50 of the Best Alaskan Dog Names and Their Meanings

When looking for inspirational dog names, you may want to consider Alaskan dog names.

These are not only meant for Alaskan breeds of dogs but can also simply be inspired by the state of Alaska itself.

The following lists all include Alaskan dog names that, in one way or another, describe your pet.

At the same time, you will also find that most of these Alaskan dog names mean something to you and are in a way relatable by both you and your pet, if it matches the description of the name that is.

In order to help you make the decision of which name best matches the personality or looks of your pet, be it Alaskan or not, the meanings of each of these Alaskan dog names have also been described in great detail.

Alaskan Dog Names
His name is Chinook and he loves winter.

Male Alaskan Dog Names

  • Eskimo

An eskimo is a term that relates to Alaska.

It is the word used to describe indigenous groups of people who live in the icy north pole regions.

If your pet dog is an Alaskan breed or is from the Eskimo breed, this will make for a suitable Alaskan dog name.

  • Moose

An animal that is mainly seen in Alaska.

This is a simple and cute Alaskan dog name.

Like the deer-like animal, if your pet has a fur coat that is any shade of brown, Moose will be a fitting name for it.

  • Kaskae

In the native Alaskan language, Kaskae is the word used to refer to a chief.

If your pet dog likes to be in charge and also has a tendency to lead members of the family, this is a good choice for an Alaskan dog name.

  • Kodiak

The largest community from the seven that are situated on Kodiak Island.

Kodiak is also the name for a grizzly bear.

So if your pet dog has bear-like features, you can give it this Alaskan dog name.

  • Adak

With only 33 trees, Adak makes the smallest National Forest of the US.

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The name in itself means “father”, so it is a good title to give to a dog that is protective and has strong guardian instincts.

  • Nanook

A name that comes from Inuit mythology and means “master of the bears”.

Again, this Alaskan dog name is suited for a dog that has features resembling a bear.

  • Koda

A short but pleasant name that means “tree” in Chinese and Japanese languages, but signifies a different meaning in Native American terms.

Koda essentially means ally or friend and is a shorter rendition of the name “Dakota”.

  • Yukon

If you want to name your pet after a natural landscape of Alaska, you can name it Yukon, after the Yukon river that flows with might through Alaska and Canada.

Yukon is also the name of an Alaskan city that is known to exhibit the highest temperatures in the state of Alaska.

  • Kona

A short name with a powerful meaning behind it; Kona is a word for “world ruler”.

So if your pet is formidable and you want it to grow into a leading canine, entitle it with this moniker.

  • Tikaani

An intriguing name that basically means “wolf”.

If your pet has wolf-like traits or is good at hunting and preying, Tikaani is one of the top choices amongst Alaskan dog names.

  • Malakai

A very traditional-sounding name.

This mighty Alaskan dog name has a powerful meaning.

It refers to a messenger of God.

So if you want to give your beloved pet a divine name, Malakai is a good pick.

  • Chinook

An Alaskan dog name that is especially suited for an Alaskan Husky, the literal definition of Chinook is “a warm, moist wind”.

It is suited for dogs that have a warm and affectionate personality.

  • Blazer

If your dog is fond of activities like trekking or trailing and has instinctive blazing habits, this name will perfectly describe its behavioral traits.

  • Togo

In addition to being a West African country, Togo was also a famous sled dog of Alaska.

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This is a cute and simple name that will also be easy for your pet to quickly grasp and respond to.

  • Cupun

In the local Inuit language, Cupun is the word for “coal”.

Hence, we deem this to be an ideal moniker for a dog that has a shiny, jet black fur coat.

Alaskan Dog Names
This is Sierra and she loves spending time in a warm bed.

Female Alaskan Dog Names

  • Bona

A Shakespearean female name that literally means “builder”.

However, in this context, Bona is a reference to Mount Bona in the St. Elias mountain range, which is a stunning 16, 550 feet high.

  • Akna

In native Alaskan language, Akna is a word that means “goddess”.

In Alaskan mythology, Akna was the goddess of childbirth and fertility.

So if your Alaskan dog has substantial motherly instincts and if you’re planning on having her birth some cute little puppies in the future, Akna is a name that will match her role in your life.

  • Glory

Not only does this name has an enchanting definition, but it is also a tribute to the Glory Lake, which is a natural lake in Alaska.

Apart from the geographical relation, this name will imply that your pet is worth a lot of praise and valor, making this an ideal Alaskan dog name.

  • Sierra

This female name is not unheard of.

In this context, we can look at the Spanish meaning of this Alaskan dog name, which is “mountain range”.

And of course, Alaska is a land not sparse on mountain ranges.

  • Tanana

A fascinating Alaskan dog name that comes from the low mountain ranges of Yukon-Tanana Uplands.

Carriers of this name often develop a great deal of spirituality and like to take charge of their surroundings.

So if your pet dog is powerful and has a dominant streak, but is also quiet and intellectual at the same time, christen her with this title to bring out the best in her.

