Black & White Dog Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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If you’re going to be the owner of a new dog and are in search of suggestions for black and white dog names, you need to understand that there are various breeds of dogs that sport this combination of colors.

Breeds like Dalmatians and Great Danes are particularly renowned for the black spots that grace their white fur coats.

For dogs like these, there are just too many names to choose from.

Since the decision of giving your pet the appropriate title is of utmost importance, the following list of black and white dog names has been compiled in order to aid you with this decision.

A black and white spotted dog
He is so sweet and his name is Pepper.

Male Black and White Dog Names

  • Domino

Like the classic game that is played with pieces that are black and white, Domino is a delightful title for your pet.

The literal meaning of Domino, which originated from the Latin language, is “master”.

This is a fitting black and white dog name, especially if your pooch has spots on its body.

  • Chess

Another all-time classic board game that instantly beckons one to think of a black and white checkered board.

The name is short and distinct, and also has a certain charm to it.

This black and white dog name will be very easy for your pet to understand and grasp in a matter of no time.

  • Leopard

If your pet has spots, Leopard makes for a very relatable title.

In addition to that, if your pet has a fiery and tenacious personality like a leopard, the name will suit your treasured dog’s persona.

  • Panda

No explanation is needed as to why this makes the perfect black and white dog name.

Just like the color combination of a panda, if your dog’s coat is divided into shades of black and white, you can give it this cute moniker.

The name will be even more suitable for a chubby, huggable pet that is fat and fluffy like a panda bear!

  • Spot

This is one of the safest and most apt black and white dog names we could think of!

If your pooch is a Dalmatian or is blessed with a splattering of black dots on a white coat, Spot is the name to adorn your pet with!

  • Oreo

We all know what an Oreo is and we all love them!

Sweet like the biscuit with a soft, creamy center, your black and white pooch will enjoy this name.

Oreos are distinguished from other cookies for the white frosting sandwiched between two black layers of chocolate.

  • Marmaduke

The famous Great Dane from the comic strip, everyone’s favorite dog, Marmaduke.

In literal terms, the name itself is derived from “Duke” meaning the leader of the sea.

So if you own a Great Dane that loves to spend time at the beach and is ever-loyal to you, we suggest you go for this black and white dog name.

  • Shadow

An amalgamation of black and white, a shadow is often perceived as a dark image contrasting with a light background.

Not only is this one of those black and white dog names that will aptly describe your dog’s coat, but it also goes with the behavior of a pet that likes to follow you around as you go about your day, much like it were your shadow.

  • Salt

For dogs that have more white in their coat than black, Salt is a good moniker to give to your pet.

In addition to its meaning, the name is short and simple, making it convenient for your dog to pick up on and start responding to in very little time.

  • Pepper

An alternative to Salt, if your pet has more black markings on its fur coat, Pepper is a sweet name for your black and white dog.

  • Pongo

Another classic name for a pup, Pongo means “the one who smells”.

This falls amongst those black and white dog names that are best suited for hunting dogs or dogs who intuitively follow their noses, especially when outdoors.

Apart from its interesting definition, Pongo is also a reference to the father dog in the Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians.

Pongo was a clever, leading dog that played the hero in the movie, and that is exactly how you would want your pooch to be.

  • Skunk

Although it refers to a smelly animal, the name is sweet and describes a beautiful creature.

What’s more, any kids around the house are likely to let out a few chuckles every time this name is called out to summon your pet.

And of course, this is a recommended amongst black and white dog names due to the striped monochromatic pattern found on a skunk.

  • Dot

A black and white dog name could not get any simpler than this.

If your pet pooch has been blessed with a circular marking on its body or a patch of around its eye, Dot is the perfect moniker in this case.

This name may seem a bit too simple for some dog owners.

Hence, you can also use other renditions of the word, like Dots, Dotsy, Dotty, etc.

  • Sundae

Another pick from food-inspired black and white dog names, Sundae is a sweet vanilla dessert drizzled with chocolate syrup.

A delicious black and white combination makes for the perfect name for a black and white pooch.

  • Charlie

While it may seem like a normal man name, Charlie in this context has been enlisted for a specific association, which is that of black and white films.

Charlie Chaplin was an iconic actor famous for his acting in silent movies of the black and white movie’s era.

Another famous character with the name Charlie that can be relatable here is Charlie Brown, Snoopy’s caring and loving owner and best friend.

A small black and white dog looking at you
Even though he is not a Dalmatian, his name is Pongo.

