American Alsatian

Although a comparatively recently emerged breed, the larger than life American Alsatian has already cemented a solid place in the heart of thousands, if not millions of dog owners worldwide.

The breed first emerged through inspiration to bring the Dire Wolf’s majestic looks back from extinction – and indeed fantasy, where the powerful predators often appear today.

However, the American Alsatian is also a dog that has been specifically bred to keep the good looks of more wolf-like dog breeds but also be laid back and calm in the modern world.

Likewise, this dog is at home both in the center of the city as much as the wide-open country, provided he or she has lots of time to stretch his or her legs on exciting walks that pique their curiosity.

The American Alsatian is a notably large breed of dog, and as such, it’s important to ensure that you have space within your home or wider property to give this pet plenty of room to maneuver.

This breed of dog is suitable for couples, small and close-knit families, or even individuals looking for a loyal companion.

While the American Alsatian can certainly get along well with other dogs, it’s both easiest and happiest when it is the only dog in your household – although exceptions certainly exist.

Indeed, every American Alsatian is his or her individual, but there are common characteristics of calmness, protectiveness, and faithfulness that distinguish this breed as one of the most beloved big dog breeds around.

The American Alsatian has only been in existence since the 1980s or so – and in fact, many of the top dog breeders in the world, passionate about perfecting this purebred, are carefully breeding them even today to precisely tune their looks, personalities, and longevity.

Although capable guard dogs, and large enough to scare away any wrongdoers, these are friendly animals designed to be companion dogs first and foremost.

However, the ease of training American Alsatians means that they can turn their intelligence to plenty of different roles, and be retrained accordingly over their lifetime.

Big and cuddly, fluffy and gentle, but powerful and muscular, these are both gentle giant and fearsome foes to those who’d threaten their family.

The American Alsatian is easy to trust and prone to behaving well to put their needs second to those of the family – so be sure to reward their loyalty often and generously!

While easygoing dogs, American Alsatians nonetheless have plenty of quirks to keep in mind, as any dog breed does.

As we go through our guide though, you’ll find the knowledge and confidence you need to welcome these large loving furry friends into your family.

A side profile view of an American Alsatian
The American Alsatian is a good friend.

American Alsatian – Before You Buy…

Although it hopefully goes without saying, it’s worth emphasizing that American Alsatian puppies are very much smaller than their adult selves.

What surprises many people, though, is that the puppies also have much larger appetites than they do in adulthood – they need lots of calories to fuel lots of growth!

There is a specific breeder’s club for the American Alsatian, it being a breed about which experts and dog lovers are super passionate.

That means that expertise and trustworthy breeders are easily found for American Alsatians – as well as advice on how to handle the breed over its lifespan.

You’re going to be in good hands, for sure, but may also be surprised by how independent and free-thinking your American Alsatian proves to be.

These are smart dogs who are rarely fooled by classic tricks and sleight of hand, like doing a fake-out throw and hiding the ball behind your back – your American Alsatian will just calmly trot around behind you and start nudging their nose at the ball you’re still holding.

American Alsatians make for clumsy puppies and low key adult dogs, who don’t like expending too energy beyond playtime – but are also far from lazy. Their balanced personalities make them firm favorites among many a family.

What price are American Alsatian puppies?

Because of their size, longevity, popularity, and personalities, American Alsatian puppies tend to be a little more costly than many other dogs you might have sought to buy before.

Remember though, prices fluctuate greatly from place to place and even depending on the time of year in some territories.

However, you can expect to hand over $2000 on average for a healthy, happy Alsatian American puppy from good breeding stock.

How to find reputable American Alsatian breeders?

Fortunately, American Alsatian puppies are one of those dog breeds who are popular enough to have a superb network of breeders both within and beyond its kennel club, all of whom can advise you on effective and trustworthy American Alsatian ownership.

You can also do plenty of your own research online, of course, be that message boards or background checks on breeders in your area.

A sign of a decent dog breeder is letting you take your time, and not leaning towards the hard sell – these breeders care about their dogs going to good homes and know you’re making a big lifestyle decision by welcoming a large dog into your family.

A good dog breeder also lets you meet puppies in person to see them at their best, so definitely make time to do so if you get the chance.

A close up of an American Alsatian's face
The American Alsatian has certain health issues from time to time.

3 Little-Known Facts About American Alsatian Puppies

The American Alsatian is a relatively new breed, and one that has been created in large part to be a big dog, but a healthy and mild-mannered one.

The breed has, by now, been around long enough that a fair few myths and curious facts have come to light about American Alsatians.

