The American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix: A Complete Guide

They will stay small, usually maturing to about under a foot in height.

They are quite active, but due to their small size, they do well living in apartments or other small houses, as long as they get enough exercise.

For this breed, between 30 and 45 minutes of activity per day will be enough. They are hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed much, but they also have low drooling and smell levels.

Although they are too small and cute to be guard dogs, this loyal hybrid breed is alert and will make a good watchdog.

American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix Puppies – Before You Buy…

The American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix is an intelligent breed.

What Price are American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix Puppies?

The price of the American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix is anywhere between $525 to $675.

How to Find Reputable American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix Breeders?

Start your search for reputable breeders by talking to certified dog trainers and veterinarians in your area.

They know a lot about dog breeds, and some of them may even breed dogs themselves. You can also make inquiries at local dog breed clubs or from the national kennel clubs.

If you let them know which dog breed you want, they will help you get the contact information of your local dog breeders that raise that specific breed.

Once you have made your list of recommended and reputable dog breeders in your area, chose a few and find out more information about them. Set an appointment to visit them personally.

This will give you a better idea of what the dogs are like and how they are taken care of. If you have time, visit several dog breeders so that you have more choices and points of comparison.

Always ask permission from the dog breeders before you touch or pet the puppies.

Some of the puppies may not have their vaccinations yet, so don’t be surprised if dog breeders are very cautious about disease transmission.

You can determine if a puppy is in good health without the need to touch it. Just check its eyes, coat, and behavior around people.

A healthy puppy is very energetic and excited to socialize. Some puppies are naturally shy and reserved, but that’s only because it’s in their nature.

3 Little-Known Facts About American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix Puppies

  1. American Eskimos and Bichon Frise Mix dogs originate in the USA. They are also known as Bichomo.
  2. They tend to be high-spirited, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate.
  3. They also make great lap and companion dogs due to their size and desirable disposition.
The American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix usually weighs between 12 and 20 pounds.

Physical Traits of the American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix

The American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix dogs have physical characteristics from both of the parent breeds.

They have compact bodies with a sturdy appearance and rounds heads that have a noticeable stop leading to a medium-sized muzzle.

Their tails will either have a sickle-curve or may be coiled more tightly. These cute little dogs will have long bodies and short legs.

They have open nostrils on their black noses, and their friendly eyes are round and alert.

These dogs have silky soft ears that will be either hanging on the sides of their face or folded over at the top.

Their teeth will meet in a scissors bite, and they will have thick but soft coats of medium length.
The fur will be slightly wavy or curly and can be found in the color of white or cream.

For more of an indication of what this breed will look like, you can take into consideration the appearance of the Bichon Frise and the American Eskimo.

It’s important to clean their ears out weekly. While cleaning them, be sure to search for any strange smells or discharge.

Their coats will still need regular grooming, even though they do not shed much. Groom them thoroughly two times a week to keep their coats clean and free of tangles and debris.

Give them a bath only when needed because too much bathing can strip the natural oils from their coat.

Like all other breeds, these dogs will need regular teeth brushing. Once or twice per week will be enough as a minimum, but every day is best.

Clip their nails when it becomes necessary, which will most likely be once or twice a month.

They may require this less often if they wear down on their own. But if you can hear them clicking on the floor when they’re walking, they are definitely overdue.

How Big is a Full-Grown American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix?

The American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix is a small dog that won’t grow much more than a foot tall at the shoulders, and will usually weigh between 12 and 20 pounds, making it great for urban living with small space requirements.

What is the Life Expectancy of the American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix?

The life expectancy of American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix is anywhere between 10 to 14 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix

When it comes to personality temperament, and intelligence, this dog will also be a mix between the American Eskimo and the Bichon Frise Mix.

They will be smart and easy to train. To ensure that their intelligence does not get the best of you, they should be properly socialized. Training should also start at an early age.

It is important that you discover how to properly communicate with them and develop trust.

Keep their training consistent and clearly state your position as pack leader but remain positive and loving.

Like some other small dog breeds, they may have trouble getting the hang of potty training, but with patience, they will catch on.

They are alert with their surroundings and will let you know of anything strange happening outside the home.

They make good watchdogs. But with their small size and non-aggressive nature, they will not be very intimidating guard dogs.

They’re very friendly that get along with people of all ages and enjoy playing with children.

They are very smart dogs and should be trained and socialized early to ensure that they are pleasant to live with and to give them a sense of understanding and security with you.

Good human to canine communication is essential for success, otherwise, your dog will become confused and frustrated.

The American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix dogs are easily trained.

The American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix’s Diet

Consider breed-formulated food. Formulas for small breeds provide concentrated nutrition in small kibbles that meet their high metabolic needs.

Puppies need to eat a lot, but not too much. You should be able to feel but not see their ribs, and they should have a visible waist when you look down at them.

In general, you should follow the guidelines on the back of the dog food bag of dog and adjust the food intake depending on your puppy’s appetite and body condition.

At around 8 to 12 weeks of age, your puppy is probably eating three to four times a day. He doesn’t have to eat that many times, though.

If you can only feed them twice a day, divide the amount of food into two meals instead of three.

After he’s six months old, reduce the number of meals to two. Cut down the amount of food and follow the guidelines provided by the food manufacturers.

If you’re feeding too much, most dogs will let you know by leaving some behind in their bowl.

How Much Exercise Does an American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix Need?

You may not be part of the circus, but your American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix dog will need plenty of exercise and playtime to keep it healthy and happy.

This breed is intelligent. If you don’t give them something to keep them occupied, they will find a destructive way to entertain themselves.

They can live in an apartment setting, but they can also fare well with families with fenced-in yards and plenty of room to run.

Children will help keep your American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix dog busy but watch smaller kids around this breed because it can be rambunctious.

American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix Health and Conditions

One medical condition that occasionally affects this breed is patellar luxation.

Progressive retinal atrophy can also affect American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix dogs. The genetic retinal ailment progresses gradually and can cause blindness.

Hip dysplasia is another orthopedic concern that this breed can experience.

Diabetes also sometimes affects American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix dogs. If your dog has diabetes, his body either doesn’t make sufficient insulin or doesn’t react correctly to the hormone.

Other chronic health problems are pancreatitis, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, heart disease, and epilepsy.

My Final Thoughts on the American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix

American Eskimo and Bichon Frise Mix dogs are easily trained and one of the most playful breeds of dog around.

They have a lot of energy and need daily exercise.

When compared to other breeds, they are moderately affectionate but still very loving and playful.

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