Pomeranian Names: 50 Awesome, Adorable & Silly Ideas

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Intelligent, playful, and fun-size, the Pomeranian is an elegant dog that should be given an equally graceful Pomeranian name to support its intriguing personality.

Some of the most fitting Pomeranian names are inspired by the delicate size of these dogs. The Pomeranian is a minute-sized toy dog that can be named after a lot many small-sized objects.

Having said that, you may want to take the opposite route and give your pooch a Pomeranian name that highlights its large personality.

The following is a range of some of the most unique and interesting Pomeranian names that you can choose from, regardless of whether you want to accentuate the size of your pet, its personality, or simply take motivation from celebrity pets.

A small white fluffy Pomeranian
This is Humphrey and he is a very silent pet.

Male Pomeranian Names

  • Stumpy

This Pomeranian name is simple and direct.

It relates to the short, stubby size of the Pomeranian and is hence one of the size-inspired Pomeranian names of this list.

  • Nipper

Meaning “a small boy”, this Pomeranian name not only refers to the small frame of your feisty pet but also at its potential tendency to nip at the feet of its owners, given that it is not trained well.

With the right amount of attention and training provided to a pet of this breed, the nipping habit of your Pomeranian can easily be weeded out of its personality, but the name will remain as a good reminder of all the time spent training your Pomeranian.

  • Nugget

A food-inspired Pomeranian name, Nugget is an adorable title that refers to the minute size of your precious little pet.

  • Monty

This Pomeranian name is a variant of the word “mountain” and is a tribute to the large, mountain-sized personality of your Pomeranian.

  • Chester

For a Pomeranian name that is inspired by a celebrity pet, Chester is the name of a Pom Pom owned by American actress and comedian, Fran Drescher.

The Pom was known as Chester Drescher and was known for his iconic roles as a performance dog, having shared the screen with his owner, who owned this pet for 19 years until he died in 2000.

  • Sasquatch

Reportedly a large creature spotted in the forest, more commonly known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch is not amongst the Pomeranian names that refer to the delicate build of the breed, but rather to the abundance of fur that is characteristic of a Pom Pom.

A sasquatch is believed to be extremely hairy as well.

  • Killer

Another Pomeranian name inspired by the pet of a celebrity, Killer was the name of David Hasselhoff’s valued pet, a Pomeranian.

  • Turi

To call to the royal and somewhat pompous character of your Pomeranian, Turi was the name of a Pom that Queen Victoria of Britain owned and loved.

  • Major

If you want to put a comic spin on your pet’s name, Major is an interesting option for a Pomeranian name.

The moniker makes for a very ironic choice for this mini-sized pet but undoubtedly goes with the brazen and courageous personality of your Pomeranian.

  • Chewy

Another behavioral habit of your Pomeranian is highlighted by this name.

Dogs of this breed are known to display tendencies of excessive chewing, particularly out of boredom, stress, or lack of attention.

During the early stages of training your Pom, you will notice that if it is not provided with ample chew toys, it will resort to other alternatives too, quite literally, sink its teeth into.

If your pet has already started to indulge in such behavior, what better name is there to describe one of its most significant habits.

  • Humphrey

A Germanic name that means “peaceful warrior”, Humphrey is a Pomeranian name that has much to do with the personality and temperament of your pet.

While the Pom is a generally spunky and feisty creature, it poses no harm, even when it is found in the mood to fight.

Therefore, the name Humphrey fits perfectly in this scenario, where the Pomeranian will try its best to fight against something and perceive itself to be dangerous, but in actuality is harmless.

  • Bonsai

An ornamental shrub that is known for being small in size as compared to other plants or trees.

Bonsai is a fitting Pomeranian name of Japanese origin that perfectly describes the minute size of your toy dog.

  • Barney

A Hebrew name t means “son of consolation”.

Pomeranians are known to be lap dogs and proven to be some of the most ideal kind of companion dogs to their owners.

