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10 Best Washable Dog Beds in 2021 – Reviews & Comparisons

A dog bed that's washableEveryone enjoys the luxury of cozying up in a warm, comfortable bed—including your dog. Maybe you want to give your pooch a better resting place than the cold floor. Perhaps they need a relaxing spot in their kennel at night. Or maybe you’re just plain tired of having your bed taken over because your dog has no sense of personal space. No wonder your back hurts!

Whatever reason you’re on the hunt, you’ve come to the right place. We took the liberty of compiling a list of the top 10 washable dog beds we could find to make your job a little easier. With our firsthand reviews, hopefully, we’ve pinned down a selection that calls to you. Now, your dog can have their very own bed that you can toss in the laundry when things get a little dirty.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2021:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dogbed4less Memory Foam
  • Feature iconLong-lasting memory foam
  • Feature iconExtra cover
  • Feature iconWaterproof liner
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Long Rich Reversible Long Rich Reversible
  • Feature iconAffordable
  • Feature iconReversible
  • Feature iconThe entire bed is washable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetFusion PetFusion
  • Feature iconMemory foam with headrests
  • Feature iconOnly safe materials used
  • Feature iconReplacement covers available for purchase
  • MidWest Homes Plush MidWest Homes Plush
  • Feature iconFits in crates
  • Feature iconNon-slip bottom grip
  • Feature iconWell-made
  • Furhaven Furhaven
  • Feature iconSuper soft
  • Feature iconMany sizes and colors
  • Feature iconSofa design
  • The 10 Best Washable Dog Beds:

    1. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed – Best Overall


    When it comes to all categories that make a dog bed fantastic, we think the Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed wins the right for number one on the list. First, this is an insanely comfortable mattress, allowing your dog to mold to the bed perfectly. Don’t worry about your dog not fitting, either. This selection comes in six sizing choices so you can find the most suitable one.

    It definitely was made to last. It comes with a machine-washable removable cover, so you can quickly zip and pull to wash. It has a waterproof liner on the inside that protects the mattress from accidents. It also has two additional covers, so when the first is worn out or when it’s being cleaned, you have another to throw on. If you have a particularly destructive dog, they may be able to chew the components.

    The positive to memory foam mattresses is that they don’t leave indentations over time, so they don’t wear out as fast. This selection is also a great fit for dogs who have joint issues, as it supports their bodies in all the right places. When it comes to durability, comfortability, and all things in between, this mattress has the most to offer.

    • Long-lasting memory foam
    • Extra cover
    • Six sizes
    • Waterproof liner
    • Great for joint health
    • May not hold up with destructive dogs
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    2. Long Rich Washable Dog Bed – Best Value

    Long Rich HCT REC-005

    The Long Rich HCT REC-005 Reversible Dog Bed is the best washable dog bed for the money we could find in our search. If you want to provide your dog with a comfy spot all their own but don’t want to pay outlandish prices, this could be just what you’re looking for. If you’re not crazy about the brown coffee color, worry not! There are other color choices to choose from.

    This dog bed is reversible, having a corduroy material on one side and suede on the other. You can flip it to whichever side your dog prefers. It’s 100% machine washable, so when it gets a little dirty after a while, you can just throw the whole thing in for cleaning.

    It’s a perfect choice for small to medium-sized dogs or cats. However, it’s not going to suit all breeds. The dimensions for this bed is 25X21X8 inches. If you have a more giant breed, you may have to opt for another pick. Otherwise, it’s a good place for your pup to curl up for naps.

    • Affordable
    • Multiple color choices
    • Reversible
    • The entire bed is washable
    • Not for all dog sizes
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    3. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed – Premium Choice

    PetFusion PF-IBL1

    If you want the very best for your dog and don’t care about high prices, the PetFusion PF-IBL1 Ultimate Dog Bed is our premium choice for consideration. This bed has a lot of comfort and support, so if you have a dog who could use the extra cushion, you won’t be disappointed. It comes in three modern color designs and four sizes as well.

    This bed has a 4-inch orthopedic memory foam mattress, and heightened support bolsters around the perimeter for head support. If you have a dog who is prone to skin allergies from environmental irritants, they have been tested and are deemed safe for the skin.

    Replacement covers can be purchased separately as well, so when it comes time to change the outside for good, you won’t have to buy a whole new bed. The only downfall here aside from the price is the zipper isn’t the highest quality, which could cause malfunctions.

    • Memory foam with headrests
    • Only safe materials used
    • Multiple sizes
    • Replacement covers available for purchase
    • Expensive
    • Questionable zipper quality
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    4. MidWest Homes Plush Washable Dog Bed

    MidWest Homes 40630-SGB

    This MidWest Homes 40630-SGB Plush Pet Bed is a soft, rectangular stuffing filled pillow ideal for crate use. It can also be used by itself in a corner or place of your choosing. There are seven size choices, so you can get the one that best suits your pet’s size and weight or crate dimensions.

    It has a non-slip grip on the bottom of the bed so that it won’t move quickly from the surface it sits on. The bed is put together well and doesn’t seem like it would rip along the seamline. The entire bed is washable, so you can throw it in as needed.

    The one bugaboo about the bed is that after washing and drying, it can throw off the stuffing distribution. The bed does come with a one-year manufacturer warranty, so if anything goes south, MidWest Homes will take care of that for you.

    • Fits in crates
    • Non-slip bottom grip
    • Well-made
    • One-year warranty
    • Stuffing distribution off after washing/dry
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    5. Furhaven Washable Dog Beds

    Furhaven 45336087

    This Furhaven 45336087 Dog Bed is another versatile addition to the list. While we reviewed the orthopedic foam bed, it also comes in cooling gel foam. They also have over ten colors and four size choices available. It has an open front with three side bolsters for comfortability for a stylish sofa-like design.

