The Beauceron is an intelligent breed and a quick learner. He enjoys challenging activities and needs a regular outlet for his energy.

Daily walks are a must, or at least the freedom to run in a large yard. Strong and confident, the Beauceron always appears to be in a serious mode of thinking.

This is because he probably is. The Beauceron is an excellent watchdog and companion for an active or farming family.

He is very independent and can solve problems. Though he has a serious and tough look, he is very gentle with his family, especially the children.

Dogs of the breed have the size and skill to defend their home and family if necessary. He will mature slowly, acting like a puppy until he is around three years old.

If raised with cats, he may also be able to get along well with them. But because he has a strong prey drive, he may be apt to chase them.

It’s very difficult to wear out a Beauceron. People who are considering this breed should be high energy and enjoy active exercise every day where a dog could participate.

When a Beauceron is bored, he will become destructive. They tend to be a dominant breed and require a firm hand in training.

If handled with patience, this breed can become an ideal companion. They can be territorial around other pets and should be introduced to other dogs early in their training.

Beauceron Puppies – Before You Buy…

A black and brown Beauceron on a couch
The Beauceron is a self-assured, confident, and often serious dog.

What Price are Beauceron Puppies?

The price of Beauceron puppies is between $1,200 and $1,500.

How to Find Reputable Beauceron Breeders?

Put a lot of effort into your research about the breed that you want. It will save you money, stress, and heartache in the long run.

Finding a reputable breeder is the key to finding the best puppy for you.

A responsible breeder will match you with the right puppy. He will also have his dogs tested to screen out health problems and provide you with the health certifications.

They are more interested in placing puppies in the right homes than making money.

Good breeders will answer your questions about the dog’s personality, temperament, behavior, health issues, and what they’re like to live with.

They will come right back at you with their own questions about what you want in a dog and how you plan to raise or take care of him.

They can tell you about the breed’s history and explain why not all puppies are pet quality. Start your search for a good breeder on national kennel or breed clubs.

Breeders who are members of these clubs agreed to abide by the code of ethics. These clubs do not allow the selling of puppies through pet stores or backyard breeders.

Stay away from breeders who are only interested in getting rid of the puppies and getting your money. You should also skip breeders you find online who offer to ship the puppies to you.

This is extremely risky because it leaves you with no recourse if the puppy you get is not what you expected.

3 Little-Known Facts About Beauceron Puppies

  1. The Beauceron is said to originate from the French Plains of Beauce. The French also refer to the breed as Bas Rouge (Red Stockings).
  2. He’s the biggest of the French sheepdogs. Aside from sheep, he also herded cattle.
  3. This breed’s name comes from the area surrounding Paris known as La Beauce.

Physical Traits of the Beauceron

A Beauceron dog standing outside
The Beauceron needs hard exercise, like running, hiking, and fetching.

The Beauceron has been described as a solid, balanced dog.

He has powerful front legs and hindquarters, which help him remain active for hours without ever getting tired.

His feet are strong and round. His muzzle is not pointed or narrow. He has full jaws with powerful teeth meeting in a scissor bite.

He has large, somewhat oval eyes that are dark brown. He has thick ears that are set high and can be kept natural or cropped. When cropped, the ears will stand upright.

He has a muscled neck, adding to his tough and confident appearance.

His tail is naturally carried down and should not be docked. When a Beauceron is moving, the tail is raised.

He has an effortless and fluid gait, making him look like he’s gliding. Despite his double coat, the grooming of the Beauceron is relatively minimal.

You will want to brush him one or two times each week. More brushing may be required during the shedding season.

How Big is a Full-Grown Beauceron?

Male Beaucerons can grow up to 25 to 27 inches and weigh 65 to 85 lbs.

Females can grow up to 24 to 26 inches and weigh about the same.

What is the Life Expectancy of the Beauceron?

The life expectancy of the Beauceron is about 10 to 12 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the Beauceron

A Beauceron wearing a bandana
The Beauceron is usually keen-eyed and watchful.

The Beauceron is an intelligent dog who is both courageous and calm. He learns well and is known for being loyal. He wants to please and protect his family.

A protective breed, Beaucerons make great guard dogs. He may be wary of strangers and not get along with strange dogs.

He can usually adapt to other pets in the home if introduced when young.

Should a family include young children, the Beauceron may attempt to herd them, making them a less than ideal choice for households with little ones in the mix.

A Beauceron must get proper training so that it does not take on the role of the boss. Early training will help make the most of his intelligence, drive, and ability to learn quickly.

The Beauceron’s Diet

The Beauceron loves food, making him prone to bloat, which can be fatal in dogs.

For that reason, it is imperative to monitor feedings and split them up between two or three small meals a day rather than one large meal.

Putting your Beauceron on a diet focused on grains, vegetables, and lean meat promotes your dog’s good health. Choosing food for your Beauceron is an essential part of his overall health and well-being.

Selecting a high-quality, premium dog food is an important part of meeting your dog’s feeding recommendations. It can keep him fit and healthy through all stages of his life.

Make sure to divide his daily recommendation into two to three servings spread out during the day. Select a high-quality dog food that is all-natural, holistic, and grain-free.

Stay away from food that contains soy, wheat, or corn. Avoid foods that use added sugars, cheap fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives.

Make sure real meat is the first ingredient, followed by various fresh fruits and vegetables. Higher-quality foods contain easily digestible ingredients that usually result in smaller stools and less waste.

Add foods that are rich in DHA to boost brain development and taurine to promote good heart health. Also add phosphorus, calcium, and glucosamine for stronger teeth, joints, and bones.

Prebiotics will also make a difference. They improve the digestive tract, reduce gas, and help prevent certain health issues later on.

How Much Exercise Does a Beauceron Need?

The Beauceron is not an apartment dog, nor is he well-suited for a family who just wants an easygoing companion.

He makes an excellent family companion and even acts as a nanny for children playing outdoors. He keeps a watchful eye. He was originally bred to assist farmers with herding and guarding flocks.

To this day, he is happiest when active. A stroll around the neighborhood will not be enough. He is, however, perfect for the true outdoor person who likes to walk, hike, bike, and swim.

Country and farm settings with lots of room to run and flocks of animals to tend to are the best environments for the Beauceron.

Beauceron Health and Conditions

Despite their intense work ethic, Beaucerons are still prone to hereditary and congenital conditions which can adversely affect their health.

Some of the conditions and illnesses Beaucerons are prone to include hip and elbow dysplasia. He is also prone to hearing problems like deafness, as well as internal conditions like bloat.

He can also have problems with the heart, such as dilated cardiomyopathy.

My Final Thoughts on the BeauceronA Beauceron sticking its tongue out

The Beauceron is a self-assured, confident, and often serious dog.

Athletic and agile, he needs hard exercise, like running, hiking, and fetching. A walk around the block is most assuredly not enough.

Too much confinement and too little exercise can lead to destructive behaviors and rambunctiousness, especially in young Beaucerons.

Matching his stern appearance, the Beauceron is usually keen-eyed and watchful. He is reserved and fussy when it comes to strangers.

Socialization must be early and frequent so that his watchfulness doesn’t shade into suspiciousness or aggression.

Most Beaucerons are territorial and protective with other animals, but they good with the pets in their household, especially if they are raised with them.

They were bred to be herding dogs, so don’t be surprised if they push or poke people and other animals.

Beaucerons like to control everyone and everything. They need an authoritative and confident owner who knows how to lead.

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