Best Dog Clippers for Maltese 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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malteseWhen deciding on clippers to use on your Maltese, it can seem overwhelming and intimidating. You know how important it is to keep the hair trimmed and groomed on this particular breed. There are many cute cuts for Maltese, and with the right clippers, you can trim them to look like a teddy bear or royalty, with bows and a top knot.

Did you know that some dogs have hair, while others have fur? Dog hair doesn’t shed and has a longer growing cycle that will continue to grow until it is cut. This is why Maltese hair tangles so easily. Routine grooming is key for this breed.

Our reviews guide will help you find the perfect clippers that will allow you the freedom to provide a cut you can be proud of. Read through our buyer’s guide that discusses considerations to keep in mind when buying clippers to use on your Maltese.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
Andis Pro-Animal
small Andis 65785
(Best Overall)

Check Price
1 Year4.80/5
Mifine Professional Rechargeable
small Mifine
(Best Value)

Check Price
2 Years4.60/5
Oster Power Max 2-Speed
small Oster 078004-013-000
(Premium Choice)

Check Price
1 Year4.50/5
Wahl Arco Pet
small Wahl Professional Animal 8786-1001

Check Price
1 Year4.35/5
poppy pet Cordless
small poppy pet

Check Price
1 Year4.30/5

7 Best Dog Clippers for Maltese – Reviews 2020

1. Andis 65785 Animal Clipper Kit – Best Overall

Andis 65785

The Andis has a powerful rotary motor to allow you to cut through heavy coats, running at 3,700 strokes per minute (SPM). This comes with an UltraEdge #10 blade that is detachable for easy cleaning and changing. It is compatible with all UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades, which will make finding the perfect one an easy chore.

The kit comes with attachment combs, oil, a soft carry case, scissors, and an instructional DVD. We like that the clippers are quiet while still providing plenty of power to clip thick fur. Other nice features are the affordable price and ergonomic design of the clippers that make them easy to hold and maneuver around the contours of the dog’s body.

It has a 12-foot heavy-duty cord that doesn’t twist easy and will resist wear and tear. On the downside, when using the steel blades, they become hot fairly quickly, but if you use a compatible ceramic blade, this will solve the problem. These clippers come with a limited one-year warranty.

  • Powerful
  • Detachable blades
  • Compatible with other blades
  • Accessories included
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty cord
  • Steel blade heats fast

2. Mifine Dog Clippers Kit – Best Value


These clippers offer many features that make trimming your dog easy, which is why these are the best dog clippers for Maltese for the money. The clippers are cordless and are quiet when running, a feature that is nice for dogs who become anxious from loud noises.

The micro-blade is only 0.47 inches wide, making it great for trimming around your dogs’ face, buttocks, and ear canal. The other blade it comes with is porcelain and 1.7 inches wide and easily detaches. The kit comes with the two blades, a cleaning brush, charger, charging cord, and storage case.

On the downside, the battery only lasts for 50 minutes and takes three hours to recharge, so you will need to be fast if you are trimming the whole body. Otherwise, these are great for finishing. They are affordable but don’t have the power of the Andis, which is why they aren’t in the number-one spot.

  • Affordable
  • Micro-blade
  • Accessories included
  • Cordless
  • Great for finishing
  • Short runtime

3. Oster Pet Grooming Clippers – Premium Choice

Oster 078004-013-000

For a set of clippers that has power and less noise, the Oster is a great choice. The Oster offers two speeds, with the low speed running at 2,700 SPM and the high speed at 4,200 SPM. On the downside, they are pricier, which is why they are number three on our list.

These come with a size 10 blade and are compatible with all A5 blades. Since the blades are detachable, it’s easy to clean and switch the blades in a hurry. Another nice feature is that the blade included is a Cryogen-X AgION, which is coated with silver, an antimicrobial that reduces the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. This type of blade is made sharp and will stay that way longer.

The Oster also comes with oil, a cleaning brush, and one blade guard and offers a one-year limited warranty.

  • Quiet
  • Two speeds
  • Compatible with A5 blades
  • Antimicrobial blade
  • Accessories included
  • Pricey

4. Wahl Animal 8786-1001 Clipper Kit

Wahl Professional Animal 8786-1001

The Wahl is a cordless clipper that works well on the ears, face, and paws. It has a five-in-one blade adjustment that ranges from size 9 to 40, which is nice when you want to vary your cutting length quickly and easily. The battery runs for about 80 minutes and takes 75 minutes to recharge.

We like the compact size and design of the Wahl, as it helps reduce wrist fatigue when working for long periods of time. This clipper also comes with many accessories, as well as two rechargeable packs, so you have a backup battery ready to go when the other one needs to recharge.

The blade is detachable and interchangeable with all of Wahl’s five-in-one blade systems. On the downside, the Wahl is pricier compared to the Andis and Mifine and isn’t as powerful, but it does come with a one-year limited warranty.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Five-in-one blade
  • Cordless
  • Fast charge
  • Two batteries
  • Accessories included
  • Pricey
  • Lower power

Other doggie clippers:

5. poppy pet Dog Grooming Hair Clippers

poppy pet

This clipper is a cordless version with two speed options, and it will run for approximately 70 minutes before needed to be recharged. Unfortunately, it takes five hours to recharge. The blade is ceramic and provides a smooth cut, and it is easy to detach and clean. It also offers a dial on the handle where you can adjust the blade depth from 0.8 to 2mm.

