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10 Best Dog Harnesses For Pitbulls in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

pitbull puppy wearing harness

When people think of pit bulls, they typically think of mean, aggressive beasts who are nothing but muscle machines. Although this breed is strong, they are not the strongest dog around; by far, in fact. That being said, this happy pup is easily excited, and if they catch sight of something that needs to be chased, they have the muscle to pull a grown human off their feet if they are not paying attention.

For that reason alone, most pit bull owners prefer a harness to a typical collar for their pal. A harness helps distribute the pup’s force more equally, giving you better control over your pet’s rambunctious actions. Below, you’ll find the ten best harnesses on the market right now (and foreseeable future).

Our reviews will cover details like construction, durability, handleability, safety, and various other factors. To give you some extra insight, we have provided a buyer’s guide, as well.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2021:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Eagloo Dog Harness Eagloo Dog Harness
  • Feature iconDurable material
  • Feature iconPadded
  • Feature iconSecure rings and buckles
  • Best Value
    Second place
    PetLove Dog Harness PetLove Dog Harness
  • Feature iconScratch-resistant material
  • Feature iconPadded & Durable
  • Feature iconStrong buckles with lock feature
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Dogs My Love Leather Dog Harness Dogs My Love Leather Dog Harness
  • Feature iconNickel-plated hardware
  • Feature iconHeavy-duty D-ring
  • Feature iconControl handle option
  • Lifepul Dog Vest Harness Lifepul Dog Vest Harness
  • Feature iconNickel-plated hardware
  • Feature iconMachine washable
  • Feature iconLock buckles
  • YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness
  • Feature iconElastic short leash integrated handle
  • Feature iconWeather-proof and wear-resistant
  • Feature iconReflective
  • The 10 Best Dog Harnesses For Pitbulls:

    1. Eagloo Pitbull Dog Harness – Best Overall


    If you are looking for the best overall pick, the Eagloo Dog Harness is for you. This lightweight dog wrangler comes in small, medium, large, and Xlarge, so you are sure to find a size that fits your pit. You can also pick from six colors, as well.

    With this harness, you will be able to attach a leash to either the back or chest plate. The chest hook is designed to give you better control over an aggressive puller. The chest and back rings are made from durable zinc alloy. What’s more, the placement is meant to keep your pooch from being strangled.

    The fabric of the Eagloo is a double oxford nylon webbing that is durable, breathable, and comfortable. The front plate has soft sponge padding, as well, and it will not cause any chafing under your pet’s arm. It also has a control handle on the back that can be used to secure a seatbelt, too.

    This harness is great for all outdoor activities and provides control over pups that are eager to move. This model features 3M reflective lining for visibility in low light, plus the cleaning is simple. You can also adjust the straps on the neck and chest. What’s more, the super-strength buckles will ensure your pet cannot wiggle free. Overall, this is the best harness for your energetic pit bull.

    • Durable material
    • Padded
    • Secure rings and buckles
    • Control handle
    • Reflective material
    • Front chest and back leash rings
    • Shorter shoe life expectancy due to more frequent outings
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    2. PetLove Dog Harness – Best Value


    Up next is the best dog harness for pit bulls for the money. The PetLove Dog harness is a stylish, scratch-resistant option that comes in eight sizes from XXX-small to XX-large. The durable material is available in five colors that all feature reflective material for night walks.

    This harness has a large head opening to make it less stressful for your pooch to put on. The soft sponge padding will keep your pet comfy while also reducing any friction on the sensitive armpits. What’s more, there is a control handle for congested or heavy traffic areas.

    The PetLove has a breathable mesh lining and fully adjustable straps. The durable buckles also have a lock feature to keep your pit secure. The only drawback to this model we can see is the chest plate is not as wide, nor does it have the option of a front leash attachment. Otherwise, this is the best harness for the money.

    • Durable
    • Scratch-resistant material
    • Padded
    • Strong buckles with lock feature
    • Reflective material
    • Control handle
    • Does not have chest leash ring
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    3. Dogs My Love Leather Dog Harness – Premium Choice

    Dogs My Love

    The Dogs My Love Genuine Leather Dog Harness is an option for those pooches who want that bad-ass look. This black little number uses adjustable belt buckle closures to secure your pet while also giving them easy movement. Although it looks stiff, this harness is very flexible and comfortable.

