Croatian Sheepsky: A Complete Guide

There’s nothing quite like the dog. No matter what size, breed or style, they are cute, adorable and loving to practically everyone around them.

They provide a pure sense of friendship and are prepared to stand by your side throughout all situations.

However, with the high amount of energy and dedication a dog gives to its owner, the owner then has to give it back.

It may seem stressful initially, but it is what will strengthen and solidify the bond between both owner and pet over the 10-15 years in which you are together.

The Croatian Sheepsky is a working-class hybrid. With such a rich ancestry that relates to the dedication and persistence of working canines, you have to expect a dog that is ready to help at all times.

It is a crossbreed of the Croatian Sheepdog and the Siberian Husky.

The Croatian Sheepdog is a dog that can be sourced all the way back to the 14th century, where it was used to herd sheep, cows, and horses.

The Siberian Husky was both a hunting and working dog, that would pull the sleds of Nomadic people through the frosts of Siberia.

Much like its predecessors, the Croatian Sheepsky is ready for work and play and is very loyal and protective of its owners.

This guide that I have created for you today will take you through the need to knows of the Croatian Sheepsky, and determine whether or not this is the canine for you.

I will discuss its temperament, exercise needs, dietary requirements, physical traits and more, all for you to either decide you want to purchase one or continue looking for another dog on your journey.

If the working class charm of the Croatian Sheepsky is something that interests you, then scroll on down to continue learning about this dog.

Croatian Sheepsky: Before You Buy

A grey and white Croatian Sheepsky
The Croatian Sheepsky dogs are very loyal and protective of their owners.

Before even considering to buy a dog, you need to prepare.

You need to analyze your budget, household, schedule, and needs, to ensure the dog grows healthily.

There’s a slew of factors and things you need to determine by yourself, or amongst your family, to create a comfortable, happy life for your future dog.

The Croatian Sheepsky is not a dog you can keep in an apartment, and you need to provide a spacious environment in which the dog can comfortably move around and play.

Apartment dwellers should be looking at smaller breeds.

You will also need to allocate time to socialize with the dog to avoid depression and anxiety.

However, if you have a family member home at all times, they can do this.

You will also need to decide on a boy or a girl, what color you want and whether you want the puppy spayed/neutered. As I said, it’s not easy, but it needs to be done to make this process smoother.

How much does a Croatian Sheepsky cost?

Cost is a major factor for families and aspiring dog owners when it comes to purchasing a puppy.

Money is a very important thing, and the price range of dogs can determine what type of breed or size you get.

The Croatian Sheepsky is far from cost-effective, averaging around $800-$900 a puppy.

This is slightly more expensive than the usual cost of a medium breed hybrid but is cheaper than the $1000+ price point of a Siberian Husky, and the $1000+ price point of a Croatian Sheepdog.

For those looking for the higher ranged traits of both these purebred dogs, the Croatian Sheepsky is a slightly cheaper alternative.

How do I find a reputable breeder?

Trusting and finding the right breeder is a difficult, but important thing.

It can induce paranoia because you never truly know how a breeder has treated the puppies you want to buy, and their actions can shape the temperament and health of a dog forever.

Luckily these days, there are some known factors we can analyze to determine the professionalism of a breeder. These things include:

  • Space. The Croatian Sheepsky is going to need a considerable amount of space in their breeding environment because although they tend only to be a medium-sized breed, they are renowned for their need for stimulation. They need room to play and participate in activities
  • Socialization. Much like any dog, the Croatian Sheepsky needs to be socialized from an early age. A good breeder will make sure to talk to the dog and participate in activities to prepare the dog for assimilation in the outside world and avoid conditions like depression and other destructive behaviors
  • Knowledge. The Croatian Sheepdog and Siberian Husky are very particular dogs with very particular needs. So when breeding a hybrid of these, the breeder should have a very high amount of knowledge on the requirements and needs of these dogs. If the breeder appears to know nothing, it may be selling you the wrong dog for a cash grab.
  • Helpfulness. A good breeder will help you with anything you need, and even suggest equipment options to make your dog’s transition into your household much more streamlined.

