The French West Highlander: A Complete Guide

The French West Highlander is a hybrid breed that brings together the French Bulldog with the West Highland Terrier.

This is a rather interesting combination, and it is one that does bring together two breeds with distinctive characters and personalities.

Of course, the problem for many is that they can often have an understanding of each individual breed without knowing too much about the hybrid.

That is where our complete guide is going to come into its own because as you work through it, you will then see what is required to care for this breed correctly.

Prior to going into things in some detail, we do want to begin by making a few important points that we would like you to consider before purchasing your new puppy.

French West Highlander Puppies – Before You Buy…

A white French West Highlander in the garden
The French West Highlander can be stubborn at times.

You should never just go ahead and purchase a dog without doing your research first. This is even more important when dealing with a breed where you have limited knowledge.

Failure to do this can lead to a negative impact on how you then care for your new dog, and no responsible owner is going to want to do that.

So, before you buy your new puppy, you might want to spend some time thinking about these various points.

  • Be aware that they are stubborn, so you must know how to deal with that.
  • They can be susceptible to various illnesses, so be prepared.
  • They can find it tough being with other dogs or cats.

As you will see when you work through our complete guide, there will be other things that will surely come up into your mind that are important to you.

Make a note of them because it all forms part of your decision as to whether this breed of dog is going to be the best one for you.

What Price are French West Highlander Puppies?

So, how much can you expect to pay for French West Highlander puppies?

It all depends on the breeder that you go to, the pedigree of the parents and even where you are located.

Also, this is merely a rough figure without it being a specific guide as the price can vary a great deal.

That being said, French West Highlander puppies in the United States can be anywhere between $700 to $1300.

In the United Kingdom, you are looking at around £500 to £1000 thanks to the French Bulldog part being more expensive.

How to Find Reputable French West Highlander Breeders?

To locate reputable French West Highland breeders, you need to be prepared to do some research as they are not going to be that easy to locate.

They are a hybrid breed, so the breed itself will not be listed on the official Kennel Club list, but that does not mean you cannot contact them to see if they can help.

They will often have a list of breeders available, and if they recommend them then there should be fewer issues regarding trusting them.

That aside, the Dog Breeder’s Association could also be an important organization to contact as they too could be in the position to help you.

Finally, finding other owners of the breed, and also groups that have been formed online, can prove to be useful.

If they care for the breed, and they will, then they will only be too happy to point you in the direction of a breeder that you can trust.

3 Little-Known Facts About French West Highlander Puppies.

As you know little about the breed, being made aware of various facts related to them can be just a bit of fun. As an example, we are looking at three facts that you may like to know.

  • The French West Highlander has more than one name.

Here’s a little tip, if you are getting nowhere while searching for French West Highlander, then try Westie Frenchie to see if you have more luck as it is also known by that name.

  • Be careful with bathing.

This breed tends to get into everything, so it can end up getting rather dirty. However, you need to be careful about bathing.

Don’t do it more than once a month or you will dry out their rough coat and potentially cause all kinds of problems.

  • They have a very strong chase concept.

Thanks to the Westie part, this breed has a rather strong chase concept and if it sets its eyes on something, then it will chase after it.

You need to train it out of them or keep close control to stop it from happening.

Physical Traits of the French West Highlander

A small French West Highlander
The French West Highlander is great for older people.

When you set eyes on a French West Highlander, you will see that they do primarily take on the physical traits of the terrier while there are several clear areas where the French Bulldog genes have taken over.

In general, the French Bulldog part can be seen in this hybrid breed having the bat ears that come with the breed. Also, the shape of the body is slightly rounder than your typical terrier,

You will also notice that the coat of this hybrid breed is a real mix between what you would expect on both parent breeds.

This means that it has a medium-length coat that is quite rough thanks to the terrier, but it comes in many colors, whereas the terrier only comes in one.

When it comes to their legs, then they tend to be relatively straight as well as being quite short.

Their paws are of average size, in relation to the rest of their body, and they also have compact toes.

Grooming them will require regular brushing due to the roughness of their coat, and you should also keep a close eye on their teeth as they too can develop problems if left alone and not cared for.

