Black Russian Terrier

If you are in the market for a powerful, big dog that comes with extremely strong guarding and protective instincts, the Black Russian Terrier might just be the breed you need.

Many say that the dog is a man’s best friend. And with this breed, this is especially true.

The Black Russian Terriers love humans and they will give their lives to protect their human family.

They have such a strong urge to be around their family that they will be right beside you no matter where you are and will follow you around the house all the time.

Even when they are alone, they will sit by the window and patiently wait for you to come back.

These dogs are excellent with children. They have enormous amounts of patience for both toddlers and bigger kids, and it’s not rare that you see them sleeping in their room or in front of the door of the nursery room.

That’s how devoted to guarding the kids these dogs are.

Black Russian Terrier Puppy
Image Credit By:toshi_sauri, instagram

But, can you easily find a purebred puppy of this breed? Can you trust just any breeder?

Are there any specific needs that you should be aware of? Is your home big enough for this large guard dog?

These are but a few of many questions that you should be asking yourself before finally deciding that you want to buy a Black Russian Terrier puppy.

And, to help you find the answers you need, we have created this in-depth guide.

Today, you will get much more familiar with this breed and all that it comes with.

This way, you will be able to make sure that the personality and the needs of a Black Russian Terrier match your personal needs and lifestyle.

You will also learn how to find a reputable breeder so that you can be sure that what you paid for, is really what you get.

Let’s start with the puppies and the things you should know about them before buying one.

The Black Russian Terrier Puppies – Before You Buy…

Before getting to the point where you are opening the doors of your home with a Black Russian Terrier puppy in your hands, there are certain things you should consider.

What price are the Black Russian Terrier puppies?

The first thing to consider before actually deciding to buy a puppy is its price range, you need to make sure your budget won’t take too much of a hit.

For a Black Russian Terrier puppy that comes from a reputable breeder, has all the necessary paperwork and is guaranteed to be of good health and great genes, the price tag you should expect can be anywhere in between $1800 and $2500.

Of course, the higher end of the range is reserved for premium-quality pups that are sure to win trophies at dog shows and have great potential for breeding.

Regular, family dogs, with great health and no hidden genetic issues, are usually found in the lower end of the price range.

How to find reputable Black Russian Terrier breeders?

When speaking of breeder choice, we must highlight that you should be very cautious and careful when you choose who you want to buy the puppy from.

Inexperienced, backyard breeders will offer a low price per pup, as will the puppy mills, but the quality of their litters is extremely low as the breeding and living conditions in their cases are horrible.

Their pups are in 99% of times sick right from the start, and even if they aren’t, the results of the bad genetic selection are numerous genetically heritable health problems that will appear one by one as they grow.

So, if you want to avoid spending most of your time together at the vet’s clinic and spending a fortune on medical bills and drugs, a reputable breeder is the only logical choice.

You can recognize a reputable, experienced breeder by his obvious love towards the breed and how he is focused on making the breed better and on finding ideal homes for all of his puppies.

He will offer valuable insight into the breed and give you extremely useful advice on how to properly take care of your dog, how to train him the right way, and even give you a diet schedule that you should strictly follow.

Also, without even asking him, he will give you a full medical history of the entire litter, as well as for a good part of the bloodline.

Also, you will have an insight into the health clearances for the health conditions that are associated with the breed, and a booklet of all the shots the pups already have, with a detailed plan for the upcoming shots.

All in all, with a reputable breeder, you will be stress-free and he will make sure that the puppy you choose matches your temperament and lifestyle so that he can rest assured that his puppy went into the right hands.

Which is not even close to what you can expect from backyard breeders and puppy mills, who don’t actually care who buys their dogs, as long as they pay up…

3 Little-known facts about the Black Russian Terrier puppies

A Black Russian Terrier laying on grass
The Black Russian Terriers are fearless.

Here are some little-known facts that will help you in having a better idea about what to expect from living with the Black Russian Terrier puppy.

  • They are not barkers and shedders

Thanks to their curly coats, the Black Russian Terriers are not known as massive shedders, but they tend to shed a little during the spring.

Also, they don’t bark when there’s no need for it but will let you know if something is not right, with a sharp, loud bark.

  • They need to be close to their family

These dogs are born as protectors and they remain that way their entire lives.

This means that they shouldn’t live outside in the yard as they will constantly be concerned about the family.

You should allow your Black Russian Terrier to live inside the home, where he can be close to you and your family, and make sure you are all safe.

  • They can be stubborn

The Blackies are known to be dominant and will try to take the role of the Alpha in the beginning.

