Best Memory Foam Dog Beds 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Best Memory Foam Dog BedMemory foam dog beds became an instant hit as soon as they hit the markets, with hundreds of brands and styles available on the market today. While you may know what you’re looking for, it can be hard to find a real memory foam mattress that fits your requirements. Thankfully, we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. We created this list of in-depth reviews of each product to help you determine the best bed for your dog. Here is our list of Best Memory Foam Dog Beds in 2020:

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites 

ModelPriceSizes AvailableEditor Rating
small Dog Bed For Less(Best Overall)

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7 Sizes4.70/5
small Brindle BRMMMU22PB(Best Value)

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3 Sizes4.45/5
small PetFusion(Premium Choice)

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4 Sizes4.35/5
small BarkBox

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6 Sizes3.90/5
Friends Forever
small Friends Forever

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4 Sizes3.65/5

The 10 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds 2020

1. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed – Best Overall


If you’re in the market for a memory foam bed for your dog, the Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed is a 4-inch orthopedic dog bed made with high-quality materials. The bed uses

gel-infused memory foam to regulate your dog’s temperature, so your companion will be comfortable throughout the seasons. This bed consists of two layers, one waterproof layer to protect the foam and one washable zipper cover with anti-skid bumps on the bottom.  The inner layer is soft enough to be a cover for the foam, which is great if you’re washing the outer cover.

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed is one of the strongest memory foam beds, returning back to its original shape and won’t flatten after continual use. The only issue we found is that it’s not durable enough for boredom chewers or dogs that love to destroy their beds, so it may not be suitable for destructive or anxious dogs. For the best overall memory foam dog bed, we recommend this bed.

Dimensions: 37″L X 27″W X 4″H

  • 4” thick mattress for orthopedic relief
  • Temperature regulating gel-infused memory foam
  • Waterproof liner protects foam insert
  • Washable anti-skid cover with zipper
  • Retains shape and will not flatten over time
  • Not suitable for destructive dogs

2. Brindle Memory Foam Pet Bed – Best Value 

Brindle BRMMMU22PB

Brindle BRMMMU22PB Memory Foam Pet Bedis a 4-inch thick, high-quality dog bed without spending as much as you would for a premium brand bed. This bed uses two types of memory foam for comfort and support, which is soothing for dogs with joint pain. It has a non-removable waterproof layer, so the memory foam underneath stays completely dry. The bed also comes with a washable zipper cover, with a luxuriously soft velour top for extra coziness.

The best part about the Brindle is that it’s not as expensive as other beds, yet it still has multiple orthopedic benefits. The only problem is that it doesn’t regulate temperature well and may get uncomfortably hot, which is why we kept it out of our #1 spot. Otherwise, we recommend the Brindle Memory Foam Pet Bed as the best memory foam dog bed for the money.

Dimensions: 34″L X 22″W X 4″H

  • 4” thick memory foam dog bed
  • Two types of memory foam for added support
  • Waterproof liner to keep foam pad dry
  • Washable zipper cover with plush velour top
  • Less expensive compared to other beds
  • Doesn’t regulate temperature

3. PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed – Premium Choice

PetFusion PF-IBL1

The PetFusion PF-IBL1 Memory Foam Dog Bed is a premium memory foam dog bed designed for the best sleep of your dog’s life. This sofa style bed features a plush bolster attached on top for extra comfort, with dense memory foam for pain relief. The PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed comes with a washable zipper cover, made with water and tear-resistant materials for durability.

This bed is a bit larger than other beds, so it’s perfect for a big dog or multiple smaller dogs. The PetFusion Dog Bed is a premium-grade dog bed, so it’s more expensive than other memory foam dog beds. The zipper is also made with lower quality materials than advertised, so they may jam or break easily if handled excessively. Besides the zippers and the initial investment, we recommend it as a luxurious, premium-grade memory foam bed for your dog.

Dimensions: 36″L X 28″W X 4″H (9″H with bolster)

  • Sofa-style for extra comfort
  • Water and tear resistant washable cover
  • Waterproof liner in case of accidents
  • Large enough for a big dog or multiple small dogs
  • More expensive than other beds
  • Zippers are of low quality and jam easily

4. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed


The BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed is a memory foam dog bed that is less expensive than other beds, making it a good value. The mattress pad is made with therapeutic gel memory foam, which will help regulate your dog’s temperature throughout the year. The BarkBox comes with a plush zipper cover that is machine washable, in case your dog gets dirt and debris all over it. The neutral color fits into any home or room theme, so you don’t have to worry about this bed being an eyesore.

While it is a good dog bed, the problem is that it’s smaller compared to other beds. If you do buy this model, we recommend going a size bigger than intended for a cozier experience for your dog. It’s also not completely waterproof, so this may not be suitable for puppies still in potty training.

