Free-Lance Bulldog: A Complete Guide

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During a long search for that perfect puppy dog, there are numerous breeds to choose from. with each being unique in its own way.

Thus, determining which dog breed best suits your lifestyle is an initial and very important step on the road to successful long-term dog ownership.

The Free-Lance Bulldog is a designer crossbreed of the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog.

This medium-sized dog is cheery, loyal, affectionate, gentle and courageous while enjoying having attention thrown its way and basking in the spotlight.

Training may be difficult at times since they have a stubborn streak and require patience.

Useful and very relevant information about this breed is contained herein and will give you a good idea as to whether or not this is the breed that would work for you.

Whether you are searching for a Free-Lance Bulldog or some other type of canine breed, having the correct knowledge and information at your disposal is essential to making a decision you will not later regret.

Free-Lance Bulldog – Before You Buy…

Free-Lance Bulldog puppy
The Free-Lance Bulldog is a cheerful dog.

Bringing a new puppy dog home and into your life is an event that is sure to affect the next decade or so of your life.

Therefore, it is best to stock up on as much information and knowledge as possible to give yourself a leg up on the deal.

A substantial amount of research into the animal is recommended, as it can provide the best possible opportunity to obtain a breed that works in harmony with your life and the dog’s life.

Illogical and rushed actions which are emotionally based decisions should be avoided at all costs when acquiring a new puppy dog.

Such an ill-advised move can often lead to undesirable and negative future consequences for both you and your pet.

It is best to take an informative crash course on the Free-Lance Bulldog mixed breed, which should help you in making a decision based on using your head, instead of your heart.

What Price are Free-Lance Bulldog Puppies?

The average price point of a Boxerman puppy is $800 to $1000, which is a middle of the road price compared to other designer breeds.

To attain the best quality and value for your hard-earned money, you should be prepared to put in a decent amount of time and effort to find the puppy which is ideal for you and within your budget constraints.

Eventually, when you do find that adorable puppy at your desired price point, make sure to adequately educate and inform yourself further.

Give yourself some time to engage in an open frank discussion with the breeder about the dog, its parents, and the breeder’s business as well.

No questions should be off-limits in this discussion and if the breeder seems to be giving you the runaround, it is best to move on.

How to Find Reputable Free-Lance Bulldog Puppies?

There is no getting around it. Since this not the most common of mixed breeds, you will need to commit to investing a significant amount of time and effort in locating the adorable Free-Lance Bulldog puppy.

This should consist of becoming a member of online dog forums (which there are many) and browsing through the local breeder networks and pet classified advertisements.

When you find something you like, make sure to keep notes. These are all useful ways to be used to successfully locate this mixed breed.

Other solutions include networking with other pet owners and telling them that you are actively searching for this particular breed for purchase.

This word of mouth approach can also help in making contacts to locate available puppies for sale. While searching, remember to stay focused and have a good attitude when dealing with others.

3 Little-Known Facts about Free-Lance Bulldog Puppies

  1. The French Bulldog was initially created in England and then taken to France by English lacemakers.
  2. Once a ratter, the French Bulldog is a rare dog breed which makes for an excellent show dog.
  3. The Bulldog has a bloody history, as it descended fighting mastiffs brought to the British Isles by Romans.
Free-Lance Bulldog in sun
The Free-Lance Bulldog needs less than an hour of exercise a day.

Physical Traits of the Free-Lance Bulldog

The Free-Lance Bulldog is categorized as a medium-sized hybrid dog which showcases an agile and athletic body.

It has dark round eyes and a dark now, along with erect ears. Also, some puppies may feature the bat-shaped ears.

This mixed breed’s coat consists of fine-textured short length straight fur which comes in the colors black, brown and white.

It has an inquisitive expression on its face, which will have a few wrinkles. Some dogs will be similar to the French Bulldog in facial appearance, while others will have the overbite of the Bulldog.

How Big is a Free-Lance Bulldog?

Categorized as a medium-sized breed, a Free-Lance Bulldog can reach a height of 13 to 15 inches when fully grown.

This agile and athletic dog breed can weigh between 28 to 55 pounds, which gives it a stable appearance.

Since they only require a moderate amount of activity, this dog can reside with little or no problems in both an apartment building and a house with a yard.

Due to their less than imposing size, they do not make an adequate guard dog.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Free-Lance Bulldog?

The Free-Lance Bulldog has a life expectancy of approximately 8-13 years, which is not long compared to most dog breeds.

As with most pets, this breed requires moderate activity, plenty of mental stimulation and premium food to ensure a life of health and happiness.

Be sure to stay vigilant to any physical or mental changes your dog may go through.

A large part of being a responsible dog owner involves being sensitive and observant of your dog’s feelings and behavior and providing the proper solution when required.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits – Free-Lance Bulldog

Due to his stubborn streak and hard-headed nature, the Free-Lance Bulldog is not recommended for first-time dog owners.

The designer crossbreed requires extensive training to remain mentally inspired and learn new tricks.

Since it is intelligent, firm commands and positive reinforcement work very well during its training.

If you are patient and take the time to learn your dog’s personality, it should result in the benefits of training.

This breed has a strong protective instinct and will guard your family and the grounds. It is usually friendly with children.

However, caution should be exhibited in that it does not become aggressive when it is no longer interested in playing.

Because the Free-Lance Bulldog has a laid-back persona and only engages in a moderate amount of activity, it runs the risk of gaining weight.

Therefore, it must be carefully monitored to prevent it from happening.

Free-Lance Bulldog looking off
A Free-Lance Bulldog can grow up to 15 inches.

The Free-Lance Bulldog’s Diet

Make sure to feed your Free-Lance Bulldog a high-quality commercial dog food that is formulated for a dog of its size and level of activity.

To properly keep its overall health in check, it is vital that its nutritional needs are being met.

As a moderately active medium-sized breed, this canine should require approximately three cups of dry dog food per day which translates to $35-$45 per month.

Be mindful this dog is prone to gaining weight, therefore, be careful not to overfeed it with its food or snacks.

How Much Exercise Does The Free-Lance Bulldog Need?

As a laid-back mixed breed, the Free-Lance Bulldog only needs about 30 to 45 minutes per day of activity consisting of mostly walks around the neighborhood.

This breed has a flat nose which makes it a candidate for shortness of breath.

Also, you should be aware of this breed’s limitations when they exercise during extreme hot or cold temperatures.

He is fine with living in both a house and an apartment as long as he gets his daily dose of fresh air.

Free-Lance Bulldog’s Health and Conditions

Knowing what types of illnesses and diseases can afflict your pet is information which you should also pay close attention to.

A sick pet can cause both emotional and financial stress, which can significantly negatively impact the enjoyment and thrill of owning a dog.

The Free-Lance Bulldog is predisposed to having health conditions which include patellar luxation, allergies, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, and intervertebral disc disease.

My Final Thoughts on The Free-Lance BulldogFree-Lance Bulldog guide

The Free-Lance Bulldog is a cheerful mixed breed that is very protective of its family and property.

It makes for an excellent family dog, as it can get along with children and other pets.

It can reside in both an apartment and house dwelling as long as it obtains its supply of daily fresh air.

This mixed breed is not recommended for first-time dog owners since they have a very stubborn streak which can make them difficult to train.

They need a patient and dedicated owner who is willing to invest the time to learn about the dog and its personality.

From an activity standpoint, this crossbreed only requires a moderate amount of exercise consisting of a few walks totaling 30 or 40 minutes per day.

A dog with its type of laid-back attitude and body type is prone to gaining weight and becoming overweight. Therefore, caution is advised on this front.

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