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10 Best Oatmeal Dog Shampoos of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

A dog using oatmeal dog shampoo

Finding a good pet shampoo can be one of the more challenging tasks for a pet owner. Pet hair can come in many types, lengths, and thicknesses. Your pet’s skin texture is as varied as ours and just as sensitive to dryness, detergents, and allergies. Oatmeal dog shampoos are an excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin but they are often lumped in with all the other shampoos, and it’s difficult to compare different brands to find the best.

We regularly review different brands of dog shampoo and we found ten different brands of oatmeal dog shampoo to review for you. You can follow along to get a better idea of what you want in a shampoo and we think you’ll be quite surprised at how different they are.

We’ve also included an oatmeal dog shampoo buyer’s guide where we break down what these shampoos should do as well as what ingredients they should contain. We’ll see how to spot the difference between a high-quality dog shampoo and a scam. Stay tuned for our detailed reviews of each brand of oatmeal dog shampoos, where we compare objective lather, smell, oatmeal, and ingredients, to help you make an educated purchase.

Let’s look over the ten brands of oatmeal dog shampoos that we have reviewed for you.

A Quick Look at the Winners of 2021

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Frisco Oatmeal Shampoo Frisco Oatmeal Shampoo
  • Feature iconContains oatmeal, aloe vera, and other natural botanicals
  • Feature iconHydrates the skin
  • Feature iconSmells good
  • Best Value
    Second place
    John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Formula Oatmeal Dog Shampoo John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Formula Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
  • Feature iconNatural ingredients
  • Feature iconPrevents itching and soothes itchy skin
  • Feature iconGood for sensitive skin
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
  • Feature iconAnti-itch formula
  • Feature iconAnti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Feature iconTearless
  • Nature's Miracle Nature's Miracle
  • Feature iconSmells nice
  • Feature iconLarge 32-ounce bottle
  • Feature iconSoap-free
  • Burt's Bees Burt's Bees
  • Feature iconColloidal oatmeal
  • Feature iconpH balanced
  • Feature iconNo fragrances
  • The 10 Best Oatmeal Dog Shampoos

    1. Frisco Oatmeal Dog Shampoo – Best Overall

    Frisco Oatmeal Shampoo

    Frisco oatmeal shampoo is pH balanced that includes coconut and plant-based cleansers to clean and deodorize your dog. The oatmeal, as well as additional ingredients like aloe vera, soothe the skin and provide hydration. Almond gives the shampoo a natural and attractive odor.

    The shampoo is not only suitable for use on your dog, but can also be used on cats, and is especially beneficial for pets that suffer from dry skin and related dermatological conditions. Frisco is a high-quality shampoo that benefits from the use of natural ingredients and can prove very effective in combating dry and flaky skin in your dog. However, it does take quite a lot of the shampoo to get up a decent lather, so you will find that you use quite a lot of it. Despite that, we find it to be the best overall oatmeal dog shampoo on the market.

    • Contains oatmeal, aloe vera, and other natural botanicals
    • Hydrates the skin
    • Smells good
    • Takes quite a lot
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    2. John Paul Oatmeal Dog Shampoo – Best Value


    John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Formula Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

    John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Formula Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is made from botanicals and plant extracts. It not only cleans your dog and leaves their fur looking and feeling soft, but it can help to reduce itchiness and flakiness.

    Despite being from the well-known manufacturer of human hair products, John Paul, the low cost and good results achieved make John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Formula Oatmeal Dog Shampoo the best oatmeal dog shampoo for the money. It lathers up well and rinses out quickly, and it certainly leaves your dog’s coat looking and feeling great.

    However, the use of almond oil as a natural scent means that you won’t get the fresh, clean dog smell that a lot of people look for. The lack of harsh chemicals makes this shampoo suitable for use on sensitive skin and for dogs that otherwise suffer from itchiness after shampooing and cleaning.

