Bulldog Schnauzer: A Complete Guide

The Bulldog Schanuzer is a hybrid breed of dog that brings together the English Bulldog and Standard Schnauzer, and the result is a dog that is seriously cute as well as having an amazing and wonderful temperament.

Of course, you may not know that much about the breed at this point, but that is all about to change.

The aim of our complete guide to the Bulldog Schnauzer is to make sure that you have all of the knowledge that you need in order to correctly care for this breed.

After all, it will be in the best interests of both yourself as well as the dog.

However, before we do that, we want to begin by getting you to think about several points that may very well help you to begin to decide if this is the kind of dog that you want to own.

Bulldog Schnauzer Puppies – Before You Buy…

A small Bulldog Schnauzer looking curiously at you
The Bulldog Schnauzer is a great family dog.

Being aware of the needs and requirements of any breed of dog is important before you go ahead and buy a puppy, and this is no different.

We want you to spend some time thinking about the following points as this can have an impact on your final decision as to whether or not you wish to own this breed of dog.

  • They are very laid-back and chilled.
  • They require little maintenance and exercise compared to other breeds.
  • They can be stubborn when training them, so be prepared for this.

They can be quite demanding of your attention and are not that keen on being left alone.

As you move through our guide, you will pick up on other things that may, or may not, be important to you.

What Price are Bulldog Schnauzer Puppies?

When it comes to the price that you should be expecting to pay for a Bulldog Schnauzer puppy, then there will always be many different factors that have to be taken into consideration.

Of course, their pedigree is always going to be important simply because the better it is then the more money you have to pay.

This is due to the belief that it will result in a better quality dog, so it does add a premium onto the price.

Also, who you buy it from will make a difference. If they are a breeder that does specialize in this breed, then they may increase the price to take that into account.

Finally, where you are located will also often have an impact.

In this instance, the price you should expect to pay in the United States will move around the $800 mark with a certain degree of variation.

In the UK, then it will be anywhere between £600 to £900 but, once again, there can be some changes according to different factors.

How to Find Reputable Bulldog Schnauzer Breeders?

To find Bulldog Schnauzer breeders that you can trust, then several options are open to you.

As it is a hybrid breed, it does not qualify for a full listing with the Kennel Club, but that does not have to mean that you just ignore them as a potential resource.

Contacting them and stating that you are searching for a reputable breeder for a Bulldog Schnauzer will often lead to them pointing you in the right direction.

Another alternative is to get in touch with the Dog Breeder’s Association and asking them for some advice.

They will be able to give you some tips on who to contact and you are best to take their advice.

The final main option that you might wish to use is to go ahead and contact groups online that are dedicated to the breed.

They will want to always provide people with the information of the best breeders to preserve the breed itself, so this can be another excellent resource.

3 Little-Known Facts About Bulldog Schnauzer Puppies

There are so many interesting things connected to the Bulldog Schnauzer that it can be difficult to narrow them down.

However, to further enhance your enthusiasm for the breed, we have selected just three different facts.

  • They are more gentle than you realize.

People can have the wrong idea of the bulldog, but this hybrid breed is one of the most gentle out there. If you are looking for a dog that is quite placid, then this is the one for you.

  • The Schnauzer part may help their breathing.

The Bulldog will often develop breathing issues but the Schnauzer part can often help to negate those issues due to how it changes the physical nature of the breed.

This hybrid breed is going to run the risk of developing skin infections due to the Bulldog part. Keeping a close eye on this will prove to be essential.

Physical Traits of the Bulldog Schnauzer

An angry looking Bulldog Schnauzer
The Bulldog Schnauzer enjoys all kinds of dog exercises.

Physically, this is seen as being a small to medium-sized dog. As always with a hybrid breed, the distribution of features can vary depending on the most dominant genes from the parents.

Due to both breeds being very different, it does mean that there can be a significant variation in their physical appearance.

This breed can have either the wide head of the Bulldog or the longer and more narrow head of the Schnauzer.

Their muzzle can also be very different as well, and then you have the issue of the beard at the end of the muzzle for the Schnauzer while that is missing on the Bulldog.

Their body is going to also vary quite considerably. The Miniature Schnauzer is smaller and has a different body shape to the Bulldog which is seen as being more muscular and powerful looking.

The best thing to do for the sake of their physical traits is to understand both individual breeds and then wait to see what happens with your puppy.

