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If there’s one thing all dog owners can agree on, it’s that fleas are a nightmare problem to try to get rid of. Fleas can quickly become an out-of-control infestation within your home if you don’t find them early enough. The best way to prevent fleas and ticks from crawling on your dog is with a flea and tick topical solution or tablet that kills fleas and ticks on contact. However, your dog may need some extra help getting rid of fleas and their eggs.

Flea combs are a popular tool used by homeowners and professionals alike to thoroughly search and remove fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and dander. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with dozens available on the market. If you’re shopping for a flea comb, it can be hard to find the right one.

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here is our list of in-depth reviews of the 10 Best Dog Flea Combs in 2020:

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceRows of TeethEditor Rating
Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb
(Best Overall)

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Hartz 3270094803 Groomer's Flea Comb
(Best Value)

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Four Paws
Four Paws 100516355 Palm Flea Comb
(Premium Choice)

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LilPals W6200 Double-Sided Dog Comb

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Pet Republique Double-sided
Pet Republique Dog Flea Comb

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The 10 Best Dog Flea Comb – Reviews 2020 

1. Safari Dog Flea Comb – Best Overall

Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb

The Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb is a high-quality flea comb used to spot fleas and skin conditions your dog may be suffering from. This comb features a double row of fine metal teeth, which helps remove loose hair and debris. It will help you detect fleas and flea larvae early, which is essential to get rid of them successfully. The double row of teeth also helps make flea removal easier, navigating through your dog’s coat for a more thorough search. This comb is great for all coat types, from short fur to long-haired breeds. The grooves on the handle are made for your comfort, allowing you to have a firm and sure grip while brushing. The only issue we found is that a few fleas may get lodged in between the metal teeth, making it hard to clean the brush completely. Otherwise, we highly recommend the Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb as the best overall flea comb.

  • Two rows of fine metal teeth
  • Helps detect fleas and larvae early
  • Makes flea removal easier
  • Suitable for short and long-haired dogs
  • Grooved handle for sure grip
  • Fleas may get lodged in between teeth

2. Hartz Groomer’s Flea Comb – Best Value

Hartz 3270094803 Groomer's Flea Comb

The Hartz 3270094803 Groomer’s Flea Comb is a single row flea comb with an oversized handle and extra-fine teeth. This comb is less expensive than other combs, making it an affordable option for flea removal. The large handle has a rubber grip for comfort, so you can brush your dog’s coat with confidence. This comb will help remove fleas and flea eggs with each use, as well as pet dander and loose hair. It can even be used to detangle and manage long-haired coats, which is needed before beginning the flea removal process. One problem we found with the Hartz Flea Comb is that the teeth are tightly packed together, which makes cleaning it difficult. The teeth on the comb are also slightly pointy, which can be uncomfortable for your dog. For those reasons, we kept it out of our #1 spot. Otherwise, we recommend the Hartz Flea Comb as the best dog flea comb for the money.

  • Less expensive than other combs
  • Rubber grip for comfort
  • Helps remove fleas and eggs
  • Can be used to detangle long-haired coats
  • Metal teeth are slightly pointy
  • Tight-packed teeth are hard to clean

3. Four Paws Palm Flea Comb – Premium Choice

Four Paws 100516355 Palm Flea Comb

Four Paws 100516355 Palm Flea Comb is a premium flea and tick comb with a unique shape to help make brushing easier. It features an ergonomic palm grip design that gives you a stronger and more confident grip than traditional brush handles, which will make grooming less painful for your pup. This comb works well with most coat types, helping detangle mats and snarls from everyday activity. This comb has extra fine metal teeth that trap fleas and eggs, making removal as easy as possible. It can also be used to help find smaller ticks like deer ticks, which are known for carrying Lyme Disease. This comb is a premium-grade comb, so it is on the expensive side. It’s also hard to use on extra-wiry or corded coats, which is why we kept it out of our Top 2. If you’re looking for a premium flea comb with an ergonomic handle, we recommend trying the Four Paws 100516355 Palm Flea Comb.

