50 of the Best African Dog Names and Their Meanings

There are several dog breeds that come from an African descent, which thus require befitting African dog names that honor their native background.

In this complete compilation, you will find some of the most cultural and intriguing African dog names for your new best friend.

While the list is a complete source of choices for names to consider for a pet of African origin, there is no reason why you cannot refer to it even if you’re simply inspired by the African culture, regardless of the breed of your pet.

His name is Damisi.

Male African Dog Names

  • Sengo

This African dog name is a diminutive of the name “Bisengo”, which literally translates to “joy” in the African language.

  • Boboto

In the African language, Boboto means “peaceful”, making it ideal for a dog with a cool and mild temperament.

  • Gahiji

This African dog name is best suited for a hunting dog due to its meaning.

Gahiji means “hunter”.

  • Jabari

For a pet that is courageous, this African dog name is synonymous with qualities of being brave and fearless.

  • Amrah

An African name that means “unique” – the perfect way to highlight how special your pooch is.

  • Bangui

The capital city of the Central African Republic, Bangui makes for a pleasing African dog name.

  • Oringo

Another good choice for a hunting dog, Oringo is an African name referring to someone who hunts.

  • Kamau

The meaning of this African dog name is “quiet warrior”, which makes it an especially suitable name for the Basenji dog breed that originated in Africa.

  • Ishaq
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A delightful African dog name that means “laughter”, ideal for a lively and cheery pet.

  • Hekima

In African culture, Hekima is a name that means “clever” and “knowledgeable”, which makes it befitting for a smart pet that is known for its impressive intelligence.

  • Damisi

The meaning of this African dog name is “cheerful personality”, making it a lovely choice as a title for a lively and spirited pet.

  • Kayin

In the African language, Kayin means “widely recognized” – ideal for owners who want their pet to be well-known amongst their friends and family.

  • Lebna

The meaning of this name is synonymous with adjectives like “spirited” and “soulful”, which outlines the personality of your sweet pet.

  • Akins

The meaning of this African dog name is “brave boy”, which is the perfect way to describe your fearless pet.

  • Mhina

A truly African name that describes someone that is “full of delight”.

The name is as appealing as your delightful pet.

Makena is a bit angry at her photographer.

Female African Dog Names

  • Asha

The meaning of this African dog name is “lively”, which truly encapsulates the enjoyable presence of your pet.

  • Sanura

Of African origin, Sanura means “intelligent”, making it a fitting dog name for these wise creatures.

  • Makena

A delightful name that defines this quality, Makena literally means “full of delight”.

  • Nuru

In the African culture, the meaning of Nuru is “filled with light”.

For a pet that brings you joy and lights up your life with its mere presence, the name will go perfectly with its persona.

  • Moseka

Moseka is an African word that describes a “young girl”, making it a befitting name for your lovely female dog.

  • Fukayna
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The meaning of this African dog name aligns with the inherent wisdom of your pet.

Fukayna defines as “knowledgeable”, truly capturing the intelligence of your female canine.

  • Rufaro

A sweet African name for your furry bundle of happiness, Rufaro has a literal meaning of “joy”.

  • Kali

This female African dog name defines as “energetic” and hence should be given to an active dog.

  • Oseye

A unique African name for a dog that is even-tempered and always in a cheerful mood, the meaning of this moniker is “the happy one”.

  • Damara

A central town in Africa, making it one of the most thoughtful names for an African dog breed.

  • Monna

A name that has a feminine ring to it, the meaning of this African-origin name is “unique”.

  • Eshe

Describes “life” and “energy” in the African culture, making it fitting for an exuberant pet.

  • Amina

The meaning of this African dog name is “peaceful” and “safe”, both qualities that align with a pet that has a mild temperament and is always looking out for your safety.

  • Adamma

In Africa, this name is used to describe a beautiful girl, which is one of the best ways to highlight the beauty of your pet.

  • Asabi

“Of special birth” is the meaning of this African name.

I’m Umi and I’m cool.

Cute African Dog Names

  • Ayo

This African dog name means “full of joy”.

The name is more commonly used for males.

  • Obo

For titles inspired by localities, Obo is a small-sized community in the central region of Africa.

  • Leki

In the African culture, Leki is a reference to a “little brother”, which makes this a suitable title for your male puppy companion.

  • Ippy
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Ippy is a Central African town, making this a good reference to African culture.

  • Ashanti

This is a popular African origin name that means “Great African Woman” and is thus suitable for a mighty female dog.

  • Vasha

The name of a South African language, Vasha is an intriguing African dog name meant for a female pup.

  • Zaire

In the African language, Zaire means “river”, which makes it an ideal unisex name for a dog that loves to play with water and enjoys visits to the seaside or to a riverbank.

  • Umi

This African name defines as “energy”, which makes it appropriate for a pet that has a lot of pent-up energy in its body.

  • Nalo

A sweet African name that means “peach”.

  • Sisi

Perfect for a puppy that was born on a Sunday.

  • Okoth

An interesting pick for an African dog name that means “born in rain”, ideal for a pup that was either born in rain or simply enjoys rainy weather.

  • Jaja

Means respected; suitable for a pet that demands respect and attention from its family.

  • Themba

The literal meaning of this African dog name is “trusted”, which makes it suitable for a reliable pet.

  • Halla

This name has a very charming definition; Halla means “an unexpected present”.

  • Bobo

A fun name that sounds enjoyable to the ear, Bobo means “born on Tuesday”.

The Most Popular African Dog Name of All TIme

  • Aza

This moniker has ranked amongst the top of the lists of the most prefered African dog names owing to its simplicity of sound and its powerful meaning.

The name serves a dual purpose for being short easy to learn for your pet as well as having a meaning that aptly describes the power and unfaltering resistance of your pet.

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The literal meaning of this African name is “strong” or “powerful”.

It can be used for both a male or a female pup.

My Final Thoughts

African dog names always have a rather tribal touch to them.

While they may be unusual sounding, each of these names comes with a deep and sensible meaning that will align perfectly with the distinct traits of your new favorite companion.

So once you manage to shortlist the names that catch your eye, you can start testing them out on your pet and see which ones it most takes a liking to.

When your pet starts to respond well to its title, that is when you’ll know you picked the best African dog name!

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