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7 Best Cooling Dog Collars of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

a cooling dog collarEverywhere you go, your dog wants to go, too—even if it makes them wildly uncomfortable. Maybe your dog wants to go camping or to your child’s baseball game. But sometimes when their coat is too thick, or it’s just plain too hot, this can limit some of their most favored outings. Your dog enjoys being cool, just like the rest of us. It can even be dangerous for your pet to be out in extreme temperatures. That is especially true of brachycephalic dog breeds or dogs with very short muzzles. They can’t breathe properly, which can lead to a lot of problems up to heart attack and death.

To avoid all of that entirely, we have selected the top seven cooling collars we could find. Now, you can purchase the one that will help your dog find solace in the summertime. Our honest reviews consider all aspects so you can know the good, the bad, and everything in between.

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Comparison table (updated in 2021)

Image Product Details
Best Overall
All Four Paws Chill Collar All Four Paws Chill Collar
  • Feature iconEasy fit
  • Feature iconMultiple sizes
  • Feature iconLong-lasting
  • Best Value
    Second place
    K9 Chill Dog K9 Chill Dog
  • Feature iconAffordable
  • Feature iconMachine washable
  • Feature iconLeash hole
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    CoolerDog Dog CoolerDog Dog
  • Feature iconMore coverage
  • Feature icon4 sizes
  • Feature iconVest design
  • The Dog's Right Cooling Bandana The Dog's Right Cooling Bandana
  • Feature iconCoverage
  • Feature iconThree separate cooling packs
  • Feature iconEasily cleanable
  • BINGPET Chill Out BINGPET Chill Out
  • Feature iconFashionable
  • Feature icon5-piece
  • Feature iconEasy to use
  • The 7 Best Cooling Dog Collars

    1. All Four Paws Chill Dog Cooling Collar – Best Overall

    All Four Paws

    This All Four Paws Chill Collar is our favorite, earning it the number one pick! We think you’ll enjoy it, too. It is made of silicone that will last for a very long time, and it won’t lose shape. It also holds up exceptionally well if your dog decided to get ahold of it, so no worries if you have a chewer. There is a buckle on the design so you can unsnap it easily.

    It can last up to two hours with each use. It’s also incredibly easy to clean. You can remove and wash it with simple soap and water. When you are ready to use again, fill with water, freeze it, and reuse it as needed. Because it comes in multiple sizes, it can be used for various dog types.

    The only issue with the collar is that it is quite heavy when you fill it up. This may not be ideal for developing puppies or elderly dogs, as it can be too heavy for their necks to support. Be sure to purchase the right size, and this should help your pet maintain their cool very well if it’s used correctly with accurate fitting.

    • Easy fit
    • Multiple sizes
    • Long-lasting
    • Stands up against chewing
    • Heavy when filled
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    2. K9 Chill Cooling Dog Collar – Best Value


    If you want a pick that’s light on the wallet, the K9 Chill Cooling Dog Collar is the best cooling dog collar for the money. It comes in two sizes so you can guarantee the best fit for your dog. It’s both lightweight and machine washable, so you can keep it clean without any issues.

    Rather than it being an ice pack, you simply run cold water over the material and put it onto your pet. It will stay cool around the neck area to help them ward off the hot weather. It even has a leash hole, so you can keep it on them while on-the-go.

    Even though it is designed to stay cool over time, in hot climates, the wetness could become warmer within a short time. That can lead to needing to rewet it to maintain the desired coolness. However, if you are on a budget and want a simple, easy solution, this is a great pick.

    • Affordable
    • Machine washable
    • Leash hole
    • May not maintain coolness long
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    3. CoolerDog Cooling Dog Collar – Premium Choice


    If the cost doesn’t concern you, the CoolerDog Cooling Collar is our premium choice. It may be on the more expensive side of things, but it has a lot to offer. Rather than being a collar, this is a vest that fits around the dog’s midsection and neck. This creates very efficient wear, so it isn’t so heavy around the dog’s neck all at once.

