The Golden Indian Dog: A Complete Guide

The Golden Indian Dog is a hybrid breed that is the result of the Golden Retriever and Native American Indian Dog being brought together by individuals seeking a designer breed.

This particular breed has not been around for too long, and it will often be the case that people know relatively little about it.

Furthermore, it could be the case that the two-parent breeds are quite familiar to you but put them together and you have something completely unknown.

It is due to this uncertainty about the breed that has pushed us into developing this complete guide.

By the end, you will be better prepared for potentially owning this breed and feel confident enough in being able to provide them with everything that they need for a happy life.

However, we do wish to begin by just getting you to think about several important points before we go any further.

After all, you need to come to some kind of conclusion as to whether or not this is the correct breed for you.

Golden Indian Dog Puppies – Before You Buy…

Golden Indian Dog
The Golden Indian Dog is a super-friendly and attentive dog. Image Credit By: bajie.boy, instagram

There are various important points to make regarding the Golden Indian Dog that should be brought into your consideration at the outset.

Remember that you need to keep coming back to these points as you work through our guide and even after it.

  • Be aware that this is a large dog.
  • Be prepared to show that you are the boss as it is also a strong dog.
  • Understand their maintenance needs.
  • Be prepared to train them from an early age and know how to do it.

The main thing is for you to know that you are indeed dealing with a large dog, and that is not going to be suitable for everyone.

What Price are Golden Indian Dog Puppies?

As with any breed of dog, and not just hybrid breeds, there are various points that you need to take into consideration when looking at the price of a puppy.

The breeder that you go to will make a difference with the price that you pay simply because they will have their idea of the price that they wish to charge.

Also, breeders with a better reputation can go ahead and charge a premium.

Also, the pedigree of the parents will need to be included as the better the pedigree, then the higher the price you need to pay. However, this is standard across all breeds and not just this one.

Finally, where you are in the world will also make a difference because some breeds are just seen as being more popular in different areas.

In other words, it will be a simple case of supply and demand.

Taking all of that into account, the kind of price range that you should be expecting to pay in the United States for this breed is around $400 to over $800 depending on a variety of factors.

In the United Kingdom, the price is going to be around £500 but there can also be a substantial amount of variation.

How to Find Reputable Golden Indian Dog Breeders?

We mentioned in the previous sector the idea of reputable breeders, but how do you find them for the Golden Indian Dog? Well, it will be slightly easier than you think.

You can begin by getting in touch with the Kennel Club for your country.

They will not list this breed as it is a hybrid, but they can still advise you on groups or associations that could help you out. They may also have notes of various breeders themselves.

The other main option will be the Dog Breeders Association in your country.

They too can point you in the right direction as well as potentially having their registry, and at least you can trust what they say.

Finally, you could do your research and hunt down groups on social media or the Internet in general that are dedicated to this breed.

They will certainly be interested in helping you as they have a real desire to effectively preserve the breed as best they can.

3 Little-Known Facts About Golden Indian Dog Puppies

As you probably already know little about the Golden Indian Dog breed, finding just three different facts that are new to you is perhaps relatively easy.

However, it will just provide you with a better insight into the breed.

  • They hate the sound of their voice.

This breed is about as far removed from being a nuisance barker as it is possible to be. They just hate barking, but they will still do it to alert you to anything going on.

  • They were created for a specific reason.

This designer hybrid was created due to the desire to have a healthier dog.

Considering they have virtually no known health conditions linked to the breed, then it seems as if this was a success.

  • They love to chill.

This may be a large and imposing dog, but they love to chill, so be prepared for them to try to do so by your side.

Physical Traits of the Golden Indian Dog

Golden Indian Dog Mix
The Golden Indian Dog will be loyal to your entire family. Image Credit By: shiloh_pickles, instagram

From a physical point of view, it is difficult to determine exactly what they will be like since they re a hybrid breed. It all depends on which genes are the strongest of the two of them.

Generally, this is a muscular and rather athletic looking dog that is quite imposing in its size. Its legs are particularly strong and the overall sense is that this is indeed a powerful dog.

Facially, it has a muzzle and ears that are from the Retriever while they also have round brown eyes that often have a rather gentle look about them.

There can be some variation in their coat from it being short to medium length and this depends on the power of the genes behind it all.

