The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier: A Complete Guide

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a beautiful dog which exemplifies devotion and obedience. The Black Russian was originally bred by the Red Army of the USSR during World War II.

It’s parent breed, the Irish Wolfhound has a long, decorated military history; I guess you could say that following order is in the Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier’s DNA.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a strong, smart and proud breed. It is a medium-large dog, its size exaggerated by a coat of buoyant, fluffy waves.

The Black Russian almost exclusively comes in black.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a famously capable guard dog, it’s black coat sees it move like a ghost – the Black Russian rarely barks unless it’s important – and its keen intellect helps it discover threats quicker than other breeds.

This is a dog designed by a military, don’t forget.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is also a solid family dog; it loves its family as much as it’s troop and shows undying love and affection for its owners.

The Black Russian is agile and full of energy making it a good playmate for other dogs or eager children.

The Black Russian is gentle with smaller creatures and is patient with and caring for young children as well and will fit in comfortably with most families.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a highly devoted and obedient dog breed.

Bringing a dog home and into your life is an intensely serious and extensive decision that you have to make.

And there are a lot of personal issues and problems you’ll have to consider when getting your first dog.

Luckily, the info found in this article will help give you in-depth information on the dog’s personality, temperament, and their feeding schedules.

This will help you determine if Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a great dog that will fit you and your family and if it will compliment your lifestyle.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is an active animal and is best suited to houses with yards for the dog to run around in and owners capable of walking their Black Russian daily.

This is not a dog for small apartments.

What Price are Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Puppies?

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a premium designer breed and can pinch a pretty penny for a puppy from a worthwhile breeder.

Puppies price between $1800 and USD 2500.

Where to Find Reputable Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Breeders?

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a highly desirable dog, and as such, there is a large number of quality Black Russian breeders across the world.

Search for breeders in your area, compile a list of potential candidates and begin investigating.

Choosing the right breeder is the first step, and the easiest step to assuring your new puppy has the best possible start to its life with you.

Your Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier breeder should be able to pass the following criteria:

– The best breeders have an intimate connection with the animals they are breeding. They are familiar with more than just animal’s cycles, their basic health, and whether they are alive or not.

They see beyond the money, and the animals they breed tend to trust them. Watching interactions with a breeder and their animals can tell the subtle details of how they treat and breed their animals.

– The best breeders should come with recommendations/people who will vouch for their breeding techniques as well as the animals they produce.

They should be able to answer questions that you have regarding any aspect of the animals they breed.

– Any breeder you use should have a location suitable for pets. There should be no problem checking out the conditions the animals are kept in and what they eat.

Any breeder that is adverse to showing where they keep their animals is not to be trusted and may have seriously harmful conditions out of view.

– Finally, your breeder of choice should be easy to work with and buy from. Their professionalism speaks to how experienced they are at breeding.

The last thing you want is to pay someone that isn’t professional. Because they may just scam you.

You want peace of mind knowing that you chose an ethical breeder, do not sacrifice your morals, trust your instincts and go with what feels right to you.

The right breeder will make you feel completely at ease and confident in your decision.

3 Little-Known Facts About Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Puppies

  • The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier’s wartime activities included dragging enemies off of their horses, pulling injured men to safety, retrieving active explosive threats from war zones and much more. Talk about bravery and obedience.
  • Both of the Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier’s parents are famous hunting dogs, though the Black Russian is usually considered a companion or working dog. Perhaps the Black Russian owes its majestic coat to its newfound popularity and lifestyle choices.
  • Some owners believe their Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is capable of outsmarting them. Training a Black Russian is more like striking up a relationship based on respect than it is instilling behavioral norms.
The Black Russian Wolfhound is a loyal and confident animal.

Physical Traits of the Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a large, handsome breed with a long, dense and wavy coat which comes in black, but also appears in cream, red kind of coloring.

The Black Russian has powerful front quarters and a reclined rear, making it appear very front heavy.

A Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier’s coat appears lush, glossy and silky to the touch if maintained regularly.

It takes a bit of perseverance to maintain the appearance, but it is worth it to keep the coat healthy and attractive.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier adopts the best physical traits of both its parent breeds.

It has a 50% chance of having a waterproof coat, helping it keep dry in brutal Russian winters during the war.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier also has big, powerful padded feet which allow it to dig and plow through thick snow and underbrush with ease, its powerful front legs aid in this task.

How Big is a Full-Grown Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier?

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a relatively large dog.

There is no difference in size between male and female Black Russians, they reach between 25 and 30 inches in height and can measure between 80 and 150 pounds in weight.

What is the Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier’s Life Expectancy?

Usually, Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier will live around 10 and 12 years of age, which is approximately the average for a dog of the Black Russian’s size.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a highly devoted and obedient breed which makes it a fantastic companion dog or working dog.

Originally bred to follow orders during the war, the Black Russian is a natural follower and finds peace when it feels a sense of familial belonging.

The Black Russian is a courageous and intelligent dog, he is a creative thinker and requires constant mental and/or physical stimulation.

The Black Russian enjoys daily physical exercise; it makes a great jogging or hiking partner, its boundless energy, and inquisitive nature will surprise you.

The Black Russian requires a sturdy and resolute owner, they are highly independent thinkers and will challenge the authority of a less assured command.

They are not aggressive, they are just uniquely clever and will respond well to respectful and confident commands.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a great family dog.

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier’s Diet

The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier eats a decent amount of food; it enjoys a similar diet to other dogs of a similar size.

Large amounts of dry, protein-rich food are essential to ensuring the Black Russian stays strong, healthy and keeping its beautiful coat glossy and sheen.

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier Health and Conditions

Finding a good breeder is the main way you can ensure you purchase a Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier with a good chance of avoiding major health ailments.

The Black Russian is susceptible to a number of common health issues both major and minor.

Serious Issues:

  • Elbow and hip problems are common with lots of large breeds, and the Black Russian is no different. This condition can be combated with rehab or surgical options, but both require consultation with your veterinarian.
  •  Hypothyroidism affects many Black Russians and is extremely distressing for the animal, make sure your breeder has had the relevant health checks done before you buy, you want to be sure your Black Russian isn’t going to adopt unhealthy hereditary problems.

Minor Issues:

  • A Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is occasionally susceptible to food allergies. Their diet should be observed and regulated to weed out the potential culinary culprits, consult the veterinarian for any concerns and treatment options.

My Final Thoughts on the Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier

The Black Russian Wolfhound is a loyal and confident animal.

It requires an active lifestyle and a confident, assured owner that will respect it as the fantastic companion every Black Russian desire to be.

The Black Russian excels as a working dog.

It possesses an intelligence superior to other dogs whilst being committed to the task at hand, but is also a friendly and loving house dog which finds itself right at home with other animals and children.

The Black Russian is versatile and appropriate for anyone up for the challenge of raising it.

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