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10 Best Dog Diapers (For Male & Female) in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Dog diapersDog diapers are a great invention to help contain messes your incontinent pooch has no control over. Though they are an added cost, it is essential to protect your furniture and floors so they won’t be destroyed over time.

There are challenges involved when caring for a dog with incontinence or other issues and a good dog diaper can provide comfort and freedom. You can enjoy the dog being part of the family without worrying your furniture will be soiled.

Our reviews will give you insight into each product as well as the pros/cons of each. Take a look at the buyer’s guide at the end of the article to help you determine which features of the diaper are the most important, and what will provide the best protection for your situation.

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A Quick Glance at our Favorite Picks in 2021:

Image Product Details
Best Male Diaper
AmazonBasics AmazonBasics
  • Feature iconLeakproof
  • Feature iconBreathable
  • Feature iconFur-resistant Velcro
  • Best Female Diaper
    Second place
    Pet Soft Pet Soft
  • Feature iconEasy to reuse
  • Feature iconWick away moisture
  • Feature iconTail hole
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Paw Inspired Paw Inspired
  • Feature iconDry speed technology
  • Feature iconFur resistant fasteners
  • Feature iconGathered edges along diaper
  • Pet Parents Pet Parents
  • Feature iconAffordable
  • Feature iconWaterproof outer layer
  • Feature iconTough Velcro
  • wegreeco WE-WDD-3 wegreeco WE-WDD-3
  • Feature iconVelcro holds tight
  • Feature iconMoisture-wicking liner
  • Feature iconElastic tail hole
  • The 10 Best Dog Diapers:

    1. AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap — Best Male Diaper


    These disposable diapers are ideal for male dogs and can be used indoor or outdoor. The small size fits a dog with a 12- to 18-inch waist and provide leakproof protection. We like the color-changing wetness indicator on the wrap that tells you when the diaper is wet.

    The pack contains 30 wraps and each wrap measures 21.7 x 0.2 inches. The repositionable fur-resistant fasteners help hold the diaper in place, and the layers are breathable. making it more comfortable to wear.

    On the downside, the Velcro area on these wraps is small, so if you buy a one that is too large, you can’t tighten it adequately. But they are very absorbable, and when the size is right, they perform well.

    • Leakproof
    • Absorbent
    • Breathable
    • Fur-resistant Velcro
    • Wetness indicator
    • Velcro area small
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    2. Pet Soft Female Dog Diaper — Best Female Diaper

    Pet Soft

    The versatile and easy-to-use Pet Soft is the best dog diaper for females in heat. The extra small size will fit a 9 to 16-inch waist and a 4.4- to 8.8-pound dog. One pack contains 12 diapers with reusable tabs that can hold up to applying and reapplying the same diaper if it doesn’t become soiled.

    When using for the containment of urine, we found they do a good job of wicking away the moisture to keep your dog dry. There is a hole for the tail and the waistband is elastic, which helps with getting the perfect fit. The diaper has a foldable cotton core and a breathable outer layer, which makes it more comfortable for your dog to wear.

    Unfortunately, the diapers are lightly scented, which can be off-putting for some.

    • Easy to reuse
    • Absorbable
    • Wick away moisture
    • Breathable
    • Tail hole
    • Scented
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    3. Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers — Premium Choice

    Paw Inspired

    These diapers are designed to fit a variety of dog breeds with difficult body types such as Bulldogs and Dachshunds. By following the sizing chart and measuring your dog correctly you can get a perfect fit so that the diaper will stay in place and not leak.

    We like the dry speed technology that instantly turns liquid into gel, and the Velcro fasteners won’t catch hair, which makes applying and removing the diaper an easy task. For extra security, there is a secure fitting waistband with gathered edges along both sides of the diaper. The bottom layer is breathable and offers a tail hole.

    A disadvantage of this diaper is the price, which is what keeps it from one of the top two spots.

    • Will fit difficult body types
    • Dry speed technology
    • Fur resistant fasteners
    • Gathered edges along diaper
    • Breathable
    • Tail hole
    • Pricey
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    4. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

    Pet Parents

    For a washable option, the Pet Parents are a good choice since they are a comfortable alternative to other diapers, plus you don’t have to continue to buy disposable diapers. This will save money over time. The pad is sewn into the diaper and the waterproof outer layer will prevent leaks.

    The Velcro closures won’t catch on pet hair, they hold tight, and are easy to adjust. The tail hole is elastic, providing a snug fit to prevent slippage. The extra small size will fit a dog with a waist measurement of four to 10 inches.

    For every dog diaper sold, the company donates diapers to local dog shelters. On the downside, these diapers aren’t as breathable as others and their absorptive capacity is lower, making them ideal for dogs that don’t urinate a large amount at one time.

