The Dalmador: A Complete Guide

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Finding the right dog isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially if you have never purchased one before.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to the buying process that you’ll only get from someone who has experience buying puppies, but the single most important thing is to know the best breed for you.

Today, I’ll be covering the Dalmador in detail.

Since every pet owner is different, they will tend to look for varying qualities in their prospective pets.

The Dalmador is a highly attentive dog that breeds out many of the flaws that are present in its parent breeds. This dog is descended from a Dalmatian on one side and a Labrador Retriever on the other.

Regardless of what you want to know about the Dalmador, I have you covered.

I’ll be looking at how you should train these dogs, what you can expect from them, and everything else that potential owners should be aware of.

The best place to start, however, is at the beginning of the Dalmador’s life.

Dalmador Puppies – Before You Buy…

Dalmador gaze
The Dalmador puppies can be very different even when they come from the same parents.

The Dalmador is an irresistible dog, and puppies are even harder to tear yourself away from, so do yourself a favor and research the breed before you visit the breeder.

I know that it is all too easy to be overcome by puppies, but you have to keep your head on straight and look at things objectively.

What Price are Dalmador Puppies?

The Dalmador is more expensive than a purebred Dalmatian since breeders for this dog are relatively rare.

If you are lucky and you live in an area where Dalmadors are more common, you may find that the prices are reduced anywhere from 15% to 25% down from the national average.

You can typically find Dalmador puppies for sale for approximately 1000 dollars, but larger dogs are often more expensive.

The biggest Dalmadors will often cost up to 1250 dollars, making them pricier than many other designer dogs, but this is to be expected from such an uncommon breed.

How to Find Reputable Dalmador Breeders?

If you are going to be spending that much money on a Dalmador puppy, you will want to be sure that you are getting a dog that has been raised with love and care.

There are far too many horror stories of puppy mills and the things that go on inside of them, so it helps to be careful.

The best way to ensure that you can trust your breeder is by visiting them and seeing their home with your own two eyes. It is often easy to tell if there is something unsaid going on.

If you have no experience buying dogs, you may wish to ask some questions to the neighbors or local breeders.

3 Little-Known Facts About Dalmador Puppies

  1. The amount of variation that is present in Dalmadors (even within the same litter!) is immense. You will find few dog breeds where siblings can look entirely different from each other, but the Dalmador is one of them. This has the benefit of making puppies easier to distinguish from each other.
  2. While Dalmatians may have a reputation for being cold and aloof, you will find that Dalmador puppies have this quality tempered by the Labrador Retriever in the mix. Dalmadors tend to be much warmer and more family-friendly than pure Dalmatians.
  3. Dalmador puppies don’t only vary when it comes to looks, as they have quite a bit of variety between them regarding behavior too. Once again, pups within the same litter will display characteristics that vary quite a bit from the norm, making dogs of this breed more independent than other mixes.

Physical Traits of the Dalmador

Dalmador with toy
A Dalmador is sad when left alone for too long.

This dog can be medium or large, and it can have a range of different colors and physical features, so it is hard to nail down exactly what a Dalmador looks like.

These dogs usually have brown eyes, which is one of the few aspects that does not change from dog to dog, though you’ll find some variety in the coat.

There are three dominant colors when it comes to the Dalmador, and they are as follows: brown, white, and black.

Of course, the spots that are present in all Dalmatians will also sometimes make an appearance, making it much easier to recognize this breed as that is a pretty unique characteristic.

These dogs have a long, narrow snout that gives them a more refined look.

The Labrador Retriever in the mix widens out the face a little bit more than would be so on a Dalmador, but many owners believe that the wider face improves the look of the Dalmador. Overall, the Dalmador is a very refined-looking dog.

How Big is a Full-Grown Dalmador?

There are many reasons why you should know how big a dog can get, but the most important reason is to ensure that your home is large enough.

Big dogs will suffer in more cramped living conditions, and the same can often be said for the Dalmador, though some of them can get a little smaller.

Most Dalmadors will grow to around 70 pounds, with smaller dogs weighing about 50; this makes for a reasonably hefty dog that is also athletic.

When it comes to height, the Dalmador will be 19 to 22 inches tall, with the tallest examples of this breed topping out at about 23 inches.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Dalmador?

The Dalmador has a reasonable enough life expectancy for a dog of this size, though they can sometimes suffer from complications that shorten their lives.

I’ll take a more detailed look at the possible medical issues for this breed later on, but they are healthier than the vast majority of other breeds.

Most Dalmadors will usually live for around 10 to 14 years, which may be a little on the short side, but it is mostly right in the middle of the life expectancy for most medium dogs.

As long as you keep your Dalmador healthy and it is not susceptible to genetic conditions, then it should live a fulfilling life.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Dalmador

As you can expect from most mixed dogs, the Dalmador’s temperament will vary from pet to pet, but I can give you a reasonable enough idea of what to expect from this breed.

The Dalmador mixes two dogs with personalities that are nearly opposed, so it can result in one of two things.

In many cases, the different personality traits tend to mellow each other out, making the Dalmador less high-strung than a Dalmatian but a little more reserved than a Labrador Retriever.

Keep in mind that both of these dog breeds are highly energetic, so you will need to be patient enough to deal with that.

Since the Dalmador has high energy levels, neglecting to take it out often enough will almost guarantee that it breaks something in your home due to rising anxiety levels.

If the Dalmador can’t have fun outdoors, it will create its own fun at home at the expense of your furniture.

The Dalmador’s Diet

Dalmador at sunset
The Dalmador can have a range of different colors and physical features.

Since the Dalmador is a medium to large dog, you should feed it 3 cups of food per day, split into 3 meals.

Splitting up the food instead of free feeding this breed ensures that it won’t end up overeating and getting bloated, as that is a possibility for the Dalmador that you will want to avoid.

Food for this dog shouldn’t cost you more than 50 dollars per month, and that is if you are investing in top-quality fare (which is always a good idea).

The poor quality food contains all kinds of ingredients that any compassionate dog owner wouldn’t even want to think about.

How Much Exercise Does the Dalmador Need?

Seeing as this dog breed has high energy levels, you will want to take out your Dalmador relatively often to ensure that it remains happy and healthy.

As I mentioned earlier, ensuring that this dog goes out often enough can save your home from some forced redecoration courtesy of your Dalmador.

This dog needs around 2 hours of activity per day, but you don’t necessarily have to do all of that outside of the house.

The Dalmador is active enough that it can get a lot of its necessary exercise just through play around the home.

It helps to have a play area devoted to your Dalmador; this ensures that you won’t accidentally break anything while you and your dog are having fun.

Dalmador Health and Conditions

As I have already discussed, the Dalmador is one of the healthiest mixed breeds that you can opt for.

There aren’t many common problems for Dalmadors, but a few of them may be severe. Let’s go over the issues that these dogs might face.

Serious Issues

Minor Issues

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Bladder problems

My Final Thoughts on the DalmadorDalmador guide

If you want a dog that combines the best qualities of the Dalmatian with the Labrador Retriever, then you’ll come across few breeds like the Dalmador.

I hope that this guide has helped you decide whether or not the Dalmador is the right dog for your needs.

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