Dog Gift Basket Guide & Ideas – Where to Buy Them

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dog gift basket ideas

Do you have a four-legged, furry good old boy or pretty girl in your life? Not all gift-giving needs to happen as an exchange between human beings. Our pets are just as deserving of a surprise stash of goodies as anyone. Just imagine the look on their little faces when they see you have a buffet of treats and toys just for them.

When it comes to gift baskets for dogs, there is a wide selection of pre-made items to consider. If you are a craftier person, you may even want to throw some things together yourself. No matter if you’re a pet parent, grandparent, or just a friend of a pooch—this is a beautiful way to show appreciation for the dogs who love you.

Finding the Best Premade Dog Gift Baskets

With pets ever-growing in popularity these days, companies are really finding ways to appeal to the audience who owns them. You can likely find a solid list of gift baskets designed with your pup in mind, but who has the best assortment?


Amazon is one of the best places to look. They have several options from multiple vendors sitewide. You can look at detailed descriptions and comprehensive firsthand customer accounts to figure out if which basket is the right one. Different sellers will have products that are suitable for some dogs over others. You can search according to high reviews, unique items, or other specifics.

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Amazon has vendors who tailor baskets for a dog with food allergies or sensitivities, as well as personal likes or dislikes. There are fun toys, scrumptious treats, and little treasures just for them. There are various sizes and styles, so you can go as big as you want or stay modest.

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Puppy Starter Kit-FurBabyFresh-Etsy
Image: Puppy Starter Kit from FurBabyFresh, Etsy

Etsy is a crafters marketplace. Most of the items you will find were handmade by sellers rather than mass-produced by large companies. That can give more of a personalized feel as opposed to buying elsewhere. Handmade items may have the extra love you’re looking for, and they are especially aesthetically pleasing. 

They have items for special events, such as doggy birthdays, surgery or sickness recuperation, or new puppy starter baskets. They even have sellers who will customize a basket based on what you want if you had a very particular theme in mind. It’s interesting to browse around to see what people come up with creatively. It’s also positive to buy from small vendors.

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets

Ruffday Pet Gift Basket-Design It Yourself
Image: Ruffday Pet Gift Basket from Design It Yourself

Design It Yourself has an entire selection of pet gift baskets. They don’t have as many choices for personalization or sizing. However, they do have everything you may need if you aren’t looking for concrete additives. 

The baskets are fully loaded with milk bones, chew toys, and other goodies. They may not be ideal for pets who have food sensitives, as they will have grain and other fillers in the treats. So, if you know the dog has an allergy of some kind, you might be better of searching elsewhere.

Bisket Basket

Mans Best Friend Dog Gift-BisketBaskets
Image: Mans Best Friend Dog Gift from Bisket Basket

Bisket Basket is a company that has specialized in basket making for quite some time. Since it’s their specialty, they are bound to have some adorable selections. Each one of them is its own unique style. Some of them are gender-specific, while others are event specific. 

Presentation is everything here. If you want a professional-looking basket, you would be ordering from the right place. Their baskets range in size, tailored for any occasion. Each one of them has something unique and different, setting them apart from other baskets in their inventory.

Pampered Paw Gifts

Doggy Birthday Gift-PamperedPawGifts
Image: Doggy Birthday Gift from PamperedPawGifts

Pampered Paw Gifts has many adorable ideas for dog baskets. They have everything you can think of for any occasion. Some of the baskets consist of only cookies and goodies, while others have treats and games. There are also dietary specifications in case the dog have food sensitivities. 

They have every occasion from birthdays, major holidays, new arrivals, and “just-because” baskets. The presentation is adorable, each one being adorably crafted. While the dog may not care much about the presentation, everyone around will melt as they dig into their basket of delights.

Ideas for Creating Your Own Dog Gift Basket

If you want to make it extra personal, you can throw a few ideas together yourself to give. Whether you order items online or go to the store to get the good stuff, you can toss it all together, just as you like. Just remember a few key ingredients in your mixed batch.

Dog Gift Basket-JOICE-Amazon
Image: Dog Gift Basket/JOICE, Amazon


While the basket is the base, it doesn’t have to be too fancy. However, you can control the size you want when it comes to fitting in all the objects you have. The baskets can be oblong, tall, circular, or traditional. You can get various colors or stick to the standard wicker look.

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Treats can be tricky because every dog has a different palette and possible allergies. If you know of any food sensitivities or preferences, you can buy a variety of their favorite yummy delicacies.

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Depending on the preference and destructible nature of the dog, you can control what types of toys go into the gift. Some dogs will fare well with rope toys, plush toys, and squeaker balls. Others will need something hardier like thick rubber chew toys or bones.

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Pampering Items

If you have a prissy dog or one who likes to play dress-up, you can grab a few things to brighten their day. You can select colorful nail caps, grooming tools, or even cute outfits and bandanas.

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Now, when it comes to personalization, you can decorate the basket how you please. You can use glitter, ribbons, flowers, and other artsy touches to make it look how you wish.


There will be none more appreciative than your dog when it comes to receiving a gift. Making them feel very special on any occasion can lift their spirits. You can spoil your beloved buddy and spend the rest of the time helping them try out their new toys. They will love their new belongings, but they will enjoy spending time with their human friends more.

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