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8 Best Dog Doors for Large Dogs of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Dog Door for Large DogsIf you have a fenced yard, then the hassle of taking your dog out to potty should be a thing of the past — that is, if you have a dog door.

Unfortunately for many large and giant breed owners, finding a dog door that’s large and sturdy enough to handle their pooch isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Don’t worry, though, because you’re not completely out of luck! We’ve put together a list of comprehensive reviews for the top eight dog doors for large dogs currently on the market. Plus, we’ve included a quick guide on what to look for (and what to stay away from) when choosing the perfect dog door for your four-legged friend.

Let’s get started:

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
PetSafe Freedom Dog Door PetSafe Freedom Dog Door
  • Feature iconSuitable for dogs up to 220 pounds
  • Feature iconFlap features tinted material and magnetic closure
  • Feature iconIncludes template and installation hardware
  • Best Value
    Second place
    BarksBar Plastic Dog Door BarksBar Plastic Dog Door
  • Feature iconQuick and easy installation
  • Feature iconRemovable security panel
  • Feature iconBite- and chew-proof design
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PlexiDor Weatherproof Dog Door PlexiDor Weatherproof Dog Door
  • Feature iconShatter-resistant panels
  • Feature iconEnergy-efficient construction
  • Feature iconIncluded lock, key, and steel security panel
  • Trixie Pet Products Locking Dog Door Trixie Pet Products Locking Dog Door
  • Feature iconEasy to use and install
  • Feature iconAdjustable thickness
  • Feature iconSilent closing mechanism
  • High Tech Pet Pet Electronic Door High Tech Pet Pet Electronic Door
  • Feature iconUnique electronic design
  • Feature iconAutomatic deadbolt
  • Feature iconWeatherproof seal
  • The 8 Best Dog Doors for Large Dogs

     1. PetSafe Freedom Dog Door – Best Overall

    PetSafe PPA00-10862

    The PetSafe PPA00-10862 Freedom Aluminum Dog Door is a top choice among large breed owners. This dog door comes in four sizes, with the x-large version measuring over 13-by-23 inches and accommodating pets up to 220 pounds.

    The aluminum frame is sturdy and easy to install in practically any door, while the flexible flap is tinted for added privacy and features a magnet at the bottom to keep it closed. Each dog door comes with a cutting template and installation hardware for indoor and outdoor use.

    Also, this dog door for large dogs includes a security panel to limit your pet’s access to the outdoors and keep wildlife from entering your home. This feature is great for those times when you’re out of the house.

    • Suitable for dogs up to 220 pounds
    • Includes template and installation hardware
    • Flap features tinted material and magnetic closure
    • Easy-to-use security panel
    • Flap sometimes doesn’t close
    • May leak heated or cooled air
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    2. BarksBar Plastic Dog Door – Best Value

    BarksBar Bar-0832

    If you’re hunting for the best dog door for large dogs for the money, then you should definitely give the BarksBar Bar-0832 Plastic Dog Door a shot. This dog door features bite- and chew-proof plastic and aluminum construction and a magnetic closure. You can also install an optional self-locking security panel to keep out bad weather, wildlife, and bugs when the door is not in use.

    The flap measures 10.5-by-15 inches and can accommodate dogs up to 100 pounds. While this will work for most medium and some large breeds, not all breeds will be able to fit. Also, the flap is poorly insulated against hot or cold outdoor temperatures.

    • Quite affordable
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Removable security panel
    • Bite- and chew-proof design
    • Only fits dogs up to 100 pounds
    • Magnetic closure strip is weak
    • Poorly insulated
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    3. PlexiDor Weatherproof Dog Door – Premium Choice

    PlexiDor PD

    The PlexiDor PD DOOR LG WH Weatherproof Dog Door is one of the most deluxe dog doors on the market but is well worth the investment if you plan to use it for years to come. This large dog door measures 11.75-by-16 inches and accommodates dogs up to 100 pounds. However, you can also choose an extra-large version, which measures 16-by-23.75 inches and can fit dogs up to 220 pounds.

    This dog door features shatter-resistant, plexiglass panels that swing sideways, which is more secure and durable than a traditional plastic flap. The door also comes with a lock and key, as well as a steel security panel for even more security.

    While this dog door for large dogs includes a weather seal, it doesn’t always work as intended. For the price, this issue is concerning.

    • Multiple sizes to choose from
    • Shatter-resistant panels
    • Included lock, key, and steel security panel
    • Energy-efficient construction
    • Weather seal is faulty in some models
    • Much more expensive than alternatives
    • Cutting template is difficult to use
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    4. Trixie Pet Products Locking Dog Door

    Trixie Pet Products 3879

    If simple and easy-to-use is more your style, then the Trixie Pet Products 3879 2-Way Locking Dog Door is a great option for any household. This dog door features an opening measuring 12.15-by-14.95 inches, accommodating dogs weighing up to 95 pounds. You can also use the optional tunnel extension to install this model in an extra-thick door up to 1.25 inches.

    This dog door relies on a plastic frame, reinforced by a metal bar at the bottom, and features a transparent plastic flap. While the flap has a silent closing mechanism, transparency means it lacks adequate privacy. The removable metal security panel keeps out wildlife and bad weather.

    • Easy to use and install
    • Adjustable thickness
    • Silent closing mechanism
    • Only fits dogs up to 95 pounds
    • Transparent flap
    • Security panel dislodges easily
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    5. High Tech Pet Pet Electronic Door

    High Tech Pet PX-2

    While traditional swinging dog doors have been popular for decades, many pet owners are switching to electronic models. The High Tech Pet PX-2 Power Pet Electronic Door is a great option if you’re interested in switching to something a bit more modern. This dog door features an opening that measures 12.25-by-16 inches and can fit dogs up to 100 pounds.