The colors of the coat can also vary somewhat. However, they do tend to be a solid color rather than being mixed.

How Big is a Full-Grown Golden Indian Dog?

This is a relatively large dog, and there will often be no real difference between the sexes when it comes to their size.

In general, both sexes will grow anywhere between 23 to 34 inches and with their weight it can vary between 55 to 120lbs.

However, there will often be a tendency for the male to be more at the upper end of both scales than the female.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Golden Indian Dog?

The life expectancy of the Golden Indian Dog is pretty much the average for this size and the two parent breeds.

Also, it is helped by the fact that it is regarded as being very healthy, as you will discover later on in our complete guide.

This particular breed is going to have a life expectancy of somewhere in the region of 12 to 14 years, but it is always possible for it to go beyond that.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Golden Indian Dog

The Golden Retriever is exceptionally intelligent, so it’s no surprise that the Golden Indian Dog is no slouch in the intelligence stakes either.

At the same time, their temperament and personality can best be described as being quite chilled.

They are generally quite docile and are wonderful around the family and children. It will take quite a lot for them to be riled by the actions of kids as well, so that can be a huge bonus.

They are generally easy to train, which is thanks to their intelligence, and they are very social dogs as well but you do need to get them used to it early on in their life.

You should not mistake their docile and placid nature for them being a pushover when it comes to protecting you or letting you know about strangers in the area.

Instead, they will certainly bark to alert you to this but they are certainly not regarded as being a nuisance barker by any means.

This breed is also going to love lying at your feet while it has a nap. They enjoy knowing that you are near to them and they are also very alert to whatever you are doing.

Ultimately, they are an amazing companion.

The Golden Indian Dog’s Diet

A Golden Indian Dog on a boat with a red blanket around it
The Golden Indian Dog is a fantastic companion.

A Golden Indian Dog has a relatively healthy diet but you do need to pay close attention to their weight to avoid any potential problems.

You are looking at around 3 cups of food per day but you must make sure that they are being fed quality food.

By doing so, they are able to meet their nutritional requirements whereas cheaper food is not going to be able to do that.

Giving them the correct amount of food, and at the right times, will be even more important when you are dealing with a puppy.

Make life as easy as possible by getting advice from the breeder on what they are feeding them and when as long as you then stick to the plan.

They can be given treats, but sporadically. Furthermore, do not leave food just lying out because they will gorge on it until it makes them ill.

If you are tempted to give them some of your food, then lean meat and fish would be best as well as rice and even some pasta.

However, do not allow it to exceed 20% of their daily intake as they are best to get their nutrients from the food that is designed for them.

How Much Exercise Does a Golden Indian Dog Need?

When it comes to their need for exercise, then this breed has a relatively moderate energy level. Ultimately, it means that they do need exercise, but not huge amounts at a high intensity.

For most, around 45 minutes per day is going to be sufficient.

Taking them to a dog park, or just making sure that they socialize with other dogs as you take them for a walk, is going to be important to them.

Also, they do love to be involved in whatever you are doing, so play with them at home and it would be best if you had a yard that they could run around in and explore whenever they wanted.

However, due to their size, and the fact that they can take up a lot of space, they are not going to be a good choice for apartment living as they just cannot burn off that energy.

Golden Indian Dog Health and Conditions

This is the surprising thing in connection with the Golden Indian Dog in that it is regarded as being exceptionally healthy.

When you look at the list of potential health complaints that are common in the breed, then you are nit-picking to find any.

Perhaps the only thing to think about is the potential for hip dysplasia in the breed.

This is connected more to their weight rather than anything else, and as long as you keep their weight in check, then it should not be that much of a problem.

Of course, you should still get them checked over by the vet as no breed is going to be immune from getting ill at some point, but at least there are not numerous things for you to be looking out for.

My Final Thoughts on the Golden Indian DogA small Golden Indian Dog

The Golden Indian Dog is a wonderful combination of two amazing breeds, so it should be no surprise that the end result works as well as it does.

What you will have here is a super-friendly and attentive dog that is loyal to your entire family and a fantastic companion.

They are easy to train and can be the perfect option for anybody that is looking at trying to own a larger dog for the first time.

Their character and temperament are second to none, and at the end of the day you have a dog that is suitable for the entire family and will become an integral part of it is next to no time.

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