Someone having a bad day can always look forward to coming home to a Pomeranian that will settle down on its owner’s lap as a display of love and loyalty, providing peace and solace to the owner.

  • Arco

An uncommon name for a dog, Arco was the pampered Pomeranian that had the life of a prince alongside its owner, Queen Victoria.

This is another royalty-inspired Pomeranian name that aptly encompasses the aristocratic character of your proud pet.

  • Shorty

This Pomeranian name is a sweet way to describe the short height of a Pomeranian, thus being a charming and fun name for your precious pooch.

A fluffy Pomeranian with grey fur around its face
Her name is Izzy.

Female Pomeranian Names

  • Gidget

A Pomeranian dog character in the animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets, Gidget is a brave, witty, and smart white-colored Pom that portrays a true depiction of this breed.

For owners looking to get inspired by movie dog names, Gidget is a compelling option to consider amongst Pomeranian names.

  • Sassy

A Pomeranian name that does not pertain to the physical appearance of the dog but rather relates to its personality and temperament.

The Pomeranian is known for having a tenacious and spunky persona which always keeps it in high spirits.

The pride that is found embedded within the Pomeranian is almost aristocratic and gives it a pompous and sassy vibe which is aptly described by this name.

  • Izzy

Another one of the celebrity-inspired Pomeranian names, Izzy is the nickname for Isabelle, the Pomeranian owned by Britney Spears.

  • Pretzel

This food-inspired name has garnered quite a great deal of popularity for being a delightful and enjoyable way to address your special Pomeranian.

A pretzel is a unique kind of knotted biscuit and is a true depiction of the uniqueness of a Pomeranian amongst others of its kind.

  • Dixie

A French name that is short and appealing and has an attractive sound to it.

In literal terms, the name Dixie means “ten” and you would definitely rate your Pomeranian a ten on ten for being a loyal and intelligent pet.

  • Minnie

A simple Pomeranian name that directly calls to the miniature size of your pooch.

  • Pandora

A Greek name which means “gifted”.

It may also refer to the brand of luxury jewelry known for producing meaningful charms that are crafted and customized for every occasion.

Your Pomeranian will be your precious little charm that is blessed with many superb qualities.

  • Fluffy

Another Pomeranian name that is descriptive of the looks of your pet, Fluffy is a name that does not need to be explained to anyone who hears it.

Your fluffy ball of fur will be a fitting candidate for this moniker.

  • Molly

The meaning of this Pomeranian name is “bitter” or “uncertain”, which just might fully describe your Pomeranian’s tendency to get rather snappy and fussy when it is not satisfied.

  • Rina

A name that originates from several different cultures, Rina essentially means “song of joy” and can refer to an outburst of happiness displayed by your cheerful little Pomeranian.

  • Queenie

Another royalty-inspired Pomeranian name, Queenie simply derives from a queen and gives your pet an aura of eliteness.

  • Allure

A word of the English language which means “fascinating” or “attractive”; it is ideal to capture the irresistible charm of a Pomeranian which beckons all onlookers to turn their heads for a second look.

  • Zoe

Zoe means “life” and is a Pomeranian name with Greek roots.

The name is short and precise and is very fitting for a pet as zealous and lively as a Pomeranian.

  • Vicki

A Latin name referring to a conqueror, this Pomeranian name aptly describes a Pomeranian’s tendency towards attention-seeking behavior.

  • Pixie

This refers to a small fairy that is naughty and playful, an ideal female Pomeranian name for a tiny and perky pet.

A small Pomeranian lifting its paw to you
Hello, my name is Lucky.

Cute Pomeranian Names

  • Poco

Poco is a Latin unisex name that means “little” or “small”.

As a Pomeranian name, this is an ideal pick as it is short, easy to learn, and has a very appropriate meaning for your toy dog.

  • Munchkin

A common way to address an adorable and tiny little person or animal.

More specifically, a munchkin is described as a small person akin to an elf.

  • Chevy

A lovely French name for your Pomeranian.

Chevy means “knight” and is a unisex Pomeranian name that describes the bold qualities of your pet, especially its courageousness.

