Affengriffon (Affenpinscher & Brussels Griffon Mix)

Let’s face it; everybody loves dogs. They are creatures filled with so much love and joy that they are hard to deny.

When you purchase your first dog, you enter a bond that is over a decade-long, filled with a plethora of alacrity.

However, owning a dog isn’t always fun and games. It can be quite difficult, as a creature that is as complex as a dog is obviously going to have a large number of needs.

Dogs need love, care, and compassion from their owners because that’s all a dog knows. Without the socialization and training from its owner, a dog becomes stressed, lonely and anxious.

So when you become a dog owner, it becomes your duty to stand by this creature through its highest of highs, and lowest of lows.

The Affengriffon is a fairly new crossbreed of the Affenpinscher and the Brussels Griffon.

Like most hybrids, it is relatively enigmatic, and hard to find information about its origins. Instead, we can look at its parent breeds.

No one truly knows when the Affenpinscher originated.

All that people have been able to determine is that it comes from Germany, and it grew in popularity due to its ability to hunt rats and assist its owners with various tasks on a farm.

Today, they are still used as rodent hunters and farm dogs and continue to prove themselves as a great companion.

So if you have an apartment that’s full of mice, this dog will be an excellent choice.

The Brussels Griffon originated in Belgium during the 1700s. Much like the Affenpinscher, it was used to hunt rodents, and flush them out for their humans to collect.

Today, the Brussels Griffon is somewhat rarer, but still renowned as a loyal companion, and an effective hunting dog.

Affengriffon puppy
The Affengriffon is perfect for those who live in apartments, or for elderly people.

With a name like Affengriffon, what’s not to love? It boasts a name fit for a Mythological epic.

Despite its fantastic name, the Affengriffon not a large dog, instead of being more suited to a life of lap sitting.

A combination of the Affenpinscher and the Brussels Griffon, the Affengriffon exhibits the love of attention and excitability of its parent breeds.

Although small, they are mighty and tend to get moody if they do not receive the care they require.

This is one reason it is important to not only ensure you have the knowledge required to care for one of these high-maintenance pooches.

Finding the right dog for you can be difficult as it about choosing both the dog for your needs but also your ability.

Use our easy guide to determine if the Affengriffon might suit a spot on your lap.

Affengriffon Puppies – Before You Buy…

Before you go rushing out to the breeder to buy this adorable puppy, you need to prepare a few things in your own life.

Your home needs to become that of the Affengriffon, and that won’t go smoothly unless you organize yourself accordingly.

Dogs are complex creatures and have complex needs, those of which you need to address.

Before you bring the Affengriffon home, I have a list of things you should prepare, and decide before it enters your humble abode.

These things include:

  •  A designated spot in your house that is entirely that of the Affengriffon’s.
  • An organized schedule in which you prepare socialization, training, and bonding with the Affengriffon.
  • What equipment and toys you should buy to increase the Affengriffon’s mood.
  • What color you would prefer your Affengriffon puppy to be.
  • What gender you want your Affengriffon to be.
  •  Whether you want your Affengriffon spayed/neutered.
Affengriffon two eye colors
The Affengriffon loves to please its owners.

What Price are Affengriffon Puppies?

Price is one of the biggest factors when it comes to purchasing a dog. If you can’t afford it, you can’t leave the breeder with it.

You need to research what types of dogs you would consider, and assess your budget carefully to see what styles, sizes and breeds you can afford.

The Affengriffon is going to cost around $600-$800, which is around the same as most crossbreeds of its size.

This is cheaper than the $1000 price point of an Affenpinscher, and the $800-$1000 of the Brussels Griffon.

Therefore, the Affengriffon is a great alternative for those looking to spend a little less on those particular breeds.

If you’re looking to find it cheaper, try seeking it out at an adoption clinic, where you can get dogs for less than $100!

Some shelters do have their excess adoption fees to stay afloat, but it still ends up being more cost-effective than buying from an established breeder.

Where to Find Reputable Affengriffon Breeders?

One of the hardest parts of buying a puppy is finding a breeder. There’s a slew of breeders everywhere you go today, and it can be hard to differentiate the good, from the bad.

To determine whether or not a breeder is reputable, there are a few things you can analyze. These things include:

– The amount of space the puppies have.
– How clean, healthy and groomed the puppies are.
– How much the breeder socializes with the puppies.
– How much the breeder knows about this particular breed.
– How much effort the breeder makes to go above, and beyond the purchase to ensure the dog’s growth.

3 Little-Known Facts About Affengriffon Puppies

  1. The Affengriffon is incredibly intelligent.
  2. The Affengriffon loves to show off.
  3. The Affengriffon loves to swim!

Physical Traits of the Affengriffon

One of the most interesting things about the Affengriffon is that it can look like one of its purebred parents, or it can appear as the perfect splice.

Usually, the Affengriffon has a medium-length coat that can range shades of black, red, blue, brown and grey.

It has a round-shaped head with a medium-sized muzzle, squished face, and eyes that are dark brown.

It is a small dog, with a tiny torso and little, masculine legs. All this is made twice as more adorable with its cute little black nose.

Affengriffon looking into sun
The Affengriffons are very intelligent.

How Big is a Full-Grown Affengriffon?

The Affengriffon is a toy-sized breed, making it perfect for late-night lap cuddles.

The Affengriffon usually grows up to 11 inches long, with 7 being the median. This makes it smaller than a school ruler.

The Affengriffon weighs up to 12 pounds, making it incredibly light and easy to carry. Both genders are around the same size.

What is the Affengriffon’s Life Expectancy?

The Affengriffon tends to live around 12-15 years, which is the same as its parent breeds and around the same as most smaller sized dogs.

It is important to pay close attention to the health of your dog because its life expectancy can decrease, or increase depending on it.

Make sure to schedule regular trips to the vet to make sure it lives its fullest life.

Intelligence, Temperament, and Personality Traits of the Affengriffon

The Affengriffon is an intelligent, cunning show off that loves to please its owners. It loves to be the center of attention, and have everybody pat it wherever it goes.

It does well with all adults but needs to be trained around kids as it can be quite nippy. Make sure to use a lot of positive reinforcement during obedience tactics, to establish who is boss.

Because of its love for attention, the Affengriffon won’t do well when for too long. It suffers from separation anxiety, and become quite destructive and mean when it is left to its own devices.

The happiness of the Affengriffon makes it a great guard dog that is bound to alert you when a stranger comes to the door.

The Affengriffon’s Diet

The Affengriffon has a pretty basic diet, only really needing fruits, grains, and cereals to meet its nutritional needs.

For a bulkier meal, make sure to implement plenty of dry dog food. Try to avoid meets, as it is too small to consume them.

The Affengriffon will eat around 1 cup of food a day, which is the average for most smaller breeds. This will cost around $30 a month.

How Much Exercise Does the Affengriffon Need?

The Affengriffon is only a moderately active dog, making it perfect for those who live in apartments, or who are elderly.

It will need around 30 minutes of exercise a day, in which all can be met by playing with interactive toys, and performing in activities inside.

It will require about 5 miles of walking a week, which means it will enjoy the casual stroll.

Affengriffon Health and Conditions

Serious Issues:

  • Patellar Luxation

Minor Issues:

My Final Thoughts on the AffengriffonAffengriffon guide

Overall, the Affengriffon is a cute, cuddly companion that will suit all types of owners, in all kinds of houses.

It can be stubborn, and it needs strict training, but if you can provide this, it will make for one of the best, tiniest friends around.

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