Giant Border Schnollie

While the Giant Border Schnollie has a rather strange name, it does make sense when you consider the two parent breeds that have been brought together to produce this hybrid.

Created as a result of combining the Border Collie with the Giant Schnauzer, you do have a dog that is rather different not only in name but also appearances and nature.

However, the two parent breeds are pretty calm and relaxed, so it should be no surprise that this one is going to prove to be the same.

You may have already heard of both parent breeds, but then you will be lacking in knowledge when it comes to caring for this hybrid.

That is why we have taken the time to produce our complete guide to the Giant Border Schnollie, and by the end, you will be better placed than before to successfully own this breed.

However, before we do that, we are going to kick things off by talking a bit more about you, the potential future owner.

Giant Border Schnollie Puppies – Before You Buy…

Giant Border Schnollie
The Giant Border Schnollie will be a wonderful addition to your family. Image Credit By: sponza_snapshots, instagram

Before you go ahead and own any breed of dog, there are several important things that you need to be aware of. After all, you want to give your puppy the best life possible.

The kind of things that we want you to think about at this point will include the likes of:

  • Are you aware of the maintenance levels that come with this breed?
  • Do you feel that you can afford to look after them in the way that they deserve?
  • Have you studied their potential health concerns and know how to deal with them?

As you move through the guide, you will have other points that will jump into your mind.

We strongly recommend that you take your time thinking them over because it will have an impact on your decision as to whether or not you want to then own this particular breed.

What Price are Giant Border Schnollie Puppies?

The price of Giant Border Schnollie puppies can vary by a reasonable amount, and it is all to do with many different factors that do then have a direct influence.

First, as with anything, there is a sense of the level of demand and the level of supply.

If demand outstrips the supply, then the price is going to go up simply because more people want the breed than the number of puppies.

This is something that can also vary depending on your location as certain breeds just seem to become more popular in different areas.

You could find that it will be worth your while effectively shopping around to see how the price can vary.

You also need to think about the pedigree of the parents because the better it is, then the more the puppy is going to cost you.

This is entirely due to the belief that it will mean you get a better puppy due to its breeding, and that is always going to add a premium to the price.

Finally, there are the breeders themselves as they have their idea of what they are planning on charging. With the price being at their discretion, it can lead to a reasonable amount of variation.

However, even with all of that, the rough price guide that you should be looking at in the United States will be in the region of $800 with some variation.

In the United Kingdom, the price can be around £800, but also with it being variable due to a number of different factors.

How to Find Reputable Giant Border Schnollie Breeders?

If you want to increase the chances of getting a good puppy, then finding a Giant Border Schnollie breeder that has a good reputation will prove to be important.

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to help with this.

First, there’s your own research via the Internet. All you need to do is to go online and spend time locating groups and associations in your country that are connected to the breed.

They will generally want to help you by telling you the correct people to contact. Next, spend time getting in touch with the Dog Breeders Association for your country.

They will either have names on a registry that they hold or will be able to advise you on who best to call in order to get this information.

It is also worth noting that the Kennel Club could also potentially help you out in the same kind of way.

3 Little-Known Facts About Giant Border Schnollie Puppies

There are so many interesting facts regarding the Giant Border Schnollie, but we are going to restrict it to just three facts at this moment in time.

  • They are highly alert.

This breed is highly alert to everything that is going on at any given time. This is due to the two-parent breeds being working dogs, so nothing is going to get past this breed in your home.

  • Their date of origin is unknown.

We have no idea when this hybrid breed first appeared. The best guess is that it formed part of the rush for designer hybrids that started in the 1990s but that is just merely an estimate.

  • They might not like other dogs or cats.

This is due to the Schnauzer part of their breeding, but there is every chance that your puppy is going to have a natural dislike for cats and dogs.

You might want to look out for this and train them accordingly.

Physical Traits of the Giant Border Schnollie

A Giant Border Schnollie
The Giant Border Schnollie is a low-shedding breed.

Physically, this hybrid breed will have many traits from both parent breeds. However, how they are distributed can vary according to the genetic pull from either direction.

They will be quite muscular and sturdy with the beard and eyebrows that come with the Schnauzer part.

