American Bulldog & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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There are numerous dog breeds to consider when you are in the market for purchasing a brand new puppy dog.

You should be prepared to conduct a significant amount of research into the topic if you plan on making a decision that is best suited for both you and the animal.

This is time that is well invested and should reap benefits.

The American Bull-Jack is a solidly constructed middle-sized mixed breed that is derived from combining the American Bulldog and the Jack Russell Terrier.

This is a relatively new hybrid that is scrappy and fun-loving.

Taking an in-depth look at a particular dog breed is essential when searching for a dog that would make a good fit for your situation.

You should make sure to take advantage of the vast amount of information which is available when deciding on your next dog.

American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppies – Before You Buy

A American Bull-Jack puppy sitting on the couch
The American Bull-Jack is a medium-sized active mixed breed.

Making your mind upon a particular dog breed is something that should be taken seriously and not lightly brushed off.

You and your pet will be spending a great deal of time living under the same roof for many years to come. Putting in an effort should provide satisfying results.

Conversely, you may regret not putting in the effort if you select a dog that you are not compatible with.
You should use common sense and critical thinking when deciding on the merits of the American Bull-Jack mixed breed, or any other kind which catches your fancy.

Be careful not to get too emotionally attached to just any puppy, since a snap impulse decision may not turn out so great. With this decision, you should lead with your head, and not your heart.

What Price are American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppies?

There are sure to be variations in new puppy dog prices due to an assortment of associated factors.

The average price of American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix puppies can range from $400-$800, which is somewhat affordable for any dog breed.

Since this is a newer and rare crossbreed, it will take time and effort to locate this dog. To get the best possible deal, the price of the puppy should be negotiated with the breeder or seller.

Puppy prices are not firmly set, therefore, utilizing bargaining tactics may save you a few bucks.

Once you find and settle on a new puppy, it is essential to engage in a detailed and informative discussion with the breeder about your puppy and the breeder’s business.

Before you commit to the deal, this will be your last opportunity to obtain information and resolve any doubts you may have about buying the breed.

How to Find Reputable American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix Breeders?

Being a newer and rare crossbreed, it is essential to make full use of your researching skills when looking for the American Bull-Jack mixed breed.

Remaining focused, organized and efficient with your search activity should go a long way toward giving you the best final results.

The puppy dog classified ads and local breeder outlets are an excellent place to start to see what is out there in the market.

Be sure to maintain comprehensive notes on puppies, breeders, and prices, which should be of great assistance in keeping the information organized.

Any means which can be used to increase your purchasing power should be looked into.

Going old school and networking with other dog owners may help you land a lead or two in regards to finding an available puppy for sale.

You should try and take advantage of the multitude of dog forums or websites which you can use to advertise your needs.

You should also try to get the most out of social media to help with your search.

3 Little-Known Facts about American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppies

  1. The American Bull-Jack was initially created to be a companion for an active family.
  2. The Jack Russell Terrier originally hails from England and has a very high drive.
  3. Both the American Bull-Jack and Jack Russell Terrier are capable of being stubborn.
A white American Bull-Jack
The American Bull-Jack crossbreed is one of the most active medium-sized dogs.

Physical Traits of the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix

The American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix is a medium-sized crossbreed that resembles its two parent breeds split down the middle.

Their faces have distinguished markings similar to patches around or above the eyes. They possess a broad head and a medium-sized muzzle.

This mixed breed will most likely have a short hair coat and tight skin which reveals this mixed breed’s impressive muscular build.

It has a tail that is situated low, V-shaped ears that drop towards the front and a two-color combination with white.

How Big is a Full-Grown American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix?

The American Bulldog part of the family increases the size of the American Bull-Jack to a medium-sized dog.

With their muscular physical build, they can give off an impressive and robust appearance. This breed can reside in an apartment or a condo which may not be as big as a house.

However, due to its high energy levels, it will need to get out often and work it off. It is always preferred for a dog to have a backyard to romp around in and burn off some energy.

What Is the Life Expectancy of the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix?

