The English Boston Bulldog: A Complete Guide

If you are in the market for a dog that enjoys spending time with his human family and comes with one of the gentlest personalities, considering an English Boston Bulldog would be a smart idea.

These dogs are great family pets as they come with nothing but love for their families and live for playing around with the kids while remaining completely gentle and protective oriented towards them.

And honestly, this dog is a real pleasure to have around. He is intelligent, picks up commands quite fast, and loves being involved in everything you and your family do.

But, buying a puppy of this breed that is completely healthy and without any hidden genetic issues that will show up as he matures, can be quite complicated if you don’t know the breed well.

And, it gets even more complicated if you have no idea how to find a reputable breeder that offers high-quality pups and stands behind them all the way.

That is why we decided to help you out in your quest and present all the important information to you.

You will get much more familiar with this breed, learn about its traits, and know what to pay attention to when buying a puppy.

To start the things off, let’s check which important facts you need to sort out before actually buying the pup.

The English Boston Bulldog Puppies – Before You Buy…

English Boston Bulldog
Image Credit By: hamletdabulldog, instagram

As with anything else in life, before deciding to buy something, you first need to see if the price suits you.

The same goes for English Boston Bulldog puppy purchase. Let’s see if you can afford one before you fall in love with the breed.

What price are the English Boston Bulldog puppies?

For a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder, with excellent genes and an easy-going temperament, the price range goes from $1500 to $4000.

Of course, the higher end of the range is for premium-quality pups that are meant for further breeding and for competing in dog shows.

For a regular family pet without breeding rights and slim chances of winning trophies, the price will be in the lover range, around $1500, but it still isn’t a cheap breed, isn’t it?

How to find reputable English Boston Bulldog breeders?

Regardless of the breed, you are looking for, finding a reputable breeder is of the utmost importance.

You want a healthy puppy that comes with an easy-going personality, and all the positive traits the breed is known for.

Unfortunately, every time a certain breed becomes popular, many owners decide to become “breeders” and earn a profit by selling the litter.

However, they lack the needed experience in choosing the right breeding partner for their dog, and most of the time, don’t even bother with health test clearances, which are extremely important in ruling out the bad genes.

So, their pups might seem good at first, but as they age, more and more problems will arise, and you will end up spending more time at the vet’s clinic instead of having nice walks and playtime with your dog.

Therefore, if you notice red flags such as no knowledge of the breed, no interest in finding out more about your lifestyle so that he or she can help you in picking the perfect pup, and have an overall feeling that the “breeder” can’t wait to see your back with your money in his hands, avoid making any kind of deal.

You have low chances of walking out with a high-quality, completely healthy puppy in your hands.

Therefore, the quality should be above the price, and you should always choose to buy from an experienced, reputable breeder, instead of going for cheap pups from suspicious breeders.

3 Little-known facts about the English Boston Bulldog puppies

Now that you are sure the price suits you and that you can find a reputable breeder, let’s see if what living with one of these pups is something you are ready for.

  • They are lively little pups

While they are pups, these dogs will always want to play and “get into trouble”.

However, as they get older, they become more serious and slower, so the liveliness slowly mellows out, but regular walks will still be required regardless of their speed.

  • They get gassy

This is a breed that is famous for having problems with gas, and this is something you will just have to accept.

  • They are good watchdogs

Your English Boston Bulldog puppy will be alert right from the start. And, even though he doesn’t bark much, your pup will warn you if he senses something out of the ordinary.

Physical Traits of the English Boston Bulldog

A brown and white English Boston Bulldog in the car
The English Boston Bulldog will probably be the most devoted family member you will ever have.

It’s time to get “physical”! This is the section of the article where you become familiar with the full-grown size of your dog, as well as his life expectancy.

A little hint, he has quite a nice number of years in front of him.

How big is a full-grown English Boston Bulldog?

When it comes to size, the average height you can expect from your English Boston Bulldog can be anywhere between 15 and 18 inches.

As for the weight, the range goes from some 20 pounds and can get up to 35 pounds of weight, or even more, quite easily if you don’t monitor your dog’s food intake and let him free-feed.

What is the life expectancy of the English Boston Bulldog?

When it comes to how long will your faithful companion be a part of your family, the answer is, once he finds a way into your hearts, he will stay there forever.

However, when it comes to life expectancy, your English Boston Bulldog will have some 12 to 15, nice, happy years in front of him.

So, make sure that each year of his life counts!