    The Dogs My Love has nickel-plated hardware for longevity that will not rust or chip. It also has metal-enforced eyelets for additional durability. You can choose from a large 33-inch or Xlarge 37-inch size. The straps are 1.5 inches wide and 3/16 inches thick.

    Be advised, however, that this harness does not have any padding, nor does it have any reflection for low light. That being said, the D-ring is heavy-duty, and the back strap can be used as a control handle in a pinch. Though this option has a higher price tag, your pup will be Fonzy-like cool with the Dogs My Love look.

    • Durable
    • Nickel-plated hardware
    • Heavy-duty D-ring
    • Control handle option
    • Metal-enforced eyelets
    • No padding
    • Lacks reflection material
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    4. Lifepul Pitbull Dog Vest Harness

    Lifepul LPDBHR160525-B3

    In the number four spot, we have the Lifepul LPDBHR160525-B3 Dog Vest Harness-say that three times fast! Made of durable nylon material, you will keep your pit secure in this option with the nickel-plated hardware. Available in red or black, adjustable straps allow you to find the perfect fit for your four-legged friend.

    This harness comes in small, medium, large, and X-large. There is a back handle for easy control or to utilize with a seatbelt for car travel. The soft padded chest area keeps your pet comfortable, while the breathable fabric keeps them cool in hot weather. On the downside, though, the belly portion is narrow and needs to be adjusted correctly so your pet cannot slip loose.

    Other than that, the Lifepul has a durable D-ring on the backplate, plus locking heavy-duty buckles. As a bonus, you can toss this product in the washer when it gets dirty. On a final note, this harness does not have adequate reflection material for low light activities, and it does not have a front leash D-ring for extra control.

    • Back control handle
    • Durable
    • Nickel-plated hardware
    • Machine washable
    • Lock buckles
    • Lacks reflection
    • No front leash ring
    • Narrow chest plate
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    5. YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness


    Moving along to the middle of our reviews, we find ourselves with an option that features an elastic strap back handle. The YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness uses the elasticity on the padded handle to provide control without whiplash force. It also acts as an integrated short leash and measures four inches when fully extended.

    This model is made of durable, wear-resistant material. The chest plate is a padded cross pattern that can shift and cause chafing in the armpits. On the other hand, the back portion is ventilated for warm weather.

    The YOGADOG has adjustable straps, and click in place buckles. The weather-proof nylon harness is available in large, Xlarge, and XXlarge, although it only comes in black. There is reflective stitching, however, for low light excursions. Be advised, this option does not have a front D-ring. Also, the metal ring on the back, while durable itself, comes loose due to weak stitching. Otherwise, this is a decent harness for your pooch.

    • Durable material
    • Elastic short leash integrated handle
    • Weather-proof and wear-resistant
    • Reflective
    • D-ring stitching is not durable
    • Does not have a chest ring
    • Cross chest plate can chafe armpits
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    6. Friends Forever Dog Harness

    Friends Forever PET66-0027

    The Friends Forever PET66-0027 Dog Harness comes in either a 26 to 36-inch large or a 36 to 46-inch Xlarge size. The large opening makes this model easy to get on and off your pet, although the plastic buckles are not as durable as some of our other options.

    This harness comes in a black style that lacks the amount of reflection needed to be useful at night. That being said, the material is soft and lightweight, plus it’s waterproof. Keep in mind, though, that if you do not adjust the straps correctly, the fabric will rub and burn sensitive skin on your pet.

    The Friends Forever features a handle along with a durable D-ring on the backplate. The handle also has a plastic grip that breaks down quickly and causes injury if it splinters. Finally, this harness does not have the front ring for controlled leash walking.

    • Easy to get on and off
    • Durable
    • Waterproof
    • Durable D-ring
    • Can cause chafing
    • Handle grip is not durable
    • Lacks reflection
    • Poor;y constructed buckles
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    7. ThinkPet No Pull Harness


    Up next in the number seven spot is a harness that comes in seven sizes and seven colors. The ThinkPet No Pull Harness is a durable 600D high density padded nylon option that is durable and great for hiking, hunting, and other more strenuous activities.

