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10 Best Dog Bandanas in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Dog accessories have been a multimillion-dollar industry for a long time, ranging from simple puppy raincoats to extravagant doggy costumes. Many dog owners take pride in their sense of style, while others enjoy dressing up their dogs for all sorts of occasions. While not all dogs enjoy wearing dog accessories, many dogs can usually handle smaller and less intrusive clothing.

Dog bandanas are a popular dog accessory that is easy to put on and look great, without making your dog super uncomfortable. Many dogs happily rock their bandanas, whether they’re out hiking or posing for the family photo. However, it can be tough to find the best dog bandana that will last.

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. We looked for high-quality and durable dog bandanas for a variety of events and occasions. We made a list of in-depth reviews of each bandana and compared each one. Here is our list of the 10 Best Dog Bandanas in 2020:

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana
  • Feature iconClassic buffalo plaid design
  • Feature iconDurable and washable cotton fabric
  • Feature iconLightweight and breathable
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Petsvv Reversible Dog Bandana Petsvv Reversible Dog Bandana
  • Feature iconWashable and breathable cotton
  • Feature iconOn the less expensive side
  • Feature iconReversible with bright colors
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas
  • Feature iconUnique and trendy designs
  • Feature iconAvailable in different sizes
  • Feature iconEasy to tie
  • ALL FOR Chill Out Ice Bandana ALL FOR Chill Out Ice Bandana
  • Feature iconInstant cooling relief from hot temperatures
  • Feature iconVelcro closure for easy fastening
  • Feature iconAvailable in three different sizes
  • Pet Heroic Dog Bandana Pet Heroic Dog Bandana
  • Feature iconReversible with two different patterns
  • Feature iconDouble snap closures
  • Feature icon2 interchangeable bandanas in one pack
  • The 10 Best Dog Bandanas – Reviews 2021

    1. Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana – Best Overall

    Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

    The Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana is a bib-style dog bandana scarf that is perfect for any occasion. It features a classic buffalo plaid design that is timeless and always fashionable, so your dog will stand out wherever you go.

    It’s made with 100% cotton fabric that is durable and washable, so it can be worn many times. It feels lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect accessory for most activities like outdoor family photos. This bandana fits most small and medium-size dogs with neck sizes between 10 to 20 inches comfortably, which is the average range for most dogs.

    Each pack comes with four different colored scarves, giving you a variety to choose from. However, these are not suitable for toy-sized and large-sized dogs, either being too big or too small to fit comfortably and safely around the neck. Otherwise, we highly recommend the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana as the best overall dog bandana.

    • Classic buffalo plaid design
    • Durable and washable cotton fabric
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Fits most small and medium dogs
    • Comes with 4 in one pack
    • Not suitable for extra small or large dogs
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    2. Petsvv Reversible Dog Bandana – Best Value

    Petsvv 019-DB-1 6pcs Reversible Dog Bandana

    The Petsvv 019-DB-1 6pcs Reversible Dog Bandana is a dog bandana scarf set that can be worn throughout the year for a unique and stylish look. This bandana set is made with washable and breathable cotton, which is important in warmer climates. It’s on the less expensive side, saving you money while still being able to style your dog.

    This set comes with six bandanas, so you’ll have plenty of plaid styles and different color schemes to choose from. Each bandana is reversible with bright and vibrant colors on both sides, looking great no matter which way it sits around your dog’s neck.

    However, this set fits small dogs only and will not work with toy, medium, or large-sized dogs. The fabric also pills slightly after one wash, which is why we didn’t make it our #1 pick. Except for those potential issues, we recommend Petsvv 019-DB-1 6pcs Reversible Dog Bandana as the best value dog bandana for the money.

    • Washable and breathable cotton
    • On the less expensive side
    • Comes with 6 in one set
    • Reversible with bright colors
    • Fits small dogs only
    • Fabrics pills slightly after one wash
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    3. Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas – Premium Choice

    Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas

    Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas are a premium set of handcrafted dog bandanas that are chic alternative more traditional bandana styles.  These feature unique and trendy designs for a more modern look, with different patterns to express your dog’s style. They also come with four in one pack, so your dog will always have a bandana for every occasion.

    This bandana set is available in two different sizes, so most dogs can comfortably wear them. They’re also easy to tie and sit more naturally around the neck than other bandanas, lessening the chance of the knot coming loose or undone.

