Best Brush for Pugs 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Unlike many popular dog breeds, the Pug sports a short, low-maintenance coat. But low maintenance does not mean no maintenance! Despite their short fur, Pugs are regular shedders who require weekly grooming to look their best. If you neglect this crucial step, you’ll quickly find your home (and wardrobe) covered in dog hair.

For Pugs, most breeders and enthusiasts recommend a medium-bristle or rubber brush for the best results. However, as with all things related to caring for your dog, the right tool for the job is largely dependent on your dog and their personal preferences. To get you started, we’ve put together reviews of the best brushes for Pugs.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPricePin TypesEditor Rating
Li'l Pals Slicker
Li'l Pals(Best Overall)

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Pins with Plastic Tips4.80/5
FURminator Firm
FURminator(Best Value)

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Sharp Pins4.75/5
Chris Christensen
Chris Christensen(Premium Choice)

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Stainless Steel Pins4.60/5
Andis Firm

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Steel Pins4.35/5
Hertzko Soft

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Plastic Pins4.10/5

The 7 Best Brushes for Pugs

1. Li’l Pals Dog Slicker Brush – Best Overall

Li'l Pals

Our top pick is the Li’l Pals W6202 Dog Slicker Brush, which is specifically designed for puppies and small dog breeds. This pet brush has medium-length metal bristles with gentle plastic tips, providing durability without damaging your Pug’s skin or causing pain. These bristles are flexible, making it easy to remove any tangles or mats that develop in your dog’s coat.

While the main purpose of brushing your Pug is to remove loose hair before it ends up everywhere, this slicker brush also helps distribute the natural oils of your dog’s skin throughout its coat. With regular grooming, your Pug’s coat will be shinier and healthier.

Since this dog brush is designed for small breeds and puppies, it is quite small. However, some owners found this dog was too small to comfortably hold and use on their dog.

  • Flexible, plastic-tipped bristles
  • Makes it easy to remove loose fur and mats
  • Gently distributes natural oil for a healthier coat
  • Small enough to use on any Pug
  • Too small for some owners
  • Plastic-tipped bristles may still cause irritation

2. FURminator Firm Dog Slicker Brush – Best Value


If you’re on a budget and want to jump straight to the best brush for pugs for the money, we recommend the FURminator 104007 Firm Grooming Slicker Brush. This brush is available in two sizes, though we suggest the small version for most Pugs.

This dual-sided brush features straight metal bristles on one side and bent metal bristles on the other. It is constructed of anti-microbial plastic for improved hygiene and a cushioned handle for your own comfort. Because this brush is designed with a flexible base, it naturally bends to fit every curve of your dog’s body.

The metal bristles on this brush do not have coated tips, which may cause discomfort for some Pugs. Also, since this brush is originally designed for dogs with longer coats, some owners might find that the bristles are too long for their Pug’s short coat.

  • Flexible base fits the angles of your dog’s body
  • Cushioned handle for comfort
  • Dual-sided head features straight and bent bristles
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Metal bristles do not have rounded tips
  • Bristles may be too long for some Pugs

3. Chris Christensen Mark III Slicker Brush — Premium Choice

Chris Christensen

Coming from one of the most popular brands in professional dog showing, the Chris Christensen A5III Mark III Slicker Brush is an excellent premium choice for Pug owners. This brush features medium-length steel bristles that are angled to pick up loose fur and remove tangles with minimal pulling.

The handle and head of this brush are made of beech wood, offering durability and a high-end feel. Beneath the flexible bristles is a layer of dense foam that makes cleaning the brush easy. The handle is even angled to protect your wrist as you groom your dog.

Unfortunately, some owners reported that their brush handle broke after only a couple of uses. The bristles tips are also bare metal, which may cause discomfort for some dogs.

  • Made of high-quality steel and beech wood
  • Angled handle for added comfort
  • Dense layer of foam beneath bristles
  • Manufactured by a trusted brand in dog showing
  • Metal bristles may irritate skin
  • Handle is prone to breaking

4. Andis Firm Slicker Brush for Pugs


The Andis 80585 Firm Slicker Brush is another great option for Pug owners looking for the best brush for shedding and general coat maintenance. The rounded bristles are gentle on the skin while removing loose fur and distributing natural oils throughout your dog’s coat.

As far as your own comfort is concerned, this brush features a non-slip, cushioned handle. Depending on how often you use this brush on your Pug’s coat, it claims to reduce shedding by as much as 90%.

According to some owners, the brush may fall apart after heavy use. In these cases, it seems that the glue holding the brush together is the weak point. Also, this brush might be too large for grooming some areas of your Pug’s coat.