    This dog door works with an ultrasonic collar, which identifies your dog and signals the door to open. Additional directional technology ensures the panel only opens when your dog approaches the door, rather than when they’re just walking by.

    Since this door requires the ultrasonic collar to work, it won’t open for wildlife or other pets. It also features an automatic deadbolt for added security when your dog isn’t using the door.

    • Unique electronic design
    • Automatic deadbolt
    • Weatherproof seal
    • Directional signal technology
    • Requires a special collar for every pet
    • Only accommodates dogs up to 100 pounds
    • Weak plastic construction
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    6. Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door

    Ideal Pet Products DSRWSL

    The Ideal Pet Products DSRWSL Ruff-Weather Pet Door features two energy-efficient, vinyl flaps for double the insulation against bad weather and outside temperatures. The frame is made from molded plastic, and the super large size includes a cutout measuring 15-by-23.5 inches for extra-large dog breeds.

    This dog door includes a telescoping design for installation in a variety of door thicknesses. You can also purchase a separate wall installation kit if desired.

    Unfortunately, the magnetic closure is prone to sticking, which creates a draft along the bottom of the flaps. This issue also drastically cuts down on the door’s energy efficiency.

    • Fits most large and giant breeds
    • Energy-efficient double flap design
    • Telescoping construction for simple installation
    • Wall installation kit sold separately
    • Magnetic closure sticks open
    • Double flap design can collect moisture inside
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    7. PetSafe New Wall Entry Dog Door

    PetSafe ZPA00-16203

    If you don’t have an appropriate door to install your dog door within, then a wall entry model is always an option. The PetSafe ZPA00-16203 New Wall Entry Dog Door features a telescoping design that reaches up to 7.25 inches. You can also purchase an additional extension kit to fit internal and external walls thicker than 7.25 inches. The flap measures 10.25-by-16.25 inches and accommodates pets up to 100 pounds.

    This dog door includes two flaps made of UV-resistant PVC for additional durability and energy-efficiency. The optional security panel also adds another layer of insulation when used. However, the flaps are quite stiff and may pose an issue for more timid dogs. The door frame can also gap, catching your pets’ collars or ID tags as they pass through.

    • Easy to install in any internal or external wall
    • Double flap design for extra insulation
    • Optional security panel
    • Only fits dogs up to 100 pounds
    • PVC panels are very stiff
    • Door frame can catch on collars and tags
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    8. Extreme Rugged Aluminum Dog Door

    Extreme Rugged

    The Extreme Rugged Aluminum Dog Door is a straightforward dog door available in several different sizes and either a single- or dual-flap design. The large size measures about 11-by-16 inches, and the extra-large size measures about 14-by-23 inches.

    This dog door for large dogs features a durable aluminum alloy frame and a weatherproof magnetic closure for energy-efficiency. It also includes a removable security panel that locks in two places for added peace-of-mind.

    The flaps on this dog door are quite stiff, and the magnets are very strong, which makes this door difficult to open. If your dog is particularly timid, they might not be willing to pass through the door unassisted.

    • Available in multiple styles and sizes
    • Durable aluminum alloy frame
    • Locking security panel included
    • Flaps are heavy and stiff
    • Gaps around door flaps let in cold air and weather
    • Extra-strong magnets are an issue for some dogs
    • Flaps can fall off of the door
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    Buyer’s Guide

    With so many options to choose from, selecting the right dog door for your home isn’t always easy. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for a dog door of your own:


    Obviously, the most important factor in selecting the perfect dog door is the size. If your dog can’t fit through your chosen door, then it’s essentially useless.

    When picking out a dog door, remember to account for a little bit of extra wiggle room. Not only will your pooch feel more comfortable going through their new dog door, but they will continue to fit if they gain weight down the road. Of course, you should also account for plenty of growing if buying a dog door for a puppy.


    If you live in paradise, then an insulated, weatherproof dog door might not be at the top of your list. However, if you live somewhere with extreme temperatures or bad weather, then you need a dog door that can handle these harsh conditions.

    Look for a dog door that is airtight and offers some kind of seal, such as a magnet. These features will keep out hot or cold air, as well as rain or snow.

    Home type

    While most dog doors are designed for installation in a regular door, others can be installed directly into a wall. If you need to add a dog door somewhere without an accessible door, then these wall-entry models are an excellent option.

    Renters can also have a difficult time finding a dog door that fits both their dog’s needs and their landlord’s requirements. You might need to stay away from dog doors entirely while living in a rental, but some dog owners turn to an alternative like a sliding door dog door.

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    When it comes to narrowing down the best dog door for large dogs, our top choice is the PetSafe PPA00-10862 Freedom Aluminum Dog Door. This dog door offers security, simple installation, and can easily accommodate dogs up to 220 pounds.

    If you’re interested in a dog door that Fido can fit through that also won’t break the bank, then the BarksBar Bar-0832 Plastic Dog Door is your best bet. This dog door only fits dogs up to 100 pounds, but it comes with a security panel, chew-proof construction, and easy installation.

    Whether your dog is little or giant, there’s a dog door out there that will work. Whichever dog door for large dogs you end up choosing from our reviews, it’s bound to make both your and your pup’s lives a little bit easier!

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    Header Image Credit By: PetSafe ZPA00-16203, amazon