Dimensions: 29″L X 18″H X 3″W

  • Therapeutic gel memory foam
  • Less expensive as other beds
  • Zipper cover is plush and washable
  • Neutral color fits any house theme
  • Smaller and thinner compared to other beds
  • Not completely waterproof

5. Friends Forever Memory Foam Dog Bed

Friends Forever

Friends Forever PET63PC4290 Memory Foam Dog Bed is a lounging dog bed in a plush, sofa-style design. The bolster on this sofa-style memory foam pet bed is extra stuffed and cushioned, which is great for dogs that like to lean against something stable as they sleep. The bed is made with dense memory form to support your dog’s body, supporting your dog’s joints and pressure points. The soft removable cover zippers off easily for cleaning, with a skid-resistant bottom to prevent it from sliding around. The problem with the Friends Forever bed is that it’s not completely waterproof, so it’s not suitable for dogs that may have a few accidents that could damage the foam. It’s also made with cheap zippers that feel flimsy and jam too easily, which can be frustrating with a premium-grade dog bed. Another issue is that this dog bed has a strong chemical odor out of the box, which may take up to 24 hours to air out completely.

Dimensions: 36″L X 28″W X 4″H (9″H with bolster)

  • Cushioned bolster for leaning support
  • Dense memory foam to support dog’s body
  • Soft cover with a skid-resistant bottom
  • Not completely waterproof
  • Zipper is flimsy and jams easily
  • Chemical odor right out of the box

6. PETMAKER Memory Foam Dog Bed


The PETMAKER 80-00001SC Memory Foam Dog Bed is an affordable memory foam dog bed with an egg-crate style foam layer and an orthopedic memory foam layer. The PETMAKER bed comes with a zippered suede cover that comes off easily for cleaning. However, is there’s no water-resistant layer between the cover and foam, so it’s not suitable for dogs that are not fully housebroken. It also features a non-slip bottom, which can lessen the movement of the bed as your dog gets in.

The main issue with this bed is that the foam is low-quality, offering minimal support for your dog. It also has a strong and lasting odor out of the box, which needs to be aired out before use. If you’re looking for the best value in a memory foam dog bed, we recommend trying the Brindle pet bed first.

Dimensions: 26″L X 19″W x 4″H

  • Egg-crate layered foam pad
  • Suede removable cover
  • Non-slip bottom for stability
  • No water-resistant or waterproof layer
  • Low-quality foam offers minimal support
  • Strong chemical odor

7. KOPEKS Memory Foam Dog Bed

KOPEKS Orthopedic

KOPEKS Memory Foam Dog Bed is a memory foam dog bed made for dogs with heavy-set bodies, such as bulldogs and mastiffs. It has an extra thick mattress with a built-in pillow, but the quality is inconsistent, with some foam pads not expanding completely. This bed comes with a removable suede zipper cover and a slip-resistant bottom to grip the floor better.

While it seems like it may have the potential to be a great bed, there are some issues that keep it from being on the top of our list. The KOPEKS bed has a strong musty, chemical-y odor that is overpowering, so you’ll have to air this one out for a while. It also has an inner liner that should be at least water-resistant, but it fails to do so. For higher quality memory foam and a more comfier dog bed, we recommend trying the Dogbed4Less Memory Foam Dog best instead.

Dimensions: 50″L X 34″W X 7″H (3” built-in pillow)

  • Made for heavy-set dogs
  • Extra thick mattress with built-in pillow
  • Soft suede zipper cover with slip-resistant bottom
  • Inconsistent quality of mattress pads
  • Musty chemical odor
  • Waterproof liner doesn’t work

8. Go Pet Club Memory Foam Pet Bed

Go Pet Club Solid BB-36

The Go Pet Club BB-36 Memory Foam Pet Bed is a memory foam dog bed that uses 100% therapeutic memory foam for full-body support. This bed comes with a soft, plush zipper cover that can be removed for cleaning. The bed has an inner liner that is advertised as waterproof, but it’s made with low-quality materials and doesn’t work well. The zipper on the suede cover is also made with cheap materials, which may break easily with minimal use. The Go Pet Club bed does use high-quality memory foam, but it’s too dense and firm for most dogs. If your dog is a heavy-set, big-boned dog, this bed may work. For extra support without the premium price tag, we recommend trying the Brindle Memory Foam bed first.

Dimensions: 36″W X 28″L X 4″H

  • Inexpensive compared to other beds
  • Plush suede zipper cover
  • 100% memory foam
  • Memory foam is too firm for most dogs
  • Waterproof liner doesn’t work
  • Cheap quality zipper may break easily

9. Petsure Memory Foam Dog Bed


The Petsure Memory Foam Dog Bed is a luxury memory foam dog bed in a sofa-style design, with a sleek look for any household. This bed comes with a linen-like cover that gives it a classic couch appearance, with a Sherpa topper to keep your dog comfy. However, there are a few issues with the Petsure that should be considered. The foam mattress in this bed is thin and flimsy, so it won’t offer your dog any real therapeutic support. For the quality grade, it’s expensive and not worth the investment. The quality is overall pretty inconsistent with this bed, so you don’t exactly know what you’ll really be getting. It also has no protective layer from water and fluids, which can ruin the mattress permanently. For a better sofa-style bed that’s worth the investment, we recommend trying the PetFusion Memory Foam Bed first.

