French Bulldog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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French Bulldog names are intriguing for several reasons: they are traditional, descriptive, and very appealing, just like the French culture.

All dogs are different, and even dogs within the same breed, like the French Bulldog, will not be similar to one another.

Let it be known that French Bulldog names can describe either the personality or the appearance of these dogs, and will not necessarily sound French or even have French roots.

But that, of course, does not mean that traditional French names cannot be considered for dogs of this breed.

To enable you to christen your Frenchie with the perfect title, here is a list of French Bulldog names compiled particularly for new dog owners seeking meaningful and engaging titles for their beloved pets.

A small light brown French Bulldog looking up
His name is Napoleon and for a reason.

Male French Bulldog Names

  • Albert

A name of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning bright and noble.

It can also be used to describe an aristocratic pet.

Albert is a simple and basic French Bulldog name that aptly describes its radiant aura.

  • Ames

In French, this name means “companion”.

This is one of those French Bulldog names which are meant to describe the relationship that your pet has with you.

  • Henri

A ruler.

The name has different meanings in different languages.

In German, it means ruler of the home, but in French, Henri means ruler of the “enclosure”.

It is a variation of the popular name Henry.

  • Leon

A smaller form of the name Leonardo.

In French, the name signifies someone being as brave as a lion.

This is an ideal French Bulldog name, considering the courageous personality of this breed.

  • Dunkirk

An interesting choice for a French Bulldog name.

Dunkirk is a commune situated in northern France.

If we break it down, the name means “church in the dunes”.

It is an intriguing name for your Frenchie which gives it some aspect of holiness and divinity.

  • Eric

A name of Scandinavian roots, which in the French language means “eternal ruler”.

It also means ever-powerful, which is exactly the kind of description that fits your strong French Bulldog.

  • Hubert

A French Bulldog name that means “clever man”.

Alternate definitions of the word also include “shining of the mind”.

This is a title for a dog that loves to challenge its mind and engage in intellectual and stimulating activities.

A French Bulldog craves new knowledge and experiences, which is why it makes for a fitting candidate for this name.

  • Napoleon

The ultimate French Bulldog name for owners who want to pay homage to Napoleon Bonaparte, the iconic French emperor and military leader who managed to victoriously conquer large territories of Europe during the 19th century.

  • Pierre

From Peter.

The meaning of this name is “a rock”, perfect to symbolize the solid, enduring personality of your French Bulldog.

A famous person with this name is French chocolatier and pastry chef, Pierre Hermé, who is famous for his works across the globe.

  • Filou

Filou was the name of King Louis XIV’s Toy Poodle.

The name in itself means “trickster”, so if your dog likes to engage in mischievous activities, or if you plan on teaching it several tricks, Filou will serve as an adorable French Bulldog name.

  • Porter

A French word for “gatekeeper”.

Ideal for your watchful French Bulldog that is an excellent watchdog breed.

  • Louis

Another of the classic French Bulldog names, Louis is the word used to describe someone famous in battle or a famous warrior.

Interestingly, there have been eighteen kings in the history of France who has carried this name, hence the name has thoroughly French historical significance.

  • Dijon

Dijon is a French city in the eastern part of the country.

It also means “God is gracious”, so you can see why we suggested this name for your pet that has come into your life as a blessing.

  • Cyril

Cyril in French means someone who is lordly or proud.

This French Bulldog name aptly describes the masterly aura that your French Bulldog exudes.

It also encapsulates the tendency of your Frenchie to adopt a role as the dominant one in the house.

  • Sagan

In French, Sagan is a name that means “wise”.

Goes without saying, this French Bulldog name is meant to describe the intelligence and intuitiveness of your pet.

A French Bulldog puppy sitting on a carpet
This brave dog is called Zara.

Female French Bulldog Names

  • Paris

We don’t think there is a better French Bulldog name to pay tribute to France and its culture.

The largely popular capital of France, the city of lights, Paris is the hub of so many facets of the world, including fashion and food.

The name of such a versatile city makes the perfect title for a versatile dog like the French Bulldog.

And if we’re looking for famous celebrities with this name, we have Paris Hilton as an example.

  • Dior

Dior is French for “golden”.

For female French dogs that sport a fawn-colored fur coat, Dior makes a good title.

  • Lela

This is a French Bulldog name that is very meaningful.

Lela is the French term for “faithful”, and we can’t think of a more perfect pet to fit this description.

  • Chantal

A purely French name that has several meanings, one of which is “song”.

The other, more relatable meaning of this French Bulldog name is “tough like stone”.

This is a very fitting French Bulldog name for your brave and powerful girl that can endure through a lot, owing to her strong genes.

  • Marseille

A French name that has a touch of royalty to it.