Their eyes will be oval and dark brown with this too coming from the Schnauzer. With most, their hair is going to be quite wiry and rough on various parts of their bodies.

There will be some feathering on different parts as well, which is common on the parent breeds as well. Generally, this breed does tend to take more of the physical traits from the Giant Schnauzer side.

How Big is a Full-Grown Giant Border Schnollie?

The name is slightly deceptive in that it gives you an impression of the dog being huge when that is not strictly the case.

However, there is a difference between the sexes when it comes to their size.

For their height, the male will generally be between 20 to 25 inches while the female is 18 to 23 inches in height.

With their weight, the male will be between 35 to 90lbs while the female is 33 to 88lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Giant Border Schnollie?

The Giant Border Schnollie has a reasonable life expectancy compared to other breeds. In general, it will be in the region of 11 to 13 years.

However, this is all going to depend on the health of your dog and also how you care for them throughout their life.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Giant Border Schnollie

Considering this hybrid breed includes the Border Collie, it does mean that it is going to be rather intelligent especially because the Giant Schnauzer is not exactly a silly dog either.

You do need to take care when they are around small children as they can have too much energy that could lead to problems.

This energy does mean they need to be exercised regularly or it can lead to them becoming quite destructive.

The breed is also going to be very protective of the family, and they do form close bonds with people but can be left alone for some time, so there is no real issue of separation anxiety happening.

They will be in tune with your moods, and they will then react accordingly as they are seen as being highly sensitive in those areas. They will also be very wary of strangers.

The Giant Border Schnollie’s Diet

A Giant Border Schnollie puppy
The Giant Border Schnollie is a highly intelligent breed.

The diet for the Giant Border Schnollie is quite specific, and you need to be very aware of what you are feeding them on a daily basis.

They should ultimately be given three cups of food per day, but you also need to be careful with the food itself.

Only ever provide them with high-quality dry food that is designed for a dog of this size.

It will also mean that they are getting the correct nutrients to fit in with their needs, and that has to be a good thing.

The more inexpensive dog food is going to contain filler ingredients that serve no real purpose aside from allowing the company to save money with making it.

You will generally find that it only fills your dog without offering them the correct nutrients.

Also, you are probably aware of giving them treats and whether or not that is a good idea.

While there is no reason not to give them a treat, it has to be quite rare and sporadic so they do not begin to expect them.

Finally, if you feel like giving them scraps of your own food, then this can also be done. The only problem is that it has to include lean meat or vegetables.

You can also provide them with some rice, but all of this table food should not make up more than a maximum of 15% of their total daily intake.

How Much Exercise Does a Giant Border Schnollie Need?

From an exercise point of view, the Giant Border Schnollie is a very active dog, and it does have an impressive amount of energy.

This ultimately translates into them requiring a minimum of 60 minutes per day.

This should take the form of two walks per day, and give them some variety when it comes to the routes that you take them on.

They will love the idea of both agility training as well as obedience training, so incorporating that into their exercise regime is a good idea.

Also, they will prefer if you have a yard that is fenced in so they can play and explore it whenever they want.

Giant Border Schnollie Health and Conditions

The Giant Border Schnollie does have a number of potential health conditions that you should be aware of before you take ownership of your new puppy.

Furthermore, you should make sure that the breeder is able to tell you about the health of the parents and that they have been checked over by a vet.

This is to reduce the chances of there being something passed down through the genetic line.

That aside you need to be aware of these kinds of health conditions:

Of course, they can also pick up various illnesses that are more common along with allergies so you need to pay attention to their health.

My Final Thoughts on the Giant Border SchnollieA Giant Border Schnollie sitting down

The Giant Border Schnollie may not have the nicest of names, but there is no doubt that this is a wonderful hybrid breed that is going to be an absolute delight to own.

They are easy to maintain with low shedding, and their intelligence means they are able to pick up on new commands without too much difficulty.

They also enjoy doing it rather than their stubborn side then coming through loud and clear.

As we said earlier, you might want to be careful with them around small children, but training should be able to counteract any issues that there may be.

Overall, they will be a wonderful addition to your family, and you will be able to form a strong relationship and bond with them throughout their entire life.

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