  • Ergonomic palm grip design
  • Works with most coat types
  • Extra fine metal teeth trap fleas and eggs
  • Can help find smaller ticks
  • On the expensive side
  • Hard to use on wiry or corded coats

4. LilPals Double-Sided Dog Comb

LilPals W6200 Double-Sided Dog Comb

The LilPals W6200 Double-Sided Dog Comb is a unique grooming and flea comb with a two-step process to remove fleas. It’s double-sided with two different types of combs, one for detangling and the other for flea removal. Both combs are made with stainless steel teeth to help remove fleas and dirt from your dog’s coat. It also features a comfortable oversized rubber handle to make brushing easier on your hands. While this comb seemed to be promising, some issues couldn’t be ignored. This dog comb is much smaller than most dog brushes, suitable only for toy-sized dogs. It struggles to go through some coats, so we don’t recommend it for curly, dense fur. Also, some of the metal teeth fell out within a few uses, rendering it useless for successful flea removal. If you have a toy breed and need a comb that isn’t expensive, the LilPals W6200 Double-Sided Dog Comb may work.

  • Double-sided with two types of combs
  • Made with stainless steel teeth
  • Comfortable oversized rubber handle 
  • Some metal teeth feel loose
  • Much smaller than most brushes
  • Struggles with some coat types

5. Pet Republique Dog Flea Comb

Pet Republique Dog Flea Comb

The Pet Republique Dog Flea Comb is a small flea comb designed to find and get rid of fleas. It has extra-fine teeth that help detangle mats without ripping through them painfully, so it’ll make searching for fleas and ticks easier. This comb traps and removes fleas and flea eggs with each stroke, which is important for getting rid of fleas for good. It also helps reduce knotting and loose hair, promoting healthy coat shedding or growth. This brush would have been ranked higher except it has a rigid handle, which may cause hand strain from grooming with it. The teeth are too flexible for dense fur, too flexible to fully brush through. This brush also has too many loose teeth that may fall out or break, so it’s better suited for small dogs with fine coats. If you need a comb to detangle and remove fleas, we recommend trying our Top 3 combs for the best results.

  • Removes fleas and flea eggs
  • Reduces knotting and loose hair
  • Extra-fine teeth detangle mats
  • The rigid handle may cause hand strain
  • Teeth are too flexible for dense fur
  • Loose teeth may fall out or break

6. H&H Pets Flea Comb

H&H Pets Flea Comb

The H&H Pets Flea Comb is a plastic flea comb with extra-fine metal teeth to help in the removal of fleas and other impurities from your dog’s fur. The bright colors of this comb make spotting tiny fleas easier, which is key to preventing infestations in your home. It can also be used in between baths and exercise daily for flea prevention, as well as to promote normal shedding. The first problem we encountered is that the metal teeth are too weak and flexible to remove some fleas, which is frustrating when that’s the main reason for buying the comb. It also struggled to work with some coat types and is not suitable for dogs with dense and wiry fur. The handle on this comb is square with rubber grips only on two sides, making it uncomfortable to use after a few minutes. For a better value and higher quality, we recommend trying the Safari Double-row Comb first.

  • Bright colors make spotting tiny fleas easier
  • Less expensive than other combs
  • Can be used daily for flea prevention
  • Metal teeth are too weak and flexible
  • Uncomfortable handle shape
  • Not suitable for dense and wiry coats

7. PrimePets Pet Flea Comb

PrimePets Pet Flea Comb

The PrimePets Pet Flea Comb is a handheld comb designed to make combing easier for your hand. The comfortable palm handle gives you a more natural grip, making it less painful for your dog. The extra-fine teeth are spaced evenly to help trap fleas, as well as dust, dander and unattached ticks. This comb may also work as a shedding tool, depending on the density of your dog’s fur. The PrimePets Pet Flea Comb struggles to go through thick fur, so this will not be useful if your dog has a double coat like a Husky. The plastic and metal feel cheap and low quality compared to other brushes, with better options that have high-quality materials. Also, some of the teeth are loose and fall out after a few uses, which ruins the tight-packed formation needed to catch fleas. We recommend trying other flea combs for more consistent results and better craftsmanship.