The American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix have a life expectancy of 10-12 years, which is a bit shorter for medium-sized breeds.

It is essential for this breed to be active and be provided with mental stimulation, as it assists in maintaining the long-term health of your pet.

And of course, adequate nutrition also plays a vital part in ensuring this breed lives a healthy existence.

This hybrid dog’s need should be met on a consistent basis to keep your dog in top physical and mental condition.

Staying vigilant and aware with regards to how your dog is feeling is something a responsible owner should always be doing.

A proactive approach that identifies health issues earlier than later can be an integral part of taking care of your pet’s health.

Intelligence, Temperament & Personality Traits of the American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix

The American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix will add a certain amount of life to any household as it is energetic, loyal, fun-loving, intelligent and feisty.

It is vital that this mixed breed gets the proper amount of attention from its people and is not left alone for an extended period. Isolation may lead to unruly and destructive behavior.

This hybrid is also known to be stubborn which means that it requires an experienced dog owner who can devote the time and skill toward adequately training it.

With proper training and socialization, it will make for a very capable family pet and trusted companion.

A happy American Bull-Jack sticking its tongue out
The American Bull-Jack crossbreed often has some stubborn moments.

The American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix’s Diet

The American Bull-Jack crossbreed is an active medium-sized dog that requires about two to three cups of dry dog food per day, which calculates to about $30 to $45 per month.

You should be careful not to overfeed your pet, so it does not gain weight and possibly develop health issues.

This is best done by carefully monitoring its meals and snacks.
Quality of dog food is also an essential factor in keeping your pet healthy for its entire life.

A premium brand of dog food is recommended, whereas skimping on your dog’s health is never recommended.

 How Much Exercise Does The American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix Need?

The American Bull-Jack is quite an energetic mixed breed that will require a decent amount of activity to stay active and physically in shape.

It is essential to keep this breed occupied with games and other playtime activities so that it can adequately release all the energy it has stored up.

This mixed breed needs approximately 60 minutes of daily physical activity to maintain its physical stature and remain mentally healthy and content.

They enjoy going for their daily walk, visiting the dog park and playing with other furry friends and playing a wide range of games.

You should be careful not to expose the animal to extreme heat or cold for an extended period, and not to overexert it.

American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Mix Health and Conditions

Few dog owners will argue that a satisfying dog-owning experience consists of the animal being free of serious illness or disease.

Giving yourself a heads up and educating yourself about the possible health conditions which can afflict your mixed breed is good to know.

It goes without saying that chronically ill pets can cause a significant amount of stress.

The American Bull-Jack is a relatively new hybrid dog; therefore, there is not much information available about its health issues.

It is strongly recommended that you visit the vet once a year for its annual checkup and to keep its vaccinations current.

Special Treats

The American Bulldog Jack Russell has certainly inherited the hearty appetite of their ancestor breeds, and that means that this is one type of dog who can happily go from dinner to dessert to snack time without a second thought.

If you’re hoping to reduce the risk of overfeeding your dog, as well as choosing special treats that more clearly mark that he or she has behaved well, you can look to natural ingredients to add flavor, texture, and appeal to what you’re offering your pet.

Sugar scares within the dog-loving world are pretty much as high as they are in the human one, and made all the worse by how badly dogs process sugar of all kinds – even natural ones in fruits like bananas and strawberries.

For that reason, many dog owners make homemade treats like nuts or more neutral but vitamin-rich fruits, like watermelon.

When covered in honey, the flavor is enhanced but much less sugar is used – plus you benefit, as does your American Bulldog Jack Russell because honey has lots of vitamins in its sticky sweet goodness too.

My Final Thoughts on The American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier MixA tiny American Bull-Jack puppy

The American Bull-Jack is an intelligent, energetic and spunky medium-sized active mixed breed.

It could be somewhat stubborn and most probably requires the touch of an experienced dog owner for training.

They are prone to becoming destructive when left alone for an extended period.
This mixed breed makes for a very capable family pet when properly trained and socialized.

They also serve as an excellent exercise companion for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Since this is a rather new crossbreed, you may have difficulty in locating one.

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