How Big is a Full-Grown Bulldog Schnauzer?

When it comes to the size of a full-grown Bulldog Schnauzer, then you will often discover that the male is slightly bigger than the female.

However, this will not always be the case, and the difference can often be very minute.

In general, they will both measure somewhere between 12 to 18 inches in height, but the male will often be more towards the upper end.

With their weight, the male will generally weigh between 19 to 35lbs while the female is lighter at 14 to 30lbs.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Bulldog Schnauzer?

The life expectancy of the Bulldog Schnauzer certainly runs along familiar lines for a dog of this particular size.

If they can stay healthy, then somewhere around 12 years should be the average for this particular breed.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Bulldog Schnauzer

When it comes to the temperament and personality of the Bulldog Schnauzer, they are the perfect example of how the two parents combine to produce a personality that is somewhere in the middle.

This breed is highly intelligent and will pick up new commands when training them relatively quickly.

However, they can also have a stubborn side that is going to be quite tough to deal with if you have never encountered this kind of thing before.

That being said, they will display a real sense of loyalty towards you and will be exceptionally loving. Do not be surprised if they want to just lie at your feet and seek comfort from that.

When it comes to children, then you need to pay close attention and supervise things when the child is very young.

If they are older, then there will be no problem whatsoever with this breed and children, so they can be a wonderful family dog.

Do be warned though that it is in their character to simply start chasing after things that they see moving quickly.

This can be trained out of them to a certain extent but it can always crop up again later on.

Going back to the training aspect, do this in short bursts. The Bulldog part of their breeding can result in them becoming bored or easily distracted.

Finally, while they will be completely at ease with you, they can take some time to get used to strangers.

This will show as them being nervous and they will certainly alert you to a stranger in the area as well. However, they are not particularly loud or bark regularly.

In general, the nature of this dog is one that is friendly, loving and loyal.

The Bulldog Schnauzer’s Diet

A black and white Bulldog Schnauzer sitting down
The Bulldog Schnauzer is great with kids.

You must be very careful when it comes to the diet of the Bulldog Schnauzer due to problems that it has with its weight.

There is a need to really restrict the number of snacks that you give them and also never leave food out for them to eat whenever they want as that will also work against them.

You are looking at providing them with around 1.5 cups of quality dry food per day. Split this up into two or three meals spread throughout the day as well.

Do not give them cheaper dog food under any circumstances. This is full of inferior ingredients that will have no nutritional value and will be difficult to process.

You will only increase the chances of your dog putting on weight. Also, they will beg for treats but ignore them no matter what.

You also need to avoid giving them food from your table as well as making sure they get the correct nutrients will be the most important thing of all.

How Much Exercise Does a Bulldog Schnauzer Need?

With this mix of breeds, what you have is the Schnauzer which has high energy and the Bulldog which has low energy.

Ultimately, it does mean that this can be somewhere in the middle, and this does then have an impact on the amount of exercise that they require.

In general, you are looking at somewhere in the region of 45 minutes of exercise per day, and that does not have to be too intense either.

However, they are inquisitive, so give them some variety with their walks to provide them with different scents.

It will be important that you do provide them with this exercise as this is a hybrid breed that can be rather prone to obesity.

This will then lead to a whole host of health issues, so take them for a walk daily and also interact regularly to prevent this.

Bulldog Schnauzer Health and Conditions

The Bulldog Schnauzer is a relatively healthy hybrid breed, but that is not to say that it is going to not develop various illnesses throughout its life.

If you are buying a puppy, then do ask the breeder for information on whether or not the parents have been checked over by a vet for anything that could be passed down the genetic line.

They should have no problem providing you with this kind of information. In this instance, the kind of health conditions that you should be aware of are as follows:

The list is not extensive, but they can still suffer from different allergies or illnesses that any dog can pick up throughout their life.

My Final Thoughts on the Bulldog SchnauzerA Bulldog Schnauzer facial close up

The Bulldog Schnauzer is a loving dog and a brilliant companion that is going to display complete loyalty to their family.

They are a wonderful family dog and are great around kids as well no matter their age.

They do enjoy exercise and getting attention, but at the same time, they are not going to be as clingy as other breeds that you could choose.

They are also easy to look after and are relatively healthy as long as you pay attention to potential skin issues.

Overall, the Bulldog Schnauzer will be a brilliant addition to your family, and you are guaranteed to have a number of happy memories with them around.

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