That is why you need to start the training as soon as possible and present yourself as a firm leader of the pack and let him know that you are in charge here.

Physical Traits of the Black Russian Terrier

Let’s see how big these dogs can get, and how long can you expect your Black companion to be by your side.

How big is a full-grown Black Russian Terrier?

On average, the Black Russian Terriers have a height range of 26 to 30 inches.

The males are taller than the females and heavier, and on average, they can weigh around 145 pounds, while the lighter females weigh around 80 pounds.

What is the life expectancy of the Black Russian Terrier?

When it comes to their lifespan, you can expect your dog to be by your side from 10 to 12 years.

Of course, assuming that he has a proper diet throughout his life and enough exercise, as well as regular vet checkups.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Black Russian Terrier

Two shaggy Black Russian Terrier dogs
With the Black Russian Terrier, you can always count on their protection, love, and affection.

As soon as you lay your eyes on an adult Black Russian Terrier, you will notice his cool attitude and confidence in every single movement.

They are suspicious of strangers and always alert when someone they don’t know is near, but on the other hand, they form unbelievably strong bonds with their human family.

They love their family so much that if they are alone for more than a few hours, they can suffer from separation anxiety.

To prevent destructive behavior from such anxiety attacks, you need to make sure your Blackie is occupied.

By occupied, we mean mentally and physically active so that he isn’t focused on the fact that you are not home.

As for the training, thanks to their intelligence, they can easily be trained, as long as you keep the role of the Alpha and have a firm leadership.

They will try to challenge your dominance, but if you remain consistent, they will accept you as the Alpha for life, and happily follow your lead no matter where and what you want him to go or do.

Their training should gradually advance and represent a combination of various exercises so that they stay interested.

Furthermore, socialization is a must because they are well known for being overly protective of the people they love.

They need to realize that not everyone represents a threat to his family and that he can actually relax and even play a little with your friends and neighbors.

All in all, these dogs can be a great choice for families who have at least one member that is home most of the time.

They will be excellent guard dogs, and when the Blackie is on watch, your whole family can sleep peacefully because they have one devoted family member keeping them safe.

Black Russian Terrier Diet

Having in mind that these dogs are massive, their diet should be appropriate to their size and nutrient requirements.

Our advice is to focus your dog’s diet on a commercial dog food that is specifically formulated for big breeds.

You should also look for foods that include joint supplements as your dog, due to its size, is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia and you need to make his joints as strong as they can get.

Before actually making a decision on the food you will feed your dog with, it’s best to talk to the breeder and hear his recommendations, and consult the vet as well.

How much Exercise does a Black Russian Terrier need?

Even though they are large, the Black Russian Terriers don’t need much space and can live quite fine in an apartment as long as he has enough exercise outside.

Though they need regular daily exercise, the strength of the exercises doesn’t have to be rigorous.

In general, a few medium-distance walks during the day with short running and playtime sessions will be enough to keep your dog vital and happy.

The Black Russian Terrier Health and Conditions

In general, the Black Russian Terriers are known to be of good health, but as with any other breed, there are certain health issues and conditions that are associated with this breed.

What you should be aware of, are health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia and bloat.

So, as you can see, there aren’t many health issues you should be worried about when it comes to this breed, which is the reason why many people decide to welcome this breed into their lives.

My final thoughts on the Black Russian TerrierA side view of a Black Russian Terrier

With the health segment, we have reached the end of our Black Russian Terrier guide.

By now, you should be completely armed with knowledge on the breed and know what to expect when it comes to living with one of these dogs.

But, to be on the safe side, let’s take a quick look at the most important facts and confirm everything that you learned about the Blackies today.

They can be dominant and intimidating and they need a strong leader.

But, at the same time, you can always count on their protection, love, and affection.

Even though they can get stubborn and sometimes independent, with consistent and firm leadership, they will realize that you are the Alpha of the pack and that it’s your command that they need to listen.

They are fearless when it comes to protecting the ones they love, and they are suspicious of strangers.

This can be a good thing, but if you have regular visits from your friends or neighbors, your Blackie can become a problem.

Therefore, early socialization is a must, so that they become friendly and well-mannered.

One more thing, they will love your kids so much that they will sleep in their room or in front of the room, just to be sure that the kids are safe.

All in all, the Black Russian Terrier can be a wonderful addition to any family that is willing to invest the time and effort into shaping this into a role model citizen.

That would be all we had to say about this amazing breed. We hope that we helped you in making the right choice regarding Blackie’s purchase.

Thank you for sticking with us to the end of the guide, and feel free to share it on social media if you think that more people should become aware of how great this breed is. And they truly are wonderful, aren’t they?

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