Three little-known facts about the Croatian Sheepsky

  • Its parent breed, the Croatian Sheepdog, was once known as the Canis Pastoralis Croaticus.
  • It has a waterproof coat designed to face extreme cold weather.
  • While its parent breeds the Siberian Husky was bred as a working dog, it was also bred to be a great companion for homes.

The Physical Traits of the Croatian Sheepsky

A Croatian Sheepsky lying on the floor
The Croatian Sheepsky can suffer from anxiety when left alone for too long.

Due to its hybrid status, the Croatian Sheepsky has the possibility of inheriting the traits of both the Croatian Sheepdog and Siberian Husky.

The stronger resemblance will depend on the genetic makeup.

The Croatian Sheepsky has a medium to long double-layered coat that can be black, grey, white and a combination of these.

They have a black nose and either inherit brown eyes, or the signature blue eyes of the Husky.

The Croatian Sheepsky is a medium-sized breed and stands stern with an eager look for work tasks, and is often born without tail due to a long line of cropping.

If it does have a tail, it will stand erect, similar to that of its pointy ears.

How big is a full-grown Croatian Sheepsky?

 A full-grown Croatian Sheepsky tends to grow around 18-22 inches in length. This is on the higher side for most medium-sized breeds.

Its predecessors, the Croatian Sheepdog, and Siberian Husky grow to around 22 inches as well, making them in the same ballpark as their crossbreed kin.

A Croatian Sheepsky can weigh anywhere up 50 pounds, making it quite slim for its size.

However, because of its length and tendency for activity, it is urged that you don’t leave it alone around children.

What is the life expectancy of the Croatian Sheepsky?

 The life expectancy of the Croatian Sheepsky tends to be a bit shorter than most common breeds and will live most likely anywhere between 10-13 years.

It is important to watch its composure and health to make sure that there are no symptoms of illness, for it to live its longest life.

In comparison, the Croatian Sheepdog lives around 10-12 years, and the Siberian Husky lives around 12-15 years.

Temperament, Personality and Behavioural Traits of the Croatian Sheepsky

A Croatian Sheepsky with a pink bowtie on
The Croatian Sheepsky needs around 60 minutes of exercise a day.

The Croatian Sheepsky is a dog that loves to please its owner.

It’s a working dog that will love to do tasks for you, and participate in mentally stimulating activities and training.

Because this dog treats everything as a job, it is important to use snacks as a positive reinforcement for successful task completion.

They tend to be a little stubborn initially but will grow out of this with a slew of obedience training sessions.

The dog is great around children, but reserved around strangers, making for a great guard dog.

It will be fine with other dogs but tends to chase small animals due to their hunting instincts.

It can suffer from anxiety when left alone for too long, so it’s more suited for families than people who live alone.

The dietary needs of the Croatian Sheepsky

The Croatian Sheepsky will eat around 2 to 2.5 cups of food a day, which is standard for most medium-sized breeds. This will cost you anywhere between $30-$40 a month.

It is important to feed it premium, dry dog foods for the nutritional value, however, its hunting background makes it love meats like chicken and beef.

For alternative nutritional benefits, try fruits, grains, and fiber-based cereals to keep your dog entertained in its eating experiences.

How much exercise does the Croatian Sheepsky need?

The Croatian Sheepsky is a working dog and therefore will love to physically work throughout a series of physical activities in your backyard, or at the park.

It needs around 60 minutes of exercise per day, and 10 miles of walking per week.

Take it for a walk on the beach or by a lake, because it loves to have a little splash in the water. It is also an intelligent dog and will love any games that incorporate mental stimulation.

Because of its frosty, Siberian background and double-layered coat, it will not do well in the heat and it is recommended that you keep it inside and hydrated during peak summer days.

Health Concerns and Conditions of the Croatian Sheepsky

Health concerns and possible illnesses include:

Croatian Sheepsky ConclusionA Croatian Sheepsky sitting down looking upwards

Overall, the Croatian Sheepsky is a relatively easy to train and loyal dog that’ll settle into any family its added to, provided it gets enough attention and exercise.

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