    The foam base is designed to cradle the body in a way that helps with joint issues in dogs. There is a slipcover over the bed that is easily removable and machine washable. It is made of satin on the bolsters with a faux fur top.

    Furhaven has a disclaimer saying this bed is not suitable for chewers. Because of the materials, it would be easy for a dog to tear it up. The material is a bit thin, but the overall design is soft and spacious. They do have a manufacturer warranty in case the product isn’t up to par.

    • Super soft
    • Many sizes and colors
    • Sofa design
    • Manufacturer warranty
    • Not good for chewers
    • Thin cover
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    6. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

    BarkBox Memory Foam

    These BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Beds come in a low level rectangular design. There are over four colors and four sizes to choose from. Once you select, it will arrive in a vacuum-sealed, compact box. The company recommends letting it fold out to its full capacity for 72 hours.

    It’s 3 inches high to provide cushion and joint support. The cover unzips to slip on or off the bed. The cover itself is machine washable, so you can keep the bed clean. BarkBox even throws in a toy for a bonus feature—two new gifts in one!

    Because the memory foam can only be spot cleaned, it may not be best for dogs who have frequent messes. While the cover is supposed to be water-resistant, it’s still not entirely waterproof. Anything that does leak through can stain or sink into the mattress. The company does provide a satisfaction guarantee, though, so that should alleviate worries for purchase.

    • 3-inch memory foam
    • Water-resistant cover
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Memory foam can stain
    • The cover isn’t waterproof
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    7. Brindle Memory-Foam Dog Bed

    Brindle BRMMSP30SD

    The Brindle BRMMSP30SD Memory Foam Dog Bed is an attractive bed that can fit crates—and is offered in different styles and sizes to match what you need. The outside cover is durable, and the zipper doesn’t feel like cheap quality.

    The mattress is filled with memory foam puffs and not just a solid mattress. The company claims that it helps the bed form to the dog to create optimal comfortability.

    There is a strong chemical smell right out of the packaging, which may not work for everyone. Also, becuase the memory foam used is in chunks, it may not fluff up as it is supposed to do. This bed does come with a 3-year warranty if you run into issues where the bed doesn’t live up to what is promised.

    • Many color and size choices
    • Fits in crates
    • Lasting outer cover
    • Bonus toy
    • Strong smell
    • Memory foam may not air up
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    8. Friends Forever Washable Dog Bed

    Friends Forever

    The Friends Forever PET63PC4290 Dog Bed is another orthopedic memory foam selection on our list. This stylish sofa-type choice is available in three neutral colors that fit most décor styles. The memory foam inside is human-grade, meaning it’s high quality and comfy.

    The cover is fur-resistant, so it’s not riddled with your pet’s hair. The bottom is non-slip as well, so it’s not going anywhere. The zippers to remove the cover are more hardened metal, so they aren’t bending or breaking.

    It’s one of the more expensive beds on the list. It’s also another one that has a strong chemical smell. While this may just be the memory foam, it would be worth looking into before purchase. Friends Forever do have a satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

    • Stylish and comfy
    • Heavy-duty zippers
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Strong chemical smell
    • Expensive
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    9. PETMAKER Sherpa Top Dog Bed

    PETMAKER 80-PET5090G

    This PETMAKER 80-PET5089G Sherpa Top Pet Bed is a decent dog bed, but it definitely isn’t the best on our list. It is rectangular, available in varying sizes. You can get it to fit a crate or for standalone use. It also has three available color choices.

    The Sherpa material on top is very soft to the touch, however, it does collect hair and small fragments and pieces. While the cover is washable, it comes apart very easily in the washer. Do use caution if you buy and possibly handwash rather than using the machine.

    This bed is 4 inches high, so it is a little higher than some of the others on the list, which adds to comfort. Plus, the PETMAKER company provides customers with a satisfaction guarantee.

    • 4-inches high
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Soft
    • Cover falls apart
    • Sherpa collects debris
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    10. Pet Deluxe Dog Beds

    Pet Deluxe

    Our last selection on the list, the Pet Deluxe Dog Bed, is has something to offer but may not work for everyone. When you strip away the top cover, you will see it has grooved sponge foam underneath for support and relief. It is not a memory foam selection. It comes in two color selections and three sizes.

    It has a green material polyfill in the bolsters, which go around the perimeter of the bed. The good thing about that is it creates a sense of security for the dog, creating a nesting feel.

    The material is thin and possibly easy to tear. If you have a dog who chews or has long nails, it would be a cakewalk for them to rip out all the fluff in no time. While the dog is in the bed, it also teeters off the platform a bit, which could cause the pillowing to wear down oddly.

    • Very soft
    • High bolsters
    • Thin material
    • Not good for moderately destructive dogs
    • May wear down disproportionately
    • Not memory foam
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    While there are some super dog beds on this list, we stand by our first choice. The Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed has optimal comfort, extreme cleanability, a vast selection, and overall durability. We think it has everything you’d be looking for in a dog bed.

    If you’re wanting something worthwhile but don’t want to spend money needlessly, the Long Rich HCT REC-005 Reversible Dog Bed should have your consideration. It is cozy and completely washable. There’s no shredding off layers to throw in the wash, just toss the whole thing in! Save money and hassle.

    If you want to get a more expensive choice to stretch longevity of the product potentially, PetFusion PF-IBL1 Ultimate Dog Bed should’ve grabbed your attention. It is stylish, well-made, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

    If none of the above interests you, then it may also be worth checking out this new copper-infused model which is very robust while still maintaining comfort.

    Your dog deserves to sleep just as peacefully as you. Hopefully, our reviews were able to break things down for you so you can choose the best washable dog bed for your furry friend!