The poppy pet comes with four guide combs, a cleaning brush, a comb, scissors, oil, and a charging cord. You can use the clippers while it is plugged in, but the cord is short, making it difficult to maneuver around your dog.

A disadvantage is that these clippers tend to get hair caught at the edges of the blade, requiring them to be cleaned frequently in order for them to work adequately. There is a one-year warranty on this product, and it is offered at an affordable price.

  • Cordless
  • Two speeds
  • Detachable ceramic blade
  • Blade adjustment
  • Accessories included
  • Affordable
  • Short charging cord
  • Edges clog with hair

6. Otstar Professional Dog Grooming Kit


The Otstar offers a grooming kit with everything you need to get started, except for the oil. We like that the adjustable running speed — from 5,000 RPM to 6,500 RPM — allows you to customize for the type of hair you will be trimming. Since it is cordless, it is quieter and has less vibration when running.

There is an LED screen that shows the power level and when it is time to clean and oil the blade. It runs for three hours and takes three hours to charge. You can use the clipper when charging, but the cord is not very long.

The blade is a titanium-ceramic blend, and there is a dial on the handle to adjust the depth of the blade in one easy step. Even though the blade has ceramic components, it tends to overheat quickly.

  • All-in-one kit
  • Three speeds
  • Cordless
  • Quiet
  • LED screen
  • Adjustable blade depth
  • Short charging cord
  • Blade heats fast

7. oneisall Dog Grooming Clippers

oneisall 180820501FBA-3

The oneisall is another cordless version that is quiet and has a long runtime of three hours. It then takes four hours to recharge. It comes with four guide combs, oil, a cleaning brush, comb, and charging cord.

The blade is made of high-carbon steel to help prevent snags, and there is an adjustable taper lever to obtain your ideal cutting depth. The LCD display on the handle shows battery percentage and an oil indicator, and a charging light will flash when the power is less than 15%.

On the downside, the blade is not detachable, and this model is more ideal for trimming hard-to-reach areas rather than the whole body, since it doesn’t trim as smoothly as others on our list.

  • Cordless
  • Quiet
  • Long runtime
  • Accessories included
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Non-detachable blade
  • Rough cut

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Buyer’s Guide

When looking for clippers to trim your Maltese, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Since they don’t have an undercoat and their hair is silky and straight when it gets long, they are easier to trim than a heavier coated breed. However, because their hair is so fine, their coats mat easily, and it can be difficult to obtain a smooth cut.

Maltese also get excess hair growth in their ear canal, which can mat and cause pain and ear infections, so keeping their ears groomed and combed will help significantly.


Size of clippers: Trimming around the paws, ears, face, and bottom is part of the grooming process for a Maltese. Finding clippers that are small and easy to maneuver will help you accomplish this task, especially since Maltese don’t like their paws touched.

An ergonomic handle with a light compact design will reduce wrist and hand fatigue.

Blade: Most blades will be steel, but some can be ceramic or you may have the option to buy a ceramic blade. The steel blades will overheat fast, and you will need to check them frequently to make sure they aren’t getting too warm so you don’t accidentally burn your dog. Ceramic blades will heat up too, but it takes longer, so you will have more time to get the trimming accomplished.

Ease of use: Clippers that are easy to clean and have detachable blades will save you time. Certain clippers will have adjustable blades, which are nice for precision work. Keep in mind that if you have clippers that overheat quickly, this will become frustrating to you and your pet.

Corded and cordless: Corded clippers will provide increased power, and you won’t have to worry about the battery dying, so you can focus on the job at hand. They do offer less maneuverability, however, since the cord tends to get in the way.

Cordless has the advantage of being lighter, and you can easily move them around without worries of tangling the cord or having it get in the way. You will have a limited runtime, but certain cordless models can run for two to three hours on a full charge, which should be adequate time to finish your trimming tasks.

Accessories: If you are new to grooming, then it is beneficial to receive accessories with your clippers. You can always purchase everything separately, though, especially if you don’t need everything that comes in the kit.

Noise: Skittish dogs will appreciate clippers that are quiet, as well as ones that vibrate less. Cordless versions will be quieter since they have less power.

Price: Our reviews list offers a large price range to fit any budget. How much a set of clippers costs will depend upon its features, power, and quality. When starting out, you may want basic clippers, but if you have the experience, a basic model may not provide the cut you desire.


  • Never use human clippers on dogs — they don’t work as well since the blades are shorter in length and not as sharp.
  • Wash and brush your Maltese before grooming to remove tangles, making your job easier.
  • Clip the hair in the direction of the growth; otherwise, you will notice harsh lines when cutting.
  • Acclimate your dog to the noise of the clippers to reduce grooming anxiety.
  • Use the oil recommended by the manufacturer to keep the blade oiled and clean.
  • Guide combs will help when trimming the whole body; that way, you can get the right depth of trim for your preference.
  • You can cool the blades with cold water or by using a lubricant.


Dog clippers are designed to help you get a clean and neat look on your Maltese. Since they have an unusual coat, it is important to find clippers that are easy to use and with the features needed to get the best look.

Our top choice is the Andis EasyClip, which is powerful and offers features that make them easy to use. The best value is the Mifine, with its quiet operation and affordable price. The premium clippers are the Oster Professional, which has power and two speeds and are still quiet when running.

Maltese are adorable, and grooming them regularly is important so their hair doesn’t become tangled and unsightly. We hope that our reviews list and buyer’s guide have given you the resources to find the perfect pair so you can achieve the ideal cut on your Maltese.

Featured Image Credit By: Pezibear, young dog maltese, Needpix