  • Comfortable palm grip
  • Extra-fine teeth help trap fleas
  • May work as a shedding tool
  • Teeth fall out after a few uses
  • Cheap quality plastic and metal
  • Struggles to go through thick fur

8. Oster Tug-Free Tools Dog Comb

Oster 078279-007-001 Tug-Free Tools Dog Comb

The Oster 078279-007-001 Tug-Free Tools Dog Comb is a two-piece set for getting rid of fleas. The grooming comb has wide-set teeth with a brush-style handle and the flea comb has extra-fine teeth set into a palm handle for your comfort. Both combs are also made with natural wooden handles, giving them a nice, professional look. The wide-tooth comb is especially helpful with untangling thick, matted fur. Unfortunately, the flea comb isn’t as effective, since the teeth are spaced too far apart to successfully trap and remove fleas. Both combs are made with low-quality metal, with teeth loosening after a few uses. The Oster Tug-Free Dog Comb set may also not work well with thin or short fur, which is the most common dog fur type. We recommend trying combs with stronger teeth that can handle any coat type for better results.

  • Grooming comb and flea comb set
  • Natural wooden handles
  • Helps untangle matted hair
  • Flea comb teeth spaced too far apart
  • Doesn’t work with short or thin fur
  • Low-quality metal teeth

9. Harris Flea Comb

Harris Flea Comb

The Harris Flea Comb is a flea comb meant to help you find and remove fleas and eggs at the early stages of infestation. The comb features a hard plastic, ergonomic handle which makes grooming easier on your hands. This comb is also on the less expensive side compared to other combs, but the quality is low and won’t save you money. The teeth feel loose and made with cheap metal, so it may not last very long. This comb tends to pull on fur painfully, which can make your dog afraid of grooming and create a new headache to deal with. It also struggles to comb through thick fur without threatening to break, so it won’t work well if your dog has a double coat. This comb also doesn’t remove fleas and eggs as well as other combs, which is the entire purpose of buying a flea comb. If you need a flea comb with great results, we recommend trying our Top 3 combs for the best quality and value.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • On the less expensive side
  • Loose teeth made with cheap metal
  • Pulls on fur painfully
  • Struggles to comb through thick fur
  • Does not remove fleas as well as others

10. Pixikko Pet Flea Comb

Pixikko Pet Flea Comb

The Pixikko Pet Flea Comb is a lightweight flea comb with extra-fine metal teeth. This comb has an ergonomic handle with rubber grips, keeping your hand firmly around it. It’s suitable for dogs with fine hair that is either short or long, though it may not work for ultra-fine dog fur. However, there are several issues with the Pixikko Pet Flea Comb that made it rank last on our list. The teeth of this comb are loose and bend easily, with some teeth falling out after just one use. This comb doesn’t remove fleas consistently because of the loose teeth, making it useless for flea removal and prevention. It’s also not a versatile comb, not recommended for dogs with thick or curly coats. It’s also more expensive than other flea combs, without the high-quality materials that premium brushes have. If you’re looking for a flea comb that can be used for all coat types, we recommend trying the Safari Double-Row Comb instead.

  • Lightweight with an ergonomic handle
  • Suitable for dogs with fine hair
  • Teeth are loose and falling out after one use
  • Does not remove fleas consistently
  • Not recommended for thick or curly hair
  • More expensive than other brushes


After testing and comparing the reviews of each product, we found the Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb to be the best overall dog flea comb. It is made with high-quality stainless steel and effectively removes fleas and eggs from your dog’s coat. We found the Hartz 3270094803 Groomer’s Flea Comb to be the best value dog flea comb. It is inexpensive without losing out on quality materials.

Hopefully, we have made shopping for a flea comb easier for you with our comprehensive list of reviews. We looked for solid design and high-grade materials for your dog’s wellness in mind. If you are still not sure what comb is right for your dog, you may consider asking a groomer for a recommendation.

Featured Image: Flea Comb/PrimePets, Amazon