    • Comfortable
    • Affordable
    • Waterproof outer layer
    • Tough Velcro
    • Snug tail hole
    • Breathability
    • Not high absorbent
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    5. wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

    wegreeco WE-WDD-3

    These diapers are designed to fit your female dog and are useful for untrained puppies, females in heat, excitement, urination, and incontinence. The Velcro fastening system holds the diaper in place, though some have had trouble getting a tight enough fit for dogs with an atypical body such as the Dachshund.

    The lining is made of Jersey that wicks away the moisture and there is an absorbent pad sewn inside. The exterior is waterproof to prevent leaking and the medium size will fit a waist measurement from 13 to 16 inches. The tail hole is elastic, so it can adjust to any size tail. The diapers come in a variety of colors and designs, too. We found the tail hole is not suitable for dogs with small tails.

    • Velcro holds tight
    • Moisture-wicking liner
    • Waterproof
    • Elastic tail hole
    • Affordable
    • Don’t fit difficult body types
    • Don’t fit small tails
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    6. Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers

    Simple Solution 10586

    The Simple Solution diapers are ideal for female dogs and feature a stretchable fabric that conforms around the waist of your dog. The extra-large size will fit a dog with a waist size of 18 to 23 inches. The fasteners are fur-friendly, meaning they won’t catch on the hair, which makes it easy for you to apply and remove the diaper without getting tangled.

    The inner lining is made to quickly absorb liquids and wick the moisture away from the body; the outer layer is breathable while offering leak-proof protection. There is a tail hole but it does not fit tight, allowing for messes to occur when the dog has a bowel movement. We found they are absorbent but they don’t wick as well as other disposable diapers previously listed.

    • Stretchable fabric
    • Fur friendly fasteners
    • Absorbable
    • Breathable
    • Tail hole ineffective
    • Poor moisture wicking
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    7. Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

    Paw Legend

    These disposable diapers come in a package of three with different colors or designs to choose from. Each diaper can be washed up to 300 times, which will save on buying disposable diapers. The small size is best for waist sizes of 10 to 15 inches. The Velcro tabs are easy to use and they stay in place when applied.

    The outer fabric is waterproof and the inner portion has extra padding to absorb moisture. These diapers absorb urine well, but some have had difficulty keeping the diaper in place. There is a stretchable tail hole, and we like that they are soft to the touch and more breathable than other reusable diapers.

    These are hand or machine washable and you can dry on low heat in the dryer. Keep in mind if you have a small dog, the tail hole may be too large and allow the feces to seep out instead of into the diaper.

    • Affordable
    • Waterproof
    • Absorbable inner pad
    • Easy to clean
    • Increased breathability
    • Tail hole ineffective on small dogs
    • Don’t stay in place as well
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    8. OUT! Disposable Female Dog Diapers

    OUT! 70662-3P

    The OUT! diapers are made for female dogs and work for incontinence when your dog is in heat, and excitable urination. They have an absorbent core with moisture-wicking properties and an outer leak proof barrier to contain the urine.

    The company recommends measuring at the small part of your dog’s waist and using their sizing chart. If your dog is in-between sizes, then size up for the best fit. Many consumers have reported issues with getting a good fit that allows the diaper to stay in place or not be too tight.

    We like the fur-safe fasteners that prevent hair from sticking to them, but the adherence doesn’t last as long if you apply and reapply them. The OUT! diaper will change color when it becomes wet so you have no doubts it is time to change the diaper. They are also more affordable than other disposable diapers featured.

    • Moisture-wicking
    • Leak-proof
    • Fur-safe fasteners
    • Wetness indicator
    • Affordable
    • Difficult to size
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    9. Vet’s Best Disposable Male Dog Diapers

    Vet's Best 3165810450

    These diapers are made for male dogs that have urinary incontinence, excitable urination, or for male marking. The wrap design, medium size will fit an 18 to 23.5-inch waist. The wetness indicator makes it convenient to see when your dog needs to be changed and the fasteners are fur-safe and latch on tightly. On the downside, the fasteners stick so well that they can be difficult to remove without tearing the diaper.

    The Vet’s Best are pricier than some disposable diapers but they do have an absorbent core with leak-proof edges. We found they absorb well with a small amount of urine; otherwise, they leak when bombarded with too much urine at one time.

    • Wetness indicator
    • Fur safe fasteners
    • Leakproof edges
    • Absorbency
    • Pricey
    • Fasteners tear diaper
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    10. All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap

    All-Absorb A26

    This male dog wrap comes in a cost-effective package containing 50 diapers. The small size fits a dog with a 12 to 18-inch waist, and they also come in sizes from extra small to large. These are designed for dogs with incontinence, marking, and excitable urination.

    They offer fur-safe fasteners, a wetness indicator, and a breathable outer layer. On the downside, these diapers do not stay put and tend to move out of place, so they need to be constantly adjusted in order to offer protection. Plus, the fasteners don’t hold as well and come undone easily, making it easy for a dog who does not like wearing diapers to get them off without much effort.