    These bandanas are on the expensive side, so they’re not the best choice for outdoorsy kind of dogs. They also don’t have enough of a color variety with three bandanas being blue, which is why we kept them from our Top 2 picks. If you’re looking for a premium fashion dog bandana, the Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas are a great option.

    • Unique and trendy designs
    • 4 in one pack
    • Available in different sizes
    • Easy to tie
    • On the expensive side
    • Not enough color variety
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    4. ALL FOR Chill Out Ice Bandana

    ALL FOR PAWS VP7081 Chill Out Ice Bandana

    The ALL FOR PAWS VP7081 Chill Out Ice Bandana is a cooling bandana that’s designed to have a long-lasting cooling effect. It can be soaked in water and frozen, giving your dog instant cooling relief from hot temperatures. It has a Velcro closure for easy fastening, instead of having to tie it around your dog’s neck.

    The ALL FOR PAWS VP7081 Chill Out Ice Bandana is available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), which can fit dogs between 10-40 pounds. However, the sizes tend to run too small, so the large will only fit medium-sized dogs.

    Another issue is the poor stitching on the Velcro closure, which seems like it will loosen easily. It also may not help cool long-haired dogs or dogs with dense undercoats, which makes it virtually useless. If you have a dog with a short coat that needs a little help with the summer heat, this ice bandana is a good option.

    • Instant cooling relief from hot temperatures
    • Velcro closure for easy fastening
    • Available in three different sizes
    • May not help cool longhaired dogs
    • Poor stitching on the Velcro closure
    • Sizes tend to run too small
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    5. Pet Heroic TP111R Dog Bandana

    Pet Heroic TP111R Dog Bandana

    The Pet Heroic TP111R Dog Bandana is a set of premium bib-style bandanas great for photos and fashionable events. It’s reversible for two different pattern options on one bandana, so you can change it to the other side for a different look.

    This set comes with two interchangeable bandanas in one pack, with two different color schemes to match your style. Each bandana also has double snap closures to make it easy to put on, so you don’t have to tie it around your dog’s neck. However, it’s only suitable for medium-sized dogs, so it may not fit correctly on bigger or smaller dogs.

    This set of bandanas seems slightly bulkier than others, so it may be a bit uncomfortable for some dogs. It’s also not breathable enough for hot climates, which can cause your dog to overheat. If you’re looking for a premium bandana for simple outings and fancy occasions for your medium-sized dog, the Pet Heroic TP111R Dog Bandana may work for you.

    • Reversible with two different patterns
    • Double snap closures
    • 2 interchangeable bandanas in one pack
    • For medium-sized dogs only
    • Not breathable enough for hot climates
    • Slightly bulkier than other bandanas
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    6. Rubicon Crossing Co. Dog Bandana

    Rubicon Crossing Co. Dog Bandana

    The Rubicon Crossing Co Dog Bandana is an alternative option to traditional bandanas and handkerchiefs. It features a white rope collar made with real leather and a plaid bandana, built for long-lasting durability. This model is a bandana and collar in one, which means you won’t have to buy a bandana separately.

    The plaid bandana component is completely and easily removable, so it can be taken off when it’s not needed. However, the white rope may get discolored, which will give it a worn and dirty look. It’s also not big enough for large dogs, with sizes going from extra small up to medium only.

    The Rubicon Crossing Co. Dog Bandana is more expensive than regular bandanas, making it less of a deal if your dog already has a nice collar. If your dog is on the smaller side and needs a new collar, this bandana and collar in one may work for you. For dogs that already have collars, we recommend trying one of our Top 3 bandanas first.

    • Bandana and collar in one
    • Removable plaid bandana
    • White rope with real leather
    • Not big enough for large dogs
    • White rope may get discolored
    • More expensive than regular bandanas
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    7. MyThemba Holiday & Birthday Dog Bandanas

    MyThemba Holiday and Birthday Dog Bandanas

    MyThemba Holiday and Birthday Dog Bandanas are a set of nine dog bandanas perfect for every occasion throughout the year. This holiday-themed bandana set comes with a bandana for each holiday: New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as well as your dog’s birthday. It comes with nine bandanas in total, with two separate birthday scarves for your birthday boy or girl.

    The MyThemba Holiday and Birthday Dog Bandanas comfortably fit small to large dogs, offering a wider range of sizes than other bandanas. However, they’re made with slightly cheap-feeling materials, so durability is a potential issue with these.

