Best Dog Frisbee (Hard & Soft Models) 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Best Dog FrisbeeThere’s nothing quite like playing frisbee with your dog on a beautiful day. But to keep the game going, you need a durable, well-designed frisbee that won’t fall apart or put a strain on your wallet. There are thousands of frisbees for sale, but many of them don’t meet these requirements. So how do you find the best brand without sacrificing playtime?

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the testing and research for you. To help you quickly find a great frisbee, we put together this list of the 10 best dog frisbees, including hard and soft models. For each frisbee, we’ve written a detailed review, looking closely at price, materials, durability, ease of throwing, and warranties so you can be sure you’re buying the best model. What are you waiting for? Read on to find your new favorite dog frisbee.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceMaterialEditor Rating
small Hyperflite(Best Overall)

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Hi-tech Polymers 4.30/5
small Chuckit 221301(Best Value)

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West Paw
small West Paw ZG032GLO(Premium Choice)

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small KONG 42551

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Hyper Pet
small Hyper Pet 47900EA

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The 10 Best Dog Frisbees (Hard & Soft Models)

1. Hyperflite JAWZ-GLOW Dog Disc – Best Overall

Hyperflite JAWZ-GLOW

Our all-around favorite dog frisbee is the Hyperflite JAWZ-GLOW Dog Disc, which is a sturdy glow-in-the-dark model that’s easy to clean and throw.

This five-ounce polymer frisbee is puncture-resistant and has an anti-glare coating and dual gripping surfaces. Made of flexible plastic, this model has a reasonable 8.75-inch diameter and is fairly indestructible. Conveniently, it’s also fully dishwasher-safe.

This frisbee doesn’t float, making it easy to lose in pools and ponds. It may not glow very brightly and can be difficult to spot in daylight. Hyperflite doesn’t offer a warranty.

  • Made of lightweight, flexible plastic
  • Puncture-resistant with anti-glare coating and dual grips
  • Fairly indestructible and glows in the dark
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • No warranty
  • Doesn’t float
  • May not glow and can be hard to see

2. Chuckit Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy – Best Value

Chuckit 221301

Are you working with a tight budget? You may be interested in the Chuckit 221301 Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, which we found to be the best dog frisbee (hard and soft models) for the money.

This 4.8-ounce frisbee is a fabric model, with a nylon interior and soft rubber edges. It’s brightly colored, making it easy to find, and it floats well in water.

Though it’s not the sturdiest model we reviewed, the very low price point makes this frisbee easy to replace. The blue paint isn’t fully water-resistant and the seams split fairly easily. This frisbee may also be too light to throw far. Chuckit doesn’t offer a warranty.

  • Not very sturdy
  • Blue paint isn’t fully water-resistant and seams split
  • Too light to throw far
  • No warranty

3. West Paw Durable Dog Frisbee – Premium Choice

West Paw ZG032GLO

If you’re looking for a premium model, you may want to try the West Paw ZG032GLO Durable Dog Frisbee, which is a bit more expensive but also well-designed, sturdy, and easy to throw.

This light 3.84-ounce frisbee is soft enough to protect your dog’s teeth and gums but flies like a hard model. It comes in two sizes, with 8.5- and 6.5-inch diameters, and glows in the dark. This frisbee bounces and floats in water and is made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic. It’s also fully dishwasher-safe. West Paw is a sustainable Certified B Corporation and offers a dedicated recycling program.

When we tested this frisbee, we found it to be quite sturdy, holding up to tug-of-war games and some gnawing. The neutral color can be difficult to find in daylight, and the frisbee can’t hold up to teething puppies or strong chewing. West Paw offers an impressive 100% guarantee against dog damage.

  • Lightweight, glow-in-the-dark, and sold in two sizes
  • Sturdy, soft BPA-free plastic that flies well
  • Bounces and floats in water
  • Recyclable and dishwasher-safe
  • 100% guarantee against dog damage
  • Difficult to find in daylight
  • Not strong enough for teething or heavy chewing
  • More expensive

4. KONG 42551 Flyer

KONG 42551

KONG’s 42551 Flyer is a reasonably-priced soft rubber model that isn’t very durable and has a cheaper feel.

This heavy 8.2-ounce frisbee, which comes in two colors and two sizes, is made of soft, flexible natural rubber. It’s good for teeth and gums and designed for dogs weighing between 30 and 65 pounds.

We found this frisbee easy to throw but less durable than expected. It falls apart quickly when chewed and feels somewhat flimsy. It also doesn’t float, making it easy to lose in water. KONG offers a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Fairly-priced flexible rubber
  • Two colors and two sizes
  • Easy to throw and good for teeth and gums
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Doesn’t float
  • Not very sturdy
  • Somewhat heavy

5. Hyper Pet 47900EA Dog Frisbee

Hyper Pet 47900EA

The Hyper Pet 47900EA Dog Frisbee is a low-cost, lightweight fabric model that’s very portable but has a flimsy, cheaper feel.