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Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the English Boston Bulldog

English Boston Bulldog is a dog that is happy all the time. He is very loveable and interesting and fun to be around.

This dog is loyal to his family and even acts as a guardian if he senses that the kids are in some sort of danger.

Your puppy will be very energetic and demand lots, and lots of playtime at the beginning.

But, as he grows, his energy levels will drop and he will become calmer and less demanding when it comes to entertaining him.

You will also notice how affectionate your dog is, and how easy it is to take care of him as he doesn’t actually require plenty of room and can comfortably live in an apartment or a smaller house.

He doesn’t mind the lack of space if the family is with him and includes him in everything they do.

When it comes to training, you will be amazed at how intelligent this breed is and how well your dog responds to it, and how quickly he picks up the commands and executes them with perfection.

Thanks to his high level of intelligence, the training will be easy and with fewer repetitions.

However, you need to have a firm yet positive approach and motivate your dog with praise and rewards because the breed is known for being quite sensitive.

Nevertheless, your dog will always be hungry for affection and attention so with the right training methods and a good selection of exercises, you will keep him interested and help him develop both his body and mind.

Also, to highlight that Gentleman in him, your dog will need early socialization. Start as soon as your pup enters your home.

Have your friends come over often, take him out for walks so that he can meet new people and animals, and get used to various sounds and experiences.

Furthermore, a great place to get your dog well socialized is dog parks.

There, he will brush up his social skills and learn how to become a role-model dog.

Once everything falls into place, you will have a dog that is a perfect addition to your family, and always willing to play with you or the kids, and just be happy to be accepted as a true family member.

English Boston Bulldog Diet

An English Boston Bulldog lying down on a bed
The English Boston Bulldog comes with a high level of intelligence.

Before actually buying a pup, the breeder you plan on buying should give you a diet plan and meal schedule you should follow.

Until your pup goes over 3 months of age, we recommend letting him free-feed.

This means that the daily amount of food he needs (1 to 1 and a half cup of high-quality dry dog food), should be poured into a bowl so that the pup can eat whenever he is hungry.

But, once he is over 3 months, the meal regime should change to two meals per day.

This doesn’t mean two 1 or 1 and a half cup per meal, twice a day, but dividing that amount into 2 equal meals.

Since this breed is known for having weight problems, letting your dog free-feed all the time would be a health risk.

Therefore, it’s better to cut down on the food amount per meal and spread it throughout the day so that he can digest it easier, yet get the required daily nutrient intake and keep his health intact.

How much Exercise does an English Boston Bulldog need?

Your English Boston Bulldog doesn’t have high exercise requirements and two half-hour walks a day will be just enough to keep him in shape and burn off that excess levels of energy.

Of course, to stimulate both his body and the mind, these walks should be combined with additional 30 minutes of exercise, where he would have a play session with you or his dog park buddies, and learn a trick or two to earn a treat.

The English Boston Bulldog Health and Conditions

Generally, hybrid dogs are in good health. In fact, in most cases, they have better health than both of the parent breeds.

However, certain health issues trouble each breed, and the same goes for our English Boston Bulldog.

Due to his pug-shaped nose, you can expect your dog to have problems with breathing, especially if the weather is too hot or humid.

Another problem to keep in mind is poor eyesight, and your dog’s vet should check his eyes regularly.

And, what all Bulldogs are infamous for – Flatulence. Not a serious health issue, but it can be an annoying thing for some people.

My final thoughts on the English Boston BulldogThe English Boston Bulldog

With the health section, we have reached the end of our English Boston Bulldog guide.

We have weighed and measured this dog from all possible angles and the final “verdict” is – This medium-sized dog comes with all the best traits from his parents.

He will probably be the most devoted family member you will ever have. Everything the family does, he needs to be a part of it!

Otherwise, his sensitive side might kick in and he can feel left out and hurt.

But, with enough attention and plenty of love from the entire family, he will be one happy, happy pooch that lives to make the family laugh.

Also, the training should go well, as these dogs come with a high level of intelligence and pick up commands quite fast.

His favorite sport is relaxing by your side while you watch the TV, but playing fetch or hide and seek is something he will always be up for.

He can be a great nanny for the kids as his watchful eye will keep them out of trouble, and they will wear each other out by bedtime, and probably fall asleep together.

All in all, a great family pet choice for any type of family, whether with an apartment or a large house with a yard.

He will adapt to any living space quite quickly, as long as the family is there and the love is in the air.

Thank you for reading our guide and feel free to share it on social media if you think that more people will find it interesting and useful to read.

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