    • Natural ingredients
    • Good for sensitive skin
    • Prevents itching and soothes itchy skin
    • Cheap
    • Lathers well
    • Doesn’t give a clean dog smell
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    3. PRKT Oatmeal Dog Shampoo – Premium Choice

    Pets Are Kids Too

    The Pets Are Kids Too Pet Oatmeal Shampoo is our premium choice dog shampoo. This shampoo is high quality, but also, high-priced. This shampoo uses all-natural ingredients that won’t harm your pet. It has an anti-itch formula that also includes anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients which also help reduce dry itchy skin and the spread of infection. The tearless shampoo lathers up nicely and will help your pet enjoy bath time.

    This shampoo does an excellent job cleaning, but it will make your pet smell like an oatmeal raisin cookie. Some of our friends liked the smell, and some didn’t. We didn’t think  this shampoo did much to stop our pet from scratching, though.

    • Anti-itch formula
    • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
    • Tearless
    • Didn’t stop itching

    You’ll also need a hair dryer for your dogSee our top picks

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    4. Nature’s Miracle Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

    Natures Miracle

    The Nature’s Miracle NM-6095 Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is a great smelling shampoo with a honey sage scent. It’s a shampoo and conditioner in one and comes in a large 32-ounce bottle. It’s soap-free, so it won’t interact with any topical flea and tick medication.

    When we tried out this oatmeal shampoo, we loved the smell, and it seemed like our puppy did, too. It goes on nice and is easy to work into the coat. We felt that it cleaned well but didn’t do much in the way of moisturizing, and we didn’t think it removed any odors.

    • Smells nice
    • Large 32-ounce bottle
    • Soap-free
    • Doesn’t remove the odor
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    5. Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

    Burts Bees for Pets

    The Burt’s Bees FF7258 All Natural Oatmeal Shampoo is a shampoo made by a popular company known for high-quality products made with natural ingredients. This shampoo uses colloidal oatmeal, honey, beeswax, and green tea to create a pH-balanced shampoo that contains no artificial fragrances. It’s safe to use on sensitive itchy skin and can help rejuvenate dry skin.

    It didn’t have a lot of lather while we used it, and it’s not safe to use around the eyes, but it got our pets clean. It’s tough to rinse, and our pets weren’t as shiny as they were after we used other shampoos on this list.

    • Colloidal oatmeal
    • pH balanced
    • No fragrances
    • Not tearless
    • Hard to rinse
    • Not Shiny

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    6. TropiClean Tea Tree & Oatmeal Dog Shampoos

    TropiClean Oatmeal

    The TropiClean 840220 Oatmeal and Tea Tree Pet Shampoo is a shampoo marketed as an anti-itch shampoo that helps stop itching and eliminate dandruff. It features mostly natural ingredients and contains no artificial fragrances.

    While we used it, we had a difficult time getting it to form a lather, and it took quite a bit of product to get a good coating on the dog. We also didn’t think it did much to stop the dogs from itching. If you like your dog to smell nice after a bath, this brand may not be for you. After bathing, we could only faintly smell tea tree oil, which isn’t bad but not particularly great.

    • No smell
    • Doesn’t stop itching
    • Not much lather
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    7. Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

    Particular Paws

    The Particular Paws Oatmeal Shampoo is a shampoo designed for cleaning and moisturizing. It’s pH balanced and contains Aloe to help soothe your pet’s skin while helping it heal from any injuries caused by scratching. It also contains Shae butter to help promote a thicker coat while Chamomile helps bring out the shine.

    We found that it cleaned pretty well, but the pleasant smell only lasts a few hours after a bath. It also doesn’t lather very well and requires quite a bit of product, especially on larger sized pets.

    • pH balanced
    • Contains Aloe
    • Pleasant smell
    • The smell doesn’t last
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    8. K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoos

    K9 Pro

    The K9 Pro Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is a shampoo designed to penetrate the skin to help your pet with allergies and dry, itchy skin. It contains some helpful ingredients like Aloe Vera, and it has a cucumber and melon scent that is very pleasing.