    The sport harness features two D-ring lead attachers on the back and chest plate. Nevertheless, the adjustable straps and locking buckles are not as hardy as you would like. Not only that, but the belly strap is made of an elastic material. All of these components combined make this harness easy to get out of for a determined pit bull.

    The ThinkPet chest plate is padded, although the elastic portion causes chafing. Keep in mind, as well, that the reflective material is only seen from the front of your pet. Beyond that, the material is lightweight and breathable.

    • Durable material
    • Chest and back D-rings
    • Padded
    • Lightweight
    • Elastic belly strap causes chafing
    • Buckles are not durable
    • Dogs can escape from this model
    • Reflective material is only in the front
    • Straps are ineffective
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    8. Dogs Kingdom Leather Dog Harness

    Dogs Kingdom

    Similar to our premium option, this is another leather harness that features belt buckle straps. Unlike the last model, however, the Dogs Kingdom Soft Leather Dog Harness is not as soft as you would like for your pit. The straps and overall construction is stiff, and it will cause chafing and irritation on your pup’s skin.

    Available only in one size, the 24 to 32-inch harness is better suited for small to medium size pit bulls. Also, this is an option that fits better on taller, more narrow-bodied pups as opposed to the shorter squatter variety.

    Claiming to be eco-friendly, the Dogs Kingdom has nickel-plated hardware and a heavy-duty back D-ring for the leash. There is also a leather control handle on the back, as well as five adjustable straps. What’s more, you will receive a complimentary leather handle dog chain lead.

    On a different topic, this harness is available in tan, black, pink, and red. Be advised, however, that there is no padding on this product, and it does not have the chest plate ring. Finally, the overall wear of this option is heavy and cumbersome for your pet, and there is no reflective material.

    • Nickel-plated hardware
    • Control handle
    • Heavy-duty D-ring
    • Heavy material
    • Causes chafing
    • No padding
    • Not recommended for larger and huskier pit bulls
    • Lacks reflection
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    9. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

    Rabbitgoo DTCW006-L-N

    In the second to last spot, we have the Rabbitgoo DTCW006-L-N Dog Harness. This model comes in small, medium, large, and Xlarge, although it only comes in black. The lightweight mesh material is durable, however, the overall stitching is not.

    This harness has adjustable straps on the neck and chest. We want to note here that the straps on this harness are narrow, plus the backplate is small in comparison to other options. This will make it harder to get on and off. The thin straps will also cause chafing in your pup’s armpits.

    The Rabbitgoo features a chest and backplate D-ring for your leash, but as we mentioned, the stitching is not durable so the hardware is more likely to come unattached. The ring itself, however, is durable. Also, there is a back control handle that has the same construction issue.

    There is padding on the chest plate of this harness, yet we once again refer to the narrow strap problem. Finally, there is no reflective material for low light activities.

    • Durable material
    • Chest and backplate rings
    • Durable D-rings
    • Stitching is not durable
    • Narrow straps
    • Hard to get on and off
    • Causes chafing
    • The handle is not durable
    • Lacks reflection
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    10. OneTigris Rugged K9 Vest Harness

    OneTigris TG-GBX11

    Our last pick for a pit bull harnesses is the OneTigris TG-GBX11 Rugged K9 Vest. You can choose from either a medium or large size, although this is a better-suited contraption for huskier pets. Available in black, you will find some additional features with this product including elastic loops for flashlights, a zipper poop-bag compartment, and a name patch that can be embroidered.

    Made of 500D nylon and 2mm padding, the overall construction is not durable compared to the other brands we reviewed. The padded handle on the backplate is not secure, and the stainless steel D-ring is easy to rip off. That being said, the ring itself is durable, but worthless if it is not attached.

    The bigger concern with the OneTigris is the design, however. First, the chest plate is detachable and comes loose frequently. In addition to the chest plate, there is also a chest strap that goes around the lower neck area. Unfortunately, this strap will easily inch its way up and cause choking when your pit pulls too hard.

    Overall, this is a less secure harness for your pet to use. The design causes chafing, and the reflection is poor, as well. Finally, the zipper on the poop-bag compartment often becomes stuck and will not open.

