Golden Retriever Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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When it comes to cherry-picking the best kind of Golden Retriever names, it is important to calm your nerves, breathe, and take your time being creative and innovative with the options in front of you.

There are a lot of aspects of these loyal family dogs that can lend some inspiration for a suitable, custom-crafted title for your pet.

Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly, outgoing, and gentle pets, so you can perhaps give it a name that describes these traits.

On the other hand, the strikingly gorgeous golden fur of this breed can serve as inspiration for a plethora of Golden Retriever names that relate to its physical aspects.

The journey of bestowing the most perfect Golden Retriever name on your loving companion can be an enjoyable process, but you might want to start getting your pet accustomed to its name from the onset.

To cut down the time and effort it takes to retrieve (pun intended) some of the most meaningful Golden Retriever names around, here is a compilation of a vast array of choices for Golden Retriever names.

These entries range from physically descriptive titles to those that amplify its sweet and kind disposition, and all of them are in one way or another associable to Golden Retrievers.

An adult Golden Retriever sitting down
This is Abel.

Male Golden Retriever Names

  • Tucker

This Golden Retriever name comes from an originally occupational English name that perfectly aligns with the energetic and tireless capacity of your hard-working service dog.

  • Wyne

This male Golden Retriever name simply means “friend”.

It is common knowledge that Golden Retrievers are one of those dog breeds that truly live up to the phrase “man’s best friend”, owing to their companionship qualities.

  • Asa

The meaning of Asa is “healer”.

Golden Retrievers are largely used in several professions as useful therapy dogs.

For their ability to console and empathize with humans and for their innate understanding of human emotions, this name will perfectly fit your empathetic pet.

  • Abel

A Biblical name for dog owners who want a divine title for their pet.

This Golden Retriever name is a reference to someone who quietly suffers, which is fitting for these innocent and enduring pets.

  • Billy

A popular male name which means “protector”, perfect to highlight the protective nature of a Golden Retriever, especially when it comes to its family and territory.

  • Buddy

To embody your relationship with your Golden Retriever, Buddy is a name that everyone knows is used to address a pal or friend.

Another shorter variation of this Golden Retriever name is Bud, if you want to keep things simple for your pet.

  • Andre

An exotic-sounding name that describes someone who is “manly”.

Ideal for owners of Golden Retrievers who want to encompass the brazen and robust qualities of their macho pets.

  • Barney

The meaning of this name is “son of comfort”.

Ideally, the name will go with a therapy or a service dog that brings solace to the people around it.

  • Beau

A sweet name to describe the dashing looks of your handsome and charming Golden Retriever.

  • Freddy

A Golden Retriever name of German origin which means “peaceful ruler”, an ideal way to portray the peace-loving nature of your pet that also owns some remarkable leadership skills.

  • Winston

The literal meaning of this common male English name is “joy stone”, making it suitable for your joyful and cheery pet that is adored for being inherently happy most of the time.

  • Geraldo

This Golden Retriever name is very unusual and uncommon.

The meaning of this Germanic name is “spear ruler”, which is a title that highlights the ability of your dog to spearhead a team with its excellent leadership qualities and impressive levels of intelligence.

  • Mandel

The meaning of this German-origin name is “almond”.

So if your pet sports an almond-colored coat or has bright almond-shaped eyes, you’ll know you can bestow it with this name to amplify these features.

  • Oscar

An English name that means “divine spear”, referring to the piousness and humility of your pet that it maintains even when leading its pack.

This Golden Retriever name is also a widely recognized reference to the Oscar award, the most prestigious and honorable achievement for a member of the film industry.

The Oscar trophy itself is a shiny golden statuette, which makes this a very attractive name for your Golden that you would like to look at as your prized possession.

  • Damien

This is a Greek Golden Retriever name that has a literal meaning of “to tame”.

Owing to the easily trainable mindset of this breed, Damien can serve as an appropriate choice for a domesticated Golden Retriever that is obedient and well-mannered.

A Golden Retriever puppy sleeping on carpet
Buddy is sleeping.

Female Golden Retriever Names

  • Minerva

This name is taken from Roman mythology and is a reference to the goddess of wisdom.

This makes it a superb Golden Retriever name for your intuitive and smart pet dog that comes from a family of dogs that is widely applauded for its intelligence.

  • Bonnie

A beautiful Gaelic name for your gorgeous Golden.

The meaning of Bonnie is “beauty”.

Hence, it is a name that truly encompasses the magnificence and attractiveness of your pet.

  • Kaya

This Golden Retriever name does not have one, but several origins.

Despite that, the basic meaning of this name is “wise child”, which qualifies it amongst those Golden Retriever names that are aimed to highlight the intelligence of female Golden Retrievers.

  • Dory

Families with children should consider this TV-inspired name for their Retriever.