  • May reduce shedding up to 90%
  • Handle features an anti-slip cushion
  • Rounded bristles prevent pain
  • Easy to clean
  • May be too large for some Pugs
  • Some known issues with construction quality

5. Hertzko Soft Dog Brush


While there are many metal dog brushes on the market, some Pugs and their owners prefer the added comfort of plastic bristles. The Hertzko HPP-47 Soft Pet Brush is a great, basic dog brush with rounded bristles that won’t scratch your dog’s skin. The bristles’ medium length is ideal for the Pug’s short coat.

Along with removing loose fur in your dog’s coat, this brush will gently massage the skin and distribute natural oils. The handle is equipped with a non-slip, cushioned grip, including a thumb rest for extra control while grooming your dog. Since the bristles are so gentle, they won’t scratch your hands when you remove collected fur from the brush head.

If you’re looking for a brush that will penetrate deep into your dog’s coat, then the soft bristles on this brush probably won’t cut it. Some owners also disliked the angle of the bristles, claiming it was hard to brush their dog comfortably. Despite being plastic, the bristles on the brush aren’t as flexible as other options.

  • Rounded, plastic bristles are gentle on skin
  • Anti-slip handle features a cushioned thumb rest
  • Cleaning away collected hair is pain free
  • Bristles aren’t that flexible
  • Angle of the bristles may make it difficult to use
  • Not as effective as some other brushes

6. Groomist Dog Brush


Many dog brushes offer two types of bristles on one head, including the Groomist FF10345 Dog Brush. This dual-sided brush features one side with nylon pin bristles and one with metal bristles — the metal bristles have rounded plastic tips to protect your dog’s skin. With two different bristle styles in one brush, you can tailor your grooming to your dog’s specific needs.

The side with metal bristles features a cushioned pad underneath that contours to your dog’s body as you go. The handle has multiple non-slip cushions for easier handling, especially if your Pug squirms during grooming sessions. While the metal bristles are great for detangling and collecting loose fur, the nylon pin bristles help distribute natural oils and remove static electricity from your dog’s coat.

Overall, many owners like this dog brush. However, durability seems to be a recurring issue with this product. Many owners have reported the handle breaking or bristles falling out with only a couple of uses. Also, the dual-bristles don’t work well on all types of fur, so your mileage may vary.

  • Dual-sided design adds versatility
  • Handle is ergonomically cushioned
  • Nylon bristles remove unwanted static from coat
  • Not that durable
  • Bristles may fall out with regular use
  • Some owners saw lackluster results

7. JW Pet GripSoft Slicker Brush

JW Pet Company

The JW Pet 65010 GripSoft Slicker Brush is an all-around great dog brush that works on a variety of coat types. The fine metal bristles feature rounded plastic tips that get deep into your dog’s coat without causing painful scratches.

The small overall size of this brush is ideal for small breeds like Pugs. Some owners also reported that this brush is an excellent tool for removing burrs, which is a plus if your Pug enjoys roaming around outdoors.

While the bristles on this brush do have rounded tips, they are quite fine. To completely preventing scratching your dog’s skin, it’s important to keep an eye on the brush’s angle during use. It is also difficult to remove collected fur from the bristles, largely because they are so close together.

  • Extra-fine bristles reach through the entire coat
  • Handle has an ergonomic, non-slip design
  • Perfect size for most Pugs


Is your Pug in the running for Best Groomed, or are you just tired of finding clumps of fur in every corner of your home? Whatever your reason for hunting down the best dog brush for Pugs, here’s where we think you should start:

Our number-one pick is the Li’l Paws W6202 Dog Slicker Brush. This brush features flexible, rounded bristles on a base that’s small enough to comfortably groom even the smallest Pug. It picks up loose fur and detangles mats while leaving your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

For dog owners on a budget, we recommend the FURminator 104007 Firm Grooming Slicker Brush. Despite coming from a big brand, this dual-sided brush is affordable. The flexible brush head contours to your dog’s body, while the cushioned grip keeps you comfortable as well.

Finally, if you’re interested in investing in the best dog brush out there, try out the Chris Christensen A5III Mark III Slicker Brush. This brush is constructed of beech wood and steel for a high-quality feel. The handle is angled for your comfort, and the head features a layer of dense foam under the bristles.

Because of the breed’s short coat, many Pug owners incorrectly assume that their dog doesn’t require regular grooming. But after reading our reviews of the best dog brushes for Pugs, you’re already heading in the right direction!