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9 Best Dog Leash Holders & Hooks in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Dog Leash HolderYour dog’s leash is a big part of your day-to-day life. But what do you do when you’re not out on a walk with your four-legged companion? On the one hand, you want their leash to always be within reach — you never know when you’ll need it. On the other, though, nobody likes to look at their dog’s leash thrown on the ground, laying on a table, or hanging off of a doorknob.

Designating a spot for your dog’s leash is an extremely simple task, but it can do a lot to improve your home organization! Plus, when you have a specific spot for your leash to hang, it’s near-impossible to misplace it when you need it most.

Of course, much of choosing the best dog leash holder for you depends on your personal home aesthetic. While some leash hooks will look great in one home, others might not fit the bill. To get you started, though, we’ve put together reviews of some of the most popular and trendiest leash hangers currently on the market.

Now, let’s find your ideal leash holder:

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Franklin Brass Paw Print Wall Hook Franklin Brass Paw Print Wall Hook
  • Feature iconModern satin nickel finish
  • Feature iconHolds up to 35 pounds
  • Feature iconVersatile and cute design
  • Best Value
    Second place
    DEI Wall Rack Leash Holder DEI Wall Rack Leash Holder
  • Feature iconCute, unique design
  • Feature iconThree different hooks
  • Feature iconAvailable in multiple colors
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Michael’s Metal Art Dog Leash Hook Michael’s Metal Art Dog Leash Hook
  • Feature iconConstructed of solid steel
  • Feature iconFeatures six hooks
  • Feature iconGreat for multi-dog households
  • CoolPlus Wall Dog Leash Holder CoolPlus Wall Dog Leash Holder
  • Feature iconClassy and artistic decor
  • Feature iconFeatures four hooks
  • Feature iconAlso available in other designs
  • The Metal Peddler Leash Holder The Metal Peddler Leash Holder
  • Feature iconMade of magnetic steel
  • Feature iconRust-resistant
  • Feature iconTwo sizes
  • The 9 Best Dog Leash Holders & Hooks – 2021

    1. Franklin Brass Paw Print Wall Hook – Best Overall

    Franklin Brass FBPAWHK-SN-C

    Believe it or not, not all leash holders and hooks are made the same. Our top pick today is the Franklin Brass FBPAWHK-SN-C Paw Print Wall Hook. This metal hook is finished with satin nickel and will fit into a wide range of home decor styles.

    When hung into a stud or other wood object, this leash holder can accommodate up to 35 pounds. While your dog’s leash probably won’t weigh anywhere close to that much, this means you can also use the hook for jackets, bags, umbrellas, keys, and more. The cute paw print emblem isn’t a bad touch, either.

    This leash hook is quite sturdy and large. Be sure to check the measurements before purchasing.

    • Modern satin nickel finish
    • Holds up to 35 pounds
    • Versatile and cute design
    • Sturdily built
    • May be bigger than expected
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    2. DEI Wall Rack Leash Holder – Best Value

    DEI 53903

    If you care more about function than form, you might be interested in hunting down the best dog leash holders & hooks for the money. If so, our top pick is the DEI 53903 Wall Rack Leash Holder. This hanger is available in black, white, or silver and features three different bone-shaped hooks.

    Since this leash holder offers multiples hooks, it’s a great option for any multi-dog household that’s craving a little more organization. The cute bone design is about 9 inches across and comes with the required hanging hardware.

    While this hanger is quite lightweight, it is also extremely easy to bend. It will support the weight of a standard leash, but the hooks will not support the weight of anything much heavier.

    • Cute, unique design
    • Three different hooks
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Lightweight and easy to hang
    • Hooks will not support much weight
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    3. Michael’s Metal Art Dog Leash Hook – Premium Choice

    Michael's Metal Art

    For dog owners who love to support small businesses while also investing in a product they need, the Michael’s Metal Art Dog Leash Hook is definitely worth checking out. This handmade leash hanger features six small hooks and is 17 inches wide.

    On top of its handmade quality, the charming design of this leash holder is its biggest selling point. The solid steel design is finished in satin black and glossy red but will suit most existing decor. Since the finish is powder-coated, you don’t need to worry about unsightly chips forming with use.

    With so many hooks, you have plenty of space to hang multiple leashes or other items. However, this hanger might be too big for owners just looking for a simple leash holder.

    • Handmade in the United States
    • Constructed of solid steel
    • Features six hooks
    • Great for multi-dog households
    • Not the best option for a designated leash hook
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    4. CoolPlus Wall Dog Leash Holder

    CoolPlus Bear-7

    There are plenty of decorative hooks that feature dog-inspired artwork, sayings, and imagery. But what if you want something a little more subtle? The CoolPlus Bear-7Wall Mounted Dog Leash Holder is great for homes with a cabin-inspired style but that still needs a practical place to hang a leash.

    If you mount this hanger into a stud or other solid wood object, the weight capacity is up to 35 pounds. Overall, the hanger is 9 inches across and features four different hooks for multiple leashes or other day-to-day necessities. If you want a leash holder that’s both practical and attractive, this is an excellent compromise.

    For owners of large dogs, the hooks on this hanger might be too narrow to hold heftier leashes. The included installation hardware is also a little too small for secure mounting, so you may need to invest in different screws. Finally, the surface can become scratched easily.