  • Laika

The name has a native, tribal feel to it.
Amongst popular dogs, Laika was the first ever dog sent to space, who unfortunately did not make it back alive.

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Laika was a Russian dog.

The name itself means “barker”, so if yours is a loud pet that won’t think twice before letting out a bark, you know what to name it.

  • Sasha

If you want to perfectly describe your furry mate, Sasha is a name that means “loyal helper”.

It is a nice feminine name for a dog that loves to work around the house and carries out small but meaningful everyday tasks to please its owner and contribute to the family in its own sweet little ways.

  • Jelena

A strong name that means “a shining light”.

What better way is there to describe the undying radiance and colors that your pet brings into your life with its mere existence.

  • Astra

This Alaskan dog name relates to the stars.

If your pet has star-like qualities or even if you simply think of her as the star of your life, Astra is the name to go for.

  • Maya

This Alaskan dog name has two meanings.

It can either mean “illusion” or it can mean “great”, depending on the context.

In any case, it is a fitting name for your extraordinary pet.

  • Kazu

A short and sweet name for a dog that has a calm, cool demeanor.

Kazu in literal terms means peace.

  • Babushka

A unique Alaskan dog name that is basically a Russian word used to describe “endearment”.

If your pet has been bred to pull through harsh climates or has ancestors that endured through extreme weather conditions, Babushka will prove to be a very thoughtful name for her.

  • Kiana

To live with dignity and with grace, just like your precious and gorgeous pet will thrive in your house.

  • Skye

To signify the open skies, the unending space above the earth.

  • Tapeesa

An Inuit term that represents an arctic flower.

Alaskan Dog Names
Her name is Nikita.

Cute Alaskan Dog Names

  • Chukchi

This Alaskan dog name literally means “in the sea”.

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It is also a tribute to the Chukchi sea that touches the Alaskan border on the east end and is part of the Arctic Ocean.

This is a male dog name.

  • Amak

In native Alaskan, Amak means “playful”.

An ideal moniker for energetic dogs that are good playmates to have in the house.

  • Nome

For those of you who want to name their pet after a city, Nome is a small town in Alaska.

  • Mika

An Alaskan dog name of Hebrew origin which literally means “a gift of God”.

Mika is a name usually given to male dogs.

  • Nikita

A female Alaskan dog name meaning “little one”.

Hence, it is suitable for small dogs that have a delicate and petite figure, like most toy dogs.

  • Mooshka

An ideal name that sounds fitting for Alaskan Huskies, Mooshka means adorable.

To describe a sweet and loving dog, this name is a good option for Alaskan dog names.

  • Mink

Another female Alaskan dog name with a fascinating meaning behind it.

A mink is basically a small, beautiful animal that is valued for its prized fur.

Perfect for a dog that is furry and has a dense coat.

  • Nina

A dog name that is fitting for a small, female pup.

According to its literal definition, the name “Nina” means “a little girl”, which makes it an adorable Alaskan dog name for a girl puppy.

  • Eska

A lovely Alaskan dog name that means “first child”.

So if this is the first time you’re getting a pet dog, you might want to consider this name for it.

  • Amka

A name with Inuit roots which literally describes someone with a friendly spirit.

Ideal for a pet that is social and friendly with everyone around it.

  • Uki

Another name of Inuit origin, Uki means “survivor”.

This is an appropriate Alaskan dog name for a pet that can endure a lot and has immense levels of stamina and willpower.

The name also sounds sweet and is easy enough to be picked up by your pet dog.

  • Tonraq
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In native Inuit language, Tonraq means “tiny man”.

Therefore, it makes sense that this adorable name is given to a dog that belongs to a breed of small-sized dogs.

  • Toklo

Toklo is also an Inuit name.

It refers to someone who is versatile and spontaneous, which makes this a very fitting Alaskan dog name for a pet that owns a range of appealing qualities and talents and is also very quick on its feet.

  • Yura

Also of Inuit roots, Yura describes someone who is beautiful.

The name can be applicable to dogs of both genders and is descriptive of not just the exterior front of your pet, but also of its loving and kind soul.

  • Anju

This unique Alaskan dog name has Indian origin and is a literal term for “blessing”, which is exactly what your pet is to you.

The Most Popular Alaskan Dog Name of All Time

  • Balto

An important and iconic dog in Alaskan history, Balto was the lead sled dog that guided his team on a noble expedition in search of acquiring a life-saving serum, during which the dogs faced a lot of risks and challenges.

Balto is a concise Alaskan dog name that is easy to pronounce by people and convenient for your pet to learn and adapt to easily.

While the exact definition of this name is not known, it is believed to be related to names like Baldo and Valdo, which mean “brave or bold” and “to rule with greatness”, respectively.

The strong meaning and the convenience of the name makes it highly popular amongst Alaskan dog names.

My Final Thoughts

Alaskan dog names come from a variety of different origins and each one of them has a deep meaning behind it.

So regardless of whether your pet is of Alaskan descent or if you simply want to pay tribute to the largest state in the US, Alaskan dog names give you a lot of options to choose the perfect name for your pooch.

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