Marseille is a city in the south of France.

The name itself is believed to have a meaning that describes “spring”, hence it is perfect to describe the cool and mild temperament of your girl Frenchie.

  • Carole

In French, the word Carole is used to describe a strong woman.

Who wouldn’t want to describe their pet as a strong, compelling lady that can take on anything that is thrown at her?

  • Gemma

Gemma is a French word for a precious jewel or stone.

This French Bulldog name captures the value of your precious Frenchie for you and your family because you would undoubtedly look at her like a gem.

  • Zara

In French, Zara is “princess”.

We do not even need to explain to you why this name is appropriate for your loyal queen.

  • Tilda

Another term in the French language that describes a mighty woman or someone who is mighty during battle.

Tilda is a tough French Bulldog name fitting for a formidable pet that will not shy away from a fight to protect her loved ones.

  • Brie

In addition to being a region in France, Brie is also a French delicacy.

It is a fancy kind of French cheese that is liked by millions across the world.

While this isn’t a very meaningful name, it does have a certain sweet, feminine touch to it and can be an easy-to-learn moniker for your Frenchie.

  • Celine

Celine was a very famous French doctor and writer.

It is also the name of a world-famous brand of luxury handbags.

The name Celine means “heaven”.

Wouldn’t you describe anywhere that has the presence of your beloved pet as heaven?

  • Chardonnay

For dog owners who want to name their Frenchie pet after a very exquisite French white wine, Chardonnay works well as a French Bulldog name.

  • Gigi

A French variation of the name Georgine.

If you look at the Greek meaning of the name, it means “farmer” or “a trustworthy girl who works on the farm”.

Your French Bulldog is indeed a canine that is reliable and hard-working.

  • Eiffel

From the iconic wonder, the Eiffel Tower of France.

The structure was named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel.

If you want a feminine-sounding name that immediately takes one’s mind to France, Eiffel is a good French Bulldog name to do the trick.

  • Joie

A sweet name that has a simple meaning: joy.

Your French Bulldog is undoubtedly a source of a lot of happiness and merriment in your life, so giving it a name that describes that aspect would be a smart choice.

A French Bulldog sitting in his dog bed inside a car
His name is Roi, short name for a short dog.

Cute French Bulldog Names

  • Fitz

A French word to refer to a son or a male descendant.

Fitz is a boy name for a French Bulldog pup and aptly portrays that you think of your pet as your beloved child.

  • Roi

This may be a short and simple moniker, but it has a heavy meaning.

Roi is French for King, which makes it a regal French Bulldog name for a male canine.

  • Yves

Another male French Bulldog name with French roots.

The literal meaning of Yves is “an archer”/

  • Baguette

If you’re looking for a quirky and goofy French Bulldog name, Baguette is a very French word for a kind of bread.

But we feel that it makes for a fun name for our beloved Frenchies.

  • Éclair

While most of us recognize this name as a French pastry that has a cream filling, the literal meaning of this French Bulldog name is “a flash of lightning”.

It aptly describes the speed and energy of your French Bulldog.

  • Bonbon

A version of the French word “bon” that means “bonus” or “good”.

Additionally, bonbon is also a sweet confectionary.

This name is usually given to a male dog, but can also be suited for a female.

  • Royale

The name exudes a regal aura, which is why it is perfect for a French Bulldog pup that you want to see grow up into a royal and proper pet.

  • Cognac

A very exquisite kind of French brandy.

This is one of those wine-inspired French Bulldog names that are perfect for wine enthusiasts.

  • Cadeau

A French word that means little or strong fighter.

A French Bulldog may not be that tall a dog, but it surely has a lot of strength and can put up a fierce fight.

When translated to English, it also means “gift”.

  • Lamour

From amour, Lamour is a French Bulldog name that means “beloved”.

The name is more suited for a female dog.

  • Mimi

For owners who have longed to get a pet for quite some time, Mimi is the ideal French Bulldog name that means a “longed-for child”.

  • Esme

Esme is a female dog name that, in French, means “beloved one”.

  • Tracy

A typical female name which means “warrior” in French.

For a girl dog that has a lot of fight in her and has strong protective instincts, this makes for a suitable French Bulldog name.

  • Ange

Ange simply means “angel”.

A French name that can be suitable for French Bulldogs of both genders and aptly describes what you think of your pet.

  • Raina

Another regal French Bulldog name which means “queen”.

  • Felix

Originating from Latin, this amazing male French Bulldog name means “happy” and “fortunate”.

This unique name will be an accurate representation of your fun-loving French Bulldog and will be a delight for people when you tell them.

Famous associations of this name can be made to Felix the cat.

  • Buddy

This short and easy to pronounce male French Bulldog name means a friend.

