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With the numerous choices available to dog buyers, selecting a dog breed can be a little more difficult than it seems.

To figure out which dog is best suited for you and your needs, it is best to conduct some sound research on the topic.

Investing some time in this area is something which you should benefit from.

The Aussalier is a designer dog breed that is created by combining the Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeds.

This responsive toy-sized mixed breed is known to be energetic, joyful and outgoing.

Thoroughly researching a dog breed is vital when looking for a pooch that will seamlessly fit into your life.

Taking full advantage of all the information which is out there is something which will benefit you in the long run.

Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix Puppies – Before You Buy…

Since you will be spending plenty of time with your new pet in the many years to come, selecting a particular dog breed should be taken seriously.

Putting adequate time and effort into your decision will return results that should satisfy you.

A small Aussalier lying on the couch
The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix does very well with both children and other pets.

Conversely, you may be sorry for not putting the time and effort in if you select a dog that you are not compatible with.

You should trust your instincts and use some common sense when deciding on the merits of the Aussalier mixed breed, or any other dog which catches your fancy.

You should be extremely vigilant and not get emotionally attached to every puppy dog that you see. Using your head, instead of your heart, is the best way to go here.

What Price are Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix Puppies?

Prices for brand new puppy dogs can be influenced by many factors. Therefore, you are most likely to get variations.

The average price of Aussalier puppies can range from $1000-$2500, which is somewhat expensive for any dog breed. Since this is a rare breed, it will take time and effort to locate this dog.

Make sure to keep in mind that puppy prices are variable and should be negotiated when possible.

You should try bargaining with the breeder, who may be responsive depending on the involved circumstances.

After you do locate that one of a kind puppy dog that interests you, an informative discussion with the breeder about your puppy and the breeder’s business should be in order.

Before closing the deal, this will be your last opportunity to obtain information and resolve any doubts you may have about the purchase.

How to Find Reputable Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix Breeders?

Since this is a rare dog, it is best to sharpen your research skills and put them to good use when searching for the Aussalier mixed breed.

Being organized, focused and efficient with your search methods can be of tremendous help when going through this often tedious process.

A great place to start is the puppy dog classified ads and local breeder outlets to see what is out there in the market.

Being meticulous and maintaining comprehensive notes on puppies, breeders and prices which you can quickly reference will help out enormously.

Anything you can do to increase your purchasing power should be seen as a positive.

Taking some time to network with other dog owners properly may help you land a lead or two in regards to this mixed breed.

Be sure to take advantage of the plentiful dog forums or websites which you can use to discuss your needs.

You should also try and leverage the wide-ranging power of social media as additional assistance.

3 Little-Known Facts about Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix Puppies

  1.  The Australian Shepherd breed was not developed in Australia but instead was formulated in the United States.
  2. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was created to be a lap dog.
  3. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was favored by King Charles I and King Charles II, thus its name.
A Aussalier puppy being held by its owner
The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix is an energetic and kind-hearted little dog.

Physical Traits of the Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix

Typically a small dog in stature, the Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix has a body that is somewhat longer than it is taller.

They have a round and flathead, blue or brown almond or round-shaped eyes. Their rears either fold toward the front and sit high up on the head.

This mixed breed will most likely have a weather-resistant coat that is wavy or silky and can be single coated or double-coated.

They tend to vary in color, depending on which of the parent breeds it takes after most.

How Big is a Full-Grown Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix?

As a toy breed, the Aussalier will grow to a height of 13-16 inches when fully developed as an adult.

Their weight can range from 16 pounds to 35 pounds, which makes it ideal as a traveling companion.

Due to its miniature size, young children and other pets should be monitored, so they do not accidentally injure the dog.

This breed can easily reside in an apartment or an area where space is limited.

It is always a bonus for any dog to have a backyard to romp around in, however, with this breed, it is not much of a necessity.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix?

The Aussalier has a life expectancy of 11-15 years, which is quite standard for its type of dog.

You should make sure this breed has the opportunity to be active and have mental stimulation, as it is vital for the long-term health of your pet.

Proper nutrition also plays a crucial role in ensuring this breed lives a fulfilling life.