How Big is a Full-Grown French West Highlander?

A full-grown French West Highlander is not the biggest of dogs and out of the two sexes, the males are only slightly larger than the female.

In general, the male of this breed is going to measure between 11 to 12 inches while the female is between 10 and 11 inches.

For their weight, then there is not much difference there either with the male weighing between 16 to 22lbs while the female is between 14 to 20lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the French West Highlander?

The French West Highlander has quite a varied life expectancy for a dog of this size. It can be from anywhere between 9 to 14 years, but that all depends on many factors.

Making sure that they are cared for correctly will make a huge difference, and that is where our complete guide will help.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the French West Highlander

The French West Highlander is the result of two rather intelligent breeds being bred together, so that does mean that this hybrid is also super intelligent.

One thing that’s clear is the way in which it is a mix between both breeds with their personality and temperament.

They can have a stubborn side to them which can lead to them making it more difficult to train them when they do not want to do anything.

The breed does show signs of independence, and yet it will also be extremely loyal. Due to this independence, they can work well in families that are quite busy.

They are also absolutely fine around children, so there is no need to be concerned.

However, their temperament is perhaps not as strong when they are around other dogs, and they do generally dislike cats as well.

You will need to spend time trying to socialize them when they are young to counteract this.

They are alert and will certainly let you know when strangers are around, so they are a pretty good watchdog.

They can also become slightly territorial over their property, so expect them to protect things as best they can.

Finally, they are capable of picking up on your feelings as they can be very sensitive to that entire thing. So, expect them to hang around you when you are not at your best.

The French West Highlander’s Diet

A French West Highlander sitting down on a chair
The French West Highlander is suitable for apartment living.

Providing your French West Highlander with the correct type of food will be important for the sake of their health. After all, you do not want them to become obese.

They should be restricted to just one cup of food per day, and that can be spread over a couple of meals.

Also, avoid providing them with too many treats or snacks as that can be detrimental to their general health.

It may be tempting to offer them some of your own food, but while they will eat it, this may not be the best thing for their digestive system.

Instead, stick to high-quality food, which is primarily dry, that is stacked full of the different nutrients that they are going to need for each stage in their life.

Cheap food will generally include cheap ingredients, and that is not able to provide them with their nutritional requirements.

If you get them as a puppy, then follow the guidelines as set out by the breeder to help their development.

As they age, follow guidelines by your vet to help prevent the development of various illnesses.

How Much Exercise Does a French West Highlander Need?

A French West Highlander has a moderate energy level as it comes from two breeds at opposite ends of the energy scale.

You should look at them having around 45 minutes of exercise per day, but even this does not have to be that stressful or vigorous.

Perhaps the main form of exercise that they will enjoy is playing with toys, and this is certainly something that can be done even in an apartment.

Also, they do not require a large outdoor space to run around in either, so as long as you can take them for a walk daily then that should be sufficient.

Do remember that this breed can be rather independent, so they will certainly find their own entertainment.

However, it does seem to be the case that having a nap is going to be one of their favorite activities.

French West Highlander Health and Conditions

As with any breed, there can be a tendency for the French West Highlander to develop a number of different health conditions throughout their life.

While there is the belief that a hybrid breed is going to avoid most of the ailments, there are still several to pay attention to.

In this instance, the main ones to look out for include:

  • Hernias
  • Pulmonic Stenosis
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Joint Conditions
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Eye Conditions
  • Dermatitis

This does seem like an extensive list, but many of them can be quite rare. Also, they can still develop allergies and other illnesses not included here.

My Final Thoughts on the French West HighlanderA French West Highlander smiling at you

The Frenchie West Highlander is a cheeky chappy that is full of life and character and will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face.

They have a real personality and will certainly keep you on your toes as well.

Yes, they can be stubborn at times and that could potentially make them more difficult to train especially for those that are less experienced.

However, on the plus side, they are family-friendly, great for older people, and even more suitable to apartment living than the majority of breeds that are out there.

Overall, this breed is going to quickly become your best friend and their energy levels will be infectious, to say the least.

Train them young, and you should have relatively few problems with them leading to so many happy memories throughout the course of their life.

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