This 2.4-ounce frisbee has a nine-inch diameter and is made of soft, multilayer nylon fabric with a thick rubber ring. It’s brightly colored, though you don’t get to choose your color, and floats well in water.

This frisbee doesn’t feel very durable and can only handle gentle fetching and tug-of-war. It’s too light to throw well, and the seams and fabric rip fairly easily. Hyper Pet doesn’t offer a warranty, but this model is so inexpensive, it may not matter.

  • Low-cost and very lightweight
  • Multilayer nylon with a thick rubber ring
  • Brightly colored and very portable
  • Floats well in water
  • No warranty
  • Not very durable
  • Too light to throw well
  • Seams and fabric rip easily

6. Aerobie Dogobie Outdoor Disc

Aerobie 28C12

Aerobie’s 28C12 Dogobie Outdoor Flying Disc is very affordable, lightweight, and flexible. Unfortunately, it’s also harder to throw and may break easily.

This light 1.44-ounce frisbee is designed to be puncture- and tear-resistant. It has an eight-inch diameter and is soft enough to protect your dog’s teeth and gums. Aerobie offers multiple colors, but you won’t get to choose which one you receive.

This frisbee doesn’t float, making it easy to lose, and generally doesn’t fly straight. It’s too light to throw very far and breaks quickly. Aerobie doesn’t offer a warranty.

  • Inexpensive and very light
  • Flexible plastic is good for teeth and gums
  • Puncture and tear-resistant
  • Doesn’t float
  • Harder to throw and doesn’t fly straight
  • No warranty
  • Less durable

7. Monster K9 Dog Toys Dog Frisbee

Monster K9

Another option is the Monster K9 Dog Toys Dog Frisbee, which is on the more expensive end and made of flexible rubber.

This heavy eight-ounce frisbee is made of non-toxic black rubber and is designed for heavy chewers like German Shepherds and Pit Bulls.

This frisbee is aerodynamic but too heavy to fly well, and the rubber isn’t quite indestructible, coming off in chunks with serious chewing. The black color can be hard to find, and the frisbee sinks quickly in water. Monster K9 offers a lifetime warranty, but you can only get one replacement.

  • Non-toxic, flexible rubber
  • Designed for strong chewing breeds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Warranty only covers one replacement
  • Too heavy to fly well
  • Comes apart with heavy chewing
  • More expensive
  • Can be hard to find and sinks quickly

8. Petstages 231 Orka Flyer

Petstages 231

The 231 Orka Flyer from Petstages is very inexpensive and made of soft rubber. It’s a good water toy but isn’t very durable and can be hard to throw.

This 4.8-ounce frisbee has a soft center and a thick rim. It’s 8.5 inches wide and is good for teeth and gums. There are reinforced inner ribs and a raised diamond texture for added durability. This frisbee floats well in water and is designed for strong chewers.

When we tested this frisbee, we found that it performed well in water, though the blue color can be hard to see. It’s not as sturdy as we’d like and can only be hand-washed. Petstages doesn’t offer a warranty.

  • Inexpensive, with a soft rubber center and thick rim
  • Floats well and makes a good water toy
  • Reinforced inner ribs and raised diamond texture
  • Good for teeth and gums
  • Blue can be hard to see in the water
  • Not very sturdy
  • Hand-wash only
  • No warranty

9. StarMark TCEGMM Easy Glider Max


StarMark’s TCEGMM Easy Glider Max is a large, heavy soft foam model that doesn’t glide well and isn’t very sturdy.

This 8.8-ounce frisbee has a large 11-inch diameter. It comes in three colors, though you don’t get to choose, and is puncture-resistant. Made of soft foam, this frisbee floats well in water and includes a training guide.

This heavy frisbee can be hard to throw and doesn’t fly straight. It’s also not very sturdy, so if your dog is a heavy chewer, you’ll want to supervise play. StarMark doesn’t offer a warranty.

  • Large, puncture-resistant, and made of soft foam
  • Floats well in water
  • Includes a training guide
  • Heavy and somewhat expensive
  • Can be hard to throw and doesn’t fly straight
  • Not very sturdy
  • Don’t get to choose colors
  • No warranty

10. Nerf Dog 2864 Rubber Tire Flyer

Nerf Dog 2864

Our least favorite dog frisbee is the Nerf Dog 2864 Rubber Tire Flyer, which is a fairly heavy plastic model that can be harder to throw and isn’t very durable.

This 7.2-ounce frisbee has a unique tire design and is made of water- and weather-resistant rubber. It’s non-toxic, BPA-free, and FDA-approved, and has a generous 10-inch diameter suitable for medium and large dogs. It also floats well in water.

