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10 Best Dog Treat Pouches & Bags for Training in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Dog Treat PouchA dog treat pouch or bag for training will have some special requirements that are not as essential in a standard treat bag. Primarily, these pouches need to be accessible and easy to open and close while you and your dog are going through the training routines. Finding a brand that includes these features and is durable, easy to clean, and comfortable can be quite the challenge, especially with so many brands and types of bags available.

We have chosen 10 brands of dog treat pouches and bags that are very popular among dog trainers. We are going to review each one for you and fill you in on all of the pros and cons, so you can see what you like. We have also included a short buyer’s guide where we break down the essentials of these bags so you can feel confident when shopping.

Keep reading for our detailed reviews of each brand of dog treat pouches and bags for training, where we compare size, ease of use, extra pockets, and durability to help you make an educated purchase.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch
  • Feature iconHolds plenty of treats
  • Feature iconEasy-to-clean lining
  • Feature iconBuilt-in doggie bag compartment
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Chuckit Treat Tote Chuckit Treat Tote
  • Feature iconOne-hand operation
  • Feature iconQuick clip-on
  • Feature iconDurable material
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    RUFFWEAR Treat Trader RUFFWEAR Treat Trader
  • Feature iconMagnetic closing
  • Feature iconVersatile attachment
  • Feature iconDurable fabric
  • PetSafe Treat Pouch PetSafe Treat Pouch
  • Feature iconIncludes belt
  • Feature iconAdditional pockets
  • Feature iconMachine washable
  • PetAmi Dog Treat Pouch PetAmi Dog Treat Pouch
  • Feature iconThree ways to wear
  • Feature iconVariety of colors
  • Feature iconDoggy bag compartment
  • The 10 Best Dog Treat Pouches & Bags for Training

    1. Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch – Best Overall

    Paw Lifestyles

    The Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch is our pick for the best overall dog treat pouches and bags for training. This pouch holds plenty of treats so you and your pet can remain focused for longer. The treat liner is green nylon and can be pulled out to empty crumbs and is easy to wipe clean. On the outside, there is a mesh pouch and two smaller zippered pouches. It also features a compartment to hold and dispense doggie bags to help with inevitable accidents when training. Two sturdy metal D-rings make it easy to attach even more items.

    The only thing that we can say negative about this brand is that it’s a little small.

    • Holds plenty of treats
    • Easy-to-clean lining
    • Built-in doggie bag compartment
    • Two D rings
    • Two zippered pouches
    • Small
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    2. Chuckit 1400 Treat Tote – Best Value

    Chuckit 1400

    The Chuckit 1400 Treat Tote is the brand we believe is the best dog treat pouches & bags for training for the money. The treat tote quickly clips on to your belt loop and is constructed from a durable material. It’s large enough to hold plenty of small treats, and you can open and close the bag with one hand. You can also purchase the Treat Tote in small or large sizes and several in colors.

    The only problem we had with this inexpensive brand is the drawstring began to fray after continuous use.

    • One-hand operation
    • Quick clip-on
    • Durable material
    • Assorted sizes and colors
    • Drawstring
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    3. RUFFWEAR Treat Trader – Premium Choice

    RUFFWEAR 3599-025

    The RUFFWEAR 3599-025 Treat Trader is our premium choice dog treat pouch for training. This brand features two ways to wear it. You can either use the belt loop or clip it directly to your waistband.  The pouch features a durable waterproof fabric om the outside and a thin nylon liber that is waterproof and easy to clean. The magnetic clasps are dual-purpose and work to keep the pouch closed but easily openable with one hand, and also signal the dog that a treat is coming.

    The only thing we didn’t like about this brand is that if you use the clip to attach it to your waistband, the pouch sits a little high, and the clip is right against the skin, which becomes uncomfortable after a short while.

    • Magnetic closing
    • Versatile attachment
    • Durable fabric
    • The clip isn’t comfortable
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    4. PetSafe Treat Pouch

    PetSafe PTA00-13748

    The PetSafe PTA00-13748 Treat Pouch is a larger-sized treat bag that comes with a belt that can be adjusted to fit a 48-inch waist. It’s machine washable, and it’s available in multiple colors and two sizes. It features two pockets, one is on the inside, and the other is on the outside, for carrying more items with you while you train.

    What we didn’t like about this brand is the inside doesn’t pull out for easy cleaning and knocking out crumbs. There is also a seam between the two inside pockets that will trap treats and make it challenging to retrieve them, especially while training. The included plastic clip used to attach additional accessories is very flimsy and broke within minutes of unpacking this brand.