    It comes in four sizes so you can use the chart to decide which to purchase. It has a component called the FlexiFreeze that you place into the freezer until solid. You then put it into the vest so it can keep your dog’s middle cooled off, resulting in whole-body temperature reduction.

    Depending on the physical makeup of your dog, the neckline may hang loose, causing it not to cool properly. The Flexifreeze components also take quite a long time to freeze, so if you need this for immediate use, you may be disappointed. However, if you want a broader coverage for cooling and are willing to pay the cost, this can be a great item to try out.

    • More coverage
    • 4 sizes
    • Vest design
    • More expensive
    • Possible awkward fit
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    4. The Dog’s Right! Cooling Collar Bandana for Dogs

    The Dog's Right

    If you like a bandana look, the Dog’s Right! M1 Dog Cooling Collar Bandana may be your favorite. It also has a good amount of cooling power, coming with three separate cooling packs to fit into the bandana. It’s adjustable from 14 to 16 inches and has quite a bit of coverage. While that won’t be suitable for every dog, if yours is medium-sized, it could be a brilliant selection.

    You simply have to freeze the cooling packs before use then slip them into the collar. For an extra boost of coolness, you can also soak the bandana itself in cool water. You can clean it easily by washing it up with regular soap and water and allowing it to air dry.

    While this may be a working solution in most situations, it can be quite heavy on the neck and not adhere appropriately to every dog. Be sure to double-check the sizing chart to avoid returns.

    • Coverage
    • Three separate cooling packs
    • Easily cleanable
    • May not work for every dog
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    5. BINGPET Chill Out Dog Cooling Collars


    These BINGPET Chill Out Cooling Collars are a very stylish addition to our list. With adorable Hawaiian prints, these tie front collars are perfect for small to large dogs. Therefore, they fit most breeds, making them suitable for basically any dog. It’s a five-piece as well, so you can pick which selection works best with today’s fashion color scheme.

    You have to soak the material in water for 10-15 minutes to thoroughly saturate it before use. The outside layer is responsible for translating the cooling effect. It works okay in moderate temperatures. However, this is probably not the best choice for intensely hot climates.

    It’s a bit heavy as well, making it possibly uncomfortable for weaker breeds or puppies. All in all, it’s best for shorter coated, medium-sized dogs in modest climates.

    • Fashionable
    • 5-piece
    • Easy to use
    • Not for all dogs
    • Doesn’t stay cool long
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    6. Arf Pets Dog Cooling Collar

    Arf Pets

    This Arf Pets Dog Cooling Collar is a comfortable fit. It has Velcro flaps that fit together, making it moderately adjustable around the neck. There are three sizes as well, so if you measure correctly, the collar should work like a charm.

    It’s filled with soft cooling gel to keep your pet comfortable. You can clean it easily by merely wiping it down. It’s a decently durable selection with puncture-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about leaking. It’s also non-toxic, so if your dog gets ahold of it, it won’t hurt them in any way.

    Do be careful when ordering. Sizing can be kind of tricky with this one, so measuring appropriately is essential. Depending on your dog’s build, the collar may fit awkwardly, even with accurate sizing.

    • Fits with adjustable Velcro
    • Three sizes
    • Possible awkward fit
    • Measuring can be tricky
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    7. Pet Life Neoprene Fleece Cooling Collar for Dogs

    Pet Life PTCL2RD

    This Pet Life PTCL2RD Neoprene Fleece Cooling collar is an honorable mention to the list. It’s definitely not the most task-worthy, but it does the job for most dogs. This one is quite comfy, made of fleece lining. So, it doesn’t rub around the neck.

    The neckline is supposed to fit all dogs, no matter the size. However, it likely will not work for very large or very small breeds. Please order at your discretion if you have a toy or giant breed. Because of the way they are sewn and designed, they may also come apart sooner than some other additions to our list.