When we tested this frisbee, we found that it fell apart quickly with even moderate chewing. It won’t work for dogs with strong jaws or teething puppies and may be too large for smaller dogs. The blue color can also be hard to see in the water. Unfortunately, Nerf doesn’t offer a warranty.

  • Unique tire design
  • Non-toxic, BPA-free, water- and weather-resistant rubber
  • Floats in water
  • Large 10-inch diameter
  • No warranty
  • Falls apart quickly
  • Not suitable for teething or heavy chewing dogs
  • Difficult to see in the water
  • May be too large for smaller dogs

Buyer’s Guide

You’ve read through our list of the best dog frisbees. But should you choose a soft fabric model or a rubber frisbee? No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help you figure out your best option. Keep reading to find our comprehensive guide to all things frisbee.

Soft or Hard?

Are you looking for a soft or hard frisbee? Soft frisbees are gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums and often lighter. These portable frisbees may be less durable, with fabric and seams that may rip. They can also be harder to throw and more likely to lean one direction or the other in flight.

Hard frisbees are typically easier to throw, gliding through the air more smoothly. They’re also generally heavier and can be harder on your dog’s mouth. On the other hand, these frisbees are often sturdier and can stand up to teething puppies or chewing dogs. Even with a sturdy model, if your dog is a strong chewer, you may want to supervise play and take the frisbee away if your dog begins to chew on it.

Soft frisbees are often made of fabric, with nylon centers and outer rubber rings. They can also be made of flexible rubber or plastic. Hard frisbees are typically made of stiffer natural rubber or plastic polymer.


How large is your dog? You’ll probably want to consider the size of your dog’s jaw before purchasing a frisbee. Frisbees can range quite a bit in size, from 6.5 inches up to 10 or 11. For the best play sessions, you’ll want one that fits comfortably in your dog’s mouth.


Does the color matter to you? Many dog frisbees come in bright colors, which can be easier to spot during play. Keep in mind that dogs have limited color vision and won’t be able to distinguish colors like red, orange, and green as well. Some of the frisbees we reviewed come in a range of colors but don’t allow you to choose your favorite. If you have a strong preference, you may want to choose a different model.

Some frisbees also have glow-in-the-dark coloring, which can make nighttime play sessions much more fun. Keep in mind that though these frisbees are very visible in the dark, they often have muted, neutral colors that can be difficult to see in daylight.


Do you use your dog frisbees near lakes, pools, or ponds? You may want to look for models with water-friendly features like waterproofing and floating. Frisbees that will work well in water are water- and weather-resistant and can float long enough for your dog to reach them. If you choose a model that doesn’t float, it may quickly sink out of reach in a body of water.

You may also want to pick a frisbee that will be easy to see in the water. Blue frisbees can blend in with water and be difficult for you and your dog to spot.

Dog Frisbee


To keep away bacteria and bad odors, you’ll probably want to clean your dog’s frisbee fairly regularly. To make this easier, you may want to look for dishwasher-safe models that you won’t have to hand-clean.

Extra Features

Though not required, there are some additional features that you may find useful. Some dog frisbees come with easy-gripping surfaces or diamond textures that will make throwing easier. Some also have an anti-glare coating, which will make them more pleasant to watch.

In addition to floating, some frisbees can bounce, adding an extra dimension to fetch. And if you’re interested in eco-friendly features, you may want to look for models that can be recycled when you’re done with them, like West Paw’s dedicated recycling program.


Dog frisbees aren’t huge investments, so you may not be particularly interested in warranties. However, you may appreciate the refund or replacement if your dog immediately chews through its new toy or you receive a defective model. Though not all of the frisbees we reviewed come with warranties, some offer satisfaction guarantees or lifetime replacement warranties. Our premium pick, the West Paw ZG032GLO Durable Dog Frisbee, even comes with a full guarantee against dog damage. Keep in mind that some lifetime warranties don’t have a time limit but will only cover a single replacement.


So what are the results of all of our testing? Our favorite dog frisbee is the Hyperflite JAWZ-GLOW Dog Disc, which is flexible, lightweight, and well-designed. If you’re shopping on a budget, you may prefer the Chuckit 221301 Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, a soft fabric model that offers good value and floats well. Are you looking for something more high-end? Take a look at the West Paw ZG032GLO Durable Dog Frisbee, a light, easy to clean option that bounces and floats.

Your dog deserves a great frisbee that will fly well, protect its teeth and gums, and last through quite a few play sessions. You deserve one that’s easy to keep clean and won’t break the bank. Luckily, several available models fit these requirements. We hope that this list of the 10 best dog frisbees (hard and soft models), complete with full reviews and a handy buyer’s guide, helps you quickly shop for a frisbee you and your dog will love. You’ll be back to playing before you know it!

Featured Image Credit By: Monster K9 Dog Toys, amazon