The Dogo Canario: A Complete Guide

Dogs are amazing creatures. Even after generations of loyal companionship, they still manage to astonish owners with their loving, caring demeanors.

The dog has been bred to want nothing more than the best for its owner and will serve as the best of friends in any situation.

However, like most friendships, the dog requires some maintenance. It’s a thinking, feeling creature much like us, and it has specific needs, much like us.

For all the love a dog gives us, it’s only right that we give it back in the form of care, kindness, socialization, and training.

The Dogo Canario is different than most dogs. In fact, it’s so rare that there isn’t enough registered to be a part of the American Kennel Club.

This is most likely because it is an incredibly hard dog to look after, and it needs the most experienced of veterans to domesticate it.

The Dogo Canario originated in the 1800s in the Canary Islands.

It was a farm dog, used to catch disobedient cattle and kill boars. It also became popular as a fighting dog, due to its masculine composure.

The Dogo Canario is not a popular dog and has seemed to fizzle out over the years.

Due to its lack of popularity, the Dogo Canario isn’t as prepared for domestication as other dogs. It can be vicious and hard to train, posing a challenge to all dog owners.

If not trained properly, the Dogo Canario can be lethal. However, with persistence and dedication, the Dogo Canario will become a loving, protective part of your family.

In this guide today I will detail everything about the Dogo Canario, all the way from the food it likes to eat, to its overall life expectancy.

A Dogo Canario is not an easy dog to raise, and you will need to be incredibly prepared for this journey.

With this guide today, I hope to provide the necessary tips and information needed to bring this dog into your home.

If you are interested in the Dogo Canario and want to learn more, then keep on reading to find out!

Dogo Canario Puppies – Before You Buy…

Dogo Canario in a car
The Dogo Canario is not an easy dog to raise.

The Dogo Canario has very specific needs, and you have to prepare for them in order to ensure this dog grows efficiently, and happily.

This will involve a flurry of things changing in your life, to meet the requirements of the dog.

It is a very stressful time but is needed for you to establish a bond with the dog, and venture into this bond with ease.

You will need to establish a space in your household that is exclusively for the Dogo Canario. It is a loving dog, and loves family, time but will also need independence.

If you live in an apartment, this dog is not for you. It needs lots of open space and a large backyard for comfort.

You will also need to make time to socialize with this dog, to make sure it settles into your household, and it assimilates into the world outside its kennel.

If you have a family member that is home regularly, you won’t have to alter your schedule as much.

Other things you will need to consider include your preferred gender, color spaying/neutering decisions.

As I said, it’s a difficult process, but need for both your future happiness and your dog’s future happiness.

What Price are Dogo Canario Puppies?

The price of a puppy is a make or break factor for aspiring dog owners.

The price point attached to a dog can determine whether or not you truly want it, or whether or not you want a dog altogether. Dogs aren’t cheap animals and can be quite intimidating price-wise.

The Dogo Canario because of their rareness and unique traits are quite the hefty price.

Usually, this dog will sell from a breeder for around $2000-$3000 for a puppy, which is far beyond a lot of budgets.

If you’re truly set on the Dogo Canario and want to find it for cheaper, try checking out adoption shelters.

You can find dogs for around $100, with a few excess fees depending on the shelter you go to. However, they are rare, so finding shelter with a Dogo Canario may be difficult.

Alternatively, try to seek out other large dog breeds and crossbreeds for cheaper options.

Where to Find Reputable Dogo Canario Breeders?

The Dogo Canario is very rare, which means you’re going to have to seek out a specialist breeder. This will probably result in long-distance traveling.

To make sure the breeder is professional, reputable and ethical, there are a few things you can analyze. These include:

  • The space in which the dog is kept
  • The cleanliness of the dog
  • The breeder’s prioritization of socialization
  • The breeder’s knowledge of the breed
  • The breeder’s eagerness to assist you.

3 Little-Known Facts About Dogo Canario Puppies

  1. The Dogo Canario should never be allowed to walk in front of its owner, as it then thinks it has a dominant role.
  2.  It does not need regular bathing.
  3. It is speculated that the Dogo Canario is a crossbreed of the Bardino Majero, a rare dog from the Canary Islands, and the English Mastiff.

Physical Traits of the Dogo Canario

Dogo Canario looking happy
The Dogo Canario is not suited for you if you are a first-time dog owner.

The Dogo Canario has uniquely beautiful features. It resembles that of a Mastiff but is incredibly bulky and masculine. It has a short, tough coat that is usually either black, brown, tan or silver.

It has a square-shaped face that is incredibly intimidating, and dark, brown eyes that are equally cute, and scary.

Its face is generally darker than the rest of its body, and it is known to have white spots scattered around its torso.

How Big is a Full-Grown Dogo Canario?

The Dogo Canario is one of the largest dogs around. It grows between a hefty 22-24 inches, making it both a tall and long dog.

Its size is one of the reasons why it’s regarded as one of the scariest dogs around.

Weight-wise, it’s a whole different monster. It tends to weigh around 83 pounds, but a male can grow up to 110 pounds. Because of it, it is a necessity that you watch it around small children.

What is the Dogo Canario’s Life Expectancy?

Because of its size and possibilities of health issues, the Dogo Canario tends to have a smaller life expectancy than that of other large-sized dogs.

It has an estimated lifespan of 9-11 years, and if you want it to live its fullest life, you must watch out for any symptoms of illness.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Dogo Canario

Excited Dogo Canario
The Dogo Canario is a loving and unique companion.

The Dogo Canario is a dog that is only suited for the most experienced dog owners.

They come from a line of tough, fighting dogs, which means it tends to think it is the dominant entity of the household.

Because of this, you need to persist with a firm grip of discipline, making sure you assert yourself as the boss.

Always keep it on the leash when walking, and never let it in front of you, or it will begin thinking it controls you. If not trained properly, the Dogo Canario can be dangerous.

With proper training from an early age, the Dogo Canario can become a great family dog. It’ll enjoy lazing around the house and playing with the kids.

It can’t be left alone for too long, or it can begin adapting dangerous and destructive traits.

The Dogo Canario’s Diet

The Dogo Canario is a big dog with a big appetite. It will eat 3-4 cups of food a day, which will result in $50-$60 dollars in spending.

It will stick mostly to an assorted range of meats as its preferred cuisine. However, you should try implementing dry dog food and other grains into the diet for nutritional purposes.

How Much Exercise Does the Dogo Canario Need?

The Dogo Canario is going to need a moderate amount of exercise a day. It does come from a long line of working and fighting, but the breed has settled into the domestication of modern-day society.

Try and treat it to 60 minutes of exercise per day, and 10 miles of walking a week.

Exercises the Dogo Canario will enjoy include long walks, jogging, hiking, frisbee, and other physically and mentally stimulating games.

Dogo Canario Health and Conditions

Serious Issues:

Minor Issues:

  • Epilepsy
  •  Bloat
  •  ACL Tears

My Final Thoughts on the Dogo CanarioDogo Canario guide

Overall, the Dogo Canario is not an easy dog to raise, and it is not suited for you if you are a first-time dog owner.

However, if you dedicate the time from an early age to training this dog, it will make a loving, unique companion that wants nothing more than to protect its family.







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