    • Includes belt
    • Additional pockets
    • Machine washable
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Flimsy plastic clip
    • Not easy to clean
    • Treats get stuck in the seam
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    5. PetAmi Dog Treat Pouch


    The PetAmi Dog Treat Pouch is an extremely versatile bag that comes in a wide variety of colors. There are three ways to wear this pouch. You can use the included 52-inch belt as an over the shoulder strap, or as a standard belt. You can also attach the metal clip directly to your let or belt loops. This pouch features extra pockets and also features a compartment to hold and dispense doggy bags. This brand also includes a collapsible water bowl to help keep your pet hydrated when you’re away from home.

    What we didn’t like about this brand is that it is not as easy to open as some of the other brands. We often found ourselves needing to stop training so we could open the bag, which Is distracting to the dog. It also doesn’t sufficiently close, so if you need to lean over, the treats fall out.

    • Three ways to wear
    • Variety of colors
    • Doggy bag compartment
    • Collapsible bowl
    • Not easy to open
    • Doesn’t fully close
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    6. LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch


    The LANNEY Dog Treat Pouch uses a durable oxford cloth in its construction. The waterproof inner nylon pouch pulls out to get rid of crumbs, and it wipes clean. There are plenty of extra pockets, and there is a compartment on each side for dispensing doggie waste bags. It seals tight and won’t let treats fall out. It also comes with a few accessories, including a collapsible water bowl and a training clicker. There are two D-rings to attach these and other accessories for travel.

    We liked all of the extras that this brand comes with, but we felt it was a little smaller than we hoped it would be. The outer oxford material is durable, but the inner nylon pouch, the zipper, and the D-ring stitching are very flimsy and won’t last long.

    • Durable oxford cloth
    • Waterproof nylon inner bag
    • Easy to clean
    • Extra pockets
    • Collapsible bowl
    • Small
    • Flimsy
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    7. RoyalCare Silicone Dog Treat Pouch


    The RoyalCare Dog Treat Pouch is a brand that features a unique construction material. These pouches use 100% FDA certified food-grade silicone in their construction, and each purchase includes a set of two pouches. You can use one for wet food, and the other for dry food, or save one as a backup. The treat pouches are incredibly lightweight and are easy to clean. They are not too deep so you can reach the bottom, and you can spray them out or even run them through the dishwasher. The magnetic clasps make sure the pouch closes as soon as you remove your hand.

    We didn’t like that there are no extra pockets included in the design, nor are there and D-rings for attaching accessories. The only way to carry these bags is by clipping the flimsy clip to your pants pocket, and it doesn’t hold it tight. The pouch would fall on the ground every time we bent over.

    • Set of two
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to clean
    • Durable
    • Waterproof
    • Magnetic closing
    • Clip slips
    • No extra pockets
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    8. Kibble Bubble Dog Treat Pouch

    Kibble Bubble 30747-B

    The Kibble Bubble 30747-B Dog Treat Pouch features a unique dog bone design and is available in four colors. This brand uses a food-grade silicone in its construction, which is BPA-free, and safe for use in dishwashers. It’s also quite durable.

    While we are using this brand, we found that the hole doesn’t completely shut, and the opening is large enough to let crumbs and even some treats to fall out. It also tends to pick up lint if you carry it in your pocket for any length of time. There are also no extra pockets or D-rings to carry or attach accessories.

    • Dishwasher safe
    • Food grade silicone
    • Four colors
    • Picks up lint
    • Crumbs fall out
    • No extra pockets
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    9. eBasics Dog Treat Pouch


    The eBasics Dog Treat Pouch is a high-quality pouch capable of holding up to three cups of treats. It’s easy to open and close with one hand using the magnetic clasps. It uses a durable polyester material in its construction that won’t tear or fray. It features an extra zippered pocket, and it includes a strap to use as a belt or as an over the shoulder strap.

    We liked the material that this brand uses, but the clips are too flimsy and our broke after only a few uses. It’s also slightly bulky, and the strap tends to get in the way while you are training.

    • Holds three cups of treats
    • Magnetic closure
    • Zippered extra front pocket
    • Durable polyester material
    • Flimsy clips
    • Bulky
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    10. Leashboss Dog Treat Pouch

    Leashboss POUCH-BRG

    The Leashboss POUCH-BRG Dog Treat Pouch, as the name suggests, does not come equipped with a leash and is designed to clip to your belt or waist. The clip is metal instead of plastic, so it is much more durable. `The Leashboss also includes a large mesh pocket on the front and a smaller zippered pocket on the side. It also has a built-in doggie bag compartment. It uses a drawstring opening and closing, which allows for one-handed operation. Reflective stitching helps the pouch be more visible in low light conditions.

