Funny Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Your pet is one of the few beings in life that is bound to crack you up and get you in a good mood every time you look at it, which is even truer when these furry creatures are given funny dog names.

Some dog owners may prefer a name that portrays their pet as a serious and formidable animal, but what’s the fun in that?

Regardless of how large and mighty your pet may be, dogs are creatures that deserve a fun title instead of a plain and boring one.

The following list of funny dog names has been compiled keeping in mind the ability of each name to get a few chuckles out of the owners, especially when paired with a pet dog.

In order to get the best out of this selection of funny dog names, we suggest you read each name along with its meaning and check its relevance with the personality or physical traits of your pet.

Of course, the criteria for making the best choice of name is only one: it should make you laugh out loud!

A funny dog selfie
Parmesan is such a joy to own.

Male Funny Dog Names

  • Potato

An ideal moniker for a lazy dog that always brings to mind the words “couch potato” whenever you look at it lazing about on your couch.

The name also works well if your dog is small, round, and stout.

  • Piglet

A reference to the sweet little character in Winnie the Pooh.

This funny dog name is meant for a sausage dog or one that has a body shaped like a sausage.

  • Barkley

Forget the University of Berkeley, your smart dog will graduate top of his class at Barkley College!

  • Ramen

College students will find this to be a particularly funny dog name because ramen is usually all they can eat when they have to live and cook on their own.

  • Shakespaw

Your pet may not be a writer like Shakespeare, but Shakespaw definitely gives it a suave touch and also describes its instant reaction to the “shake the paw” command.

  • Fleabaggins

Lord of the Rings fans will get this reference to Bilbo Baggins.

The name will suit a short dog that can be described as a hobbit.

  • Pawtrick

A play on the male name “Patrick”.

  • Parmesan

For a particularly cheesy and clingy pet.

  • Bacon

It may be your favorite food, but if you leave it unattended with your dog for one second, it will be stolen right off your plate!

  • Scooby

If you have a Great Dane that carries out goofy and mysterious antics, Scooby is the funny dog name to go with.

  • Badger

Name your pet after this short, funny-looking mammal if it is fat and fluffy in appearance.

  • Hamburglar

The burglar of all foods in your house, especially hamburgers, is none other than your pet dog!

  • Matzo Ball

Perfect for your furry little ball of joy, the name is a good option to consider if you’re Jewish.

  • Brad Sit

A play on the name of the famous actor, Brad Pitt, this hilarious dog name serves as a name and a command in one package.

  • Jabba the Mutt

A reference to the comical but powerful Star Wars character, Jabba the Hutt.

Close up of a brown dog sleeping
This is Growling.

Female Funny Dog Names

  • Pawline

A more dogged up variation of the female name Pauline.

  • Diggy Azalea

Inspired by Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, but with a doggie spin on the name that describes the tendency of your pet to dig into furniture and soil.

  • Growling

An ideal name for a pet that makes growling sounds like a bear.

  • Vera Fang

For owners who want to name their furry little diva after the popular fashion designer, Vera Wang.

  • Elizabark

A classic English name but with a doggie twist to remind you of your pet’s vocalness.

  • Dogiva

An interesting variation of the popular expensive chocolate brand, Godiva.

  • Barkbie

Every little girl’s favorite doll, Barbie, is the inspiration behind this funny dog name that your kids will enjoy.

  • Brie

A special kind of French cheese.

The name is ideal for a white-colored pet dog.

  • Calypso

A Greek name that has a literal meaning of “conceal”, for a pet that carries out a mischievous act and then tries to hide it, but of course fails to do so, which is just a downright funny sight to watch.

  • Jinx

No matter how many times you call out “Jinx!”, your dog is never going to stay quiet.

  • Ellen

From the host of the comical talk show, Ellen, who goes by the name Ellen Degeneres and is known for her use of irony and subtleness that makes her comments hilarious.

  • Tina Spay

From Tina Fey, but for a pet that you got spayed.

  • Catdog

For a dog that acts like a cat in many ways and also a reference to the popular kids’ tv show on Nickelodeon.

  • Tootsie

From Tootsie Rolls; the name also simply means “a girl” or “a young woman”.

  • Pebbles

A red-haired baby girl in the Flinstones franchise.

A smiling dog in a basket with rabbits and a bird on its head
This dog is called Pebbles.

Cute Funny Dog Names

  • Pee-O

This funny dog name will forever serve as a reminder of your dog’s lack of potty training during its initial days.

  • Butterball

For a tangy, tan-coated pet that melts your heart like melted butter.

  • Pancakes

For a pet that has so many wrinkles that it looks like a pancake stack.

  • Bingo

Every time you call out this word, your pet is bound to come running up to you.

  • Pupkin

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided this Halloween-inspired name, but with a comical twist on it.

  • Charlie

This one beats all funny dog names around because you’d be naming your dog after the most legendary comedy actor of all time, Charlie Chaplin.

This was a comedian that made people laugh simply through his actions, without uttering a single word, which is the perfect description of your pet dog.

  • Giggles

A funny dog name that is the very expression that comes about as a result of something hilarious.

  • Goofy

A reference to one of Mickey Mouse’s friends as well as an appropriate way to describe your dog’s quirks.

  • Porkchop

For a small dog that is so cute and adorable that you just want to eat it up.

  • Hooch

Inspired by the adventure movie, Turner and Hooch, in which Hooch is a Dogue de Bordeaux.

  • Snoop

A reference to both the Snoopy comic character and the famous rapper Snoop Dogg known for his comedy gigs.

  • Happy

A name that simply describes the joy that your funny pet brings to you.

  • Weed

This is a funny dog name for those who know what happens to people as a result of smoking weed.

  • Nibbler

For a pup that has started to nibble at your face.

  • Nippy

Many dogs have the inherent habit of nipping at your feet.

The Most Popular Funny Dog Name of All Time

  • Baloo

This funny dog name has been inspired by the fictional bear character from The Jungle Book.

Baloo is a strict teacher but hates being serious and has a lot many interesting but unusual hobbies, like eating, dancing, and jazzy swinging music.

My Final Thoughts

Did any of the above funny dog names particularly make you chuckle, especially when you thought of it in relation to your pet?

If it did, you’ll know that it is the one you should go with.

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