This can be a very easy name to get used to and it is also a very apt description of the role your dog has in your life.

After all, the two of you are going to be best friends.

Hugh Jackman is also known to love his Frenchie Buddy so fans can take inspiration from that as well.

  • Ramon

This amazing sounding male French Bulldog name originates from Catalan and is short for the original Raymond.

This name is bound to give your French Bulldog a very exotic and foreign feel.

This name is inspired by Christina Ricci’s adorable dog.

  • Lola

Of Spanish origin, this beautiful name translates to “lady of sorrows” which can be very apt if your French Bulldog has an attitude of its own.

Very short and easy to pronounce, your dog is bound to get used to this name in absolutely no time at all.

This name is also very easy to remember so your friends and family members will have no trouble remembering this name.

  • Diva

If you simply adore your female French Bulldog then this is the perfect name for it as it means “goddess”.

A very short and highly intriguing name, Diva is of Latin origin and has a certain weight to it that most other names don’t.

This name is bound to bring out the best character in your dog and will also be very easy to remember and pronounce.

Tough French Bulldog Names

If your French Bulldog and you want to live up to the more tough-guy image of the Bulldog breed, you can trade in these French name suggestions for a few more playfully rough and ready options, as below.

  • Butch

A word that aptly describes the French Bulldog – stocky, a little masculine, and built for a brawl. Naturally, French Bulldogs are by no means troublemakers and are big softies at heart.

Of course, the cartoon dogs called Butch from the good old days of Saturday morning kids’ TV could be described this way too, so it really suits a Frenchie well!

  • Bullet

If you’ve got a Frenchie with ants in their pants, always scampering here and there to get stuck into whatever’s drawn his or her attention next, this can be a good name both to sum up that speed, but also give a bit of an edge to your pet.

  • Sharkie

Named after that terrifying ocean predator, French Bulldog’s with especially fearsome teeth – or especially big appetites, even for this breed – are well suited to a name like this.

It also suits a Frenchie with a fur coat of a black or silvery grey color.

  • Hammer

A timeless tool that can just as easily be used to destroy as to build – and a fun, catchy name for your Frenchie to memorize.

If you’ve got one of these dogs who’s always running headfirst into mischief, this might be just the name to choose!

  • Kingpin

The big boss, the leader, the undisputed champion – the Kingpin.

Not only does this name show your pooch is large and in charge, but it’s also the name of the sizeable, super-powerful villain from a certain web-slinging super hero’s rogues’ gallery.

  • Archie

‘Archie’ means ‘genuine, brave, and bold’ and is a very common name in Britain.

In fact, this name is so celebrated that even the son of the Duke of Sussex is named Archie!

This name will suit a dog which is small and fluffy.

Also, try giving this name to a dog that has a very jolly and frank personality.

  • Milo

If you are looking to give a hilarious name to your small pet, ‘Milo’ is an exciting choice of a name.

‘Milo’ is the famous brand of chocolate milk which is why this name would go very well with your light brown French Bulldog.

Also, this name will be fit for an overly-energetic dog who is always full of excitement and is always ready to play.

Apart from this, ‘Milo’ is a name best suited for a male French Bulldog.

  • Beatrice

One of the oldest and most cultured of names, ‘Beatrice’ comes from French.

This name means ‘the one who makes happy’.

Therefore, it is an extremely special name to give to your female French Bulldog if it has brought immense happiness and joy to your life with its arrival.

Furthermore, ‘Beatrice’ is suitable for an amiable, obedient, and very graceful dog.

  • Princeton

If you are more inclined towards giving your male French Bulldog an elegant and fancy name, ‘Princeton’ is a unique choice.

This name also has connotations of brilliance and prestige with Princeton University in the US being one of the best educational institutes in the world.

So appreciate the elegance, intelligence, and sharpness of your male French Bulldog with the name ‘Princeton’.

The Most Popular French Bulldog Name of All Time

  • Coco Chanel

Inspired by the world-famous French fashion brand and designer, Coco Chanel, this French Bulldog name has gained immense popularity for belonging to such an iconic fashion house.

From simpletons to celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, this name has been used very frequently by owners of French dogs.

Of course, a lot of transitions of the name exist, like just Coco or Chanel individually.

The word Coco comes from cocoa, that relates to chocolate.

So if you want a name that signifies the sweetness of your Frenchie, Coco Chanel is a popular pick and a famous dog name recognized throughout the world.

My Final Thoughts

From traditionally French names to modern names that belong to chic and modern French brands, there is a vast variety of French Bulldog names to choose from.

Remember, the name of your pet should be something very thoughtful and descriptive of its behavioral traits or its appearance.

So take your time before settling on the ultimate French Bulldog name for your loyal and lovable pooch.

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