The Bernese Cattle Dog: A Complete Guide

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Finding the right dog is a challenge, and that is recognized by most prospective owners.

Many people looking to get the best dog possible understand this, but their mistake lies in just how much research they decide to do in the first place.

Think of getting a new dog as inviting a new family member into your home.

Throughout today’s guide, I’ll be covering the Bernese Cattle Dog, which is a relatively obscure mix, but that doesn’t diminish this breed in any way.

While it sounds similar to the name of one of its parents, the Bernese Mountain Dog, this mix also has some Australian Cattle Dog in it.

You may be wondering exactly what to expect out of this guide, so let me give you a bit of an idea.

First off, I’ll be covering the things that you should know about these dogs before you even purchase a puppy. Aside from that, I’ll be looking at intelligence, looks, diet, and much more.

Bernese Cattle Dog Puppies – Before You Buy…

Bernese Cattle Dog puppy
The Bernese Cattle Dog is a big and cuddly dog.

Before you go out and get hypnotized by a litter of adorable puppies, it is essential to know what you are looking for beforehand by learning as much information as you can about the Bernese Cattle Dog.

Knowing the price and where to buy them from is the first step of the journey of owning a Bernese Cattle Dog.

What Price are Bernese Cattle Dog Puppies?

The Bernese Cattle Dog is not very well-known, therefore not as popular in demand as other dog breeds.

If you love big dog breeds and have the space for them, you will love to have a Bernese Cattle Dog in your life.

You can find this dog breed anywhere from $200 to $600, which is very affordable considering their massive size.

There may be some breeders that price the females in the litter higher if they are not spayed since they are capable of reproduction.

Dogs that have health information and immunization records may also be more money than those that aren’t.

It is possible to find Bernese Cattle Dogs in animal shelters like many types of dog breeds, so be sure to check them out as well.

Where to Find Reputable Bernese Cattle Dog Breeders?

Finding a Bernese Cattle Dog breeder is a little more challenging than other dog breeds since there are not many of them out there.

They are a bit on the rare side, so you may not find them available in the area where you live.

If this is the case, you may have to prepare yourself for transportation costs to be able to meet the puppies in person.

When you do find and locate a breeder, it is crucial to visit the homes of the puppy before making a payment.

Do not pay for the puppy in advance online unless you know for sure that it is the puppy you want, or else you may be wasting money.

Make sure that the Bernese Cattle Dog puppies are well taken care of and are healthy before deciding to purchase from the breeder.

3 Little-Known Facts About Bernese Cattle Dog Puppies

  1. The Bernese Cattle Dog is probably the most diverse dog breed out there since the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Australian Cattle Dog have very distinctive looks that are very different from each other. So, there is no standard look that these dogs have.
  2. This dog breed is relatively new, so there is not a lot of information about their history or their characteristics, so many breeders and dog experts will pull information from the traits of their parent breeds to determine what kind of dog they will be.
  3. The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in the 18th century in the Swiss Mountains and were mainly used to pull carts and work on farms. On farms, they would guard and drive cattle if they weren’t keeping the farmers company. The Australian Cattle Dog has a very similar history by doing the same kind of work, just in Europe instead of Switzerland. With two hard-working parent breeds, you can expect that the Bernese Cattle Dog will be very devoted to their owners and will work hard to please them.
Happy Bernese Cattle Dog on walk
The Bernese Cattle Dog does not suffer from many health risks like other large dog breeds.

Physical Traits of the Bernese Cattle Dog

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the Bernese Cattle Dog will look a variety of different ways depending on what parent breed they inherit most of their genes from.

Some dogs of this breed will be huge and strong with a broad, flat head. They can have a scissors bite and ears that hang downward.

Dogs that take after the Bernese Mountain Dog more will also have a bushy tail that is long and has powerful legs and will have dense coats with long hair.

If they have more of the Australian Cattle Dog’s genes, they will be more on the slim side with sturdy legs and a longish body.

They can also have ears that stand up on the head, a longer muzzle, and a tri-colored coat that is gray, black, and tan, black and white, or any combination of these colors.

They can also have short hair. No matter what length of the dog’s fur, it is best to brush them weekly to keep shedding under control.

If there is more of the Bernese Mountain Dog, prepare for seasonal shedding.

How Big is a Full-Grown Bernese Cattle Dog?

Since these dogs vary in looks, they will vary in size as well, and the range is a bit wide.

A Bernese Cattle Dog’s height can be anywhere from 17 to 27 inches tall and can weigh between 30 to 105 pounds.

This is a range that is a lot broader than other dog breeds out there, so you may not know how big they will be until at least 18 months of age.

What is the Bernese Cattle Dog’s Life Expectancy?

The Bernese Cattle Dog is a large dog breed, so it can be assumed that their lifespan will be shorter than smaller dog breeds.

Both parent breeds of this dog have relatively short lifespans, so you can expect them to live anywhere between 6 to 11 years.

They do not have many health issues, so their size plays a big role in how long they live.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Bernese Cattle Dog

The Bernese Cattle Dog takes both traits of its parent breeds and combines them to become very great family dogs.

They are very intelligent, making them very easy to train. Because of this, it is not necessary to be rough with them or mean due to how sensitive they are.

Be sure to be as gentle with them as they are to you.

They are also great around children and other pets that you may have. They do not have strong hunting instincts, so you will not have to worry about them “hunting” small animals.

With children, you will not have a lot to worry about. The only thing to concern yourself with is to make sure that your children know how to treat them and not try to ride on their backs.

Despite their size, they are also energetic and will love to play with you and your loved ones.

They will love to accompany you with any activities that you are interested in as long as they are by your side.

The Bernese Cattle Dog also is very protective of their loved ones so you will have yourself an excellent watchdog.

Bernese Cattle Dog running in water
The Bernese Cattle Dogs are very loyal and active dogs.

The Bernese Cattle Dog’s Diet

The Bernese Cattle Dog will need about 2.5 cups of food to thrive and to maintain their weight. This amount will also vary just like with everything else due to the size range that they have.

If you have a dog of this breed that is on the larger side, you may have to feed them more.

How Much Exercise Does the Bernese Cattle Dog Need?

The Bernese Cattle Dog will need between 30 to 45 minutes of exercise per day to reach their exercise requirements.

This can be achieved through walks around the neighborhood and spending time playing with their owners. They also need mental stimulating as much as physical to keep them happy.

Bernese Cattle Dog Health and Conditions

This dog breed does not suffer from many health risks like other large dogs breeds.

The ones that they are predisposed to are both preventable and can be treated, so you will not have to worry about their health very much as they age.

Serious Issues:

Minor Issues:

  • Elbow Dysplasia

My Final Thoughts on the Bernese Cattle DogBernese Cattle Dog guide

The Bernese Cattle Dog is an excellent choice for those that love big, cuddly dogs that will protect them.

They are very loyal and will do anything to help their owners.

This guide was meant to teach everyone everything there is to know about this dog breed, and I hope that it has given you what you need.

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