Female Black and White Dog Names

  • Aurora

An aurora is what one would call the natural display of polar lights, including the northern and southern lights that can be seen in the night sky.

In essence, the name describes the culmination of day and night, light and dark.

Therefore, Aurora makes for the ideal female black and white dog name.

  • Zebra

Animals with characteristic black and white stripes on their bodies.

If your pet flaunts a coat patterned with monochromatic stripes, Zebra is a good choice amongst black and white dog names.

  • Audrey

One of the most famous Audreys was the iconic black and white film actress, Audrey Hepburn.
The name itself means strength and someone who is noble – perfect for a powerful female dog.

  • Chanel

Like the black and white logo of the world-famous brand, you would want your black and white dog to be recognizable from anywhere.

  • Perdita

In Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, Perdita was the mom dog of a large litter of pups.

If you have a pair of Dalmatians, or even if they’re of another black and white breed, couple this name with Pongo and you will have an intriguing Disney dog couple in your home!

In the movie, Pongo and Perdita together make 15 puppies, so if you’re looking to have a dog family in the future, these black and white dog names go perfectly together.

  • Moon

If you’re lucky enough to find a dog that exhibits moon-shaped patches on her body or face, this is the ultimate black and white dog name that you can give to your beloved pet.

  • Cookie

To honor your pet’s dark spots against a light background, you can name it after a chocolate chip cookie.

  • Checkers

Similar to chess, Checkers is also a board game played on a platform of black and white checks.

  • Orca

The name for a killer whale.

The Orca is famous for its black and white spots, but while we usually thinking of a white background with black spots in this context, it should be known that the Killer Whale sports a sleek, shiny black skin with large white spots on it.

So if your pet is a black-coated dog with white patches on it, this is one of the most fitting and unique black and white dog names you can give to her!

  • Mittens

If your beloved pooch has an even colored coat but comes with delightful little paws of a different color that make it look like she’s wearing socks, Mittens is a good choice for a black and white dog name.

  • Merle

Merle is a word used to describe a pattern of a dog’s fur coat that looks like a patchwork of various colors.

Such patterns are genetically inherited, and if your pet sports this kind of coat, you should consider this name for her.

  • Marble

Like marble cake or the marbles that we play with, this is a fitting moniker for a multicolored dog.

  • Polka Dots

No explanation needed; if your pet is a Dalmatian or has black spots on white or the other way around, Polka Dots is an adorable title for her.

  • Sprinkles

If the fur of your pet is sprinkled with a smattering of different colored spots or patches, this should be a suitable choice of name.

  • Tigra

From tiger; if your pet is adorned with a striped pattern, with stripes that are preferably black, you can name her Tigra.

A black and white dog sitting in the park
Her name is Zebra and she is a bit confused about it.

Cute Black and White Dog Names

  • Shango

An indigenous name from Sub-Saharan Africa, where Shango is the god of night and day in this culture.

The name thus signifies the light and dark colors on your dog.

  • Peanuts

The main character of the comics of Peanuts was a black and white beagle called Snoopy.

  • Patch

An ideal black and white dog name for a pet that has one or more patches on its coat.

  • Goofy

The popular Mickey Mouse character is black and has white paws, making this a suitable choice for black and white dog names.

  • Inky

For dogs that have white fur coats splattered with black spots or patches resembling inkblots.

This is one of those black and white dog names that can be given to both male and female dogs and will suit a breed that has very evident black markings on its coat, like a Dalmatian.

  • Yin

From Yin and Yang, the dark part with white in it is Yin.

  • Yang

The light part of Yin and Yang that has black in it.

  • Piano

We chose this black and white dog name to relate to the keys of a piano.

  • Tux

A sweet dog name that indicates the black and white colors of the outfit.

  • Puffin

A popular bird that is black and white in color.

The name works with both genders.

  • Siv

In languages like Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian, Siv is the word for grey, which comes from a mix of black and white.

  • Cloud

We see both black and white clouds.

The name is suited for both males and females.

  • Soccer

Quite self-explanatory; this black and white dog name relates to the colors of the football.

  • Spade

In a deck of cards, Spade is one of the two black colored suits.

It is also a sharp name to give to your pooch, implying an edgy personality that can cut through rock-hard surfaces.

Your black and white pet will have a knack for making its way into anyone’s heart.

This is a unisex dog name apt for both genders.

  • Binary

A cute name for a female pup with black and white shades.