Dimensions: 36″W X 28″L X 4″H

  • Sofa-style design with a sleek look
  • Linen-like cover with Sherpa topper
  • Flimsy and thin memory foam pad
  • Expensive without premium-grade materials
  • No waterproof layer to protect pad
  • Inconsistent quality overall

10. Laifug M1143 Memory Foam Dog Bed

Laifug M1143

The Laifug M1143 Memory Foam Dog Bed is a large memory foam dog bed designed for orthopedic support. This bed has two built-in pillows on the shorter ends of the bed at different heights, giving your dog a choice in support. The bed itself is quite large, so it may work for bigger dogs like Labradors or Rottweilers. Besides these features, it is not the most impressive bed on the market. The foam pad quality is inconsistent, and it doesn’t rise to its full thickness of four inches, so it’ll be too thin and firm for any therapeutic benefits.

The Laufig Memory Foam Dog Bed is even advertised as waterproof, but the protective layer is flimsy and doesn’t work at all. This bed is also expensive for the low-grade quality, using cheap materials that seem to fall apart. If you’re looking for the best overall memory foam bed with orthopedic support, we recommend trying our Top 3 memory foam dog beds for the best quality and style.

Dimensions: 50″L X 36″W X 10″H

  • Built-in pillows on shorter sides
  • Jumbo-sized bed for
  • Foam doesn’t rise to full-thickness
  • Cheap zipper breaks easily
  • Not waterproof as advertised
  • Expensive for low-grade quality

Buyer’s Guide 

If you’re new to memory foam dog beds, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns. There are a lot of factors that come into play when looking for a memory foam dog bed, including your dog’s size and health conditions. Regardless of its purpose, it’s important to learn about memory foam dog beds so you know what to look for:

 What is a Memory Foam Bed?

A memory foam bed is a type of dog bed that consists of a mattress pad insert made with orthopedic-grade memory foam for a slew of health benefits. As the pet industry grew over the past few decades, the idea of memory foam beds for dogs quickly became a hit. With thousands of memory foam beds available, there are different benefits that they can offer.

 Benefits of a Real Memory Foam Bed

Memory foam dog beds are great for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. A high-quality memory foam mattress can help relieve joint and hip pain, as well as arthritis and other painful conditions. Memory foam beds can benefit dogs that suffer from soreness from sleeping on thin beds or bare floors. They’re also great for senior dogs with hip and mobility conditions, giving them a supportive place to rest during the day.

 Memory Foam Beds vs. Other Beds

There are many styles of dog beds available, from the thin pads for crates to donut-shaped circles. While many of these beds can be cozy, they may not be as beneficial as a memory foam dog bod. Memory foam molds to your dog’s shape, whereas traditional beds seem to flatten out over time. If you’re looking for the most supportive type of bed, a memory foam bed will give your dog the most pain relief.

What to Look for in a Good Memory Foam Dog Bed

There are many things that make a good memory foam dog bed, so it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for a memory foam dog bed. 

High-Quality Memory Foam

A good memory foam bed with have 100% therapeutic memory foam that is firm enough to support your dog’s weight while soft enough to be comfortable. Memory foam should retain its true form even after extended use, so make sure the bed is made with high-quality memory foam.

Memory Foam Dog Bed

Temperature Regulating Memory Foam

Another feature to look for in a good memory foam dog bed is temperature regulating memory foam, which helps keep your dog comfortable during each season. This is especially important in the summer since low-quality memory foam will be too hot for your dog.

Protective Waterproof Layer

A protective, waterproof layer is an absolute must for a memory foam dog bed because the foam will act like a sponge if any liquid touches it. This will permanently ruin the memory foam and also wastes your money. Make sure any memory foam bed you look at has at least a water-resistant layer.

 Quality for the Cost

While memory foam dog beds can get expensive, there’s no reason to shell out cash for the most expensive model. Look for a balance between quality and cost, so you don’t end up spending more than you need to. Unless there are additional features you’re interested in, look for beds that aren’t going to break your bank.


After carefully comparing the reviews of each dog bed, we found the Dogbed4Less Memory Foam Dog Bed to be the best overall memory foam dog bed. It’s made with the highest-quality, orthopedic memory foam for the ultimate sleeping experience for your dog. We found Brindle  Memory Foam Pet Bed to be the best value memory foam dog bed. It provides the healing benefits of memory foam without emptying your wallet.

We hope this list has made it easier for you to find a memory foam dog bed. We looked for the best products available with your dog’s needs in mind. If you are still unsure, ask your local pet store for a recommendation specific to your dog’s lifestyle.

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