    • Additional features
    • Stainless steel D-ring
    • Not durable
    • The handle is not secure
    • Stitching is poor
    • Lacks reflection
    • Chest strap causes choking
    • Causes chafing
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    Buyer’s Guide

    How a harness fits on a dog

    Important Information For Your Pit Bull Harness

    Now that you have an idea of what your options are for a secure and dependable pit bull harness, you are going to need some vital information before you pick one out. That info is the size you will need to get a proper fit for your dog.

    If you do not choose the correct size, many things can go wrong while on an outing with your pooch. Just take a look at these scenarios:

    • Escapes: If the fit is not correct, your pooch can potentially escape. This can lead to them getting hurt or lost. Also, if they are uncomfortable around other dogs or people, it can cause many other problems.
    • Control: When the fit is poor, you will have trouble controlling your pup’s pulling. If the harness is too tight it can choke your pup, yet if it is too loose, you risk defection. This is especially true in congested areas or around other suspicious canines.
    • Comfort: A harness that doesn’t fit is just as uncomfortable as a pair of shoes that don’t fit. It can be super uncomfortable for your pit.
    • Injury: The skin under your pet’s arm is very sensitive, and it can become raw and chafed due to the constant rubbing of the material. Not only that, if they are too loose or tight it can restrict movement and cause joint and muscle pain.

    An easy way to avoid all of this is by accurately measuring your pit bull to determine the correct size. Here is the best procedure for determining the right size:

    • Step One: You first want to get the measurement of your pit bull’s neck. Start with your pet standing up, and use a fabric measuring tape or a string. Find the lowest part of the neck which will be right above the collar bone and just below where their collar normally sits.
    • Step Two: Next is the chest measurement. You want to find the widest part of your dog’s chest for this step. Typically, that will be the area right next to the armpit, but not always depending on your pooch’s build.
    • Step Three: Although this is not always a necessary measurement, you should also get your pit’s weight. Some harness brands will give you the measurements, and the weight restrictions, as well.
    • Additional Notes: Once you have these numbers you can determine the right size for your pup. Keep in mind, different brands have different measurements, so always check the labeling before making a purchase.

    Also, the majority of harnesses are adjustable. If you are between sizes, go with the smaller option. For example, if the brand offers a large 24 to 36-inch option or a 36 to a 46-inch option, and your pup is 36 inches, go with the smaller option.

    What Makes a Good Product in this Category?

    pitbull wearing harness and collar
    Image Credit: Pixabay

    Like any other pet product, there are specific features that set the best apart from the rest. Here are some features that will indicate the product is a step above the competition:

    • Padding: Good padding, especially on the chest plate, is a great addition to any harness. This adds a level of comfort for your pet, especially if they like to pull on the leash. It will also reduce the likelihood of chafing.
    • Dual D-rings: A great feature to look for if you have a pooch that is an aggressive puller is dual D-rings. Having a leash connection on the back and chest plate will help you control your pup. The front ring especially reduces the amount of force they can use to pull you along.
    • Control Handle: A secure control handle is another important aspect of a harness. Not only will this help your pup to heel, but it is handy in urban areas or around other dogs that your pup is not familiar with.
    • Stitching: Another indication of a quality product is durable stitching. For the most part, the overall fabric of a harness is secure. It is the stitching that usually comes loose at the seams, D-rind, and handles.
    • Reflection: Last but not least is reflection. Safety is always a priority when it comes to your loveable pit-pal. Reflective material or stitching will allow your four-legged friend to be seen in low light and at night. This can be a major component to your pup’s safety if they were ever to get loose during evening hours.

    Although there are many other features to choose from, these specific ingredients will make for one secure, durable, and functional harness for your pet.


    We hope the reviews above have given you the details you need to pick out the perfect harness for your furry friend. A harness can make the difference between a constant pulling battle and enjoy daily walks with your pitbull.

    Need a toy to go along with the harness? Check out the ten best toys for pit bulls to see which one your pet will like the best.

    Overall, we have to say the Eagloo Dog Harness is our favorite choice. This harness is durable, dependable, and comfortable for your pup. Our second favorite pick also happens to be an affordable option. The PetLove Dog Harness has all the benefits of a well-performing leash companion at a budget-friendly price.

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    Featured Image Credit By: Pixabay