    After we used this oatmeal shampoo, we noticed that our pets reduced the amount of time they spent itching and scratching. It was easy to work up plenty of lather, and our pets didn’t seem to mind it. You need to keep it away from their eye, though, because it is not tear-free. We also felt a little uneasy about the list of unknown chemicals in this product, especially when compared with some of the other all-natural shampoos on this list.

    • Aloe Vera
    • Smells good
    • Not tear-free
    • Not many natural ingredients
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    9. Paws & Pals Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

    Paws & Pals

    The Paws & Pals Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is a separate shampoo and conditioner. This brand comes in two 20-ounce bottles. This shampoo is a soap-free shampoo that will clean your pet without washing away their flea and tick medication.

    We didn’t have the best experience with this shampoo and felt that it took a lot to get a good lather, and then it dried out our dog’s hair a little. We also didn’t notice much change in moisture level or manageability after using the conditioner. The smell this shampoo leaves behind is neither good nor bad, and it only lasts a day or two.

    • The smell doesn’t last
    • Shampoo dries dog’s hair
    • The conditioner doesn’t work well
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    10. Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo

    Mighty Petz

    The Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is the final brand of dog shampoo on our list. This shampoo is gentle enough to use on pets with sensitive skin. It contains Aloe and baking soda and is paraben and alcohol-free.

    We liked the smell of this oatmeal shampoo but it took a lot to shampoo our dog, and a bottle of this brand will not go very far at all. We recommend only using it on small dogs because of the difficulty of building up a lather. We also found it hard to rinse off once the cleaning was complete.

    • Contains Aloe
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Nice smell
    • Hard to rinse
    • Hard to build up a lather
    • Only suitable for small dogs
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    Buyer’s Guide

    Now that we have read over the reviews, let’s take a look at oatmeal shampoo and see if we can find out what the perfect shampoo is.


    Because we are talking about oatmeal-based dog shampoos, it makes sense to start with the difference between regular and colloidal oatmeal.

    Colloidal Oatmeal

    Colloidal oatmeal is a whole-oat kernel ground into a fine powder. This fine powder contains many nutrients helpful to the skin including lipids that replenish oils and prevent further drying. Beta-glucan is another nutrient that acts as a moisturizer. There are also plenty of antioxidants in ground whole oat kernels.

    Once the oat powder mixes with liquid, it is called colloidal oatmeal.

    Regular Oatmeal

    Regular oatmeal may or may not be whole oat kernel. It’s common to remove the bran from the oat for many foods. Oat flour almost always has the bran removed. The bran part of the oat has many of the important skin healing nutrients so it is vital to use the whole oat.

    Other Ingredients

    Many times, the other ingredients are just as necessary as the oatmeal. Ingredients like Aloe Vera, vitamin E, Shae butter, chamomile, tea tree oil, and many other natural ingredients can improve the effectiveness of your shampoo.

    Unfortunately, there are also plenty of harmful ingredients like parabens, synthetic dyes, alcohol, sulfates, and petroleum. These ingredients are harmful to your pet and they can also be hard to clean off.


    Always be careful when using shampoos that use soaps or detergents to produce a lather and clean your dog because these cleaners can break down flea and tick medication. If you decide to use a shampoo that has detergents in it, you will need to schedule your pet baths to coincide with a reapplication of the medication.

    A second problem with shampoos that use detergents and soaps is that these cleaners can also break down the oils in your pet’s skin. When the oils wash away, your pet will have dry itchy and flaking itchy skin.

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    To conclude:

    We hope that you have found our oatmeal dog shampoo reviews and buyer’s guide helpful. Our choice for the best overall is the Frisco Oatmeal Shampoo and we chose it because we thought it did the best job cleaning our pet, it smells nice and lasts the longest. The John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Formula is our choice for the best value and we chose it because you get a lot for the money, it’s all-natural, and is perfect for animals with sensitive skin. If you don’t go for these or one of the others on this list, hopefully, our buyer’s guide will arm you with the knowledge you need to feel confident in your next oatmeal shampoo purchase.

    If these reviews have helped you, please share them with your friends.