    We wished this brand had a strap while we were using it. The metal belt clip is sturdy, but it is very tight and is challenging to clip onto a belt. We also liked the extra pockets, but the doggie bag compartment is not large enough for a new roll, so you need to use a few bags before you can fit it in the pouch. One final problem we had was that the liner separated from the rest of the pouch after a few uses.

    • Metal clip
    • Extra pockets
    • Drawstring close
    • Reflective stitching
    • Doggie bag compartment not large enough for a fresh roll
    • No strap
    • Tight clip
    • Not durable
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    Buyer’s Guide

    The buyer’s guide section is where we will go over all of the critical elements of dog treat pouches and bags for training.


    Size is often the first consideration when choosing a dog treat pouch or bag. You need a bag that can hold enough treats to get you through your training session. Larger dogs are going to need a larger pouch. We recommend considering your training routine before you purchase to determine how big a bag you will need.

    Ease of Use

    It may seem silly mentioning ease of use when talking about a bag or a pouch, but it is an essential feature that your pouch will need to have when using it for training purposes. Stopping to fiddle with your pouch can break your pet’s focus and concentration, reducing the effectiveness of your training session.

    Ideally, you want to find a bag that you can open and close with one hand without looking at it so that you can keep your eyes on your pet. No buckles or straps are going to work here. Magnets work best, but your dog can find a way to get a magnetically closed bag open when you are not training. If you plan on leaving treats in the pouch between training sessions, you might opt for the drawstring closing instead.

    Drawstring style pouches often have a push-button toggle to keep the bag tightly closed. The downside to drawstring bags is that the pushbutton is usually low quality, and it either breaks quickly or clamps down so tightly on the chord that it frays.


    Another concern when choosing a pouch or bag for training is how you are going to carry it. Many brands include a strap that you can wear around your waist like a belt or over the shoulder like a purse. Some brands feature a clip that attaches to your belt or pocket. Still, other brands feature a loop for a belt to pass through or a D-ring for wearing it in another way.

    It doesn’t matter how you wear it as long as you can comfortably reach the treats with one hand while you are training. You may need to try several different types to find the one you like best.  Once you know how you want to wear it, you can worry about the durability of any attachments and belts. The clip-on your belt type is especially prone to breaking because they are often plastic but straps and D-rings can suffer from poor stitching.

    Dog Treat Pouch

    Clean Up

    Cleanup is a significant concern, especially if your dog likes oily treats, or treats with a lot of moisture. You need to be able to get in there and remove all the crumbs and wipe it down. Make sure that the brand you chose doesn’t have any places that capture and hold the bits. We recommend looking for brands that can go in the washing machine, or into the dishwasher.


    A dog training pouch or bag takes a significant amount of abuse. It’s continuously opened and closed as well as pulled and tugged. We recommend paying particular attention to the construction material used. Always look for high-quality fabric and double stitching.  Metal clips and D-rings will also last much longer than plastic and nylon. The silicone bags are very durable but usually don’t have much in the way of extra pockets or attachments.

    Extra Pockets

    Once you have a bag that sits on your body comfortably so you can retrieve treats with one hand, you might start to desire some extra pockets and attachments. Additional pockets are great for carrying toys and other accessories that you might need during your time with your pet. D-rings can also allow you to clip on other accessories like a collapsible water bowl or even an additional pouch.

    The main thing to look out for when choosing a bag that has extras is that they will be useful. Many brands have pockets too small to serve any purpose. Make sure the pockets in the brand you choose are large enough to carry the items you want to take with you.


    We recommend getting the largest pouch you can that doesn’t feel bulky. Extra pockets are helpful if they are large enough for a tennis ball or a cell phone, but a comfortable pouch that you can operate with one hand is the primary concern. We recommend the Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Training Pouch. It’s our top choice because it covers all the bases and also has a convenient compartment for doggie bags. The Chuckit 1400 Treat Tote is another excellent choice available at a bargain price.

    We hope that you have enjoyed reading over these reviews concerning dog treat pouches and bags for training. Hopefully, you have found our buyer’s guide helpful. If you think they can help others, please share this article on Facebook and Twitter.