    The All-Absorb are not as soft and flexible as other disposable wraps, nor are they as absorbable. On the upside, the sizes are true to the recommended measurements.

    • Affordable
    • True sizes
    • Wetness indicator
    • Breathable
    • Don’t stay in place
    • Fasteners don’t adhere well
    • Poor absorbency
    • Not flexible
    • Not soft
    • Not ideal for active dogs
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    Buyer’s Guide

    This portion will cover considerations, features, and tips to remember when shopping for the best dog diaper. There’s a lot of debate between cloth and disposable diapers. Let’s briefly discuss both types because each has its advantages and disadvantages.


    These types of diapers are meant for single-use, but if you happen to be potty training a dog, they can be used more than once if they aren’t soiled. Disposable of course isn’t as environmentally friendly since you are sending them to the landfill. Plus, you will spend more money over time if you have to keep using the diapers such as with a senior dog.


    Cloth diapers are easy to use and clean, though some people may prefer not dealing with the mess of cleaning a diaper. They are more expensive to buy initially, but you will save money in the long run since you don’t have to replenish your supply. These are ideal for environmentally conscious dog owners, especially if you have a dog that will need to use these for a long period of time. Cloth diapers tend to be more comfortable since they are softer and flexible so they may provide a more customized fit.

    Male vs Female Dog Diapers

    Diapers made specifically for males will be designed differently than ones for female dogs. But you can use a female diaper on a male dog if they have stool incontinence since the male diaper doesn’t offer this type of protection.

    Female Diapers/Full-Size Diapers

    These look like a more traditional diaper that you would see human babies wear, except they have an opening for the tail. They are shorter in length so if you need a full diaper for your male dog that suffers from urinary and fecal incontinence you will want to measure to make sure the diaper sits far enough on the underside to catch the urine.

    Male Diapers

    These are a belly band that wraps around the waist of the dog to catch urine if they are marking or experiencing incontinence. You want to make sure these are wide enough to collect the urine to prevent leaking.

    Dog Diapers


    Whether you are using disposable or reusable they will have many of the same features.

    Waterproof outer layer: This will protect the urine from seeping through and causing a mess. Each diaper will be different from how breathable this outer layer is.

    Wetness indicator: This is a common feature on a disposable diaper and lets you know when the diaper is wet so you can change it right away.

    Leak barrier edging: This provides an extra layer of protection from leaks if the core isn’t able to handle a large amount of urine, the edges will contain the urine until it can be absorbed.

    Fur safe fasteners: These allow you to fasten the diaper in place without worries that the Velcro will continually catch on the hair and will make it easier to apply.

    Absorptive inner core: The absorptive properties will be different for each brand. It will depend on what type of incontinence your dog is experiencing and how much is urinated at one time. Some will provide a gelling core that prevents further leaking.

    You may hear of people adding extra pads to their diaper for more absorption power which is fine but is another added cost. Also, some inner cores will be better at wicking the moisture away from your dog’s skin which helps with clean up when changing the diaper.



    Most diapers are designed with urinary incontinence in mind, for a dog with fecal incontinence you will want a diaper that is heavy duty and fits well so that the stool isn’t pushed out through the tail hole. Diapers can be used for females in heat and for males who like to mark. Keep in mind, diapers should not be an alternative to house training your dog.

    Different breeds

    Some breeds are going to be more difficult to diaper than others. If your dog doesn’t have much of a tail, they may benefit from a diaper with no tail hole. And some shapes are harder to get a good fit due to their small waist and/or longer body.


    Some disposable diapers will cost considerably more than others because they provide better protection and offer more features. It will depend upon what you need the diaper for. If your dog is incontinent with excitement, a less absorbent pad may work well. On the other hand, if you have a dog that urinates a large amount at one time, some diapers don’t have the absorptive capacity.


    • If your dog becomes incontinent, before you put your dog in diapers make sure they don’t have a treatable issue such as a urinary tract infection.
    • Find one that is comfortable for your dog to reduce the stress of wearing a diaper.
    • Change the diapers regularly and keep your dog clean to prevent a rash from forming or from developing a bacterial infection. Wash your dog off when changing the diaper.
    • If you are having trouble with leaking, check your fit and make sure you have the correct size and style for your dog.


    There are many options for dog diapers and we narrowed it down to the top ten on our reviews list. The AmazonBasics Wrap is the best male diaper since it provides high absorption with a comfortable fit that stays in place. The Pet Soft is the best female diaper that has a foldable cotton core and non-woven top sheet to collect and wick away urine while remaining comfy while wearing. If the price isn’t an option the Paw Inspired disposable diapers is the premium choice that will fit dogs with challenging body shapes and they have a super absorbent core with leak-proof edges.

    As you search for the perfect dog diaper keep in mind the purpose of the diaper, sizing appropriately to get the best results and lower cost so you can remain within your ideal budget. We hope our reviews guide assists you in finding the best diaper that serves its purpose while reducing frustration and how many messes you have to clean up.