Finding Nemo is a sensational and timeless children’s movie and also the inspiration behind this name.

In the movie, Dory was portrayed as a silly character, but one that was extremely sensitive, kind at heart, and a softie on the inside.

The traits of this movie character seem very similar to those possessed by a Golden Retriever, which can get quite goofy at times but always maintains its sweet disposition.

  • Ladyhawk

This majestic Golden Retriever name is fitting for a regal pet.

The name comes from the singer who produced a hit song titled “Golden Girl” – what a perfect way to pay tribute to your Golden beauty!

  • Verena

This exotic Latin name means “integrity”, which is one of the most significant characteristics of your elegant and loyal pet.

  • Tandy

A Golden Retriever name of Greek origin, Tandy has a simple meaning: flower.

This is a lovely name for a beautiful pet that enjoys the offerings of nature.

  • Honey

To truly incorporate the golden color of your Retriever, Honey is a name that does not even need an explanation.

Anyone who hears this Golden Retriever name will instantly be able to draw a connection between the color of your pet’s fur coat and its title.

  • Blondie

Also, a fairly obvious Golden Retriever name that depicts the fair-haired coat of your precious pet.

  • Mariah

If you’re a Mariah Carey fan, this name pays tribute to the iconic singer.

Apart from the celebrity reference, Mariah is a name that means “teacher”, which makes sense when given to a pet that has so much to teach you about life and positivity.

  • Peaches

The yellow-orange color of the fruit often resembles that of a Golden Retriever.

In addition to being a description of the color of your pet, Peaches is a charming name to address a sweet Goldie.

  • Phoebe

A Greek name that means “bright” and is also a reference to a quirky character from the hit comedy TV show Friends.

The name aptly describes the radiance and the positive vibes that resonate with its overall lively demeanor.

  • Vicki

A strong Latin name that means “conqueror”.

  • Marigold

This Golden Retriever name is quite self-explanatory.

It has the term “gold” in it to associate with your Golden and is also the name of a beautiful golden colored flower.

  • Ophelia

A magnificent Greek name for a dog that is always eager to help out its owner. The literal meaning of this Golden Retriever name is “help”.

A Golden Retriever with a green collar
Damien is sad.

Cute Golden Retriever Names

  • Fitz

This short, single-syllable name for a Golden Retriever puppy simply means “son”.

It is a French name that is befitting for a male pup that you look at as your beloved child.

  • Nugget

The scrumptious golden fried pieces of chicken.

We found this Golden Retriever name to be delightful, enjoyable, and at the same time, very meaningful.

  • Otto

This Golden Retriever name means “wealth” and is a German name that depicts the importance of your treasured pet in your life.

  • Alpo

A company that produces dog food and has a mascot of a Golden Retriever pup named “Big Mo”.

  • Jin

This exotic Golden Retriever name is a Chinese word that means “golden”.

The name is short enough for your pet to easily grasp and attractive enough to turn heads every time you call out to your dog.

  • Shaggy

For a long-haired Golden Retriever that tends to look messy, especially when its coat hasn’t been groomed.

  • Felix

A simple Latin Golden Retriever name with a delightful meaning.

Felix means “happy”, hence truly capturing your lively pet’s all-time cheery mood.

  • Mandy

For a female Golden Retriever puppy that you always want to shower with immense love and affection.

The meaning of this name is “she who must be loved”.

  • Finn

A Gaelic name that can be applied to the male gender.

The meaning of this concise Golden Retriever name is “fair”, which highlights your fair-haired pet’s fur coat.

  • Roxy

A Persian name mainly used for the female gender.

Roxy is a reference to “star”, which is befitting for your bright pet that always shines its radiance on members of the family.

  • Pluto

A Greek Golden Retriever name that means “wealth” or “riches”.

Gold is often perceived as the standard symbol of wealth and treasure, and your pet is also the treasured possession that you would undoubtedly consider as your wealth.

  • Shiloh

This unisex name means “gift”, which makes for a charming title to describe the presence of your prized pet in your life.

  • Talitha

This name has Aramaic roots and is a sweet title for a girl pup.

It means “little girl”.

  • Vida

An Indian name usually used for a female with the meaning “wisdom”, depicting the smartness of your pet.

  • Luz

The meaning of this unusual female Spanish name is “light”.

A concise and meaningful way to portray the role of your Golden Retriever as the light of your life.

  • Cookie

No matter how fierce the breed of your dog is, there are always those adorable and loving dogs who live to please you.

If this sounds like your dog, and it loves having fun and playing around with you, you should name it Cookie.

Cookie is a very common yet cute, unisex name for a Golden Retriever which is small in stature.

On top of that, this name is very easy to pronounce and your dog will get used to it in no time.