To keep your dog in top physical and mental condition, its needs must be met on a regular and consistent basis.

It is always best to take a proactive approach and stay vigilant with regards to your dog’s behavior.

It is important to identify health issues earlier than later, which can assist in any treatment which may be required.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix

The Aussalier is a very kind and energetic small dog breed which enjoys spending time and engaging in activity with its people.

Laidback and playful, this breed poses no problem in getting along with children and other pets.

They may exhibit some herding behavior with quick-moving children or animals.

Since the Australian Shepherd can have a stubborn streak, this could pose some issues with training. Despite this, overall this is not an extremely difficult crossbreed to train.

They may develop a case of separation anxiety when left alone for too long a period. Keeping them occupied with toys and other playmates is always a good idea.

The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix’s Diet

Being a smaller dog, the Aussalier can get by on just one cup of dry dog food per day, which calculates to about $20 to $25 per month.

It is important not to overfeed your pet, so it does not become overweight and develop health problems. To do this, it is best to keep a close eye on its meals and snacks.

Of course, the type of dog food you feed your pet is also essential in keeping your pet healthy for the duration of its life.

A high-quality brand of dog food is recommended, whereas skimping on your dog’s health is never recommended.

Since its food budget is low, there is little reason not to give it the best quality.

How Much Exercise Does The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix Need?

A Aussalier lying on a bench in the sun
The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix is an energetic and friendly breed.

The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix is an energetic mixed breed that will require a moderate amount of activity to stay active and physically fit.

Due to its small size, it can get quite a bit of exercise while playing indoors with children or other pets.

This mixed breed needs approximately 45 minutes of daily physical activity to stay in shape and remain mentally healthy and content.

They enjoy going for their daily walk, visiting the dog park and playing with other furry friends and playing a variety of games.

You should be careful not to overexert the animal, nor to expose it to extreme heat or cold for a long period.

Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix Health and Conditions

Most pet owners would agree that a successful dog-owning experience consists of the animal being free of serious illness or disease.

Giving yourself a heads up and educating yourself about the possible health conditions which can affect your breed is something that works to your advantage.

It goes without saying that sick pets can cause a considerable amount of stress. The Aussalier is a relatively new hybrid dog.

Therefore, there is not much information that has been documented with respects to illnesses.

It is strongly recommended that you take the pet to the vet once a year for its checkup and to stay current with its vaccinations.

A Good Guard Dog?

The Australian Shepherd Cavalier King is an intelligent and loyal dog, who always seems to know what’s going on around themselves at any given moment.

That intelligence and alertness, however, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily translate well into making this pet guard dog material.

For one thing, this is a very friendly dog breed, and while your Australian Shepherd Cavalier King is more likely than not going to run up to anyone new to say hello, this is done out of friendliness rather than suspicion.

In other words, an intruder in your property is far more likely to be greeted by this mix of dog than to be regarded with suspicion.

On top of that, these are far from large animals, so a lot of the potential intimidation factor present in other guard dog breeds is lost in the Australian Shepherd Cavalier King.

They’re so fluffy, sweet and endearing that it’s hard to imagine this dog attacking anyone.

It makes sense, as this crossbreed was created to be a companion and a family pet, so there are next to no aggressive tendencies in this dog.

While normally a good thing, this works against the Australian Shepherd Cavalier King when it comes to guard dog potential.

And of course, although we feel rotten to say it, there’s also one thing to consider as to why the Australian Shepherd Cavalier King isn’t really guard dog material.

They’re too skittish and easily frightened!

When the going gets tough, this dog breed is more likely to run and hide than valiantly come to anyone’s rescue – these dogs are lovers, not fighters!

My Final Thoughts on The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles MixA happy Aussalier

The Australian Shepherd and Cavalier King Charles Mix is an energetic, friendly and kind-hearted little dog that does very well with both children and other pets.

It may flash a slight stubborn streak. However, this does not make it difficult to train and socialize.

These dogs are also prone to developing anxiety when left alone for an extended period.

This mixed breed can reside successfully in an apartment, condo or where space is limited.

They make for an excellent traveling companion, as their lightweight and small size make them easy to carry around.

Since this is a very new crossbreed, it may take some time to locate.

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