  • Prancer

A word that describes the sprightly gait of your Pomeranian, Prancer is a sweet Pomeranian name that encaptures the way your pet prances about through the day in its short, stubby legs.

  • Skippy

Similar to the previous name, Skippy also refers to the springy movement of your pet.

This Pomeranian name can be given to a dog of either gender and is descriptive of its perky and exuberant persona.

  • Dinky

A unisex name that means “very cute” and also refers to miniature-sized objects, like cars.

An ideal moniker that refers to the tiny measurements of your Pomeranian.

  • Bobo

This Pomeranian name sounds like it would suit a Pom when called out to it.

The name has African origins and means “Tuesday-born”, so it is a bonus for Pomeranians that came into the world on a Tuesday.

  • Cotton

Soft and fluffy as cotton, your Pomeranian will proudly carry this name with it.

  • Cuddles

Another Pomeranian name that describes the external appearance of your pet, along with its cuddliness.

The Pom is known to be a cuddly lap dog that will be fond of snuggling up with you, making the perfect cuddle-buddy for you and your children.

  • Lucky

This Pomeranian name is inspired by American actress Jessica Alba’s pet Pom and is a delightful way to address the charming pet that makes you feel like the luckiest dog owner out there.

  • Gizmo

Signifies a small, handy gadget – a fun title for your useful little pet.

  • Peanut

A word that is usually used to refer to a small person or animal with affection.

It is a unisex Pomeranian name.

  • Pip

A short name that has Greek roots and means “lover of horses”.

In this case, it can simply refer to the loving personality of your Pom.

  • Rascal

A slang word that is used to refer to a playful mischief-monger, which is exactly what your Pomeranian will be.

  • Snickers

The name of a chocolate bar, which can be used as a reference to the sweet disposition of your Pomeranian.

  • Accord

Originating from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain, this very cool male dog name is a very nice match for your Pomeranian pup.

Meaning to give power or responsibility, this name has a very classy ring to it and is a derivation of the old French name Achart.

Accord is also the name of a car, so it can signify the speed and yappy nature of your Pomeranian dog.

  • Silky

Meaning soft and lustrous, this female Pomeranian name is known to have originated from India.

This is a common name that has a historical meaning of being sweet.

This name can also be a representation of the straight and fluffy coat of your pup.

  • Fox

Of English origin, this unisex Pomeranian dog name has a lot of variations and is perfect for someone who loves fox as an animal.

The sharp features of your Pomeranian pup will resemble that of a fox and you’ll surely love the association whenever you see your dog go about its day.

Fox is also very easy to remember name which is short enough to not give you any trouble when you’re training your dog.

  • Paris

This is a unisex name that is perfect for a small Pomeranian as Paris Hilton was famously known to carry around her Pom, named Paris, everywhere with her.

Paris is also the capital city of France so if you’re a fan of the Eiffel Tower, this is the perfect name for your pup.

This is also a very relatable name so everyone will enjoy calling your dog with this name.

  • Lily

Having both English and Latin origin, this female Pomeranian dog name is derived from the beautiful trumpet-shaped flower.

Meaning and signifying peace and purity, the name can highlight the character and personality of your loyal Pomeranian pup.

The Most Popular Pomeranian Name of All Time

  • Winston

This Pomeranian name has gained recognition for being the name of Gwen Stefani’s pet Pom, but in addition to that, it is a name that holds significance in the British monarchy, owing to Winston Churchill.

The name itself means “joy”, which is the aptest one-word description of the temperament of your Pomeranian.

My Final Thoughts

Most of the Pomeranian names listed above pertaining to the petiteness of this breed, which is what makes it such a special and sought-after pedigree.

Contrary to names that referred to small-sized objects, Pomeranian names that were descriptive of the dog’s larger-than-life personality was also included in the list.

So try out your favorite picks for Pomeranian names and see which ones your spunky little furball responds to the best.

If your pet takes a liking to it, and if the name clicks with other family members, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

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