    This set is more expensive than other bandana sets, but the overall quality is lacking for the premium price tag. It’s also meant for the holidays only, so it’s not the best option if you’re looking for an everyday bandana accessory. For higher quality bandanas with more neutral themes, we recommend trying the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas first.

    • Holiday-themed bandana set
    • 9 bandanas in total
    • Fits small to large dogs
    • Only meant for the holidays
    • More expensive than other sets
    • Slightly cheap-feeling material
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    8. TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana

    TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana

    The TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana is a set of different plaid and striped bandanas that can match any style or fashion statement. It consists of a set of five reversible bandanas, so you’ll have ten different patterns to choose from in total.

    Each bandana is made with lightweight and breathable cotton, making them safe to use in hotter temperatures. They’re also washable for easy cleaning, so you can use them repeatedly after a long day outside. However, these bandanas are made with low-quality fabric that frays at the ends after minimal use, so they won’t last as long as premium brand bandanas.

    The TRAVEL BUS Dog Bandana set is also advertised for medium and large dogs, but they’re suitable for medium dogs comfortably. The fabric also wrinkles and shrinks easily, which can make them completely useless. For better quality and durability, we recommend trying one of our Top 2 picks first.

    • Set of 5 reversible bandanas
    • Lightweight and breathable cotton
    • Washable for easy cleaning
    • Wrinkles and shrinks easily
    • Suitable only for medium-sized dogs
    • Low-quality fabric frays at the ends
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    9. PAWCHIE OE-DB10 Dog Bandanas

    PAWCHIE OE-DB10 Dog Bandanas

    The PAWCHIE OE-DB10 Dog Bandanas are a set of bandanas with the classic handkerchief pattern for a handsome look. This set comes with a pack of four reversible bandanas in four different colors, giving you a variety to choose from for each day.

    Each bandana features double snap closures for an adjustable fit, so you won’t have to worry about tying it on correctly. While they’re easy and convenient, the cheap-quality plastic snaps may not last very long. They’re also made with slightly thick fabric that is not breathable, so it may not be safe for hot summer days.

    The PAWCHIE OE-DB10 Dog Bandana set is designed to fit small dogs only, but it may be too heavy for toy-sized dogs. The colors also fade after a few washes, so they’re not recommended to be machine washed. We recommend trying the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana set first for better quality fabric that won’t fade in the wash.

    • Double snap closures
    • Pack of 4 reversible bandanas
    • For small dogs only
    • Cheap quality plastic snaps
    • Slightly thick and not breathable
    • Colors fade after a few washes
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    10. Unique Style Paws Dog Bandanas

    Unique Style Paws Dog Bandanas 

    Unique Style Paws Dog Bandanas are tie-on dog bandanas that come in a variety of colors. They’re available in small and large sizes, but they may not fit comfortably on extra-large or toy-sized dogs. They’re made with machine washable cotton fabric, so it’s lightweight and breathable. However, there are some issues with the Unique Style Paws Dog Bandanas that we couldn’t overlook.

    These bandanas are on the expensive side for only one piece, whereas other bandanas come in sets of four to six for the same price. The material is cheap and rips easily, so they won’t last long enough to justify the premium price tag. Some of the pattern options are also too dark, with inconsistent coloring between batches. They also have poor quality stitch work, with the stitches unraveling within a few uses. If you’re looking for fashionable bandanas with durability, we recommend trying the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas instead.

    • Available in small and large sizes
    • Machine washable cotton fabric
    • Expensive for one bandana
    • Cheap material rips easily
    • Some patterns are too dark
    • Poor quality stitch work
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    After carefully reviewing and comparing each dog bandana, we found the Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandanas to be the best overall dog bandanas. They’re lightweight in design and have a timeless plaid pattern for a stylish and handsome look. We found the Petsvv 019-DB-1 6pcs Reversible Dog Bandana to be the best value of dog bandanas. They’re less expensive than other fashion dog scarves and made with high-quality fabric.

    Hopefully, we’ve made it easier for you to find a great dog bandana. We looked for the best dog bandanas available so your dog can enjoy the fashion lifestyle. Before buying your dog a bandana, make sure to take proper measurements to find the best fitting one.

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    Featured Image: Dog Bandana/Remy + Roo, Amazon