    • Classy and artistic decor
    • Features four hooks
    • Also available in other designs
    • Holds up to 35 pounds
    • Hooks are too small for some leashes
    • Included hardware is too small
    • Prone to scratching
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    5. The Metal Peddler Leash Holder

    The Metal Peddler

    Are you the proud owner of a spunky Dachshund or do you know someone who is? If so, The Metal Peddler KR-Dach-SM Leash Holder is the perfect personal investment or thoughtful gift. This hanger is made of powder-coated steel and is designed for rust-resistance.

    You can choose from two different sizes, either 6 inches or 9 inches wide, and there are five hooks for hanging leashes or various other items. The steel is magnetic, so you can also attach to-do lists and other items to the hanger itself.

    Depending on the size you order, the hooks may be too small and lightweight for many household items (including most leashes).

    • Unique gift idea for Dachshund owner
    • Made of magnetic steel
    • Rust-resistant
    • Two sizes
    • Lightweight design may bend
    • Smaller than expected
    • Must order Large size for leashes
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    6. Ikea BÄSTIS Dog Tail Pet Leash Hanger

    Ikea BÄSTIS

    If you’re unafraid of filling your home with fun, quirky decor, then we’ve got just the leash holder for you. The Ikea BÄSTIS Dog Tail Pet Leash Hanger set includes six different colors of this unique leash hanger that’s sure to be a conversation-starter no matter where you choose to install them.

    Each leash hanger is made of soft rubber rather than hard plastic or metal. This design can help present bruised shoulder caused by bumping into traditional wall hooks. Because these hangers are all independent of each other, you can use one set to add leash hooks to every entrance of your home, garage, and beyond.

    Of course, these cute leash hooks won’t appeal to everyone’s sense of style. They also don’t come with any installation hardware, so you’ll likely need to make a trip to the hardware store.

    • Eye-catching, functional home decor
    • Made of soft rubber
    • Can be hung anywhere
    • Only available as a full set
    • Does not include installation hardware
    • Too quirky for some homes
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    7. Highland Ridge Paw Print Leash Holder

    Highland Ridge

    The Highland Ridge Rustics Paw Print Leash Holder is a single hook that looks great pretty much anywhere in the home. The sturdy construction can support multiple heavy leashes without worry.

    Though this hook is technically only designed for one item, the 1-inch space between the hook and the wall leaves enough room to hang up multiple leashes. The strong, 16-gauge steel used to make this hook means it won’t bend easily under the weight of a leash or other items.

    Because this leash holder is constructed of raw metal, it will quickly rust if exposed to the natural elements. Not only should you only install this hanger indoors, but you should also keep it away from excess moisture in general.

    • Simple and stylish design
    • Enough space to hang multiple leashes
    • Strong steel construction
    • Only suitable for indoor use
    • Multiple leashes may tangle
    • Variations in size and color
    • Requires careful installation for stability
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    8. GreaterGood Dog Leash Holder


    Rustic-inspired home decor has been one of the biggest trends for several years now, so it should come as no surprise that there’s a dog leash hook out there to match. The GreaterGood Dog Leash Holder isn’t just for your dog, it’s for you and your partner as well.

    With spaces marked “His,” “Hers,” and — last but not least — with a paw print, you’ll always know where your keys (or leash) belong. The distressed wood background gives this leash holder the perfect rustic touch.

    While the textured wood pattern may look like real wood, it is actually just a printed design. The words and paw print are also just printed, rather than being etched or painted on. Overall, this hanger is a little on the small side.

    • Perfect for rustic homes
    • Unique design with a designated space for everyone
    • Made from particleboard
    • Design is printed
    • Smaller than expected
    • Printed details are low quality
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    9. G3 Studios Dog Leash Holder

    G3 Studios

    The G3 Studios Leash Holder is another hook with a rustic touch, but this one is built a little sturdier. This handmade leash holder features a dual-hook attached to a solid wood block adorned with a paw print cutout.

    This leash hanger is 7.75 inches tall and can hold two leashes or other items. The dual-hook also makes it easy to wrap up your dog’s leash, keeping it tidy and out of the way until you need it again.

    Because this leash holder is handmade, it does come at a more expensive price than many other options. The wooden block itself is also a bit smaller than expected. Overall, this hook is best used indoors.

    • Handmade in the United States
    • Dual-hook design
    • Best for indoor use
    • On the heavier side
    • Smaller than expected
    • More expensive than others
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    If you’re on the hunt for a designated leash hook that will make keeping your home organized a little bit easier, there are plenty of great options available.

    Our top pick is the Franklin Brass FBPAWHK-SN-C Paw Print Wall Hook. This leash holder is made of satin nickel and can accommodate up to 35 pounds. It’s sturdily built and offers the perfect place to hang your dog’s leash or other belongings.

    For something budget-friendly, our top pick is the DEI 53903 Wall Rack Leash Holder. This leash holder features three individual hooks and comes in several color options. Overall, it’s lightweight, versatile, and easy to install.

    If you’re not afraid to spend a little more if it means supporting a handmade business, then we suggest the Michael’s Metal Art Dog Leash Hook. This one-of-a-kind leash holder is handmade in the USA and features six hooks. The solid steel construction is durable and can hold multiple dog leashes at once.

    So, if you’re tired of hunting for your dog’s leash or finding it knotted up on the floor, you have plenty of options at your fingertips. No matter your existing home decor, we hope our reviews have helped you find the perfect leash hook for your furry friend!

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    Featured Image Credit: Highland Ridge Rustics Dog Leash Hooks, amazon