  • The American Alsatian is also known as the Schwarz Dog and Alsatian Shepalute

Over the years, as the American Alsatian breed has been perfected, it has gone by many names.

The German Shephard and the Marmalute are the formative ancestors of this large yet mild-mannered dog breed, and further breeding has helped distinguish the looks of this dog breed away from those ancestors more and more over the generations.

  • The American Alsatian rarely loses its temper

Some people get nervous about larger dog breeds, but this is one type of big dog that nobody needs to fear – unless they’re actively looking to do you or your family harm.

Poke, prod and tease the American Alsatian all you want (although please don’t be cruel!). You’ll find that these dogs never lose their cool – at most, they might let out a weary sigh and just let the poking continue. These are seriously laid back pooches.

  • The American Alsatian loves routine

Having structure is important to the American Alsatian, but these dogs are also apt to make routines of their own, day by day.

You’ll notice as your life with this dog begins that they tend to make the same paths through the house, visits to their food and water bowl, and asking for playtime or a toilet break, all at roughly the same time each day.

This makes them easy to train, because they have a routine built-in, but it also makes them reliable too.

Physical Traits of the American Alsatian

With grey, brown, white and black fur configurations, the American Alsatian is a distinctive and often very good looking dog and one that often has more than a little of the looks of a wolf about them.

However, they are anything but predatory, often making slow and deliberate movements – they never pounce at or pester people.

This is a large dog breed, but a considerate one, with a good mix of long and short hair across their bodies that are easily managed.

How big is a full-grown American Alsatian?

You’ll be hard-pressed to ever lose your American Alsatian in a crowd.

When fully grown, both males and females of this breed weight in at 100 pounds or over. Males tend to be a little larger, at over 30 inches tall, but females aren’t far behind. Female American Alsatians can grow to an average of 28 inches higher.

What is the life expectancy of an American Alsatian?

The American Alsatian enjoys one of the longest life expectancies of most dogs, and certainly one of the longest among especially large dog breeds.

Male or female, an American Alsatian is likely to lead a healthy life of between 12 and 16 years.

Intelligence, Temperament and Personality Traits of the American Alsatian

It’s worth always remembering that the American Alsatian has been specifically bred, and developed all the more over subsequent generations, to be friendly, clever and loving.

Because of this, you’ll seldom find a dog more easy to get along with than an American Alsatian.

Although every dog is an individual, and therefore exceptions will always exist, this dog will never answer back, misbehave to get attention or become too hyperactive to control.

This is one of the easiest of the large dog breeds to get along with and enjoy a long and fruitful life with.

Under the right care, they can lead long and fulfilled lives while also providing you with companionship, stress relief, protection, and love.

An American Alsatian pup looking at you
The American Alsatian is suitable for couples.

The American Alsatian Diet

Protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals – all key ingredients in the American Alsatian’s diet. These dogs have very big appetites to match their large sizes and big personalities!

Don’t feel too intimidated by this idea though. Well prepared specialist large dog food and kibble will cover all of these nutritional needs admirably.

You’ll have to ensure your dog gets a good 3000 calories per day to be satiated, though – and a thousand more calories still, at the very least, during their super hungry puppy years.

How much exercise does American Alsatian need?

Although the American Alsatian is a big and strong dog, it is also a very low maintenance breed.

You need only allocate 30 to 40 minutes of walking and playtime in the park to this dog per day for them to be happy.

It’s important to keep this routine, however – the American Alsatian loves routine.

Missing a day or two here or there can really affect their rhythm, and exercise in their younger years can prevent nasty health issues later in life.

American Alsatian Health and Conditions

This breed of dog has been bred for resilience and longevity, in part – but the American Alsatian still indeed suffers health issues from time to time.

A common health issue, as common among many large dogs, is hip dysplasia, which affects the joints of your pet – and can aggravate arthritis and other forms of pain later in life. This can be costly to remedy too.

Some members of the American Alsatian breed also can have epileptic fits from time to time, and this can be scary for owner and animal alike – so please be wary here.

My Final Thoughts on the American Alsatian

Although many large dogs can prove more than a handful, there is an earnest gentleness and sweetness to the American Alsatian that makes it an incredibly easy breed of dog to live with.

This makes sense when you consider that this breed of dog has been developed over generations to live hand in hand with humankind while retaining a cool and appealing wolf-like look – with instincts to match.

Always even-tempered and clever right into their elder years, the American Alsatian is a big dog with a big appetite, but otherwise proves a sociable and well-behaved pet to welcome into your family.

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