  • Badgy

This intriguing name is derived from the word “badger”.

This will be a great name for your dog especially if there’s a pattern resembling a badger on your dog’s face.

Badgy is also a very catchy name and is easy to roll off the tongue, this is bound to help you a great deal when you’re training your dog.

  • Chester

Originating from Latin, this unique black and white dog name means “fortress”.

This is a very good name for a big guard dog that is highly deserving of this name.

Another meaning of this name can be taken after the game of chess so if your guard dog is highly sensitive as well then this is the perfect name for it.

  • Freckles

Getting its meaning from the pattern, this highly intriguing name is perfect for a black and white dog that has a freckled pattern.

This is also very easy to pronounce and easy to remember the name so your family and friends should have no trouble getting used to it.

The name can also provide comic relief at times, signifying how your dog is a symbol of happiness in your life.

  • Paws

This is a very fun male black and white dog name that means “paws”.

It is a very interesting wordplay and it gets even better if your dog’s paws are of a different color than its entire body.

This name is very easy to remember and will always put a smile on your face whenever you mention it.

  • Tapir

This highly intriguing name refers to the long-nosed Malayan animal and would be perfect if your dog has a long nose.

Very fun to say and unique enough to be easily remembered, this name is bound to give your pup a very cool personality of its own.

Funny Black and White Dog Names

Looking into those contrasting colors on your dog’s gorgeous fur coat really opens up so many name options, as you’ve already seen here.

Here are a few more entertaining ideas!

  • Doodles

Black ink scrawled over white paper – and usually when we should be working!

Doodles are drawings we do to idle away the time, and a goofy little black and white dog who’s always lost in his or her imagination might suit this name nicely.

  • Scrivens

There’s a touch of Victorian prestige and old-world charm to this black and white dog’s name, and perhaps with good reason.

In days gone by, a scrivener was someone involved in writing up documents, legal papers and the like – there were no typewriters to rely on until comparatively recently in history.

  • Coffee

Do you take your coffee black or white? With a dog like yours and a name like this, why not both?

  • Mono

The term ‘monochrome’ is given to black and white images, photographs, television broadcasts and so on that lack any color.

That’s quite the mouthful though, yet Mono can be a catchy name for a cool pup about town.

  • Milky

Milk’s technically all white, for sure, but the animal that makes most of the milk we enjoy worldwide is a cow – often speckled black and white.

Naming a dog ‘cow’ seems like it’d invite an identity crisis though, so better stick with this instead!

  • Blotches

Blotches of ink spread across a page, either from a poorly used quill in olden times, or as a test for psychologists, are often fascinating ways of seeing images where once there were none.

If you have a black and white dog with a nose for mystery, this can be a playful way to draw focus to it.

  • Butler

This is a very funky and joyous name to give to your male, black and white dog.

A butler is usually always in his black and white attire which is why this name will go well with your dog.

Keep in mind that this name should be given to a male dog which is very obedient and hardly ever disobeys you.

  • Inkblot

Not only is this name very unique and uncommon, but it is also quite creative.

This is the right name for your dog if it has mostly white coat with dots and splashes of black on it.

Similarly, if your dog is all black with a few white spots that make it stand out, you can name it ‘Inkblot’.

  • Keys

This name refers to the keys of a piano, which are black and white.

The best thing about this name is that it is very subtle and no one would be able to figure out at first exactly what it stands for.

Also, if you are a fan of mystery and subtlety, you will enjoy naming your dog ‘Keys’.

Another good thing about this name is that it is equally fitting for a male and a female dog which is all black and white.

  • Mickey

This name is for the fans of Disney who just cannot seem to let go of an opportunity to incorporate Disney characters and names in their life.

Furthermore, if your male dog has a personality as jolly, interesting, and amiable as Mickey Mouse, you are safe to name it ‘Mickey’.

The Most Popular Black and White Dog Name of All Time

  • Snoopy

We don’t even need to explain why this name has gained immense popularity throughout history.

The first name that mostly comes to mind when we start thinking of black and white dog names is of our favorite comic character, Snoopy.

Snoopy is a unique kind of dog: while it belongs to a breed that is not inherently black and white (Beagle), it is known for its black ears and spot on its white body.

My Final Thoughts

Black and white dog names can include those words that describe either just the black spots or the combination of white and black.

To make your life easier by saving you hours of time and unnecessary effort, these black and white dog names have been enlisted along with their significance.

So select the name you most like and christen your lovable pooch!

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