Braque Du Bourbonnais

A dog is an ultimate companion. Never in history has an animal served humankind quite like the canine, and today it continues to be one of the best and one of the most popular pets on the planet.

It demonstrates copious amounts of loyalty every day, and never fails to please its owner, and inspire happiness in everyone that greets them.

However, dogs can be a lot of hard work. With such a highly energetic creature, comes a high amount of maintenance.

While they are doing the best to please us, we have to do our best as owners to make sure they are comfortable, healthy and happy.

If you are reading this, I am sure that you are ready to venture into the realm of dog ownership, and one thing you have to do before welcoming a dog into your life for 10-15 years is truly caring.

The Braque Du Bourbonnais is an incredibly elegant, and interesting dog that you don’t hear much about today.

Its origins can be traced back to the 1500s in France, where it was depicted as a hunter’s companion in various renaissance paintings.

It is said to be a descendant of a Large Pointer. Today, it is still often used as a hunting dog for small prey in the French countryside.

However as time goes on, it is slowly becoming more popular as a companion dog.

In this guide, I will walk you through the needed informational and fundamentals of caring for a Braque Du Bourbonnais, and what needs to be done to domesticate this breed.

As I said, it’s a type of dog that is still unfamiliar in the realms of the suburban lifestyle, and therefore needs more work.

I will go through all this canine’s traits, features and other need to know vitals to make your journey into ownership, a little more streamlined.

Do you care to learn more about this dog? Are you considering purchasing one? Well, scroll on down to learn more!

Braque Du Bourbonnais: Before You Buy

Sleeping Braque Du Bourbonnais
The Braque Du Bourbonnais can live around 13-16 years.

Like any other dog, you need to prepare for the welcoming of a Braque Du Bourbonnais into your household.

However, this is a dog with specific needs and requirements that you will need to cater to, and which I will detail later on in this guide.

I know, it seems daunting, but it is needed to make the process of raising your puppy so much easier.

When preparing for this dog to enter your life. Ask yourself questions that include:

  • Do I have enough space for this dog in my life? The Braque Du Bourbonnais is a large breed and will need a copious amount of space for comfortable accommodation. If you live in an apartment, reconsider your dog of choice.
  • Do I have enough time to socialize this dog? The Braque Du Bourbonnais is going to need a large amount of attention and training to become comfortable in suburban life. So either you or a family member will need to be home a large amount of the time.
  • What color do I want? Analyze what colors this dog comes in, and make a choice before visiting a breeder.
  • What gender do I want? This one is self-explanatory.
  • Do I want my puppy spayed/neutered? This one is tough because although it diminishes the possibilities of various diseases such as Ovarian Cancer, it also will mean that your dog will never have puppies of its own. Make sure to choose wisely.

How much does a Braque Du Bourbonnais cost?

Before you run off to a breeder in excitement, you need to analyze how much the Braque Du Bourbonnais costs.

Price is a huge factor in purchasing a dog and can determine what style and size of canine you get.

The Braque Du Bourbonnais, due to its rarity and uncommon occurrence, is far from cost-effective.

You are looking to spend around $900-$1200 which isn’t cheap at all, but its considerably less pricey than other large breed dogs like a Labrador Retriever, or a German Shepherd.

So if you want a large breed with distinctive, unique traits of its own, the Braque Du Bourbonnais may be a great choice.

It is also important to mention that the price listed above is the average when purchasing from a breeder.

If you’re looking to adopt, you’re going to have to pay $175 in adoption fees, as well as how much the dog is.

The Braque Du Bourbonnais may also be hard to find at adoption shelters, as it is rare to find as a companion dog.

How do I find a reputable breeder?

The Braque Du Bourbonnais is a unique breed and is going to need a unique breeder.

Realistically, unless you’re roaming the beautiful outskirts of France, it’s going to be difficult to find a reputable breeder of this canine.

They are incredibly rare and are most likely going to result in your traveling. When you find a breeder, things you need to ask yourself include:

  • Is there enough space in this establishment? This dog needs a lot of space, and the breeder needs to provide that.
  • Does the breeder pay enough attention to the dogs? We all know dogs need to be socialized to fit into this world. Does the breeder kickstart this process?
  • Are the dogs well-groomed, fed and bathed? We all want a clean, nicely looked after puppy when we spend as much as we do on a Braque Du Bourbonnais.
  • Does the breeder actually know anything about this breed? You need to see the breeder’s knowledge to determine whether it is a cash grab or not.
  • Is the breeder helping me at all? A breeder should assist you with information, especially with a unique dog like this breed.

3 little-known facts about the Braque Du Bourbonnais

  1. The Braque Du Bourbonnais is one of the only dogs not to have brown eyes.
  2. Despite being a hunting dog, it has a low need for exercise.
  3. The Braque Du Bourbonnais only has to be bathed when it gets into something especially dirty.

The Physical Traits of the Braque Du Bourbonnais

Braque Du Bourbonnais by a lake
The Braque Du Bourbonnais needs a lot of space.

One of the most distinctive traits about the Braque Du Bourbonnais is its intriguing eyes, which vary colors between hazel and amber.

It has a short, textured coat, which varies colors of fawn and brown, with a base color of white.

Its nose color varies between brown, black and tan-esque shade. Although it is not an overly masculine dog, its posture is stocky and sturdy, convincing otherwise.

The Braque Du Bourbonnais is known for being spotty, and diverse in color.

How big is a full-grown Braque Du Bourbonnais?

The Braque Du Bourbonnais is a large-sized breed, growing up to 22 inches long, with most dogs fizzling out around 19 inches long.

The dog is more sturdy than it is tall, and the male tends to be larger than the female.

When it comes to weight, the Braque Du Bourbonnais is slimmer than it perceives. It will only weigh up to around a maximum of 49 pounds, with 35 being the bare minimum.

Once again, the male is generally bigger than the female. It is recommended that due to its heftiness, you supervise it around babies.

What is the life expectancy of the Braque Du Bourbonnais?

The Braque Du Bourbonnais will live around 13-16 years, which is average for most breeds of its size.

Life expectancy eventually boils down to the health of the dog, so it is important to schedule occasional trips to the vet for the canine to live its full life.

Temperament, Personality and Behavioural Traits of the Braque Du Bourbonnais

Braque Du Bourbonnais with stuffed animal
The Braque Du Bourbonnais is a great companion.

The Braque Du Bourbonnais is still a hunting dog to this day, and therefore still has a lot of the traits.

It will often try and chase smaller animals around, which is something that will diminish over the years of obedience training.

With socialization, the Braque Du Bourbonnais can become an incredibly affectionate dog, which loves the company of its owners.

However, if left for too long, it can develop separation anxiety and become not only depressed but aggressive.

The dietary requirements of the Braque Du Bourbonnais

The Braque Du Bourbonnais will eat around 2.5 cups of food daily, resulting in around $40 of monthly costs.

It will enjoy sliced meats, fruit, kibble and various kinds of dry dog food.

How much exercise does the Braque Du Bourbonnais need?

For a hunting dog, the Braque Du Bourbonnais has a surprisingly small need for exercise. It will need roughly 30 minutes of exercise per day, and 5 miles of walking distance every week.

The Braque Du Bourbonnais can reach its daily needs for exercise via quick games in the park or backyard, as well as short, steady walks.

Health concerns and conditions of the Braque Du Bourbonnais

Possible illnesses include:

Braque Du Bourbonnais ConclusionBraque Du Bourbonnais guide

Overall, while rare and renowned as purely a hunting dog, the Braque Du Bourbonnais can make a great companion that while difficult to train, will become easy to maintain.


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