 90 minutes of exercise per day.

The Gordon Setter is a dog with dense feathering. It will have a soft, glimmering coat that is usually black and tan, with spots of mahogany sprinkled around the torso.

It has a long muzzle and a rounded head for a look of elegance.

Their torso is arched for a commanding look, and it has paws that resemble that of a cat.

It usually has almond-shaped eyes that come in the color of a shining brown, with a long tail and a black nose.

How Big is a Full-Grown Gordon Setter?

The Gordon Setter is an incredibly large dog, with a posture that is more beautiful, than it is intimidating.

Regarding length, the Gordon Setter stands between 23-26 inches. It is taller than it is long.

The Gordon Setter will weigh between 45-70 pounds, which is quite slim for a dog of its size.

The male is bigger than the female, and it will need to be watched when it’s around kids due to its size.

What is the Gordon Setter’s Life Expectancy?

The Gordon Setter is known to live anywhere between 10-12 years, which is shorter than the average for large-sized breeds.

Because of its size, the Gordon Setter is more prone to inheriting health conditions than that of smaller breeds. Because of this, make sure to watch for any health concerns.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is incredibly loyal to its family and owners. It will do great with kids in the family and will warm up to other pets provided it gets socialization from an early age.

It is however somewhat suspicious of strangers, and it will serve as an excellent watchdog.

The Gordon Setter is not the hardest of dogs to train, but it can be stubborn. Make sure to participate in plenty of agility, and obedience trials, with positive reinforcement as a common tactic.

It is also known to be nervous at times, so socialization with humans and other dogs is needed for it to be confident.

You mustn’t leave it alone for too long, as it is prone to separation anxiety.

The Gordon Setter’s Diet

Gordon Setter sitting on beach
The Gordon Setter loves jogging, walking, and hiking.

The Gordon Setter is a big dog and therefore will eat a large amount daily. It will eat 3 cups of dog food a day, costing an owner $50-$60 a month.

The Gordon Setter isn’t fussy but will need a regime that provides the nutritional needs for a large dog.

Sprinkle plenty of premium dog food throughout its diet that consists of sliced meats like beef, chicken, and pork. Also, try and incorporate some fruits and kibble.

How Much Exercise Does the Gordon Setter Need?

The Gordon Setter comes from a long line of hunting and working.

Therefore, it has an intense, high octane exercise regime. It is going to need a hefty 90 minutes of exercise per day, and 15 miles of walking a week.

The Gordon Setter is going to need physical stimulation via jogging, walking, and hiking. It will also love games like fetch, flyball, and frisbee.

It is also recommended to treat it to agility trials and anything that can provide it mental stimulation. For something less intense, try a long, casual walk.

Gordon Setter Health and Conditions

Serious Issues:

Minor Issues:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Otitis Externa

My Final Thoughts on the Gordon SetterGordon Setter guide

Overall, the Gordon Setter is a dog that needs a lot of training and a lot of exercises.

If you can provide this, it will be a unique, elegant addition to any family.


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