  • Rusty

Rusty is a very common name to give your Golden Retriever.

It is the pet equivalent for the name ‘Ruston’ and is used to refer to someone with red hair or a ruddy complexion.

Though this name is more fitting for a female, you may name your male Golden Retriever Rusty as well.

  • Simon

Another name with English origin, Simon is the equivalent of a name from Hebrew which meant ‘hear’ or ‘listen’.

This is an easy name for a very obedient and eager to please Golden Retriever.

  • Julie

This is one of the most perfect names for a female Golden Retriever.

Originally from the Latin language, Julie comes from the word ‘Julia’ and means ‘youthful’ and ‘vivacious’.

Give this name to your dog if it is very beautiful, and especially if it has a soft-haired coat.

You can also play a little with this name according to your preference and turn it to ‘Julian’ or ‘Julius’.

  • Audrey

If you want to be a little creative and ensure that your dog has a name so unique that there’s no other dog in the park with that name, consider the beautiful name Audrey.

This name has English roots and it means ‘noble’ and ‘strength’.

By naming your female Golden Retriever Audrey, you will not only be giving it an uncommon yet attractive name but also underscore its regal qualities and courage.

  • Sandy

Naming a dog by its coat’s color is quite popular and is sometimes the best choice.

This is a short and simple name for your female Golden Retriever which has light brown or dusty fur.

Moreover, this name would suit a dog which is very friendly and showers everyone with its attention.

  • Duke

With its regal connotations, ‘Duke’ is a very common name for a male Golden Retriever.

In fact, this name has even made it to the most popular Golden Retriever names in the 2019 list!

This gives you all the more reason to choose this elegant and short name for your elegant and responsible pet.

Give this name to make your dog feel as special as it deserves to.

  • Summer

If you want your dog to be the only one around with its name, ‘Summer’ will be the right choice.

This is a casual name for a female Golden Retriever who is rarely ever serious and adds light and laughter wherever it goes.

Also, this is a great choice of name if you are looking to name your dog after a season and are a fan of the warm weather.

  • Dollar

While this name is easy to understand and short enough for any dog to get used to, it is surprisingly quite uncommon.

You can give this name to your male Golden Retriever if it loves luxuries and is used to being pampered.

So if your dog is always ready to go out, keeps demanding more toys and treats, and throws tantrums often, ‘Dollar’ might be the name you are looking for.

Scrumptious Golden Retriever Names

Golden Retriever dogs have a beautiful and distinctive color of fur, and it led many dog owners to use that as inspiration for naming their beloved new four-legged family members.

The color of the fur of a Golden Retriever is so evocative of lots of the most delicious foods and sweet treats out there. And given how much Golden Retriever dogs love snacks, it’s little wonder these names have proven so popular.

  • Cookie

Scrumptious sweet treats like cookies are always going to prove appealing to your dog, and his or her masters even more.

And while we could all do with not overdoing it when it comes to digging into the cookie jar, there’s no denying that this is a name that’s as adorable as your new pet.

And it definitely sums up a dog with a sweet personality!

  • Syrup

Put it on the pancakes and get ready for a sticky, delicious breakfast! I, of course, mean actual syrup, not your Golden Retriever…

The golden color of these dogs matches that gorgeous honey-colored hue of maple syrup wonderfully.

  • Cupcake

Everybody loves cake, although it’s best to keep these kinds of processed sugars away from your Golden Retriever.

She can instead make the most of this adorable name, which does everything to sum up both her color and the sugary sweetness of her personality.

  • Bagel

Scrumptious and ready to be filled with all kinds of goodness, bagels are a solid favorite – not to mention a New York mainstay.

But of course, the color of a bagel matches the color of a Golden Retriever pretty well, and it’s distinctive enough a name that a bright breed like this can quickly pick up on this being his or her name.

The Most Popular Golden Retriever Name of All Time

  • Max

Several popularity charts for dog names have ranked “Max” at the very top.

Considering how the Golden Retriever also ranks as one of the most popular canine breeds in the world, it goes without saying that the most favorite of dog names is the one that has most widely been used for this breed.

The popularity of the name emerges from two sources: its frequent mention in showbiz as well as its feasibility as a dog name.

This is a Golden Retriever name that is short, has one syllable, and does not sound similar to other commands that are usually taught to pet dogs.

The name has also been featured in numerous TV shows and movies.

An example of this is the dog named Max that portrayed the character of a companion to Grinch from the famous Dr. Seuss story.

My Final Thoughts

A pet as delightful and adored as the Golden Retriever is undoubtedly deserving of a charming Golden Retriever name that perfectly goes with one or more aspects of either its personality or its looks.

This compilation of Golden Retriever names is meant to open up a vast range of choices for the title of your pet to ensure that you end up selecting the most meaningful title for your perfect little pooch.

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