    This doesn’t work well unless it is pressed against the skin. So, if you are looking to have an ice-pack effect, this is not the collar for you. This would only work by cooling your dog down in a mild manner.

    • Soft
    • No rubbing
    • Not for all dog sizes
    • Not an ice pack
    • Not for very high temperatures
    • Does not cool unless pressed to the skin
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    Buyer’s Guide

    When panting just won’t work, you’ll need to get more creative. Sometimes, it’s going to be unavoidable that your dog is in a scorching atmosphere. Maybe they are extremely thick-coated. Perhaps they are a brachycephalic breed that needs some extra cool to protect their health. Whatever the case may be, cooling collars may very well be the solution to your special situation.

    Heat Issues

    You may not realize just how detrimental it can be to have your pup outside in high temperatures. Issues related to overheating are real, and can even be deadly. You can work diligently to avoid these troubles by adequately keeping your dog cool. If you opt for a cooling collar, it is one way to allow your dog to have exposure to heat without dire consequences. But caution is needed, as each dog is different and will have varying tolerances to these conditions.


    Sizing will be a very important factor when ordering. If it’s too small, your dog can’t gain any use from it. But if it’s too big, the situation is the same. If it isn’t pressed to the skin, it can have next to no effect on the dog, rendering it useless. With many collars, the inaccurate sizing leads to the collar not laying on the skin, which can’t possibly help out your hot pooch.

    Products tend to come with sizing charts or recommendations that you can check out prior to ordering. Be sure to take a peek so you can select the one that is right for your dog, avoiding any returns or exchanges.


    You can get any style to suit your dog, just remember to take into consideration that looks don’t always equal quality. Be sure that the look you want will serve the purpose you seek.


    Your pet can cool off while looking cool, too. These personalized bandanas come in various designs to best suit your pooch. This type of cooling collar may not be the best for animals in need of an extreme cool-down, but they look pretty nifty. Who said it had to be a fashion lacking experience?

    Traditional Collar

    These collars fit right around your dog’s neck as their normal collars do. Sizing on these ones can be a bit tricky, as they tend to be a bit bulky. So, they may provide awkward wear for some. If it’s too loose, they may not reap any of the benefits if it doesn’t come in direct contact with their skin. So be aware before ordering if it is recommended for your dog.

    Chilled Collar


    These types fit around your dog’s midsection and neck for a soothing cooldown. This may come in handy if you have a dog with a double coat, such as a husky or German shepherd. It may also be the most suitable if you live in very high temperatures to ensure your dog doesn’t encounter heat-related issues when playing outdoors.

    Cooling Agent

    Typically, you will have to add water and freeze the collar—or a portion of the collar—in order for it to cool. Some collars, you simply have to dampen, which triggers a cooling factor within the collar. With selections that are merely material, you can soak them in cool water first. However, they may not stay cool as long.

    When it comes to hotter climates, freezing components can be ideal so the collar serves its purposes longer without needing a refresher. Collars can be made from silicone or come with cooling packs to freeze, making it easy and durable.

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    Final Verdict

    We hope these reviews have made it easier for you to decide. We stand by the All Four Paws Chill Collar for being the all-around best. With the sizing versatility, snug-fitting temperature control, and silicone design, it seems to be the most long-lasting and efficient.

    If you need a quick solution that’s more affordable, the K9 Chill Cooling Dog Collar should do the trick. Its made of cloth and is totally machine washable, so you won’t have to discard after a few uses. It also has a leash clip so you can take it on the go to keep them cool.

    Lastly, don’t forget about our CoolerDog Cooling Collar premium pick. Not only will it keep your dog’s neck nice and cool– it also fits around the midsection as a vest to provide an even more effective chill. If you’d like to keep your furry friend comfortable, paying the extra may work out better in the long run.

    In any regard, now that you have the research done for you, you can be well on your way to providing proper temperature maintenance for your beloved pooch.